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    It hadn't been too long since Minnowstar appointed the newest deputy of SkyClan, Glacewing. The leader shouldn't step on her toes, let her begin to delegate on her own. After all, Minnowstar had her time. A long time, actually, to assign tasks. It was high time to give someone else a chance.

    But, well, Minnowstar was pregnant and anxious. She wanted to make sure the Clan knew what they could be doing the next two moons while she was weaning her children.

    "Cats of SkyClan!" Minnowstar calls, "I'll let Glacewing do this soon, I promise. But for old time's sake, who wants a task? This will serve for what you'll be responsible for to make Glacewing's job as easy as possible when my kits are born!"

    Minnowstar has been up since before dawn, when the gray sky just began to make the transition to a soft blue. She was due to have her kits any day now, and boy did she know it. The kits were wiggling all around as if they couldn't stay inside her any longer. But even she knew today wasn't the day. No, that would be too easy. And so, they wiggles and she paced.

    The leader began pacing the camp not long after she woke, and next thing she knew the sun was beginning to rise. The NPC warrior on guard duty looked worried every time she stalked by him, so she relieved him of the job early. Not only to make him more comfortable, but for Minnowstar to be able to do her weird pregnancy rituals without being watched.

    By now, though, the Clan was beginning to wake. Minnowstar didn't mind the questions of how are you feeling? and are you sure?, but the moments of serenity was nice. And with that, the leader begins to slow her circles around the camp to act as if she was simply looking around, checking for signs of danger.

    Minnowstar gives the gathered cats a nod of greeting, with an extra friendly tail flick for Stonepeak. She figures, just because he won't be able to hear what's going on it doesn't mean he shouldn't be involved.

    "I suppose we should get straight to the point today," Minnowstar begins. No time like the present, after all. Besides, to her knowledge there was no other news to share. Besides the obvious new leader stuff.

    "We need a deputy to thrive as a Clan," the lilac tabby continues, "Especially because of my, well, condition-" she pauses to gesture towards her swollen belly, "-the Clan will need a cat who will be able to lead while I'm out of commission. I trust you all approve of my decision on who the new deputy is. And I hope we all continue to work together. I don't think any Clan is lucky enough to have the remarkable cats we do!"

    With a deep breath, the small she-cat finishes her speech, "The new deputy will be Glacewing, should she choose to accept the position."

    Minnowstar was in the homestretch of her pregnancy. From what the medicine cats had guessed, it was less than a weak now. She would be forced to stay in camp, most likely starting yesterday. She was never one to follow the rules, though. Plus, one last walk through the territory for a little bit would be nice. Even if her stomach swayed and kicked with every step.

    The destination would be the Twolegplace border. She didn't want the Clans to know how close she was to giving birth. SkyClan was a peaceful, simple Clan. Most didn't seem to want to bother her home, though she didn't want to give them any ideas. Minnowstar felt kittypets were less of a thread.

    Plus, she grew up in the area. It would be just an ironic moment to see how far she has come-literally-since leaving behind a loner past.

    "I'm leading a patrol towards the Twoleg border," Minnowstar announces, "I suppose it'll be more of a walk, though. A slow one at my pace! Would anyone like to come?"

    "That sounds perfect," Minnowstar replies to the suggestion. It had been a while since the leader had gone to that particular area, despite how successful it was for hunting. Any cat who went there, no matter how inexperienced, had good luck with the birds. Especially at this time of year. With their combined skills both with climbing and hunting on the grass, the Clan would be quite happy.

    The lilac tabby takes a step towards the entrance with a nod, before allowing the warrior to take the lead.

    "It's been too long since I've gone that way, it'll be a good opportunity to check things out."

    It had been about a week since Minnowstar had declared Poppystar missing and gotten her lives. A week since she had shared with StarClan in a way that the former loner had never before imagined. And one week closer to her due date. And the leader had to admit, she was desperate for a deputy. It was not a decision she made lightly, however if she didn't pick her successor before her kits were due then the Clan would suffer as a result. Even now, she knew the Clan could use the guidance of a cat not heavy with unborn children.

    It has been a week, and Minnowstar believed she was ready to name the next deputy.

    "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather for a Clan meeting," Minnowstar calls from where Poppystar had stood for so long. The thought of the last leader crosses her mind as cats begin to gather. This will really be telling everyone I really think she's gone.

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    Minnownose emerges from the warriors den, feeling exhilarated already. Poppyblossom hadn't assigned her to the dawn patrol, so for once the short warrior could sleep in. She would have to hunt later to make sure she and Tatteredstar didn't think she was lazy. Or out wandering with no cause.

    Which she wasn't. She was caught not too long ago talking to a friend over in WindClan, but it seemed the girl's leader believed her when she promised she wasn't doing anything to betray the Clan. Which, again, she wasn't. Minnownose just liked hearing about how different it was on the moor! Personally, the lilac tabby preferred the trees. But it was nice to learn.

    Minnownose moves to the center of camp, a skip in her step. She had no current assignments, and so it was time to give herself one! "Who wants to go hunting with me?!"

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    and also wheatbloom for medicine cat

    Minnownose reaches the mouth of the cave in awe. The walk with Wheatbloom had been rather quiet. For once, the leader to-be was speechless, lost in thought. Most of her thoughts were about Poppystar, of course. The short, expecting female couldn't help but hope they came across the SkyClan leader on the way to Moonstone. Maybe she would just hop out of the bushes and say it was a test, a joke. To see how Minnownose would handle being in charge and, since it took her so long to take leadership and accept that the leader was gone. Yes, it would be a test and since Minnownose had failed, Poppystar would simply carry on as if nothing happened.

    Wishful thinking. Not even the cats of other Clans crossed their paths. Just Minnownose and her adoptive son-turned-medicine cat. Part of her had wished her old friend, Addercloud was there to do this with her. But she also felt comforted by Wheatbloom's presence. Yes, her mind was racing but she felt pride in how far her son had come since the day he told her she was going to be his mother now.

    Into the cave they go, Minnownose feeling a panic rise in her throat as the dark closed around her. Nothing but stone and the scent of something cold, maybe wet. You're safe here, she thinks to herself as they venture down, down. She repeats her I am safe mantra until the SkyClan cats emerge into the cavern of the Moonstone. Before she can speak to Wheatbloom to ask how long they will be waiting, the room is filled with a brilliant light. Beautiful, intimidating, amazing. As the deputy moves closer to the stone, her panic gives way to fascination. Her buzzing mind moves to wonder what is about to happen. Who will be here? Will Poppystar be here, is she dead? What about Jenga? Her mind flies through the names and faces of cats she has loved in their past lives, until she has no choice than to just stick her nose against the thing and find out for herself.

    When I come out of this, I will be a completely different cat.

    And with that, Minnownose forces her nose against the cool, shining stone.

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    Minnowstar had noticed the silence, a sort of awkward silence, after Glacewing answered her. Polite, respectful. Answering a question. While the leader knew she could ramble on for hours, she also knew that it wasn't Glacewing's style. While the short tabby hoped she didn't do anything to upset the warrior, she could also respect the lack of need for small talk. Get to the point, get moving. Minnowstar could get on board with that.

    Especially when she's asked to go hunting with the other female. Well I guess that settles it, she wouldn't want to spend the extra time if I did something to piss her off.

    "I'd love to!" Minnowstar mews, "You lead the way!"

    Minnowstar lets out a laugh as she hears them all interacting with one another. Who knew SkyClan could get so competitive? This certainly would mix things up a bit. Especially with the kits.

    Part of her wanted to let little Oakkit win, or Orchardkit, but the other part wanted to see if her pregnant self still had it in her to race to the top. Either way, it was all in good fun.

    "Well I'm glad to hear everyone thinks they're better than me," Minnowstar says sarcastically, though her voice was laced in amusement. Even if they were right, then that just meant they were talented. Minnowstar could admit defeat if it were to be true.

    The leader stalks up to the tree, before adding, "Too bad you're wrong!"

    With that she lets out a quick, "And I'll prove it!" With that, she digs her claws into the rough bark. The leader waits a moment, because if took off and won by cheating, then it'd be even worse. May as well give the others a moment to begin.

    Minnowstar sat on the sidelines of the camp. Some patrols had already gone out, some waiting a while longer before departing. The leader couldn't help but think to herself that she needed herself a deputy. Her kits weren't getting any smaller within her, and another cat to look after delegating would be helpful.

    Her kits. If she could have, she may of well forgotten about her unborn children with all the change that's happened in the past few days.

    Not that she could have. It seemed the mad dash to this motherhood finishline was at a full sprint. Her belly gave her a waddle to her walk, and Minnowstar knew before long she would have to stay in camp and trust that her warriors would trust her enough to be able to hunt and patrol without her watchful eye. The leader trusted her cats, her friends, but still. She enjoyed being an active member of the community. That would have to be refined to inside the camp until her kits were old enough to be left with other parents. It was fine by her, and she would do what she had to, but Minnowstar still worried.

    And so here she sat, just taking in all of the movements of the Clan. Hoping she was the only one with her mind full of nerves.

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    Minnowstar was not one to worry herself with status. Even with her own leader, Minnowstar had never felt afraid to speak her mind to Poppystar. Or strike up conversation about nothing important with her old friend Jasperstar in WindClan. The new leader had never been disrespectful about it all, but she knew these cats before they were so powerful. So high on their pedestals. A new name changed little on how she saw them.

    She respected Glacewing, and any cat, for having a different opinion, though. In fact, as a new leader, Minnowstar supposed she should be grateful for those who thought this way. It could help her later if something were to happen.

    "I'm doing very well, Glacewing, very will," Minnowstar purrs, happiness brimming in her eyes. Even though she knew her stance on talking to leaders, she may as well make it seem like she really didn't mind speaking as if nothing mattered with her warriors.

    "I hope you're doing just as well?"

    Minnowstar was still adjusting to the idea of being leader. While nothing has physically changed-well, outwardly- it felt like all of a sudden the short she-cat had the world on her shoulders. She was still small, her fur was still lilac tabby, her voice still has a happy tone to everything she has to say. Still carrying kits.

    But it was still different. Being a deputy had its challenges, but it was straight forward. Listen to Poppystar. Chat with warriors. Assign tasks. Bing, bang, boom, done.

    Leader though. Nothing has even happened yet and Minnowstar felt like she was on high alert. That something was going to happen. What, you may ask? Something. She just wished Poppystar would come home and tell her what to do.

    Maybe not everything has changed. She still loved to talk to her Clanmates, spend time with them. Plus, now she was looking for a deputy. Now was the time to interact. Maybe someone would stand out.

    Minnowstar typically materialized within two feet of any kit down on their luck, and this was no exception. The newest leader of SkyClan had scented the stranger, and the sound of SkyClan cats interacting with the lost and scared child had drawn her forward.

    Poor thing, the short-legged female can't help but think to herself. When Minnowstar had given up her loner lifestyle so long ago, it was willingly. She had not been separated from her mother due to harm, like this cat had been.

    "We'll certainly look for your family, if you'd like. These attackers will be no match for our warriors," Minnowstar assures the trembling child.

    "We can also take you back to our camp so you can get something to eat and be able to sleep somewhere safe," Minnowstar continues, "But first, why don't we start with names? I'm Minnowstar, what's yours?"

    "I have a game for us to play!" Minnowstar declares. It was just before sunset, the warmth of the day a pleasant feeling on the leader's short fur. She felt she had patrolled all day, and needed something to do that was a bit more engaging. Something, well, fun.

    Being SkyClan, the easiest game to play required the trees. Their home required this skill to be mastered early on, and their lifestyles were much better suited off the ground. And so, her next statement was not much of a reach.

    "I bet that I, Minnowstar, pregnant she-cat can climb higher than anyone else in the Clan!" Her challenge was said with a light tone, her eyes shining in amusement. It clearly wouldn't bother her to be proven wrong. Honestly, she hoped she was. Minnowstar had short legs, and her swollen stomach already gave her a waddle to her walk. But, still. She'd like to see them all try.

    The leader nods to a tree right by the camp entrance before finishing her statement, "I bet I can climb higher in that tree, to be exact. Who dares to challenge me?"

    Minnowstar couldn't help but think about how much has changed lately. Between Poppystar's disappearance and Minnowstar's pregnancy, the new leader couldn't help but feel like she barely recognized some of her own warriors. Perhaps it was because there had been many newcomers lately.

    She wondered if the rest of the Clan also felt like she didn't know many of the cats they patrolled with every day. Regardless, it was time to change it. What leader would Minnowstar be if she didn't know about her own cats? What mother would she be if her kits were strangers to their elders?

    "Hey!" Minnowstar calls to no one in particular, a happy tone in her voice so different from the one she used to announce Poppystar being declared dead. "I thought maybe it would be fun to have a kind of meet and greet? Get to know everyone a bit better?"

    As cats gathered, Minnownose took a deep breath. No turning back now, Minnownose thinks to herself. If she lied and said it was nothing, just something stupid, it would just make everything worse.

    "As we all know...we haven't seen Poppystar in some time," Minnownose begins, the lilac tabby for once quiet. Her words were calculating, her eyes shifting quickly from one cat to another as if she couldn't sit still.

    The deputy thought back to when Poppystar had been attacked by a monster and lost her first life. The first thought that had escaped the short female was please don't leave me. Minnownose had seen Tatteredstar, the leader before Poppystar, have his lives ripped from him, one after another. To think something similar happening so soon had terrified Minnownose. She wasn't ready to be left without her friend.

    She still wasn't. Her first thought seemed to evolve to her last, why did you leave me?

    With a sigh, Minnownose forces herself back to the present, and carries on, "It is with great difficulty I must admit she is missing, with little evidence she will be back anytime soon. I think we all also know how long I have put off deciding to declare Poppystar gone. This was for purely selfish reasons, and I suppose I offer up an apology for this."

    "May StarClan find Poppystar wherever she is. But for right now, the Clan must go on and hope for the best of her wellbeing," Minnownose finishes, "From this moment on, I will lead SkyClan to the best of my ability. I will ask the medicine cats to join me to get my lives as soon as I can."