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Check out this announcement about new leadership limits in Agrelos

    the only reason i ask all this is because from skimming around the board, the cartel didn’t seem all that active to me. There’s no recent meeting, and most of the threads have little to no replies which doesn’t help attract people to the group in general. I was interested in joining, but seeing as the conditions are currently like that, it doesn’t really make me feel like i can write out a solid, long lasting character there without more help to the clan. So taking into consideration what everyone has said my friends and myself have some ideas we’d like to try and put to use to help the current situation, as we’d hate to see this clan die off.

    Yes, I understand that your intentions are good, but really? Going behind the current leader's back to do this, without asking her for permission to take over her clan? Not a good way to be going about this, and even if you didn't mean any harm by it, it's very hurtful to Velvyn.

    She's been doing her best, she really is, but people DO have lives off the site. Velvyn's an adult woman with a job and a husband, and she's still getting used to being in a leadership position, as I'm pretty sure that this is her first/second ever time playing a leader.

    (edited: not her first time, technically, she was promoted in amalfi heights but felt too new and she hadn't wanted the position anyway. so think about it, if she's leading the cartel after that happened, doesnt that mean she, a, wants the position, and b, has been there for long enough to know how the clan works?)

    Okay, please, look at it this way. Say you've been given responsibility over something you didn't ever expect to get. It's not the most important thing in the world, but it's something relatively big, and you're very excited.

    Then, someone you've never met starts saying that you're not doing a good enough job, without even taking you and what you've been doing for this thing into consideration. It really stings. It feels like someone's slapped you, physically, in the face.

    This all sounds very melodramatic, I know, but I don't think you quite understand how much this can hurt a person. And I tend to work with examples very well.

    This goes for everyone on this thread who's been discussing behind Velvyn's back. Please, next time you want to revive a Clan, consider finding out if the leader's roleplayer is still active and doing what they can before you make a post like this.

    That is all.

    hey Velvyn , could one of the slots on litter 5 be taken down? Mairon is going to wanna play Jupiter at some point, he's just really dragged down and distracted by some stuff that's been happening. Oftentimes my headmates can't front for months at a time and it kind of just started being an issue at a bad time.

    'Timo says you can rehome Atalanta, though. <3

    Sorry about all this, having over 16 extra people in your body is hard work!


    god, i love it.

    anyway, hi, i'm telperion, but i prefer to be called finno! i am currently adjusting to adult life, getting ready to apply for disability, and hopefully going to change my legal name to my preferred irl name, so if my temper seems short... yyyyyeah... this adulting thing is already very hard!

    i can be found in a lot of the agrelos clans, most notably the exiles and the sanguine ruins, where i play two characters each! (i really love it in those clans so of course i had to be in them more, XD)

    i am trying to get into the free roleplay, but i only rp for, like, two really antiquated fandoms that almost nobody in those boards knows about :/ and i can't seem to stay in traditional at all.

    if you decide to give agrelos a shot, i'd be happy to plot with you! be careful of my baby, turin, though, they bite

    and anYWAYS welcome back to feralfront!!!

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    (note: partly inspired by yeaka's eönwë/maglor stories on ao3, some of them are nsfw, so please be careful!)

    (kind of related to EONWE. and maglor feanorion , who are almost completely based off the two tolkien characters of the same names)

    the winds that blow in from the sea smell of salt and freedom. eönwë lets his wings unfurl to catch on the blustering gusts of air, allowing himself to nearly be tugged up and off the white sands. he's wild and restless today, and nature indulges him.

    the music that makes up the world suddenly shifts around him, enough to let the maia know that something is wrong. he couldn't imagine what - sauron has been defeated, he's far from any of the secondborn's lands, and the quendi know that he isn't a threat to them.

    even so, these new notes are unmistakably quendi in origin, and eönwë tucks his wings in close in order to look around himself.

    the quendi on the beach is pale and thin, his ashen face framed by tangled black hair that must've once been thick and luxurious. his gray eyes stare vacantly past eönwë, and he clutches an antiquated harp in his burned hands.

    though he has no real need for air, eönwë draws in a breath upon recognizing the elf. "kanafinwë?"

    the second son of fëanor blinks rapidly, switching his gaze over to the maia's face. he freezes, like a deer that has been caught unawares by a party of hunters. "kanafinwë," eönwë repeats urgently, "it's me. it - it is eönwë."

    kanafinwë doesn't respond in words - instead, he loosens his grip on the harp and gestures towards his throat. eönwë frowns. "what are you doing?"

    the elf frowns irately, but the shape of his lips makes it look like he's pouting - eönwë could have smiled at the achingly familiar expression, if not for the concern coursing through his being. kanafinwë touches his perfect rosebud lips, once, then shakes his head.

    all at once, eönwë understands. "you can't speak?" he whispers, shocked. his elf's eyes fill with tears, and he nods.

    eönwë remembers how beautiful kanafinwë's voice had been. when he'd first heard it, the maia had wondered about the warm, fluttery feeling in his corporeal form's chest. later, he'd realized that the feeling was attraction, which, after speaking with kanafinwë and getting to know him, had eventually turned to love.

    his arms open uncertainly - it's been many years since they'd last seen each other, and that meeting had found them on opposing sides. but kanafinwë surges forward into the maia's embrace, shoulders trembling with silent teats.

    "oh, my little songbird," eönwë whispers brokenly, his fëa and fana both aching for the elf's plight. his right hand brushes gently over kanafinwë's tangled dark locks, while the other holds the elf closely to his chest.

    kanafinwë should sail. eönwë knows he should tell him this. but for now, these things can wait.

    ( tired and i can do better than this >:/ )

    have you tried documenting what happens every time he gets out of hand? if you have a record of what happens, with dates and times, it'll be easier to go to the police if you need to. at least, that's what i've heard :/

    that's... kind of all i can offer for now, and i'm really sorry this is happening to you, machi.

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