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    Like everyone else who had arrived, Calina was drawn over by the scent of burnt flesh. It was a familiar one to her, although typically it was not attributed to a sentient creature. Unfortunately, this time it was not a mere feral prey animal that had been brought down. It was a clanmate, the operative word definitely being was. She couldn't even tell who it had been, other than somebody who was not very engaged in the clan. One of those creatures that was there, but never went into the spotlight. Thank goodness; she was not ready to mourn somebody that she held any feelings of affection or respect toward. She had done that too many times. Even so, a light wash of loss hit her- another unnecessary loss for Shadow Veil, added to a never-ending and untraceable list. At least Anima put the body out. A fire could have started in the territory, and that would lead to an even bigger loss.

    The Exiles had never been on Calina's good side. She believed that they were nothing but a group of edgy, self-absorbed murderers. They had no real intentions other than to destroy, and they weren't even good at it half the time. She was disappointed that nobody had wiped them out at this point. "'I'm back, bitches'? Do they expect us to know who they are?" She spat, irritation flaring up in her. What a cowardly move; come in, murder, leave before there can be any retaliation. "We should pay The Exiles a visit. Obviously they want one." Her blurry eyes searched around for Ver, hoping that the shadowkeeper would appear so that they could get the go-ahead to seek revenge. Hadn't they just had a lovely, thought out enemy discussion? Calina was not in the mood for that again.

    She let out a last, disgusted scoff before turning to Anima. Digging a grave right next to the murder site, without a funeral, seemed quite rough, but she could summon no more ideas for what to do in her head. This clanmate of theirs had never done anything of note, and funerals were not popular anyway, so it was probably the best decision to just bury them and let Ver say whatever "rest in peace" shit she wanted to at the next meeting. Calina joined in the digging.


    In honesty, Ver probably knew more about the Reaver lineage than Calina did. She knew that Barghest had other children, because she had met one, Fayina. Calina had only been about three months old, and she and her half-sister had exchanged no more than a few words. She was pretty sure there were more in that litter, but that was all she knew about Barghest's other children. In her mind, they were all much older and probably all dead. Uninteresting. The last time she had heard one of her names was when she had returned, and Karasunowing had mentioned Fayina. Ver had almost spoken about a Reaver- Mercy, hadn't it been? The leader who had vanished, or deserted, or whatever she had done to get away from Shadow Veil. Calina had no idea that she was closely related to her; the Reaver name was not uncommon, and even creatures Calina did not know at all carried it.

    She did not dwell on her extended family very much, anyway. Xia was her only focus, and if Oleander showed up again, then she would focus on that kid, too. Never more than her sister, though. Xia took precedence in Calina's life. She was more important than the rest of their family, more important than Calina's life itself, more important than even Shadow Veil, in the dark lupurca's mind. She was the only creature that Calina would lay down her life for, and the only one that she would betray her clan for. If Xia asked, it would be done, because Calina would not lose her again.

    But could she be considered lost already, in a different manner? Lost to Ver's charisma and shamelessness? While one would think that Calina could look at Xia and Ver, with their little wounds of passion, and put two and two together, she could not. Her obliviousness was both a blessing and a curse. Her only thoughts were of why Ver was knocking on her door and asking if they could talk, like she was about to engage Calina in a serious matter. She had been rearranging her meager belongings in hopes of not almost rolling on to pottery shards in the middle of the night, but that could wait. If Ver needed to speak with her, she needed to speak with her, so she bumped the cracked, ruined door open with her shoulder. Her residence was ramshackle and strange, a collection of halfhearted stone walls with large gaps in them, and a meager roof.

    But it was shelter, and she found it to be useful. It shielded her from snow and rain, at least. She padded further out from it, not bothering to invite Ver in, since it was not a particularly charming place. "What's up, Ver? 'Can we talk' sounds awfully ominous." She tilted her head, staring at Ver in a rather curious manner, although she was sure that the wolfdog did not mind her unseeing gaze. They both had pupilless eyes; while some creatures might be thrown off by how Calina never seemed to look properly at them, she had no doubt that Ver would understand.


    Wasn't this some juicy, rather concerning news? Calina had not heard of Hyperia in a big way since she had returned to the Veil. They had been known as BlizzardClan, she was pretty sure, way back in the day. A former ally of Shadow Veil- they had never been as tight as Shadow Veil was with the Sanguine Ruins, but they had been a steady constant on the ally list. Calina had even served as an ambassador to the clan briefly. She had never liked it too much, though; they had always been boring, and her mother and Sweetophelia had been a weird thing that Calina had not been fond of. She didn't know why they had been dropped to enemies, but she figured that they deserved it. Unless one was serving under a tyrant, like Rhaelarys, then there was always a good reason to be allies or enemies with another clan.

    Now they had more reason, huh? Ver's story is ridden with recklessness and a lack of thought, but who is Calina to judge? She would have easily done the same, which is probably why she does not question Ver as much as Adara or Anima do. She took in their words. Pushing their leader off an island would have been an easy, quick-and-done move, but who was to say the crumpled body of his would not have still held Ver's scent? There were all those creatures with super smelling senses or whatever. She didn't comment on it, since it wasn't all that relevant; what was done was done.

    "Whatever happens with the Brigade, I don't think 'just sendin' a message' is an option. We tried that, they're still fuckin' around with us. Let's just light their territory on fire or some shit." She stretched out her forepaws, as if getting ready to light a blaze right then and there. She had no personal quarrel with the Painted Brigade, but they were getting tiresome. Either there needed to be a war, or they needed to leave Shadow Veil alone; there was no point in having some stupid enemy for no good reason. "If we do just raid them, I think we need to be more stealthy 'till we get to their town- comin' at them when we weren't even across the bridge didn't work well last time. They just kept on blocking it off." Calina offered. Good old raids were her preferred form of warfare. They were better than even tortures, she thought. They proved how strong a clan was all together. Her attention was caught by Anima's latter comments, and she inclined her head toward her. "Get something else to trouble them for us? What do y' mean?"


    Calina had been strangely absent for too long. She didn't know what came over her- some sort of head sickness? A rough patch with her motivation? Whatever it was, she was trying to struggle out of her funk. There were new joiners, and a litter of Mercy and Charlotte's kids that had seemingly crawled out of the woodwork. It was high time for Calina to do something, so she could put names to faces and actually contribute. She thought a good way to get back in to the swing of things was with some clanwide training. That litter had a whole bunch of apprentices, that she was pretty sure didn't have much battle experience, and it would be good for Calina, and probably everyone else, to brush up on their fighting skills. The Painted Brigade had not been actively going after them, but it would be stupid if they attacked and everyone was too rusty to fight well. In Calina's experience, training sessions often flopped pathetically, with everyone growing bored within a few minutes and wandering off. Fuck that noise, Calina thought. She was hoping that her clanmates would be interested, but there was only one way to find out.

    "Hey, if any of y' are interested, I'm hostin' a battle training session. Y'know, learn some shit, brush up combat skills, spar 'n' all that." There, that was a sufficient summary. She prayed that the thick layer of snow on the ground would not discourage her clanmates from getting up and moving. The snowstorm was well over, but its impact remained. It would be both unpleasant to train and spar in and a fun challenge. Hell, it would give Veilers an edge. If they ever fought against an enemy clan in the snow, they would be used to it. Calina figured she would wait until a few of her clanmates came over, and then take them away to a more open spot, with less stony ruins, more free space, and also less annoying snow drifts. Perhaps around the Sun Spot? While the snow had definitely done its damage there, perhaps the sun had been able to melt more it off.


    The snowstorm had drawn out quite a few of her clanmates, whether because they liked the snow or they were trying to warm up the area, as Calina was. The first to approach was Valorpaw. Calina didn't know her well, but she assuemd that she was a child of Mercy and that other lady that she had heard about- Charlotte. She was awfully tiny (a thought that Calina had for most of her clanmates), but she was willing to help, and so who was Calina to deny her? "Yeah, sure." She gave a nod, watching the apprentice set to work and the wood lighten as the darkness of water left it. Following after Valorpaw was another creature that Calina didn't know well, which mentally stung. She needed to be out and about more, so she could know who everyone was. Anima was definitely not as small as Valorpaw, with wings that could easily stretch over and protect the firewood. The lupurca gave a well-humored but dry snort at her comment. "Only a little snow, for us, maybe- smaller folks are not gonna have it so easy. Get cold faster, y'know?" She inclined her head toward Valorpaw.

    At least she would not have to worry about Xia. She seemed completely unbothered by cold temperatures. It was strange how Xia and Calina's bodies worked; one always too cold, one always too warm. One would think that Calina hated warm weather, but she didn't; her body could obviously hold some more heat than most, although she preferred it to be coming from the general air, not the sun beating down on her back. Every time she took a trip to the Ruins, she hated it, because there was no shelter. She felt less passionate about the cold. Snow could be unpleasant, since it made her coat wet and unruly, but she could always just roast the ground beneath her and keep herself warm. That would not work for the rest of her clanmates, though. She would be burning flesh and bone if she did that. When Xia gently bumped into her, she gave a nod. Right. Firewood, fixed by Valorpaw, sheltered by Anima, waiting to be lit. She began to push the branches into the nearest fire pit, her bulky paws trying to form it into a suitable shape. She had learned that fire did not last long if it was haphazardly thrown together.

    While she built it, two more veilers approached. There was another one she did not know, who looked young and worse for the wear. She spoke aloud, awkwardly, and then shifted to throwing her voice into her clanmates' heads. Calina flicked her ears back at the noise in her mind. Telepathy was a strange power; useful, sure, but sometimes it felt like her personal space was somehow being invaded. It didn't help that she had weak mental walls, and every time somebody's telepathic voice came through to her, it was a reminder of that. She lifted her head to respond, but Ver was already speaking, with a gentle reminder to Valorpaw. Calina hadn't thought of that. Her powers were so effortless to her, she hadn't considered that they might tire the tiny cat out. "Oh, shit, yeah. Don't worry about drying the branches more- 'm sure we can find some more somewhere, if we run out. The catacombs might have debris in it." The rooms within the tunnels were kept tidy, but there was a high chance of some sticks being blown in there by the wind, or accidentally knocked in by a veiler.

    Ver also explained to Winterpaw what was up, with another gentle reminder given to her about staying safe in the cold. Calina gave one last adjustment as she built her fire and, with a touch of her paw, set it ablaze. It crackled and flickered but stayed up, even as snow tried to stamp it down. "Yeah, it'd probably be best for you to stay sheltered, 'til I get more of these set up." She glanced toward the remaining branches, and then around the camp, trying to search for another one of the holes she had dug out. Snow made it harder for her to differentiate between dips and raises in the ground, even if shadows still fell across it.


    The weather had gotten colder. The Whispering Pines was not known for its typical warmth, with the majority of sunlight being blocked by the trees, but it had gotten downright chilly some days. There had been a few snowfalls, sending thin layers of snow blanketing the ground, but nothing that had lasted long. Nature had decided that enough was enough, it was time for a good bought of snow that would not just melt away within a matter of days. It had started with a soft snowfall, tiny flakes coming down slowly. Calina had noticed the flecks of white peppering her fur as she did a patrol, and by the time she was returning to the ruins, there were great gusts of snow flying down, breaking through the dense company above.

    The wind was trying to pelt snow into her eyes and she squinted, displeasure clear in her wrinkled muzzle and lowered ears. Snow was fine, but not when it was targeting her fragile eyes. She padded into the middle of the ruins, blurry eyes focusing on a pile of branches that could serve as firewood. A few weeks prior, she had set up various fire pits around the area, in hopes of keeping her clanmates warm in the cold weather, and this seemed like a perfect time to put them to use. If the snow would permit it, of course- the wood that Calina was collecting was already wet from the snow sinking in, and Calina muttered a soft, "Ah, fuck."


    The upside of leaving and returning to Shadow Veil multiple times was that Calina got to see new traditions every time. This one was certainly among the most unique that she had seen implemented. Calina tilted her head as Ver explained how carving the runes worked. Black for aspirations, white for love, gray for anything. Her blurry eyes roamed over the stones near Ver, before focusing on the shadowkeeper herself. She certainly looked worse for the wear, bandages wrapped around her and exhaustion in her eyes. This was the ugly side of leadership, huh? Ver had to keep pushing through and leading her clan, bringing back old traditions, even when she was tired. Calina had seen the phenomenon before and she was seeing it again. She could only hope that Ver didn't burn herself out. At least sitting down and carving a rune would be restful.

    So far, Junepaw, Enjolras, and Ver had all selected white stones. Calina herself was tempted to select one for herself, but the deepest, darkest ones were also calling her name. In the end, she also rolled a pale one out of the pile. Xia came before her aspirations. She didn't know if they would ever be parted again until their deaths, but if they were, she wanted Xia to have a little physical reminder of her sister- for some cheesy reason, like so they would never really be apart, because Calina had put a part of herself into the stone, or whatever. She snatched up a tiny chisel and laid down, peering at her stone and chisel. She was not good with fine motor skills, so this was going to be a bumpy road.

    What to carve for Xia? A snowflake? The pale lupurca herself herself? Both of those sounded tremendously complicated, but she was sure her sister would like the gift even if it came out ridiculous looking. They could laugh over it, if Xia felt up to laughing. "So, we can carve multiple ruins, right? Or is it a one per month thing?" She asked rather conversationally, to no one in particular. She saw no reason to only do one per month, since there were quite a few stones, but she would check and make sure that, if she did carve one of the black stones, she would not be ruining one of the Veil's traditions.



    Not the Painted Brigade again. The enemy clan had been relatively quiet recently, and she thought that they had screwed off and decided no to mess with Shadow Veil anymore. Boy, was she wrong! While Calina had not fallen victim to the red paint balloon, she was almost as displeased if she had. Poor Órfhlaith. Unlike the mare, and quite a few other clanmates, Calina had participated in a raid against the Painted Brigade. She had sustained a few injuries, none deep enough to scare, but painful enough that she held a grudge against them. Plus, they had harmed Junepaw, and Valerian, when he had been around, for no good reason. It wasn't as if the Veil had even been retaliating at that point. These irritated thoughts popped up in her head after she had rushed over upon hearing Órfhlaith's call, and realizing that one, she was covered in paint, not blood and two, that the stench of the Painted Brigade hung heavily in the air.

    Then there was the waterfall, colored an extravagantly bright red, with a contrasting tag of blue words on a tree nearby. She read it aloud automatically. "Rue?" Her tone was confused, as she tried to make sense of the heart and the word next to it. What was a rue? It took her a moment to realize that it was probably a name. Her attention turned to Ver as she spoke, taking in the shadowkeeper's words. If there was anything that Calina liked about Ver, it was that she didn't let the Veil get pushed around- perhaps to an extreme, but Calina loved extremes. "So, y'mean we're raiding them again?" That was what they had done the first time, right?


    "Who are we looking for?" A simple question, one that Calina expected to come from a newer member that had come to the search party late. But the voice... that voice was Adara's. Calina swung around, her surprised eyes landing on the cloaked feline. Riptide had quickly flung himself at her, embracing Adara, before he littered her with less pleasant questions. Ver was quick to follow with one of her own. The lupurca had never heard Ver sound so straight up icy; she had heard her pissed, but not cold. That was new, and Calina would have winced for Adara, if she had been more compassionate or if she had not been frustrated with the midnightbringer as well. She was spotless, with no wounds riddling her coat. If she had been kidnapped, her captors had dealt her no physical harm. Mental? Calina didn't know about that, but judging from how she gave off the emotionless vibe of Adara still, she was fine.

    She probably had not been kidnapped. Calina didn't want to jump to conclusions, but creatures came back from being captured different. They did not readily join search patrols with as Adara had. Her ears flattened against her head in preparation for her to be pissed off. If Adara really had left of her own volition, Calina would be pissed. They had needed more than a bare-bones note. They had needed a location, a reason, anything other than some suspicious words and a streak of blood. How thoughtless could one get? It was somewhat hypocritical of Calina, since she had also deserted Shadow Veil at one point, but she had stepped down. She had made it clear that her disappearance was a choice.

    "Did you just... leave? For fun?" Calina asked, heaping on another question to the pile. It could probably be answered along with some others, rendering it redundant, but she could not hold her tongue.


    When Calina was younger, she had tripped over everything. It had been a daily occurrence for her to get a paw stuck underneath a root. It had gotten worse when she hit six months, she was all lanky legs and not enough weight, and she had been bumping into everything. In her current state, Calina was much more graceful, but "graceful" was not the right word. Efficient, maybe. She could walk and not slam into or trip on everything in her path, and that was good enough for her. Still, it was easy for her to sympathize with Miamipaw. Unfortunately for the little molly, she had seen her struggle to free herself from the bramble bush. Calina had meant to help her out of it, but she arrived late enough that a moment later, Miamipaw was out of the pricker bush's grasp and looking around.

    Calina was not great with feelings, but she guessed that Miamipaw might be embarrassed if she came closer and revealed that she had been near enough to see the great thorn clump debacle. She weighed that option, and then she weighed the other- Miamipaw had no doubt sustained some pricks from the thorns and, tiny as they were, one might have gotten stuck in her skin. Safety came over potentially being embarrassed. "Hey, y' good? Did any'a the thorns majorly catch on y'?" She padded over, getting a good look at the turkish van. Calina thought she could remember seeing her face once or twice around, but she had no memories of speaking with her before.


    Calina had been part of very few search parties. When somebody vanished in the Veil, it was usually quiet; there was no note, no blood, no sign of a struggle. They would merely fade away until one day, Calina looked around and she couldn't find them anymore. The current situation was different because Adara had left a note. That meant she wasn't vanishing like so many other clanmates had. She had either been kidnapped, or had decided to go on some sort of deep journey that she had decided to not explain. Calina hoped that it was the latter; while she was not overly fond of Adara (Calina blamed personality differences), the woman did her job and provided another needed presence around Shadow Veil. She was a midnightbringer, for goodness' sake.

    Having an assistant deputy gone for so long did nothing but weaken the clan, and she was eager to find Adara, for the woman herself and the Veil. Thus, it was no surprise that Calina joined the growing crowd that had gathered near Riptide. Ver, Ewan, Kira. Five clan members in all; enough to cover quite a bit of ground, but Calina hoped that more Veilers would be drawn over. She gave a humorless snort at Ver's comment. "Let's hope that she just 'left us'." While Calina wanted that to be the reason for Adara's disappearance, she worried that it wasn't- and if Adara had left of her own volition, why?


    Calina looked up from her task, her attention diverting to Shiningpaw. She didn't know the girl well, but her timid affect was so distinctive in a sea of stronger personalities. She was basically what Calina was creating the dummies for; clanmates who were tiny and inexperienced and just needed something that wouldn't hit back hard in the beginning. The question of what she was doing was easy for her to respond to. While it looked like Calina had no idea what she was doing, she had at least a vague idea. "Makin' dummies. Like, faux enemies, y'know? So you don't hafta fight with someone when y'just wanna practice a few battle moves, or for lil' kids." She swiped a pine needle that had stuck itself onto her nose, displeased with the sharp feeling. Órfhlaith came over, echoing Shiningpaw's latter question and offering a suggestion. "Yeah, any help y' wanna give would be great, and so would the heather. I'm beginnin' to think pine needles will be a literal pain." She added more dead leaves into the sack of burlap in favor of the sharper needles.

    She gave a respectful nod of greeting to Ver, and considered her offer. "I'unno if I'll need any more supplies, since Órfhlaith's offered heather, but I do need an opinion on somethin'." She tilted her head in a rare moment of thoughtfulness. "I was gonna try 'n' hang these up, like from a tree. Make it so they would hang down and could be swung around 'n' stuff. I'm thinking they probably shouldn't go here in the ruins, since I don't want anyone's head getting smacked with one. Got any suggestions for where they should go instead?" She pushed the burlap sack she was working on to the side and picked another one, not wanting to fill that one entirely with dead leaves if Órfhlaith had softer heather she could add into it.


    Calina was no gardener. She halfheartedly admire the aesthetics of most flowers, although she was fond of orange lilies. They reminded her of her own color scheme, as narcissistic as it sounded. Every other flower was something cute but uninteresting. They were not useful or relevant to her daily life, so why should she bother with them? The only time Calina payed attention to them was when her clanmates were doing something with them, like Bellona picking flowers, or Poisonpaw taking seeds and completely uprooting some. Flowers seemed to be the hot topic, which was ironic, considering they were just dying off as the weather got colder. Of all the times for Veilers to start being interested in them! Calina wondered if she could warm the ground near some, to keep them living longer, but that seemed like a recipe for a disaster, such as a charred flower. That was also a reason why she never kept a garden of her own. No flower would last long in her care, but lucky for her, nobody was entrusting her with any.

    She padded over to the Andromeda-Million child, another spawn of Ver's in a sea of many. Calina had trouble keeping track of which were biologically hers and which ones were being cared for her, but were actually the biological children of Ver's many partners. It gave her a headache and so she just assumed every younger member of the clan was Ver's child. "What're y' doin' with all that?" Curiosity got the best of her, and she tilted her head at the basket that had been filled with plants, roots and all, and little pieces of plants.


    There- a form appeared among the dunes, as pale as the sand itself. Calina was saved at last by the boredom of waiting by a little slip of a thing, made up of a slight build and well-groomed fur. She was almost the opposite of Calina in that regard; Calina had been given a decidedly ungraceful, but strong build and an unruly coat. She tried to tame her fur, but it always curled or waved or caught tiny twigs in it. At least it was thick and would keep the sand from blowing into it, a thought which cheered her up as a gust of wind blew across the desert. She blinked, making sure that not one of the grains caught in her eyes, and then lowered her blurry gaze to look at Arabella properly.

    "Yup- although 'm not here on any official business." She rolled her shoulders, refraining from blurting out the usual "How's the Ruins doing?". It wasn't like she was there as an ambassador. "'m Calina." She introduced herself, showing off her one good, polite habit, before continuing on. "My half-brother used to liv- lead here. Hypokrisis. I'm just wondering if he's still around?" She looked around again, as if expecting the tiny, ethereal hellhound to appear upon speaking his name. "He kinda looks like me, but small and pale." That was the best description she could summon, and it wasn't even all that necessary; there were not two Hypokrisises in the same clan.

    His name would be enough to bring his face to mind, and what a strange face he had. Too many eyes of too many colors, one of them which had been the same golden color of Arabella's. Her curious stare had not gone unnoticed by Calina, but she didn't find it rude. Calina stared back, because she always did. The one bonus of having pupiless eyes meant that she could stare and, unless one was searching for the vague shifting of her eyeballs, they could not easily tell what she was looking at.

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    Goddamn it. Calina's reasoning for not wearing an ugly sweater was gone. She had said that it would be difficult because of her large size. But here Ewan was, laying out sweaters that could even fit a beast like her. Calina could not lie. Honesty was one of her prized values, and so she didn't want to slip off with an excuse of "Oh, I have to go do this". She padded over, brow furrowed as she listened to her clanmates. Órfhlaith was already hellbent on making the ugliest sweater, and so was Ewan. Kira was hesitant, but Ver had ordered him to participate, so it was only a matter of time until Kira was either creating or wearing something ugly as well. Wonderful. She had already proudly created one, as long as fashioning the idea of raiding the Exiles while donning their newly-created monstrosities. Calina snorted at that, and at Órfhlaith's response, as she pulled a massive black sweater over to herself.

    "Y'know how some clans wear blood or paint or whatever in raids, to look scary?" Calina mused, trying to recall which clans in particular did such a thing. She was pretty sure the Sanguine Ruins liked to put blood on themselves. Not that it mattered for her next words, but curiosity did lead her to pondering. "We should make that a tradition here, but just with ugly sweaters. Scare them with our awful fashion taste, yeah?" She looked over the supplies, trying to decide what to add. She didn't even know if she was there for the future competition, or if she just wanted to make something she could use as a blanket while she slept. Glue and orange glitter seemed like the best course of action.


    Calina's parents had been leaders. Her grandfather had been a leader. Her half-brother had led a clan. Her nephew had lead a clan. Leadership and ambition ran thick in her blood, and even when she was a pup, she had dreamed of guiding Shadow Veil. She had scrambled onto the amber, the place where the meetings had been held back then, at three months old, just to get a taste of what her future would feel like. Every time she climbed up the ranks, every time she thought she was almost there, something set her back. A sibling would go missing and she would fall into a passive, lifeless state where she couldn't even focus on her duties. Or she would get sick, or she would disappear herself, not being able to take whatever was going on around her. It was a ruthless cycle, one that she hoped she would break out of eventually. While she had not witnessed Kira's reign over Volary Flights, and seen the hardships that came with it, she knew that such a high position was flooded with pressure and difficult decisions.

    She had seen it in her own mother. She had led in a time where Shadow Veil was battling with other clans. She had killed her own best friend when she had started a mutiny. It had been gory and gross, and Sango had been more of a dictator than anything. Calina hoped that, if she ever made it, she would not follow in her mother's footsteps. A leadership discussion seemed like a great way of learning how to do it right. The lupurca stalked over, taking a seat near her two clanmates, a silent way of announcing her curiosity and participation. She hadn't known that Kira had led the Flights at all, which was interesting, and it was even more interesting that Enjolras and him both ended up in Shadow Veil. She had nothing to comment on the matter, so she refrained from doing so, and noticed Kira's sweater. An easy grin appeared on her face. "So y' did pick purple. I was right; it compliments your eye." She said proudly, both a compliment for Kira and for herself. It was a win-win situation (that was completely unrelated to the discussion at hand)!