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    Minnownose let out a laugh as Sparkkit joined her. If the deputy was good at time, this would be Cloudspots' kits' first snow. Exciting as anything, though Minnownose hoped the kits wouldn't get too cold too soon. There would be months ahead of them for that. Not to focus on that, though. This was still fun.

    "Just be careful not to be lost in it!" She calls to her, "It gets really cold real quick."

    Minnownose wakes with a distinct shiver. This morning is colder than the others, and the air seems nearly silent. Like after a crack of thunder or a cry of a child. The quiet is only broken by the sleeping sounds of her fellow warriors.

    The lilac tabby rises to her paws, making way towards the exit of the den without stepping on anyone. Minnownose immediately gasps in surprise and excitement as she sees the camp. Suddenly, waking up at dawn and being freezing isn't that bad.

    It's snowing!

    A thin layer has settled over the camp, with flurries still circling in the skies. The deputy side of Minnownose knew she'd have to get some cats to clear it out to make room for a fresh-kill pile-if there was any prey foolish enough to be out in this mess-and to make sure the kits don't freeze after the storm. But the rest of her couldn't help but be excited at the first snow of the season. It was just so pretty, and fun!

    "It's snowing!"

    Minnownose paused when she picks up the scent of DarkClan, and then of herbs. The deputy changes the direction of her wandering until she sees Dusksparks on the border. The medicine cat, makes sense.

    "Hello!" the lilac tabby greets happily as she comes closer to the DarkClanner. "Can I help you with something? I hope all is well in DarkClan."

    //short post but didn't wanna leave this hanging haha

    "It's too early for so many questions!" Minnownose says to Sparkkit, though she keeps her voice light. Honestly, the lilac tabby appreciated how full of life the kit was. So many questions, so many thoughts. So happy. So opposite of her mother, Minnownose can't help but think to herself. Though she must admit, Cloudspots has been slightly more relaxed lately.

    The deputy turns to greet the apprentice, "Now is the time to escape, before she thinks of more to say!"

    Minnownose can't help but roll her eyes at their attempt at a quiet, secretive conversation. A failed attempt at that. The deputy was willing to bet that ThunderClan could hear them from here.

    As if she'd turn her back now. Instead, the deputy takes a step towards the Clan entrance. "I mean, if you two want to sneak out and get in trouble with your mothers and Poppystar-be my guest," the lilac tabby says passively. Quite the feat, if you ask her. "But if you want to avoid all that, you can come on a walk with me instead. Technically you'll still be breaking the rules, just without all the trouble."

    Minnownose can barely believe it when she noticed the night guard asleep. And he was the one that told me I could trust him, Minnownose thinks to herself. The deputy makes her way over to the NPC to wake him-and subsequently send him off to bed. It seems if you want anything done right, you have to do it yourself. Even if the lilac tabby wanted nothing more than to go sleep herself.

    The small she-cat almost reassures herself that, even if the NPC did fall asleep, at least nothing happened. But that would be wishful thinking, it seemed, as she catches a kit trying to sneak out out of the corner of her eye. With a grumble, Minnownose pauses and moves her way to see where exactly the kit thinks he's going.

    Mottledkit, she realizes. There was so many these days that Minnownose had to take a moment to remember everyone's names. "And where do you think you're going?" Minnownose calls out, her voice soft as to not wake the rest of the Clan.

    //cue Minnow having a girl crush on Mustang because she can't help herself honestly

    Minnownose perks up when she hears voices-specifically the ones of the Clan's youngest members asking who the heck was in their camp. And then Addercloud and Poppystar. I wonder who's here.

    The deputy materializes from the warriors den to see Mustangheart. Minnownose knew she was deputy of ShadowClan, but little else. If she was being honest, the lilac tabby never really concerned herself with the affairs of the other Clan. Not for any particular reason, she just didn't. Perhaps it was because she had an old friend, Jenga, who lived there. Once she passed, well, Minnownose didn't see a reason to keep an eye out.

    As if she didn't feel full of concern about her old friend's kits, and the Clan in general when hearing about the rough patch they've been through. But that's nothing new.

    Minnownose gives the fellow deputy a nod of greeting, "Hello," she says happily, "What brings you to SkyClan territory? I hope everything's okay."

    At least they're enthusiastic, Minnownose thinks to herself. Plus, with Addercloud having moss, that meant she didn't have to risk taking them outside to get any. The lilac tabby may be stupid enough to take on three kits to do a job she could probably do herself in no time, but she wasn't careless enough to let them leave the camp. Cloudspots would kill me!

    "Thanks to Addercloud being so well prepared," Minnownose begins to explain with a grateful look to the fellow self-proclaimed parent of the Clan, "It's actually quite easy. We just have to take out the old moss, and replace it with the fresh stuff! But Sparkkit's right-thorns when you're not expecting it hurt more than anything. We'll have to be wicked careful not to have any in our patches. The elders would be lining their nests with our pelts if they get pricked!"

    Minnownose lets out a laugh at Sparkkit as she inserts herself into the situation. Great, now I have to think of something to do, she thinks to herself. Even Morningkit was interested-before covering it up as him doing her a huge favor by sitting in camp doing nothing like he was supposed to. Still, she appreciated the enthusiasm.

    "You see, winter is coming soon. I'd hate for the elders like Whitescar to be cold, wouldn't you? I'd like to try to get some really comfy moss for her and the others," Minnownose says, as if the world will end if the elder feels even a breeze, "But I can't seem to find anyone to help. It's super important for it to get done-and I bet the elders will be a little less grumpy towards you kits if you help. What'd you think?"

    The deputy lets out a snort of amusement when she hears how bored the kits are. Minnownose was happy the Clan was relaxed enough to bebored. Plus, it's been a while since there were kits out and about. All is well, in her book. Not a inch of concern-which was big, for her.

    Minnownose makes her way over to the two, looking them over with pale eyes. "Bored, huh?" the short warrior says simply before adding, "That's no good. Perhaps you two can help me with a super important task."

    //Oh my god baby no

    Minnownose's concerned mom mode is: activated

    Also welcome

    Minnownose was out alone today. With the chilling temperatures, she found her warriors could cover more land-and catch more prey-on their own rather than wasting resources by waiting for each other to find something worth hunting. Plus, it was time to clear her head. Minnownose was learning quickly that her side, injured by an accident with the road, stung still if the cold wind hit it right. So, she could hide from the breeze and limp like the sad piece of deputy she is.

    The lilac tabby comes to a halt as a mixture of scents rush over her. Kit, hawk, foreign land. Pain. A pang of panic overtakes Minnownose, and she rushes on her short legs to find the source. With the thought of a hawk going after a kit, Minnownose can only think of the worst. She's seen it before.

    When she finally finds the motionless young cat, concern grips her throat. Poor thing, before she even got a chance to live.

    Then she sees the unfamiliar cat's chest moving. Breathing-at least enough. Minnownose lets out a sigh of relief, she's not dead, just unconscious. The deputy takes a few steps back before letting out a yowl, "Is anyone there? I need some help!"

    Minnownose moves forward once more, lowering her voice, "Hello? You're hurt but you're safe now. Can you hear me?"

    Minnownose perks her ears as she hears Poppystar introduce herself to a newcomer. The deputy didn't even know they were both out-whoops. With all the battles going on outside of their borders, perhaps that wasn't the best idea.

    No matter. She was here now, may as well introduce herself.

    The forest has always seemed like the place I want to be. So he wants to join. Minnownose was a bit relieved, it felt like the Clan's numbers were rising in terms of kits and apprentices but nowhere else. It'd be good to have someone so fascinated by the forest.

    "Sorry for butting in," Minnownose greeted as she came closer. She gives Poppystar a nod of greeting before turning to the other cat, "So you're interested in our Clan?"

    Minnownose was more than a bit relieved when Scarecrow backed away with no more than a few threats. Loaded threats, sure, but still. Threats can be monitored, borders patrolled, camps guarded. But no one made it on the BloodClan cat's list of becoming sightless, so Minnownose could let her anxiety relax for half a second. "We'll be well prepared for your next move, I assure you," Minnownose growls, struggling to keep her voice cooly calm.

    She had to get Wheatpaw out of here before he did something reckless. Or gross.

    But then Nala is there and she wonders how she gets into these situations, looking after two young-or generally inexperienced in all this-cats as a BloodClan cat literally just threatened the entire Clan's life. They're not even my kits and I feel like an exhausted mother, I wonder how Whitescar felt with Badgerfang and Cloudspots.

    "He's bluffing," Minnownose says as the housecat approaches her. She hopes it was true, cause Minnownose couldn't deal with a battle right now. "But, yes. You knowing how to defend yourself will be helpful. Perhaps Wheatpaw here can help, it'll be a good distraction."

    Minnownose paused before answering her slew of questions. Honestly, the deputy had just as many for this cat, who had an owner. But she knew that it would be more productive for Nala to understand where she was and that she was, basically, safe. So Minnownose instead put her brain power into trying to answer her questions in a way that Nala understands.

    The first one is easy enough. "That's right, we have no owner. We don't have any houses to be locked up in-instead we sleep in dens in a camp. It's sorta like a house, I guess, we make our home from abandoned human structures. But there's no locks or anything, we're free to come and go as we please within our territory. Of course, there's a leader and second in command-that's what I am-to keep the order, but we can go out at night."

    Minnownose tries to latch on to her former loner lingo to remember what all these things are that will make sense to a cat who has lived in a house. Being kept inside with literally a lock, for example. "We feed ourselves, too. We hunt the birds and mice and stuff-if you stay with us for a long time, we can teach you how. All the able-bodied cats, who aren't too old or young, hunt with each other."

    Did your owner name you? The lilac tabby almost laughs at the question, but holds it back. Even as a loner, Minnownose never understood the concept of some other animal naming you and owning you. She figures Nala must have opposite opinions. "Nah, our mothers do. Well, to a point. I was a loner without a Clan, or owner I guess, at the start of my life so when I came here I picked my name so it was like the others'. But if you're born into the Clan, your mother gives you the first part of your name-like Minnow. Then when you're made into an apprentice-a warrior in training-your name ends with -paw to set you apart from the kits. Then when you're promoted, the leader of our Clan gives you the suffix, like -nose, that symbolizes something you do well or to describe you. You keep that name forever, unless you become leader and then the last part changes to -star."

    Minnownose lets out a nervous laugh as her rambling dies off, "That must seem so strange, though."

    Minnownose nods along as the stranger tells her story. She doesn't understand most of it, but it's clear that the poor thing has been through a lot. The deputy didn't know what she meant by "show" but she sure as anything understood the "send me away" part of it. Minnownose figured she can always ask later, it hardly mattered now.

    "She just sent you away after you broke something? That's pretty unfair, if you ask me," Minnownose replies, not really sure what to say, "Either way, it sounds like it's been a hectic day. Are you hurt? Lost?"

    Minnownose knew the Clan had no ground to stand on when it came to distrusting newcomers, and so she wondered if Poppystar would let the stranger stay. She seemed like she was full of stories for the younger members, anyway. "I can help you, if you need it. I'm Minnownose, by the way, you've found yourself in SkyClan territory." b

    //God wheatpaw why

    Also if Minnownose wasn't afraid of jack-o-lanterns before she sure as hell is now

    Minnownose steps back in horror as the eyes roll, and the deputy can't help but make sure to side step as one rolls too close. Great StarClan. How could a cat do that to another? Just to see what would happen? What kind of sane individual could do that? I guess they're not as sane as we may think, Minnownose thinks to herself, raising light eyes to meet Scarecrow's.

    Thin claws slide from small paws, Minnownose trying to figure out how to get out of this. Hopefully, with eyes in tact. Those are kind of necessary and such. She lets out a growl, a harder emotion highlighting her expression-so very different than usual. "I won't have to beg, as I won't become part of your collection here," the deputy says, as calm as she can manage.

    But just as she prepares herself for an attack, Minnownose's attention is snatched by Wheatpaw. Get out of here! And then he starts to speak. Minnownose will never understand his attraction to such...strange things. She didn't even know how to tell him no, you can't just eat cat bodyparts. "These were cats, Wheatpaw. Not the most appropriate alternative to other edible things."


    Minnownose watched as the housecat bolted into the woods. She had been up in the trees, daydreaming more than anything about the changing leaves, when she had heard the commotion. The deputy knew she should probably mind her own business, but the short she-cat was instantly worried about the poor thing. She had been a loner in the beginning of her life, and she sure was glad when Thrushstar found her on her own and accepted her into SkyClan.

    She's really gotta stop being the mother of every cat she comes across. But why start today? What if the cat was lost, or hurt, or something?

    Minnownose makes her way from the trees until she can walk to greet the stranger, and speaks with her voice light, "Hello! Are you alright?"

    Minnownose had scented BloodClan long before she was near any border. The wind seemed to be doing her plenty of favors, though the scent did not. The deputy immediately felt nervous, what could they possibly want? The last time Minnownose had seen BloodClan, they were spreading guts around the territory as a prank and-well, her adoptive son ate some questionable things that day. That's all she's gonna even think about that.

    She always knew that the cats of BloodClan and herself were seeming opposites. Instead of fierce, cruel creatures Minnownose was hopelessly optimistic. Instead of spreading gut all over the territory, she spent her time worrying over the wellbeing of whatever poor thing had to be ripped to shreds for the prank. And so Minnownose didn't trust it. She had gone across Taboa once, had even fought her-and lost, but still. She just didn't get where their heads were at. If the heart did any more than beat blood to keep the cold creatures alive.

    Still, Minnownose follows the scent until she nears the brutal BloodClanner-just enough to barely see the stark white against shadow. Holding...something. It looks like the weird fruit she came across near the border not too long ago. Whitescar had said it was harmless, though the younger cat wasn't so sure. Huh.

    The deputy pauses, lilac fur pricked. She kept just enough space between of them, unsure of what to do. "Can I help you? To get rid of that creepy container, for one?"

    Minnownose was more than pleased when Poppystar announced a meeting. If she was being honest, she was a bit worried about her leader. While the Clan had been less than bustling recently, Poppystar still seemed different since losing a life. Not that Minnownose could judge. She was barely back on her feet with her own brush with losing her singular life.

    Curiosity pricked her as she moved towards the center of the camp, and she wondered what would be announced today.

    Cloudspots is also there, anxious and pregnat and whatever

    Ah, yes, the Tribe. Minnownose had been at the Gathering that the tribe had come to a while back, basically begging for help. And had met a few of them again when they were scouting for a new territory. She doesn't recognize the younger cat, though the deputy figures it makes sense. The cats who had come to SkyClan's border were a respectful, if a bit apprehensive. Honestly, it had been so long that Minnownose forgot that the Tribe wanted to move closer to the other groups.

    The names of their ranks were foreign to her Clan ears, but she had heard of them from the Tribe before. From what she vaguely understood, they had a Healer-type thing that was in charge of everything, and the different ranks based on skill. She had zero idea what an emissary or shaman were, though.

    Not his fault, though. "I'm deputy of SkyClan, Minnownose. While I appreciate the gesture, I'll have to speak to my leader poppystar before any meeting is presented," She replies. Honestly, it was a vague answer but the lilac tabby was busy taking in all of the information given to her. New neighbors, huh? That'd be interesting. "I hope the Tribe's travels were safe ones. It will be fascinating to learn from each other."

    //that feel when I use my Skyclan bab to insult my tribe bab