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    i’m looking back to the road that i’ve known for so long. just feel my head nod away to a familiar song. i'm burning rubber just to pass by the time, and now i wonder if it's your tale or mine. i've heard the crowd jeering, hate rearing its ugly head. writing this old story, still glory hangs by a thread. it doesn't matter how it’s told in the end. as long as i'm alive we’ll still make amends. so don’t stop running on through the night, and if you find you're lost, set your spirit a light. 'cause when my feet start movin', they’ll never stop. we’re going straight to the top! lets throw our cares to the wind, cause we’re not looking back. hold on tight, 'cause we’ll be speeding 'round on the track. just don’t let go, cause i know we’ll be up all night dreaming, believing, and dashing in the blink of an eye! dreaming, believing, and dashing in the blink of an eye! "a blink of an eye!"

    ◜ LYRICS◞

    & ( ANGELCAKE ZIEGLER | call sign was mercy, but very rarely does she answer to it now | cisgender femme [ she/her ] )

    30 months old, born may 14th: taurus | etc, etc

    member of colouredclan | former overwatch head medic

    ‣ brief history here!

    ◜ LYRICS◞

    & ( ENFJ-T, the protagonist | SANGUINE | TYPE 2, the helper | RAVENPUFF | NEUTRAL GOOD )

    passionate, tolerant, reliable, charismatic, altruistic, selfless, sensitive

    nonconfrontational, independent, frivolous, easygoing, witty

    ◜ LYRICS◞

    & ( SALUKI & MILK/HONEY SCENTED & 92% health )

    ‣ angelic, it's but first of words to describe she. for this is a being ascended from high realms surely, crafted of the sweetest rose and the shiniest pearl with movements resembling honey and gunpowder ever spilling within their regality. angelcake stands not quite heaven's gold, not necessarily snow's white but instead a gentle mixing of the two colors, platinum maybe. ears long and floppy have been netted and pulled back to form a slightly loose fitted ponytail, held there only to not serve as unwanted distraction should the good doctor be working in an unsavory situation. ginger leggings branch up limbs


    & ( NPC x NPC | not open to adoption | no siblings to mention )

    sapphic ; monogamous | ½ moicy | not looking ic

    lingering and unresolved feelings for redvelvet ( cryptid ) | predetermined love interest

    ‣ love life info?? LIKE, rules of engagement? or maybe make a separate post lmao

    ◜ LYRICS◞

    & ( medium-easy difficulty | PHYSICAL: 4.5/10 & PSYCHOLOGICAL: 8/10 )

    easily conquered in HAND TO HAND COMBAT | extremely skilled in MEDICAL AID

    ‣ some info maybe ?? big oof

    & attack in underlined italics or ANGELCAKE. or pure

    powerplaying nonviolent/healing actions is allowed

    yeah that could definitely be a thing!! uhh should ow have been a thing then, like an organization that had protected agrelos and such or??

    also maybe ?? angel was red's assistant, she helped her in her experiments (that they?? tested on themselves or smthn, could explain the bond, that might have been intentional) and maybe one of them was super life threatening (maybe how red gets her shadowy-ish arm?? if she's keeping that arm?) and red wanted to keep going but angel was really,, hesitant and tried to convince her to put it to rest. they have a falling out, probably not really explosive or anything, just a quiet and sad/maybe desperate one?? and parted ways shortly thereafter. bonus points if they were like,, dating at that time and they're actually exes who still have feelings for another ahahsjsjjs.

    EDIT: to elaborate, maybe their last project together just about killed red and angel had to bring her back from the brink of death (maybe several times??) and she's probably like a terrified mess, she wants to stop there and go no further than that. but maybe red thinks they're just getting started, maybe she initially brushes it off and says something along the lines of how it was just a setback, it was just a scary scene that they can get over, that angel doesn't want to quit she's just shaken and cetera and angel just? packs up her things and leaves ashsjsk.

    THE WEIMARANER IS SO PRETTY ?? i think i'm gonna go with that ahhh

    i love how they all are named after desserts and stuff it's so cute ahshsj

    okay so i'm just organizing the things we had already went over / thought about bc i need order lmao. tell me if i miss anything okay:

    - lems & red are in the sanctuary, angel is in cc so they will be,, super close to each other and such. & then strelitza is in volary flights, bless. coco/zen is?? somewhere

    - are they all going to know each other (with the exception of litza??) beforehand or just meet?

    - red & angel know each other, but we need to plot out their history, and uhh they have a chemically induced character bond thanks to red gg.