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    [ playlist ]

    — pork soda by glass animals

    — hazey (wiroks remix) by glass animals

    — other side of paradise by glass animals

    — daylight by matt and kim
    — take a walk by passion pit

    — dare by gorillaz

    — feel good inc. by gorillaz

    — clint eastwood by gorillaz

    — breezeblocks by alt j

    — 19-2000 (soulchild remix) by gorillaz

    — lone digger by caravan palace

    — ho hey by the lumineers

    !! oh hell yeah

    ramune would just,,, be like ":^) kek" and not give two shits about BaiChen's front because he's a Good Boy who would still want to be friends tbfh

    I'm bad at actually making serious plotting threads, adomania says after years of writing bad serious plotting threads. so yes, this here is ramune the soda boy who likes soda a lot. he used to live here in blizzardclan but then I lost muse for him but then I remembered him again because glass animals are a bop and all of their songs are his theme songs.

    he's open to like,, everything but generally he's a real happy, nice guy who has a bad case of adhd and can almost never get shit done as a result of it and spends way too much time in his head coming up with adventures that he forgets about in five seconds anyways. he's nice and totally needs friends and a partner because im still a slut for romance





    — RAMUNE HOSHIDAN | formerly shōta | trans masculine | young adult [ twenty six months old && twenty years old in human aus // ages realistically on the sixth of each month ] | loyal to people not places [ x clan // no ranking, no titles ] | four to five on kinsey scale | single, no relationships | finch harbringer xx takumi hoshidan


    — sable dragon hybrid | health 80% | large tan sable and wingless dragon hybrid with pink highlights along paws and ears and pale pink eyes | reference | full description here




    — difficult and worthy opponent | won't start fights, won't end fights | won't run, will show mercy | powerplaying not allowed | mention RAMUNE when attacking | POWERS [ tbd ]

    Ramune had never traveled to many clans other than the ones he had been a part of - Shadowclan, and now Blizzardclan. Before then he was mostly on the run, trying to find his way around in life. He never bothered settling down, finding the task too tedious for him to handle. You needed a lot of responsibility, something Ramune sorely lacked the moment he was born. So he did what he did best - act on impulse and live life how he saw fit; because there was no point in screwing yourself over trying to do something you couldn't.

    But it was always nice to see new faces from established groups Ramune had only ever heard of in passing. You got a real outlook on life once in a while that way, something Ramune didn't lack... but definetaly needed more. He had his own little personal bubble, however wide that bubble was. The bubble hadn't popped yet, though. He was rather closed minded in his ideas no matter what. He approached things like alliances warily, as a result, not quite sure how to deal with such cases. But he would try to not be overly rude with his lack of a filter - everything in good spirit. "Kon'nichiwa," the man murmured out as he approached, offering Desmond a lose and friendly smile of greeting. "Sorry but I've never heard of you until now. Who're you?" It was a genuine question, no rude intentions hidden in the simple statement. He truly just didn't know who the fuck this guy was and was rather interested. He smelled different, but everyone outside of Blizzardclan did. Having never been to Riverclan he could never attatch that scent to another place.

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