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    "I thought I'd explore a bit. We've barely touched the other four islands, and I'd like to start venturing out onto them to learn more about them and get to know them, should we ever need to find a new place, either for a little bit or if something ever happened to the camp," Gabriel explained, originally directing his words to Hestia thugh they soon were aimed at the whole group. "I was going to go with my boys, but you're all welcome to come along as well, if you'd like." His attention was turned towards the bridge once more, and he glanced down at Hestia with a smile. "Be careful, alright? I don't want to lose you in the clouds," he said, hoping she'd stick by his side without wandering off too far and scaring him. With that, he began moving once more, crossing the bridge to explore the unfamiliar island.

    "I don't mind either way. If you'd prefer we speak in private, we could go somewhere, though here works as well as anywhere," Gabriel responded. The conversation would happen either way and they would reach a decision whether they were here or elsewhere, so it was of no great importance to him. He'd wait for Glitteringgold to choose a location before saying anything else, in case he wanted to move this back to the room he had mentioned.

    After all the time he had spent too busy to be with his family, he was tired, and he simply wanted to have some time with his children, and without anyone else. With that in mind, he had gotten the three of them together and had set out having decided to simply bring them out and let whatever happened happen. He was sure Hestia and Aphrodite would enjoy seeing outside of the Islands, and hopefully Persephone would be happy to spend some time with her family. He drifted to a stop, a thought popping into his mind, and he turned to look at his daughters. "What would you all prefer? Exploring the Bleak Wilds and seeing what's out there, or heading to the Trade Center to see what and who is there right now?" He was fine with either option; he got what he wanted either way.

    aphrodite s. k.   HESTIA ;   persephone k. s.  

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    Gabriel couldn't say he believed Feliks without a doubt. After all, he would be biased in his own regard, no matter how much he attempted not to be and would, of course, deny the rumors about him. He couldn't make a decision now, as he felt he should discuss this with Vale and his other high positions before he gave Feliks an answer on his thoughts. As such, he would respond, "I'll take into consideration what you said and think on it for a day or two. I'd like to discuss with my co-leader and my other high positions before I say for sure. Would you be alright with me returning in a week or so to speak with you again?" It was the best option to him in this scenario, as he wasn't willing to budge and make an immediate decision.

    Seeing as there's been a dip in activity in Hyperia, it was suggested that we do a mass-adopt to try to boost activity! If you have any litters to offer, post here and it'll be added as soon as the thread is made!

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    "Ver," he greeted, curious why she was here. He knew she was an ambassador from Solaris to Hyperia, and yet she always seemed to have an additional reason for visiting outside of such. He wondered what it could be this time around, or if she was even here on behalf of the Kingdom. After all, he knew she resided in many places: Shadow Veil, the Blackheart Rogues, and Solaris Kingdom were the ones he could remember. He came to stand near Cosmicshadow and the canine, head falling to a slight tilt curiously as he asked, "Is everything alright?"

    There was something to be said about how all Hyperians had seemed to have avoided travelling to the other islands of their territory. It didn't seem intentional in the slightest, but it was as if everyone seemed to forget they were there, including himself. As such, he had taken it upon himself to venture over and learn more about them, one by one. Today, he'd chosen the one he knew the least about⁠—the cloud forest. He'd rounded up Eugene, Brendon, and Otto, and he set out for the bridge to head across. Anyone was welcome to join him if they so desired, but he wouldn't be pushing for a companion since he already had three with him.

    "I'm..." He hesitated. Gabriel had always tried to avoid pushing his issues and his feelings onto his family, so he could be there for them when they needed him. Kady had been the only one he would come to, and only when she pushed him to do so. "I'm coping," he said, and that was about as much as he was willing to give. "I'll be alright, though. And what about you?" He had a feeling this had all hit her just as hard, and he wanted to make sure she was alright before he was willing to give her a further answer on his own thoughts.

    Perhaps it was the way she asked, or how she went on, or the smile that was so clearly forced; or, as the most likely answer, perhaps it was the flippant disregard in the way she spoke Kady's name, and spoke of her death. All of this together froze the smile on his face, an expression that faded as he stared for a few seconds longer at her. He almost seemed to shut down, any excitement or happiness dampening as he was reminded of the loss of his fiancee. He tried to push some semblance of welcome back up for her, but he was still heartbroken over her death, and it still hurt when he heard others mention it. He didn't speak again just yet, still trying to push back the emotions that had suddenly swelled up at the harsh reminder.

    "As for promotions, first off, I would like for Vale to step up beside me. I haven't been able to be around as much as I might like to, and I'm aware that that can cause an issue in the activity, as I'm not around to help ensure we are working as well as we could be." He had spoken to Vale ahead of time so that this wouldn't come as a surprise to her, so he could only hope this would go over well with everyone else. "As such, we will be needing a deputy. I haven't made my decision on who will take that position yet, but I'll be deciding within a week's time." With that said, he moved on to the other information.

    "Katrina may step up to Crusader, and Cosmicshadow may step up to Ranger. Lycus is demoted. Warnings go to Aphrodite and Hestia." He hated that he had to give warning to his daughters, but he couldn't show favoritism, no matter if he wanted to or not. "No titles have been earned this week, but I'll be on the lookout for anyone who might have the intention of attempting to earn one." That as all he had planned for this meeting, so that was it, he supposed. "That's it for this week," he said, and he would make his way down from the obelisk. He could only hope that someone would come forward to host an event, and he was hoping to see Aphrodite handing out tasks soon, since she had volunteered.

    "Fairly well, though slow. That's to be expected at this time of year, but it's disheartening, still. How about the Painted Brigade? Doing well, I hope?" They were allies, and as such he saw no reason not to share information with Kingpin. If he wasn't open, what would be the point in an alliance? There would be no way to know how to help each other out, otherwise.

    Out of those who remained in Hyperia, Gabriel was likely one of the ones that had been there the longest; just over a year and a half now, two years come March. As such, it didn't take very long at all for him to recognize Adalicia. After all, he had come to care for her as he would family, and she was an important person in his life despite the time in which she had been away. For the first time since Kady had died, a genuine smile spread across his face. He walked towards her quickly, stopping only a few steps away before he spoke.

    "Adalicia," he said, voice warm as he greeted her. "It's good to see you again. Are you alright? Has everything been okay? Do you need something?" He worried for her, and he could only hope her answers would be what he wanted to hear.

    Kingpin would get what he wanted rather quickly. Should Gabriel have known what he was thinking, he'd likely be annoyed at the insinuation that Hyperia didn't care for their allies. Perhaps he hadn't had the chance to visit the Brigade after announcing the change in leadership, but Hyperia had been slow and he hadn't been able to head over just yet. That didn't mean he wouldn't have done so as soon as he had the time to do so. Gabe came to a stop in front of Kingpin, growing curious at what the other might want to say. "That would be myself, Kingpin," he said, and waited to hear the other's opinions.

    It had been a long week, and Gabriel was aware that this was late, and he wouldn't be giving excuses to try to cover for himself. However, he wouldn't address it right now, as he did have some other things to attend to at the moment. Namely, he had to get this meeting started and get through the important things he had planned to talk about.

    "Hyperians, gather for a meeting," he called out, standing atop the obelisk. He was quiet for a few moments as he waited for some of his tribemates to gather, and would begin to speak once more as he saw people arriving. "I'd like to start off with a general statement that, although I understand the reason behind it, I'd like to see more activity around here. Whether that means attending events, hosting our own, or simply spending time with other members of this tribe, I'd like to see that effort." He allowed himself a quick look around, making sure that this was acknowledged before he moved on to the rest of the meeting.

    "I also want to offer a welcome to Mew. and to Artemis F. ." There wasn't much to say on that, so he moved on. " ATHANASIUS E. has taken their leave from Hyperia, and as such, I have to remove them from their position. They'll have the opportunity to earn it back if or when they return." That was all he'd say for now, as the rest of the promotions and demotions would wait until he gave everyone who hadn't yet arrived some time to show up to the meeting. He took a moment to gather his thoughts in the next moment before he spoke up again.

    "To try to build on Hyperia's culture, I'd like to institute a new tradition. Starting now, Hyperia will begin giving out quests. There will be several available at a time, open to Hyperians and our allies alike. For the most part, these quests will require a group with a variety of different skill sets in order to complete, but on request, solo quests will be available as well. The intention behind this is to encourage you to work together, both with your tribemates and your allies, and to appreciate the differences between you and between our groups. This will most likely begin next week, to give the higher positions time to set up this system." This would be the first change he would make, and hopefully it was taken well by everyone.

    "As for events going on..." Gabriel took a second to recall what he remembered. "Solaris Kingdom is having a Traditions festival that we've been invited to. In addition, Wind Haven is having a masquerade ball, for any of you who are interested and would like to attend. Internally, Persephone is decorating the unused huts, so if you'd like, you could help her with that, as well."

    He glanced around, and finally said, "In addition, I'd once again like to ask that if you have ideas for events with allies, please come forward. In addition, someone needs to hold weekly tasks this week, if there's someone willing. If not, I'll assign someone to it instead."

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    "Would it be alright if I helped, as well?" he asked of Persephone, though the question was vaguely directed at the others, as well. Of course, he might not necessarily be needed, but he was looking for something to do to distract himself from his thoughts, and this was as good of a distraction as any for him.


    He'd seen the other once or twice, most recently at the ally meeting Canoris had hosted. He didn't know him very well, but he could recall his name, and wasn't that the important bit? Gabriel came to stand beside Vale, offering a smile in the tiger's direction. He'd remain quiet until the other stated his business as Vale had asked of him, curious to see what he might need here.

    "Indeed," he agreed, having come over in time to hear Aphrodite and Tadpole introduce themselves, as well as Persephone's suggestion. "It's your decision, of course, but I could teach you if you'd like to learn." He stopped beside Percy, taking a seat and waiting for the other to write a response for them.

    Should Feliks not have been prompt, Gabriel might have had the chance to answer Laika's question and pose one of his own. As it was, the leader showed himself rather quickly, and the need to ask for him was no longer present. As Feliks approached and voiced his surprise, he offered a slightly tense smile. He had heard of some of the accusations against him, though he would hold his judgement until he heard the other's side of the story. There was always the possibility of misinterpretation on either side.

    "I do see your reasoning behind such a thing, although I can't say for certain whether I could allow it. For political discussions, of course, but I would prefer to hear your side of the story before I make a decision on whether I can allow you to visit Hyperia for events. If we go somewhere more private, you can explain things from your point of view, and I can give you a final answer on whether the exile will remain in place." To him, it seemed reasonable, though he was biased in his own favor as anyone might be of themselves.