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    Being back in the desert was a breath of fresh air. For the last couple months Cherry had been living in one clan that was pretty much all swamp and marsh, like the Ruins' territory preceding this one, and another that was snowy and cold as all hell. Neither were really environments that suited her, both because cleanliness was a rather large part of her life and because she had lived in the heat almost her whole life - she couldn't really handle much else without freezing her ass off. So, she'd decided to take some time to herself and enjoy her first couple weeks back in her home before she really settled back into things completely, wanting a chance to wind down and appreciate her home before she started bitching about her burnt paws again. She'd just been leaving to do so when she spotted Crackerjacker, ears perking in mild interest. The ocelot was okay to be around- tolerable, at the most, but that was pretty good considering how high Cherrywine's standards were. Plus, if she was being honest, he wasn't bad-looking. "Hey, Jack!" she called as she neared, tail waving behind her. "Something bothering you, love?"


    "That's not my name!" the molly snapped as Yuu addressed her, growing dangerously closer to the younger male. Her paw twitched, itching to wrap around the handle of her dagger and drive it deep into his flesh, but she maintained her composure, for now. He hated Sunclan? Yeah, as if. He'd been in, like, Shadow Veil, too, right? Even before he came to the Ruins? Something fucking stupid like that- why wasn't he back there? Did he really think anything he did or said was believable? Please. Cherrywine wasn't fucking dumb; though she couldn't speak for the rest of the clan. "Tell me, why should I believe your sorry ass after all this time? You fucking left us for an enemy. Sorry to break it to you, but once a traitor, always a traitor, sweetheart. There's no 'get out of jail free card' in the Ruins." Even now, she was still trying to play Queen. Though, come to think of it, when had she not? "Home"? This place wasn't his fucking home. He had left this place, and he had the audacity to call it his home? Before she had a chance to go on, however, Jack interrupted.

    Cherry closed her eyes, sucking in a deep breath as she turned to round on Crackerjacker, probably about to go off on him, too, when Hypokrisis - probably one of the only souls who had ever been able to get her to shut up - arrived. The tabby blinked slowly as he spoke, clenching her jaw so tightly she thought she may crack a tooth. Cherrywine, though elegant in her ways, was not the type to take orders of any kind, from anyone- and she pretty much hadn't, for the majority of her life, for before she even reached one year of age, she had gained control of a whole-ass clan, no more superiors, no one to look down upon her or to command her to do this or that. That was all gone now, and she had to take orders from someone else - not just anyone, however, for her new "King" was none other than the little friend she had grown up with. He might have the others fooled, but, no matter how strong a shell he created, she knew what was beneath all that, was just a little healer boy who really had no idea what he was doing. And he was trying to tell her what to do? As fucking if.

    Had it not been for the nature of their relationship, she probably would have snapped at him too, but instead, she bit the inside of her cheek, casting Hypokrisis a dark look before turning back on Yuu. "I'd watch my mouth, if I were you- Hypo's not always gonna be around to swoop in and save you." Was that a threat? Uh... duh. Not caring to wait for a reaction from any of the remaining parties (they'd probably just roll their eyes at what once was, anyway), the femme said an internal "fuck it" and turned to leave, spitting the blood that had accumulated from gnawing the inside of her mouth into the sand as she stalked off.


    Why was everybody yelling? Was something happening? The sounds of angry voices made Cherry jump, clearly startled as she glanced up from her book. Oh man, was that Hypo again? That boy could sure use some rest. He was always so mean and short-tempered- she just wished everyone could try and be nice for once. Clumsily hurrying over after Yuu, Cherrywine placed herself near the younger male, pushing messy fur from her eyes. Her heart fluttered with mild anxiety as her crystal gaze shifted from Frisk to Hypokrisis, forcing a sweet smile onto dazzling features. "Y-yeah, don't worry about it! It's summertime, so, uh, it shouldn't be too hard to find something to eat," the young femme assured Hypo with a small nod. "Maybe we should all just sit down and take a deep breath, or something. I read somewhere that it's reallybad for your physical and mental health to be all uptight and stuff."  Would they yell at her? Oh man, she hoped not - she didn't think she'd be able to handle it.


    Meet and greets were... odd. Cherry had never cared much for them back before she'd left - they were just boring, and they seemed pretty pointless. Perhaps that was because her first one, when she and Jamie were younger, pretty much no one had gone, and she'd become well-known pretty fast. For her, there really was no need for a meet and greet, not only because she was around enough to already be known, but also because she didn't care about anyone else, either. However, considering there was pretty much nothing else to do, the girl begrudgingly approached the group, glancing over to Hypokrisis as everyone introduced themselves. She could remember all his little siblings that had been running around the Ruins and Shadow Veil - how much younger he had seemed back then, basically a child in comparison to her. And look at them now; her, some returning Ruiner that apparently nobody knew (she still wasn't over that blow to her ego), and him, "King" of the Sanguine Ruins, held in the highest prestige. How things changed- for better or for worse, Cherrywine thought was best to keep to herself.

    "I'm Cherrywine," she introduced to start off, coming to stand close to Hypo. "I have a twin brother around here somewhere, I used to lead this hellhole, and, uh..." She paused, considering a couple other things she could say. It wasn't like there wasn't anything left about her, it was just that there was so much, once the basics were out of the way, it was a bit hard to pick one. They were all talking about languages and family, but she came from a long line of whores, drunks, and crackheads- not really something worth mentioning. "I can make and control ice, too, which is pretty useful around these parts." Not her most interesting trait, but it wasn't a super common one, either.

    //hi !! i'm cobble, i joined ff in late 2016 and left in,,, april i think ?? i just rejoined sr like a week ago and i'm super excited to be roleplaying with yall again !! i have one other character i used to play here on another site rn and he's literally like a punching bag lmao im veRY mean to my characters. i'm a florida kid & i have a cat and a dog, and i also ride horses ! i'm also a bit of a chef & i'm from italian descent so i rlly like trying particularly italian recipes, though i really like cooking french & thai too :^)) i loVE friends and i might seem kinda mean sometimes but its just sarcasm and @ my friends so dw i'm !! not a horrible person !! so if any of yall ever wanna talk or plot don't be afraid to message me, i'm always down !


    Most of the nights Barb spent in this bar were long, grueling ones, ones that ended with sore feet and sometimes a pounding headache, but tonight the blonde was seated at the other side of the bar, a lemon drop martini in hand. Barbie usually had weekends off, but this time, she had actually wanted to go out and do something rather than sit and watch TV with her brother or go over to her friend's for a drink. Unfortunately, no one was free tonight, but that was fine- she could make her own fun, which was how she found her way here. There were a couple bars in town, so she'd decided to stop at one of the ones that was a little nicer than her place of employment. The atmosphere, of course, as she was very clearly the best bartender in town.

    The young woman's blonde hair spilled down her back in long, curly tendrils, and she was dressed in something simple, for once - a plain white crewneck crop top matched with a black leather skirt and a jean jacket to go overtop. And, of course, it wouldn't be a Barbara outfit without the touch of red lipstick that shone slightly in the lights. So far, she had yet to be approached by anyone, not even some dude drunk off his ass that wanted to drag her home. However, as she took a sip from her glass, the figure of another woman caught her attention and her gaze momentarily flicked up from the bar, a small smile finding its way to her lips. Damn, maybe she really did have a chance tonight.

    DIONE E. it's 1am and this kinda suckS but i promise my posts will get better sgdhsk


    //hI yak pls correct me if yuu's not in the body cherry knows

    Yuu Baskerville. Cherry knew him, that traitorous son of a bitch. He'd been a trusted high position of hers - hell, she might have even gone so far as to call him a friend - that had been around and helping with nearly everything during the height of the Ruins' war with Sunclan. There came a day, though, as his activity began dwindling, he just didn't show up again. Cherry didn't really think much of it at the time, not until she learned that he had gone to fucking Sunclan. Sunclan, an enemy, a clan that had tormented theirs for months. The fury she'd felt had been almost incomparable to anything she'd ever experienced (which was an exaggeration for sure, but she was definitely pissed), but she'd gone on. He was a fucking traitor, not someone worth her time. But now he was back? Oh, this was rich.

    At first glance, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Yuu? The boy had wandered into her clan when he was just a few months old - she could remember watching him grow, sitting back as he sparred clanmates, even fighting along side him in battle. Of course, her most prominent memories of him were not very fond, as showed on her features. "Not so fast," the molly's voice sounded, addressing Jack, as she strode over, lip curled in disgust. Hypo would likely be far more forgiving than she, and, nowadays, his opinion somehow mattered more than hers, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to give Yuu a hard time while she could. "You've got some real balls showing back up here, you know that?" Though far smaller than the canine, Cherrywine was sure Yuu knew what she was capable of. "Why not go back to Sunclan, Yuu?" Clearly, Cherry had trouble getting over things.


    Weekly tasks? It’d... been a while. While Cherry wasn’t really one for work the majority of the time, this Dione girl seemed like she might know how to have a good time, and honestly, she just wanted the clan to get to know her again- she refused to be the old leader or the new girl. She was Barbara-fucking-Fawkes, and she figured getting involved in everything would help her to get back on her feet. So, striding over after Hesperos, the tabby looked Dione over, biting back a flirtatious remark for once in her life in exchange for, ”I’ll take one, gorgeous. Make it good.”



    It felt like the last time Cherry had greeted a joiner alongside her dearest (and only) friend, Hypokrisis, had been a lifetime ago. And, perhaps, in a sense, it had. She and the little hellhound beside her were not the same they had been only months ago. The young woman, once feared and respected by all, had been chucked off her throne and into a whirlwind of confusion and lack of control, while Hypo, the gentle little healer boy, had been thrust into her shoes, forced to take over the position of leader, of punisher, of torturer- of King. Without power, Cherrywine was lost, but she had a feeling it wouldn't be long until she regained her footing. Approaching shortly after the doll-like canine, Cherry took a place beside him, large azure optics flicking over the newcomer's form. And, for a moment, she relaxed. Everything was normal again, with her fragile little friend at her side, a border of death and bone stretching out before them as they tackled the clan's daily tasks. Though Cherry supposed that wasn't really her duty anymore, it silently pleased her. Just like old times. "'Crackerjacker,' huh?" she echoed, a smirk of amusement finding its way to her maw. For, despite a rather striking bone structure, the man before her was dressed in... birthday shit. "That's a weird-ass name. Anyway, I'm sure it's fine with Hypo here if you join us, sweetheart. The more the merrier, right?" There was a small pause, before Cherry added, "The name's Cherrywine, darling. It's nice to meet you, or whatever."


    Was Cherry technically "allowed" to accept invitations? She honestly had no clue, though she was sure Hypo wouldn't reject this, anyway. It was an ally event, clearly something he would want the clan to attend to help to strengthen bonds- it was only common sense, so she supposed it wouldn't hurt to accept, though the tabby had been trying to ignore most of her urges, mostly because she didn't want to upset her friend she'd just returned to. "The Overgrowth's having a party, or something," the molly called over her shoulder as she came to stand at the familiar border, silently taking comfort in the burning sands beneath her paws, releasing a soft breath into the dry air. No matter how she behaved, she had to admit, she'd missed this place.


    This was wrong. It had been nearly a year since Cherrywine had stood before another holding a meeting, sat below someone, had to listen to what they said and obey their orders- she hated it, and somehow, it was worse that it was Hypo. All these people trusted him, he was all they knew as Sanguine Ruins's leader. He shouldn't be up there, and Cherry certainly shouldn't be standing down here. Maybe she had a superiority complex, but honestly, fuck it. She already knew that. Cherry was no damn follower, yet here she stood, another sheep to blindly follow her shepherd. The girl felt her lip curl in mild distaste (and, truthfully, embarrassment) as she remained seated where she was, right outside her old den that she'd been working on fixing up again. She'd listen to what her friend had to say, but that didn't mean she had to like it.


    Now, wasn't this girl icy? Cherry didn't think she was causing any trouble, but the Blizzardclanner before her seemed to believe otherwise. Whatever- she didn't really care what some worthless stranger thought of her, anyway. The stranger's moment of tenseness didn't go unnoticed by the effeminate Ruiner - little did -, but Cherry chose to ignore it for the time being, instead listening to what she had to say. "Well, yeah, I thought that'd be obvious," she answered, fighting the urge to roll her eyes. Had she seriously not heard of her? Ever? To the point that they didn't even believe she was from the Ruins? Damn, Cherrywine would have to work for her popularity. Not that it should mean much to her, but having her name well known - whether it be feared or admired - was a bit of an ego booster, one she really didn't need. "He's a friend of mine. What's it to you?" She was probably gonna get herself kicked out of here, or at least close to it. Last she'd checked, Aleksei (if he was even still around) didn't like her much, either.

    If Cherry were aware the Piedpiper had assumed she and Jers were siblings, she might have just retched there. It wasn't that he was gross, but considering the nature of their real relationship, that was pretty fucked up. Plus, she already had a brother, and though she didn't know where he was, he was all she needed. "Pleasure," was all the tabby said, clearly growing impatient to see her friend. It was good to know he was even here, though, since she would've gotten pissed if she'd traveled all the way here and waited in the cold for nothing. A small glance was spared in Rhaenyra's attention as she approached, though Cherry quickly averted her gaze, both to block a few homesick memories from her mind as well as to fix it on the approaching form of Jerseyboy.

    The sight of the familiar tom was comforting, she had to admit. It'd been forever since their last meeting, and it was good to know that not everything had changed since she'd disappeared. Almost instantly, the edges of Cherrywine's lips curled up into a coy smile, tail waving behind her. "It's okay- better now that you're here," the molly returned, bright blue eyes flicking over his form with a small twitch of her whisker. "I'm going by Cherry now, though, darlin'. You don't have to call me that if you really don't want to, though." The second part was an afterthought, but it was true- she really just didn't care. He'd earned the right to call her pretty much whatever the fuck he wanted, anyway.

    Following Jerseyboy was a creature who, although Cherry had never met her personally, seemed familiar, a winged catsune of sorts. Something about it set the former leader on edge, her lip curling ever so slightly, but the girl was scared, and quickly, Cherry's expression relaxed, though her muscles remained tense. Who was this girl? And why the fuck did she look like she knew her? Cherrywine cocked her head slightly to the side, though just like that, the girl was leaving. "Huh," she uttered. "What's that chick's problem?"


    For a second, Cherry thought the guy was mad. She couldn't blame him for it if he was, really (though she probably would), considering she'd just up and left with no explaination one day, leaving him and Bucky to hold the weight of the whole clan on their shoulders, and really, Hypokrisis had already had enough on his plate. He was always dealing with one thing or another, so she imagined it'd been a lot on him when she'd left, even if he'd had Bucky to back him up. Not that she'd wanted to leave, of course- she'd built herself an empire. All the other clans knew better than to get on her bad side, and she rained hell upon those who made the mistake of doing such. Who in their right mind would leave that behind? However, there was no distraught shouts in her direction; he just laughed. And, though she'd never admit it, it was refreshing to hear. "Some things never change," Perhaps that was true, though she did have a lot of explaining to do.

    "Oh yeah, about that, th' name's Cherry, now. Cherrywine. But Barb's still fine. For you." She wasn't about to let any old stranger call her that, but Hypo had earned it.

    However, her attention was drawn to someone else that had approached - a divine woman, one whose aura emitted pure elegance and power. Anyone who knew Cherry knew she was a total flirt, and she certainly wasn't going to pass up the opportunity with this one. "And, who might you be, lovely?" the molly purred, making a complete 180 in her behavior. After Dione, another arrived, but Cherrywine greeted them with only a small glance and an absent flick of her tail. They could wait for her introduction, at least for now.


    It'd been a hell of a long time since Cherry set foot in this place. She had mostly fond memories about it - it'd had hot leaders and members for as long as she could remember -, though she had gotten into a few disagreements with the current leader (or, at least, who was current leader last she checked) in the past. Pretty big ones, she could recall, but she wasn't queen of the Ruins anymore, so what'd it matter? Probably a lot, considering Aleksei didn't seem to be the kind to forgive easily, but fuck it. She wasn't here for him, anyway. No, she was here for someone far, far more important, someone, who, though she didn't consider herself incredibly close to, was a person who'd been around for a long, long time, and one she couldn't really imagine her life without.


    They were pretty good friends, considering the fact that they even still were friends after the time he'd joined Sunclan and she'd thrown a bitch fit and captured and "tortured" him. It wasn't really something that was hard to get over, not for them, at least. They were pretty chill, at least in that sense. She had to admit, she'd missed him in her time away, and she was looking forward to (hopefully) seeing him again. First Hypo, and now Jersey. Everything would be pretty much back to normal after this, right?

    The former queen gritted her teeth to keep from shivering as she made her way up Blizzardclan's staircase, her fluffy tail curled around her body in a futile attempt at extra warmth. She hoped they and the Ruins were still allies - she hadn't really considered that before making the journey here, and it was too late now. Halting at the top, Cherrywine slid into seated position, pushing a bit of fur from her eyes as icy visionaries flicked over her surroundings. Didn't look too different, really. Far less snowy than before, though still undeniably colder than Sanguine Ruins, but there wasn't much new. The tabby just hoped Jersey hadn't wandered off somewhere else. If that were the case, at least there'd probably be another clueless hottie she could seduce here before she went off to find him again. "Heeeey!" she called into Blizzardclan's territory, ignoring the numbness of her nose. "Th' name's Cherrywine Fawkes - some of you might know me as Barbara, I don't know." It'd been a while since she'd led the Ruins. Did anyone even remember? Oh, they better. "Anyway, I'm here looking for a Jerseyboy. Any of you seen one of those? Short, smelly, sort of... scruffy looking?" Of course, she was only teasing, but if he were around, hopefully the description would be enough to draw him out.



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    The girl blinked bleary eyes as a familiar form came into sight, though it took a few moments for it to register. Her brain was still fucked up from the journey to wherever she'd gone and back, so at first, the approaching canine didn't even register as someone she knew, let alone did the name come to mind. He looked different, not very much physically, but moreso in his gaze. His eyes had aged drastically from when she'd last seen him, and though Cherry wasn't really the type of friend to worry about that kind of way, it was definitely worth noting. What had happened while she was gone?

    Despite whatever tough exterior Cherrywine may typically have, she was happy to see her old friend. He was the only one that was still around, her brother having gone missing and any other "friends" she'd had long gone. Except... Jerseyboy, was it? He never really seemed like the type to go off anywhere, but who knew? She'd been gone for a hell of a long time.


    Now, that wasn't a name she'd heard in a long time. After arriving in that strange swamp-dwelling clan, she'd decided to go by a new name, seeing as everything else had already changed. Why cling on to an old-ass name when everything else was new? Besides, she'd been told that she "had a grandma name" far too many times. Cherrywine was different, being a "warrior name", as some may call it, and it was far more interesting. Besides, it suited her, though she wouldn't object to being referred to as Barb, either. For, no matter what she changed, she could never really undo her past, as much as she may or may not want to. And, Hypo kind of had a right to her old nickname.

    "Hey, Hypo," she greeted simply, a surprisingly genuine smile crossing her lips. Cherry wasn't really one for physical contact and all that bullshit, so she remained standing where she was. "What's up?" Likely a disappointing greeting after being gone, likely assumed dead, for so long.


    GENERAL (UPDATED 6/16) - 

    - Cherrywine Fawkes

    ----- “Cherry” “Cher” Barbara” "Barbie" "Barb"

    - Female/feminine (she/her)

    - Physically fifteen months old, mentally & spiritually nineteen

    - Born October 2016

    - Ages at roleplayer's discretion

    - Former Queen of Sanguine Ruins

    - Created February 8th, 2017



    - Domestic feline | Birth/main | Cream tabby

    - Cherry is a petite long-haired domestic feline. She is a cream tabby with bright blue eyes, which are constantly glittering with malice or an unexplored, likely disturbing, idea. She carries herself with pride, her head held high in what could be considered defiance or arrogance whenever she is walking by. Her shoulders are always squared, and an aura of power has always emanated from her being, even at a young age. She is quite scarred, with varying cuts and gashes scattered across her body from numerous fights, raids, and tortures. Despite this, she is still rather attractive, with sharp, "powerful" facial features and a slim build. She is identical aside from height and eye colour to her twin brother Jamison.

    - She is always wearing a leather choker necklace that she carries her weapon, a dagger, in.

    - Cheetah | Isabelline

    - This body is similar to Cherry’s birth one in color, its base being a light cream shade and the spots that speckle it being a rosebrown, though they're just on the verge of ginger. All her scars and body modifications remain on this body, though she can no longer fit into her leather choker, and therefore no longer carries her dagger with her. Her eyes are similar as well, though not nearly as bright, their hues a bit softer than in her birth body.

    Applies to both -

    - Face claim | x | x | x | Voice ref 1  |  Voice ref 2 

    - Cutting across her left eye is a jagged scar, which was sliced into her flesh in a fight against her father, when she visited her old home to kill him.

    - She has two earrings in the top of her right ear, one being a silver hoop and the other, just below it, a diamond stud. 


    - ESTP-A - The Entrepreneur

    - Chaotic evil

    - Grade A hoe

    - Slytherin/Gryffindor

    - Intelligent | Impulsive | Unforgiving | Manipulative 

    - Overprotective | Envious | Self-absorbed | Selfish | Possessive

    - Impatient | Short tempered | Outgoing | Resentful | Flirtatious

    - Ambitious | Power hungry | Sadistic | Adventurous | Violent | Provocative


    - First generation NPC xx NPC

    ----- Came from an abusive home, but is unafraid to talk about it - in fact, she enjoys exposing the wrongdoing her parents committed when she was a child.

    - Twin sister to Jamison Fawkes

    - Close to Hypokrisis

    - Single | Open to FwB and one-night stands

    - Aunt to Jiji, Agnes, Lena, and Nadine Barnes-Fawkes

    - Ships & Pairings - ½ of nothing

    - Grey(pan)romantic (hyper)pansexual

    ----- Doesn't usually catch feelings - enjoys hookups/one-night stands, but typically doesn't go beyond that

    ----- Prefers girls but will go for anyone


    - Extreme physically & hard mentally

    - Attack in underline #D13828 |   cherrywine   

    - Can powerplay peaceful/non-violent actions

    - Fights with a dagger she acquired from a murder scene when she was an apprentice | Self-trained

    - Possesses ice elementals

    - Played by cobblepot

    //this is literally the dumbest fucking thing i’ve ever done but fuCk it i miss this place

    Warmth. It engulfed her, the sun’s slender fingers wrapping around her slight form as vibrant blue optics fluttered open, a look of utter confusion upon stunning features. She should not be here. It would be clear to anyone that she didn’t belong, that the distinct smell of the Sanguine Ruins didn’t cling to her fur. Not anymore. It had been months since she was last here, anyone worth anything that had actually known her before undoubtedly gone now. Things had changed, that was for sure. Time seemed to have turned backwards, already lovely features more youthful than they had been when she was here, though certainly still recognizable.

    “What the fuck,” the cream tabby mumbled as the sun momentarily blinded her, pushing herself up in the sand and she blinking burning eyes. She observed her surroundings with a solemn expression. She knew this place, better than anything. It was her home, the place she had protected and led so fiercely what felt to be a lifetime ago. That boy - her boy -, that doll-like little boy, was he still here? He’d been the only one that mattered, in the end. She couldn’t have cared less about the Ruins- she only wanted power and her friend, her lovely little priest boy, but she’d lost all that the day she left - which, by the way, was completely unintentional. If he were still here, would he even know her? Would she know him? Cherry rubbed her eyes, getting to her paws. How had she gotten her? Where was that snowy place she’d joined where that cute tuxedo guy lived? The young molly licked her nose, shaking her head to clear it of her thoughts. This was her place, she knew her way around- she just had to find out if the little hellhound were here, and if not, she’d leave. There was nothing else keeping her here, after all- unless, of course, there was a weak one on her throne. Then maybe she’d stick around for a bit of fun.