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    As she turns her face towards him and finally meets his gaze, some of the tension still held in his body seems to ebb away, allowing him to relax more completely. While he isn't sure how she's feeling, not exactly, he knows now that she's willing to look at him, to speak to him, to be honest with him. She wouldn't still be standing here in front of him, otherwise. It allows him to be at ease, at least a smidgen more than he was before, because he feels safe to speak his mind. She'll listen; she always has. Even when he made mistakes, she allowed him to make amends. He shouldn't have expected this to be any different.

    While she thinks about the possibility of him moving on, similar thoughts are in his own mind, though not quite in the same way. While she's worrying about him moving on from her in the future, his mind stays focused on her. He knows, even when she's gone, that no one will ever quite replace her. He's sure that after the day she's inevitably gone for good, he'll one day move on, but he'll always keep her with him. She'll always be the one who saved him, who taught him to be good. She showed him a world in which he could help others, protect them, and care for someone in a way that was wholly selfless; for that, he doesn't think anyone could ever replace her in his heart. It brings a bittersweet smile to his muzzle.

    He continues to wait silently, patiently, as tears stop falling and her sniffling subsides. The smile grows warmer, and he's content in knowing that she seems to have been able to relax as well. He doesn't make any comment on this, as before he can, she begins to speak herself. She starts with finally giving him an explanation--where she's been, why she didn't come back, how she finally managed to get away and return. He wants to chime in, to ask more questions, but he knows now isn't the time. She clearly has more to say, and he doesn't want to stop her. He can always ask for more information later; whatever she has to say now will be much more important, he's sure.

    And as soon as he thinks that, he's proven correct. Finally, finally, he hears the words he's been wanting to hear since he saw her again, back on the border, and she introduced herself. I still love you too. His smile widens slightly, and he moves to touch his paw against hers, a reassurance as she continues on, getting out what she needs to say. He waits, and waits, but as soon as she's finishes, he's shaking his head, needing to tell her his own thoughts.

    "Of course I'm willing," he says, voice falling slightly quieter for a moment as he thinks, not wanting to get ahead of himself. As much as he wants this, he knows jumping right back in where they left off would be difficult for both of them. He considers his words, taking his time before he eventually explains himself to her. "I... I'm not sure we should pick up right where we left off. But I don't want to start from scratch with you, either. I think... maybe it would be best for us both if we start slow, and with time, we can work back to where we were. I want to be with you; I want to be there for you. But I don't want either of us to feel pushed to move too quickly." He's not sure if he's making sense, but he can only hope she understands. She always has in the past; hopefully she will now, too.

    "And maybe we can start with promising to talk to one another. You've told me what happened, but I know there must be more. When you're ready, know that you can come to me. And I'll come to you, when I'm ready to explain my own story." She hasn't yet asked what happened to his leg, and he's grateful; he would rather do that later rather than now. And inside that promise is another one--a promise that they'll talk again soon.


    When he sees tears spill from her eyes, his instinctive reaction is to lift a paw, attempting to gently wipe them away. It's only after he does so that he hesitates, pulling his paw back for a moment, but then she speaks. 'I missed you.' With those words out in the open, his paw drops to the ground. He draws in a shaky breath, unsure how to respond. He had missed her, of course he had, but he's afraid. She's been gone for so long, and he has just started to push himself to move on, and here she is, back in his life once more. But, of course, he can't lie to her, so he tells the truth.

    "I missed you too, Kady." He wants to say more, to reassure her, but she turns away before he can and chooses to speak herself. He shuts his mouth for now, not wanting to interrupt. She moves closer, and as much as he wants to reach out, to hold her, she keeps himself back. He can't distract her. He has to let her finish. So, he bites back the words he wishes to say, staying silent for her.

    'No words could ever convey how sorry I am...'

    Adonael hears those words and he's stunned, and immediately he shakes his head in disbelief. "What?" What is she apologizing for? For being killed? He's not sure that she actually heard the words she's saying, or if she truly believes that she needs to apologize. "Kady, none of that was your fault, alright?" He moves forward now, finally, as she crumples to the ground and he tries to gently encourage her to move enough to allow him to wrap one arm around her, to hold her close. He needs her to realize that she didn't do this. She shouldn't be blaming herself for what happened.

    "You were gone, and yes, it hurt," he admits, trying to keep his voice from growing too shaky or to stumble over his words. "But that wasn't your doing. Someone else took you away, and they're the only ones to blame." And maybe she's right. Maybe it's stupid of him to want to settle down with someone who would leave him in the end, but he doesn't care. She's Kady. She's the little fox that welcomed him in and helped him to heal, and made the effort to communicate him when no one else would. She's a loving person with a good heart, and he would choose her over anyone else, any day. He hopes he can make her realize that one day.

    "I missed you," he repeats, "and I love you." He pulls back then, trying to meet her eyes, if she accepts it. "And if you truly think this is your fault, then I forgive you, too." How could he not? "But..." The lion pauses for a moment, trying to find a way to string his words together. "I know you've been gone a long time, now. I'd understand if you..." He hesitates not wanting to continue, but he wants to give her the option. "If you need to think about things some more. If you moved on."


    He tenses for a moment as soon as he hears her voice, but once he realizes who it is, he seems to relax. He turns around at once, curious what it is she's trying to say as she begins, then goes on to ramble, and a small smile curls across his features. "Kady," he interrupts her, tone kind despite trying to cut her off. "Of course I want to talk." He can't think of anything that would change his mind. He's scared, of course he is, but she's here, and she's searching him out. That has to mean something, at least, though he's not sure whether it's out of a genuine desire to speak with him or a feeling of obligation. It doesn't matter, not quite yet; she's here, and she wants to talk. He won't read into it too much.

    He doesn't know how to react, though. He doesn't know what she wants. All he wants to do is to reach out, to pull her close and hold her, to tell her he loves her and he missed her and he's so, so happy to have her home. And yet, he can't. He doesn't want to push her, to force her into something she might not be comfortable with. So, for now, he holds himself back. His wings tighten slightly around his sides as his head tilts just barely to the side, a motion that's still instilled in him despite the years that have passed since he's had to speak in any way but out loud.


    While he can safely say he had grown into his role as leader during his time, Adonael had not felt confident in himself when he had first been placed in the role. He had done his best to protect his people, to keep them safe and avenge them when he couldn't, and yet he had still felt as if he had fallen short. It seems, though, that many leaders tend to feel that way. He'd be surprised to meet one that didn't. In addition, he knows how stressful being a leader can be; it's a lot of pressure to be put on one's shoulders. So when he hears Aphrodite calling for him, he doesn't hesitate to drop what he's doing and head for the door.

    "Hey there, Aph," he greets his daughter in a warm voice, opening the door enough for her to enter, should she want to. "You're welcome to come in, as always." He's curious what she's coming here for, but he won't be complaining about it.


    She doesn't answer, pulls away, and at first it hurts, but he tries to look at it another way. Maybe she just wants to wait; that's what he has to hope for. She just wants to wait, he reassures himself, and doesn't ask again. He'll try again another time, when they're able to talk on their own. For now, he should give her time. She's still weak, and she only just returned home, and she's reuniting with her daughter; he shouldn't push her right now. She does eventually respond to him, and it allows him to relax slightly as he heard the familiar nickname fall from her mouth. A small smile twitches up the corners of his lips, cautious but warm, and he simply gives a small nod of his head. It can all wait for now. Kady is here. She's alive, she's okay, and she's here. That's what matters.


    While he had signed himself up, Adonael truly hadn't been expecting to be paired up on a romantic date. He had been hoping to be paired with a friend of his, perhaps, or family, for the chance to spend some time with them. Instead, he was told a location and sent on his way by a NPC. He saw no reason not to go; this might not have been his intent, but he could at least get a conversation out of it, right?

    Adonael makes his way to the location. The setup is nice: flowers, food, and candles, all set up on a checkered blanket. His partner is already seated, seemingly waiting for him, so the lion makes his way over, carefully sitting down as to not disturb the setup. "Hello," he greets her, hesitant but not too worried. Hopefully she doesn't mind too much being paired up with him; he supposes he'll find out how she feels about it rather soon.



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    She wakes slowly, leaning up to drink, then turns to the food, and he sees no reason now to be concerned. She's awake, she's taking care of herself, and it's likely that she'll be alright. It's only when she speaks that he grows concerned. "Not Artemis." Is he wrong? Is she not the woman he met those months ago? But she speaks again, flips her paw, and his heart feels as if it stops in his chest.


    It's seeing the key branded into her paw that convinces him. Anyone could claim to be her; very few would know how important those keys had been to her, and what they had looked like. He knows; he recognizes the shape of it, vaguely. His eyes lift upwards once more, hoping to meet hers, to search her gaze and make sure that she's telling the truth. This can't be real, he saw her die, he buried her, and yet... yet, he knows that she wouldn't be the first to come back from the dead.

    He takes a step forward, moving to try to lift her paw up very slightly, glancing down at it once more, before he would let it fall if she had let him hold it. "It... It's really you." There's a spark of disbelief in his voice, but it's beginning to fade away. He tries to meet her eyes again, but her eyes are closed, and so he lifts a paw, trying to gently tilt her head upwards, if she allows him to. "Kady... Kady, where have you been all this time? I thought..." He doesn't want to voice it aloud. He still visits her grave, still cleans it, still sits in front of it and speaks to it in hushed tones, not ready to completely let go of her yet. That's something he's not sure he should tell her; what if she's moved on?

    His paw drops again, and the garnet stones that make up the leg that he can't quite feel gently brush against the bracelet he still wears to this day. It was one part of a matching set, a pair he had kept for years before bestowing one of the two upon her and keeping the other for himself on the day of their engagement. He still has hers; he had taken it off of her before she was buried. While he wanted her to keep it, he couldn't watch it be placed into the ground.

    He finally steps back a bit, noticing the tension and emotion she seems to be holding back. He takes in a deep breath, then releases it, trying to keep his own emotion in check. Adonael can't expect her to want to be around him; he couldn't save her. He wouldn't blame her if she might want nothing to do with him. "I..." He cuts himself off, looks away, then looks back to her. "Are you staying?" he asks her, a hint of hope in the tone of his voice.



    It isn't too difficult to recognize the lioness. He has a strong memory, for the most part, even if it had been quite a while since the last time she had been here. If he remembers correctly, she joined for a short amount of time, though she had disappeared soon after. He had been sure something must have happened to her, or that she simply didn't want to stick around, but something must have brought her back here. Artemy and Drusilla are already getting her food and water, but it seems no one had actually chosen to try to wake her up. Adonael moves closer to stand beside her and gently lifts a paw, laying it on her shoulder and jostling her slightly to hopefully awaken her.


    A child. It's a child. And not just a child, but a hungry one, too, judging by how thin she seems to be. She bolts before he can say anything, and he gives Tempest an annoyed look before heading over to the food they have. He takes a moment to search through, then eventually grabs a mole and walks over to the building from which a hissing is spilling forth. He places it down a few steps from the crack in the foundation that Knot squeezed into before backing away, giving her space to grab it and hide away once more. He won't hurt her, but there's no way for her to know that, so he's not going to try to push her to listen to him right now. Besides, if she's afraid, then it's likely better for someone smaller to speak to her, rather than him.


    As soon as Adonael sees Knot, there's a rising annoyance in him. However, that's quick to dissipate when he sees Tempest lunging forward at something--a floating mouse, it looks like--and someone. That's not what telekinesis looks like in his experience, so there has to be someone there. The lion moves quickly to lift a paw and shield the child, letting his paw get scratched instead. He may not know who this is, but he won't risk it. It's best not to cause any more problems if it can be avoided. "Tempest, step back," he warns him. He turns to look towards where the mouse and the invisible savannah are. "Show yourself," he says, phrased as a demand but spoken gently.


    It's been a long time since he's held a patrol that wasn't just him and his raptors. Eugene and Brendon are good enough company, Otto keeps him well distracted, and Tyler is more than strong enough to help him with potential danger. Not to mention, if a joiner happened to be present, he's always able to send them off, given that they're mostly obedient now. Eugene and Brendon still fight sometimes, but he manages to keep them from getting too aggressive, and Otto is a handful sometimes, but he's never impossible to get back under control. He's used to them. What he's not used to is having to work with his tribemates to check the borders.

    He huffs as he comes to a stop, blatantly ignoring the NPC shadowing him. He's tired of having his 'escort' around, but he has no say in this. He tries to ignore them as he calls out, "I'm going on a patrol. Anyone who is interested is free to come along as well."


    Adonael finds himself pleasantly surprised. This is a new take on weekly tasks, but he enjoys it, and he's rather interested in what made Mulder decide to switch it up. He doesn't ask, though, instead claiming a task for himself. "I'll hold a patrol," he informs his tribemate.


    Adonael remembers Mikhalitsyn. They had never been close, nor even friends, really, but he remembers him. The lion walks up to the small gathering of Elysians, curious what's going on, only to discover that this seems to be a meet and greet of sorts. With that in mind, he chooses to speak up. "Adonael, if you don't remember." He pauses for a moment to offer a slight smile towards him. "Are you doing well?" It seems questions are a popular thing for this meet and greet, so there's no harm in throwing his own into the mix.


    Something is familiar about the Solarian. He doesn't know what it is, not quite, but he feels certain that he knows him. It seems that Aphrodite agrees, and it dissipates any doubts he has; whoever this is, he knows him, and so does his daughter. The lion comes to a standstill as he reaches the group, wings folding comfortably against his back as he takes a seat and simply gazes at the newcomer at the border. He's blocking out the thought of his... bodyguard, for lack of a better term. The other Elysian has been trailing him since he was assigned to by Spiritline, and while it's bothersome, he's gotten used to it, and doesn't really notice him much anymore.


    He's not entirely sure he's interested in doing this. He knows it's been a long time, and he needs to move on, but it's still painful to think about doing so. Doesn't Kady deserve his loyalty, even though she's gone? And yet... he knows, if she were here, she would want him to move on. She would want him to be happy. The lion inhales deeply, holds it for a moment, and then releases it, letting his stress leave as he exhales. He may as well. Besides, it's not like this means anything; he can always just have a conversation with whoever he's paired with.

    Name: adonael

    Pronouns/gender identity: he/him, cis male

    Age: ....unknown, but he's older

    Clan: coven of elysia

    Platonic or romantic date?: either is fine

    Sexuality: pansexual


    Of course, as soon as Adonael hears his daughter, he feels the need to join the crowd. Ever since he's returned from the attacked, he had been trying to keep to himself, not wanting to have to try to justify what he had done to anyone else. He knows that she deserved it, that he did nothing wrong, but Spiritline disagrees; that's enough reason to avoid the topic. Not that it's entirely avoidable, given his 'escort'. As he moves closer to his daughter, he gives a glance over at them, but says nothing, deciding ignoring their presence is easier and more preferable.

    "Hey, Aph," he greets her in a low but warm tone. It's accompanied by a smile, and would be accompanied by a show of affection if there was no crowd to push through if he wanted to do so. It seems she's handing out gifts, and while he doesn't feel the urge to take one, it's nice to see that everything that has happened isn't affecting her too badly. That's good; she deserves to be happy.


    "Don't listen to them."

    Even though the attack on Mercy is what sparked all of this in the first place, he isn't going to let one of his tribemates take the blame. Regardless of what Athanasius did, it was Ver that chose to come after Elysia, and Adonael that went after Ver. This isn't their fault, no matter how much the try to claim it is, and he won't let them be hurt for his own actions.

    "I killed Ver Million." It's the first time he's saying it out loud. "She captured Spiritline a while ago. She then, unprompted, came to Elysia and tore off my leg. Both times, I warned her that if she tried to hurt my family or my people again, I would come for her. She knew this, and yet she still chose to come back and try to rip out my daughter's throat." He pauses for a second, refusing to let emotion creep into his voice. "So, yes, I killed her."

    If she wants to punish him, so be it. He would rather hand himself over than have her go after his people. Regardless if he's close with any of them anymore or not, he swore to himself that he would protect them, and he will. If she wants to hurt them, he'll make sure it's him that's taking it for them. It's his responsibility, even if it's a responsibility put on his shoulders by himself.


    Paws gently push his aside, and he shuffles backwards, trying to get out of the way. He stares wordlessly as Athanasius and Barghest begin to work on his daughter. He doesn't know what else to do, what else to say, and he barely hears the words being spoken around him. It doesn't take long for the lion to turn away from the gathered Elysians. Without saying anything, his wings open and he takes his leave, immediately heading in the direction of the Veil. He can't let her get away with this.