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    Minnownose snaps back into the present when she hears her name being called. Lilysong. The deputy appreciated the warrior's general happiness-and obliviousness to some things. Minnownose liked the upbeatness it brought to the Clan. Lilysong's happiness was contagious.

    "Yeah, I hope it doesn't rain or snow! We've had enough of that for one season," Minnownose replies. The sky, despite the cold it brought, was rather nice looking today. Even if the clouds were threatening to change it.

    At the exclamation, Minnownose lets out a laugh. "Oh, I'm fine! Really, I am," she replies, her voice light. "Just a bit chilly. Though once the day gets going, it'll be okay."

    "You're not cold?"

    Minnownose had been part of the Clan for nearly half of her life at this point. The deputy couldn't help but think of how far she has come since that one moment. Lingering on the border, being accepted by Thrushstar. Going from the young she-cat she once was-a loner, bitter with her life, hopelessly optimistic. And, well, alone. With nothing more than a mother and sister to come across a few times a week.

    Now look at her! She was deputy! Minnownose barely understood the Clans as a concept when she first decided to see what they were all about. Heck, she had no intentions of staying. Well, maybe she did. But the tabby barely expected to be allowed to stay, let alone stay long enough to be in a high position.

    Plus she had cats around her that were nice and let her be nice and let her love her nice life. Lakerose, Addercloud, Wheatbloom. Poppystar trusting her and cats like Lilysong looking up to her. It was bonkers. The small cat didn't think she had enough body space to make room for all the joy SkyClan gave her.

    But she found herself lurking by the border today. She had been on a solo patrol along Twolegplace, just making sure everything was where it was supposed to be. It was.

    But then Minnownose had a memory of her last night of a loner, just over the border. How long had it been since Minnownose thought about it? Or had even been here, alone, for long enough to think about it? It must have been a while for the amount of nostalgia that slammed into her.

    The lilac tabby paused her walking, looking forwards where she once more her home. She wondered if her mother was out there, her sister. If they were healthy, happy. Alive.

    If she should go back and see what would have been. If she should run far from this border and hide in her den and never think about such things again.

    Minnownose let out a gasp of shock as she existed the den. It was freezing out!

    The morning had barely begun, the sun promising to rise over the trees. Had the deputy known about the current weather, she would have gone back to bed. But Minnownose was up early, hoping to get some time to herself to wake up properly before assigning tasks for the day. It looked like that time would be with a slight shiver.

    The short she-cat fluffs up her fur and leaps to stand in the center of camp. Minnownose had thought, just maybe, spring had come early. Apparently not. Clouds threatened in the distance, and she couldn't help but hope it didn't snow. It would freeze quickly, and someone could get hurt.

    Minnownose tries to take her thoughts off of the cold, instead looking around to see who else may be awake at this hour.

    France! Minnownose blanked for a moment. Where is that? Clearly, this cat has been to places the deputy has never even dreamed of. So much for being all on her high horse about knowing the nearby neighborhood. Maybe it was on the other side or something. Maybe.

    Then she keeps talking and Minnownose gets a bit more words she understands. Maybe she can just pretend to know what this France place was and just never fess up.

    "Eliza? Is that your owner?" Minnownose asks. She knows it may be a personal thing, but this entire conversation seemed to be a personal thing.

    She's about to ask a bit more information, when she is asked about SkyClan and the stranger's stomach growls.

    "Sometimes. SkyClan is pretty welcoming, actually. They took me in when I needed a home," Minnownose explains happily, before adding, "I can take you to our camp if you want! Get you something to eat-then if you want, I can help you understand where you are?"

    A bit lost. Minnownose hopes that "bit" wasn't too big. The former loner could help the other cat get home pretty easily with er remembered paths of the nearby Twoleg area, but her memory faded as seasons passed. That is, if the cat wanted the help.

    Though then she seems confused. Minnownose wonders what part of her quick speech was a misunderstanding-but goes with SkyClan. Minnownose herself would have only known of the Clans because she had grown up so close to the borders. And, obviously, now she was part of it.

    "SkyClan?" Minnownose questions. "Wild cats live in these woods, and a bit further North as well. The territory you're in is run by SkyClan. That's who I'm part of! We take to the trees, that's kind of how we got our name."

    "That might be confusing, though," Minnownose says, trailing her words. Before long, her voice speaks up again, "Where are you from?"

    //Minnow: No hablo frances

    Alix: Wrong language

    Minnownose was the first to come across the newcomer, but that wasn't new. The deputy was often out and about-whether it be with her head in the clouds thinking about Lakerose or keeping an eye open for a friend. Or enemy, for that matter.

    At this point, the short cat wasn't sure which would be the correct description of the cat. Bonjour?

    What? Minnownose wasn't sure, really, what the cat just said. But she smells faintly of Twoleg, faintly of the general scents of wandering the area. Perhaps she's lost.

    The lilac female moves forward until she can see the other she-cat, "Hello!" Minnownose greets, "You've stumbled upon SkyClan territory. Are you lost?"

    /Bless haha

    "It happens to the best of us, nothing to worry about," Minnownose assures the younger cat. She'd seen more than a few cats come limping into camp after falling from trees. Though she kept it in the back of her mind not to let the almost-accident become the talk of the Clan. It was embarrassing enough as it was.

    Except she'd tell Addercloud and Wheatbloom. She would have to, in case Sunpaw was hurt somehow in the fall. Give them a heads up.

    "Now you'll just think twice before you jump-no harm done."

    She held in a laugh as Sunpaw asked if they could hunt together. Minnownose knew the apprentice seemed to be hunting every time she saw her, and guessed this may be an easy way to assess how she's doing. Plus, she didn't know a whole lot about Sunpaw. It might be a chance to learn.

    And a good distraction.

    "I wasn't up to anything much, though I could do with some hunting today," Minnownose says, "If you're sure you're okay, let's go ahead! Where would you like to start?"

    //Minnow: Lake your task is to let me take you on a date

    in which she picks deep tasks for no f***ing reason

    "More than willing, Addercloud," Minnownose purrs as he approaches. Who would've thought she would attract the leader and both medicine cats. Not a bad turnout, if she does say so herself. "How about you have a history lesson with the Clan? There's plenty of newcomers, and, well, you seem to know everything! At least to me. I think it might help for them to know the history of SkyClan? Maybe talk about Tatteredstar and whatnot."

    She wasn't sure how he would take the request. She knew how hard he was hit when all of that happened. Not to mention the other strings of badluck in her friend's life. But maybe it could be mutually beneficial to talk about it.

    "Lakerose," Minnownose greets, her voice growing awkward. Because, you know, girl. The deputy may be strongwilled and intelligent, careful with her words. But throw a female she likes into the mix and it's all to hell.

    "Why don't you give some cats a training lesson? You've done really well with adjusting to SkyClan, both with coming from ShadowClan and adjusting to our tree life with injuries," Minnownose begins, rambling, "Um. Maybe it could help for us to know how to do the same? I guess? You never know what may happen."

    When Geode speaks, Minnownose rolls her eyes. This new crew of snippy cats was going to throw her for a spin. Maybe in a good way, but Minnownose wasn't so sure yet. They were all good cats, and she couldn't help but think that the rough exterior was only inch deep.

    "Why don't you make up a game for the Clan to be? May as well take at least a moment from intense tasks and patrols. It might give you a chance to learn more about your new Clanmates, too."

    Minnownose, thankfully, had plenty of time. Fear struck through her regardless, but it was going to be fine.

    The deputy reaches forward until she can sink her teeth into the scruff of the apprentice's neck and heaves. Her short legs don't do much to help, but she makes it work. Minnownose hauls Sunpaw until the younger cat can stand on the branch firm on her own.

    "Dear StarClan," Minnownose huffs out as she catches her breath, letting relief soak into her bones. "What happened?"

    Minnownose was roaming the territory on her own, taking in the day. She had planned to hunt, but time got away from her. Just...walking around. Because even deputies need half a second to just be unproductive.

    Then she hears Sunpaw call out, and wonders what the matter is. Help?

    The short tabby changes her direction towards the sound of the younger cat's voice, and concern floods her system. Minnownose wonders what could be the matter. Perhaps there was a cat in the territory that was unfamiliar, which seemed to be a recurring factor as of late. Maybe she got stuck in a tree. Maybe-

    Minnownose lets out a gasp, ripping herself from her thoughts. She was dangling from the tree!

    After about four seconds of wondering what the hell happened, the deputy realizes it isn't important right now. She has to help!

    "Don't worry, I've got you!" Minnownose calls up to the she-cat before running for the tree, hoping she'll be able to reach her branch before Sunpaw comes falling down.

    //Left it vague cause I wasn't sure if you want her falling or not!

    Minnownose came upon the two with a friendly nod, though her felt skeptical. There seemed to be a number of newcomers as of late, and the deputy was curious as to why. What was happening in the world around them to cause such an exodus to the quiet Clan?

    Not that it mattered much. Minnownose was more than willing to see how new cats performed in the Clan of the trees.

    Though as she approached, she was on the ground unlike her counterpart. The lilac tabby just hears the newcomer state that she's here to join them. As long as no climbing would be involved.

    The statement worries Minnownose, mainly because she knows how much of the Clan revolves around climbing. She's seen enough falls to know the routine by heart. But, hey, there's always something to learn.

    "Join, huh?" Minnownose asks, though her voice is light. Warm. "Why us? I don't mean any offense, but it sounds like you may struggle if you don't want to climb-it's sort of what we do."

    Minnownose nods to herself in contentment as some of the cats start to join her looking for something to do. The deputy was honestly just happy that anyone wanted to participate. There was plenty to do without her input. But, hey, maybe she'll make these fun! Maybe.

    "Wheatbloom," Minnownose greets with a purr, "I want you to host a little herb education session. I think it might be a good idea for the younger cats of the Clan to, you know, not accidentally ingest something poisonous." And end up a vomiting mess. We had enough of that at that one Gathering, she adds to herself.

    She shrugs before saying, "It might make it a bit easier for apprentices to gather herbs for you and Addercloud, too!"

    As she scans the other cats, Minnownose continues on, "Poppystar! I should just ask you to take care of yourself and now worry about the Clan," she says, her voice nearly serious but her general amused demeanor giving her away. "Why don't you lead a sort of meet and greet? I feel like everyone knows everybody, but we could all use a bonding session."

    And last but not least, Lilysong. With what she generally knows about the warrior, she'd have to pick a good one. That didn't leave her lost or out all day, namely. Something Minnownose wouldn't have to spend the rest of the morning worrying about.

    "Lilysong, why don't you give everyone a tour of the territory? Show off your skills."

    //Minnow: I see you two are having a tense moment. Let me insert myself.

    Minnownose wasn't fazed in the slightest with the cat's less of optimism. Or, rather, his lack of playing along with her small talk. She knew not many cats were as bubbly as she was-and didn't expect a complete stranger to humor her. Perhaps she should have just demanded why he was here, though it sounded like nothing much other than boredom brought him to where he sat. As a former loner, Minnownose could respect it.

    Before she can comment on her own thoughts of the morning, Poppystar appears. It crosses her mind she should have noticed the leader was out before leaving camp herself, but there's not much to be done about it now.

    Poppystar knew him. Pollenfrost. No cat Minnownose knew. He must have, well, done whatever it was that led him to this reunion before she joined the Clan.

    The deputy looks between the two before stating the obvious, "You know each other?"

    Minnownose had been out alone that morning. Not the greatest decision for a deputy to be roaming the borders alone-especially without telling someone back home where she was-but Minnownose wasn't one to dwell on it. Besides, she could barely remember the last time the Clan was in any danger. Period. So, they could deal without her for half a second.

    And then they can deal with her trying to keep them all busy.

    The short she-cat was along the Twoleg border. It was too early in the morning to deal with the cats from other Clans, if she was being honest. Minnownose had acquaintances in the other Clans, but after the latest addition to the Clan the deputy didn't feel the need to stray as much.

    She pauses as she sees another cat. Not one she recognizes, yet he seems oddly familiar. Perhaps she's seen him before on other patrols? Minnownose doubts it, but can't help but feel like she knows this cat she's never met from somewhere.

    Curiosity brings her to speak before her brain can tell her to leave the stranger be, "Hello! Excellent morning, is it not?"

    //In which I've been meaning for Min to assign daily tasks for a while but am finally getting around to it

    Minnownose lets out a sigh of relief. The day was not cold, and the wind had finally dropped. Perhaps the coldest season was finally starting to lose its grip.

    The deputy doubted it. Snow still littered the outskirts of camp, and the puddles of melt threatened to freeze in the night. Which meant Addercloud may be dealing with twisted ankles as cats slip.

    But for now, Minnownose puts her worries in the back of her mind. Because right now, it seems like a pretty nice day. A slight nip in the air, but nothing SkyClan couldn't handle. The sun was shining, and so was the Clan! At least to her.

    The tabby glances around the camp. It was still a bit early, and she wasn't quite sure if the majority of cats were still asleep or awake. But it was a good time to assign such things, before they all went off to hunt and then had nothing to do.

    "Tasks!" Minnownose calls, "If anyone wants something to do, gather around!"

    Minnownose lets out a huff of laughter as Lilysong rambles on.

    "Thanks?" Minnownose responds to what she thinks is a compliment. Maybe. She's not really sure. She won't question it.

    "Girls are cute, though," Minnownose agrees. Because, well, yeah. It's one of the most obvious statements to ever make, well, ever.

    That's why she ditched the male train seasons ago.

    She continues as she hears Brightkit's declaration. Which is such a kit thing to say that it makes the general pureness of it all fill her heart.

    "Much better than boys. They really have cooties."

    //This is reminding me of a thread I had with Minnow a few months ago where the title was literally Objectifying Women andi love it

    Minnownose sees Lilysong arrive back from patrol. Late, but at least she got back this time. The deputy hadn't been the best on checking up on the cats who may fall through the cracks lately. Or, well, anyone. The fellow lover-of-girls was too busy staring at Lakerose trying to figure out when the prank was going to be dumped on her and the female would go back to ShadowClan.

    Which, surprisingly to Minnownose, hasn't happened yet.

    So the tabby makes her way over to see how her Clanmate is. May as well. Then she sees her say something to herself, clearly looking around the camp.

    What is she looking at?

    Minnownose follows Lilysong's line of vision and-oh. Got it.

    "Whatcha looking at?" Minnownose asks, as if she doesn't have a pretty food idea.