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    When Persephone had told him she wanted him to come to her home, he'd been slightly unsettled. Not enough to dissuade him from going, but it made him curious; why did she want him to come there? He didn't mind, of course, but it wasn't something she made a habit of doing, and he didn't like to intrude. Despite his hesitance, he would never say no to his daughter when there was something she wanted unless it put someone at risk. Since that wasn't the case here, he pushed away the negative thoughts. If something were wrong, she'd tell him, outright. There was no need to worry. Whatever she wanted to see him for, he was sure it was something good.

    He knocked on the door, and it wasn't long before he heard sounds from inside of her moving about. A few moments passed before the door opened, and he offered a smile, moving forward to give his daughter a nuzzle before she began leading him through the hut. The small talk made him even more nervous as he conversed with her; it only seemed to be putting something off, and when she stopped at a door, he became even more confused. He didn't let himself react yet. There was no way of knowing what was going on until she actually told him, so he shouldn't jump to conclusions. As she opened the door and allowed him to look inside, however, his reservations disappeared.

    His eyes immediately were drawn to the bed, where the cluster of children were safe from harm, protected by the home and their mothers. The expression on his face softened at once as he gazed at them, exhaling quietly as the corners of his mouth turned up. He allowed himself to remain for a few moments before he looked over at Persephone, brushing his muzzle against the top of her head.

    "Congratulations, Percy," he said, toning back the excitement in his voice to a warm happiness. "I'm happy for you two. Do they have names?" He wouldn't want to refer to them without them if they did, but he'd understand if they hadn't yet. Their family had a history of misfortune when it came to children. He wouldn't blame her if she was scared to do so.

    Once again, the lion found himself at the border of the Dark Dynasty. Three times in the past, conversations had begun to discuss the possibility of an alliance, but each time, they had gone nowhere. The conversation tapered off, and no decision was made. So, once again, Gabriel was here. He sat himself down at the border, allowing himself some time to rest as he awaited the arrival of anyone he could speak to in order to request the presence of a leader. He believed they had two now if he wasn't mistaken; perhaps he would receive an answer this time around. At this point, he even preferred a denial, if it meant that he didn't expect an answer that never came.

    As he heard steps behind him, his head turned, curious to see who had followed him. When he saw it was Aphrodite, he offered her a smile, stepping aside to let her get a look at the egg. She asked a question, and Persephone was joining them before long. He made a sound between a sigh and a laugh at her comment, shaking his head. "Of course not," he said. Just as she felt, as did he. He couldn't bear the thought of killing something that was so similar to creatures that he'd raised from birth, or even the chance of it.

    "I found an empty nest. It couldn't have been more than a day that it was left alone, but the other eggs were hatched and the mother was... gone." He still spoke gently around Aphrodite, despite the things she'd seen. She was young, and as such, it felt wrong to speak about death so blatantly in front of here, even though he knew she understood. "I'd like to try to hatch it, if I can. I just need to find a way to get a fire going, to keep it warm."

    He shook his head, smile still strong. "It's alright, Bastet. I don't mind. I'm here to help." He fell quiet, waiting until she spoke up again to ask her question. He listened attentively, noticing her nervousness but writing it off. It was most likely because of the supposed mistake, though he truly wasn't bothered by it, so he wouldn't bring it up. There was no need to make her more bothered over it, right? When she finished her question, he stepped outside, making sure the door shut behind him. If the raptors ran out now, who knew where they might end up in the middle of the night.

    "There's no need for that, unless you'd prefer to. Though I will suggest, perhaps you could place something outside your hut to help you find it? I did the same myself, when I first moved in here. Something I would notice, but others wouldn't. It made things easier for me while I was still getting settled," he said as he began walking, reminding himself of where he had led her before. The tactic wasn't one that worked for everyone, but it had worked for him, so he might as well pass it on, right? After a few more moments, he came to a stop in front of a vacant hut. "This should be the one... if you'd like, I could help you to get settled in and personalize it, before you head to sleep for the night?"

    Gabriel had always enjoyed heading over to the other islands, simply to get some time to himself. As time went on, this became less for himself, and more to make sure that his home would stay safe. After the dragon that had attacked Hyperia under Aleksei's reign, he had started to venture to the other island regularly to make sure there was nothing else that could threaten them, and the Ruins' attack only strengthened that resolve, with how easily they managed to get into their territory. He alternated which island he visited by day, and today he would be visiting the forest of clouds that was located to the north of the main island.

    It didn't take long to get there, especially considering he had chosen to fly. The lion touched down on the ground, wings folding up as he began to walk. It was difficult to navigate, but he had managed before, and he would again. The more time one spent in there, the easier it was to figure out how to get around despite the thick disorienting fog that always lingered among the trees. It wasn't that way for all, however as he would soon come to see. As he was walking, the distinct scent of a dead creature filled the air. They clearly originated from the islands, as there was no lingering smell of any other group, so he ruled out any foul play, but made his way towards it nonetheless.

    When he came across the creature, it was clear that what had taken her was not violence, but becoming lost in the fog and being unable to find food for herself. The body couldn't be more than a day or so old, and as he looked over it, a nest nearby caught his eye. He wandered closer, to find only one egg remained. There were the remains of a few eggs that had clearly hatched, though he had no idea what might have happened afterwards. One egg remained, and it occurred to him that this would be hatching soon, as well. Could he really leave it here, where the child might not survive? No, he decided, and spread his wings once more, setting off for camp to retrieve a basket.

    He returned quickly, landing nearby. He looked around, searching for the nest he had found, and rediscovered it within a few minutes. He carefully slid the egg into the basket, careful not to jostle it too much, before he turned away to head back towards the main island. He made the decision to walk, not wanting to risk what might happen if he flew and ended up dropping the basket by mistake. As he arrived back in the village, he quickly moved towards his home, pushing open the door and placing down the basket. He'd need to get a fire going to keep the egg warm until it hatched; it was just a matter of figuring out how to do that, now.

    Having descended from his spot, he watched as Persephone quickly took his spot and called out to give out weekly tasks. His lips pulled up into a slight smile before it faded, and he walked over to stand nearby. "I'd like a task, Pers," he requested, awaiting whatever his daughter might give him.

    Gabriel was used to hearing people at his door. He tended to be needed often enough for it to become commonplace, though he had to admit, joiners were not often the ones who requested his presence. When the sound of the vaguely familiar voice of the new Hyperian came through the door, Eugene had popped his head up, chirping loudly to grab Gabe's attention and pull him from his rest. Otto and Brendon were distracted, the food more important to them than the unfamiliar sound.

    The lion stood, walking over tot eh door and pushing it open. A tired smile was on his face as he did so, and he spoke up as soon as the door was no longer between them. "Yes, I remember. Is there something you need, Bastet?" he asked, warm and kind despite the lingering signs of being awoken only moments before.

    The first thing he noticed was the scent. The Ruins, intermingled with the smell of blood. The lion immediately set off to find the source, and he came to a sudden stop as he figured out exactly who it was. It took a second before he pushed himself forward, stopping a few steps in front of her. "Vale, wait here, alright? I'm going to get help for you." He turned away, immediately searching out ATHANASIUS E. or Candela to bring them back to look over Vale.

    As Gabriel entered the hall, he took a look around, curious as to who had decided to show up. There were many familiar faces, which he was grateful for. At least he'd have an idea of who everyone was, this way. He smoothed out the front of his suit, tugging on the bottom to straighten it out. He wore a gold suit and a pink tie, with a white shirt underneath. It was clear he was overdressed, but he didn't mind; there was nothing wrong with putting a bit of effort into his appearance. The man came over to the table, squeezing his daughter's shoulder with one hand as he reached past her with the other. He poured himself a glass of water; he tended to avoid alcohol altogether if he could, and soda was too sugary for his taste. He took a step back, removing his hand from her. "I'm sure it will, Aph," he reassured her with a smile, before lifting his glass to take a sip.

    This meeting was long overdue. First, he had been scheduled to lead the meeting, but he had become busy and unable to keep up for a few weeks. He had then requested that Erasmus give the meeting, as he had been busy and he wanted to give the other a chance to see what it was like, but that didn't work out either. That left him, more than a month after the last meeting, behind on everything that he had to talk about. The lion climbed atop the obelisk, standing for a moment before he eventually called out, "Hyperians, gather for a meeting." He waited a few moments, giving everyone time to arrive before he started the meeting.

    "To begin, I'd like to apologize for the long wait since our last meeting. I will do my best to ensure that this doesn't happen again; you all deserve better than the absence of your leaders." He knew it applied to himself, as he should have been here and he wasn't, but it was directed at everyone. Things had slowed down to a dangerous point. There wasn't anything he could do now, except make sure that he did better in the future, and that the rest of the high positions did as well.

    " pillow. is demoted. Warnings go out to Cosmicshadow , ATHANASIUS E. , KATRINA , BENJAMIN B. , and persephone k. s. ." A majority of the team of high positions, aside from someone who had managed to stay more present. "A shoutout to aphrodite s. k. . Despite the way things are going, you've stuck around and made sure that we never became completely stagnant. Thank you for that. And spiritline is promoted to Seeker." With that out of the way, he would move on to what he should have started with.

    "Welcome to BASTET . , KURAOKAMI , Belladonnapoison. , maddie. , DRIFTINGTEMPEST , and chaotictides . Also, welcome back to Coldsteal H. . I hope you all have settled in comfortably, and feel free to ask myself or anyone else if you have any questions or need anything." It was a long list of joiners, which was a good thing, but they should have been welcome sooner. At least they were getting their welcome now. He'd keep quiet for a moment, taking another look around before he decided to go on and talk about the events.

    "Aphrodite is hosting a friendsgiving event, so make sure to check that out, and please enjoy yourselves. In addition, Athanasius is making first aid kits, Erasmus is leading a cleaning patrol, and Lucifer is holding a Q&A session." That was all, really, as there hadn't been many invites to events recently.

    "If anyone is available, I'd like to see someone handing out weekly tasks. I'd also like to see the ambassador positions filled up, and to see a visit to each of our allies by the end of the week. I'll be visiting the Dark Dynasty on the possibility of an alliance soon. If all goes well, we may need an additional ambassador, but I make no promises that there will be any more spots just yet." He took a moment, looking around at everyone listening to the announcements before finishing off. "That is all, unless there is anybody who has anything important that they feel must be said."

    It was strange, at this point, to see another big cat around. They weren't uncommon, not by a long shot, but Gabriel was only used to those he lived here with; most of them were his family. He didn't allow this curiosity through, however, instead focusing on greeting this newcomer. She seemed to know exactly what she was here for, so this wouldn't be a difficult situation. He put on a relaxed smile as he came up beside Spiritline, looking to meet her eyes. "Welcome to Hyperia. My name is Gabriel. If you'd like, once we receive your name, I could show you the way back to camp, and show you the available huts." She would need a place to live if she were to stay, after all.

    Of course, almost immediately someone appeared. He pulled his wing away from his face, glancing over at Spiritline as he held back an exasperated sigh. Despite the slight annoyance at having to stop, he didn't mind interacting with other Hyperians, especially with how much things had slowed down recently. "Spiritline,"/b] he greeted him, offering him an easygoing smile. [b]"I'm doing well. I'm glad to see things have calmed down, if only for a little while. How are you?" Moments later, his daughter was bounding over, and the smile widened as he leaned down to nuzzle her. "Nothing important," he said. After all, she was more important, and if she wanted to do something, he'd drop this in a second to go along with her. "I'm just cleaning my wings."

    Gabriel rarely cared for his wings. He would take care of them to the extent that he could fly, but he never truly had a reason to keep them looking nice. It was only when he had come to what was then known as BlizzarClan that the lion had started to care about his appearance. A good deal of the reason he started to do so was Kady, of that he had no doubt. Of course he cared what she thought of him, and so he had started caring moreso about what he looked like. Now, with the scars he had and the fact that she was gone, he hadn't felt he should care. Something about today, though, gave him energy. He might as well use it, right? After taking a long look at himself in a river deep in the forest, he stretched his wing out in front of him, slowly beginning to clean himself up, aligning the feathers as he sat on his own, hoping not to be interrupted.

    - It's optional for the mana to affect others! We'll need to check with staff, but one possibility that was thought of was bioluminescence under the aurora/while on the islands for those who live here.
    - In terms of the candles, it would mainly be scents that you associate with that person, or a meaning of your own. That way it makes each candle unique in it's own way, even if they have same colors/scents, and could be explained when they're exchanged. If people want to go all out and see if there's symbolic meaning to scents/colors, we're both all for it! We might also present an optional list of the symbolism behind different things, in case people do want to use them.
    - The bonfire would probably be built in the center of the village. That way it's close to everybody and firewatchers can easily reach it, and it still has a place of significance.

    "The leader before me, Canoris Eternite, changed the name. Have to keep up with the times, and all." After all, BlizzardClan had eventually been the only 'Clan' still around. Things changed, as they always did, and they moved on. It was normal now, at least to him. "You say returning; how long ago were you last here?" He was rather curious. Who had led during his time here? He had joined under Aleksei, though he had heard mentions of previous leaders; Sweetophelia, Tama, and of course Feliks, to name a few.

    Gabriel had been out for a walk. He knew that he had been neglecting the raptors he was raising recently, and though they could care for themselves, it felt wrong to leave them alone for too long. As such, he had gathered the three of them and set out. In the end, he was following them more than the reverse, though that always tended to be the case. However, as he caught the scent of the Ruins, he called them back. Eugene, Brendon, and Otto slowed down, allowing the lion to take the lead as he approached the situation. His feathers were slightly ruffled as he stopped behind his tribemates, a slight sign of his annoyance at Fallengrace being on their territory. He'd be courteous for now, despite the fact that he would prefer to remove them, as he was unaware of what they might be doing here in the first place. He waited for their response, ignoring the impatient chirps of Brendon wanting to continue on their way.

    "Gabriel," the gold-tinted lion said, offering his name to the new member of Hyperia. He hadn't been present nearly as much as he might have liked to be lately, and was trying to make up for it now. "Welcome to the Hyperian Isles." Every other base seemed to be covered for the time being, so he would say nothing else for now.

    "And I'm Gabriel Seraphinus," the lion introduced himself as he joined the hybrid that was his daughter in welcoming the returning member. He didn't recognize the other, and as such, was unaware that they used to live here. That didn't mean he couldn't be hospitable to them nonetheless, as for all he knew, this could be someone looking to join, and first impressions were important. "Welcome to Hyperia." He fell quiet for now, as Aphrodite seemed to be handing this just fine on her own.