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    haunted by a ghost named kieros (actually deep delusions, that eventually came out from her dreams, and is her unknown coping mechanism)

    night monsters are things that kieros has come to her in, or scary stories she hears

    she feels that if she doesnt protect her clan from kieros, he will kill them in order to make her subject to him and let him take over her body

    heatherkit also gains protection from the fact that shes lost her siblings and parents

    theyre going to be very protectful & defensive, causing theyre warrior name to be

    tiger fire (iffy)

    tiger strike

    tiger spring

    but also very kind and accepting, and always willing to try to improve, exciting and joyful causing

    tiger dawn

    tiger fall

    tiger shine

    tiger skip

    then, with her appearance

    tiger burr (because messy fur )

    tiger stripe (rlly unoriginal )

    tiger dust (^)

    tiger shade

    and tigersight because of imaginative and delusions

    ok!! slowly getting into the roll of heatherkit!! shes gonna be more active!!

    im going to update her tags, and post a reintro asap

    im also gonna shove plots ive been wanting to do for a while - tans - through finally and get her and lionstar in a thraad t oannnounce her name as tiger paw when she becomes an apprentice

    im contemplating guys, theyre going to be very protectful & defensive, causing theyre warrior name to be

    tiger fire (iffy)

    tiger strike

    tiger spring

    but also very kind and accepting, and always willing to try to improve, exciting and joyful causing

    tiger dawn

    tiger fall

    tiger shine

    tiger skip

    then, with her appearance

    tiger burr (because messy fur )

    tiger stripe (rlly unoriginal )

    tiger dust (^)

    tiger shade

    im also considering tigersight because of her overactive imagination/delusions you guys will see tomorrow c:

    honestly, how she acts is her coping method to her losses

    its very open and subject to change

    heatherkit wasnt the smartest cat. or maybe, perhaps it was the stubborness that enveloped her personality, truely making her who she was. if she wanted something, shed go great lengths to keep it, to get it to happen. for example, leaving the camp wasnt something to just play around. it was to make sure the night monsters werent lurking around, the ones with evil gaze, the ones that sought to harm and put others into eternal sleep.

    like the rats.

    her clanmates were constantly getting hurt, coughing racked others, all around her. they were growing skinny, prey no longer healthy. but heather only proved to see the sunlight, because thats where a childs mind normally was.

    or maybe it was just her?

    to say that there was no death.

    to say that growing old never happened.

    to say that responsibilities werent real.

    she could keep going, sitting in camp, pawing at a feather that had fallen from the sky, plucked from a self righteous bird that mocked her when the days were cold.

    her emerald gaze drew off of it, instead meeting golden hues with intent curiousity. "im fine," she responded slowly, not understanding why ratshadow worried of her. "do you still have the illness?" she asked, curious as she remembered the warrior saying everyone was sick.


    it wasnt a sugarcoated thing, necassarily, more of something she refused to believe, more of something that she strongly believed couldnt happen. she truely had a kittens mind, where there was no death, no sickness, everyone was happy, and content and safe. except, it had been ebbing, believing in monsters that stroll in the dark, taking away your breath and hurting others.

    heatherkit heard a familiar voice, her breaths shaky as she turned and listened to the black warrior. it would all go over her head, flattening her ears as if it would make the information stop.

    she had heard of starclan. she had heard of it, and hated it. they reminded her of bloodclan, taking cats without their desire, making them live eternally in sleep.

    tears brimmed the kittens emerald gaze as she listened, her lips quivering. "no, theyre in there! not- never in starclan! theyre going to wake up." she insisted, taking a step back. her eyes were locked onto ratshadows in intimidation, as if ratshadow was a challenge to her, to her family and siblings.

    You'll see your siblings again one day, but for now me and you got to be strong.

    she shook her head, tightening her jaw, stiffening her upper lip, holding back the tears that were threatening to spill and flood out.

    they were wrong, so wrong. angorakit, and tarantulapaw, they were going to play with her, tomorrow. theyd be ok.

    We have to keep Shadowclan protected right?

    it had become her desire to keep them all happy and protected. her head turned to the den, where her siblings were gone. they were gone-

    no, just asleep, she assured herself, her body convulsing as a single sob escaped her as ratshadow continued speaking.

    "i know, i know youre trying to be nice- but youre wrong. theyre, they and everyone else are just sick. theyll.. theyll wake up and ill be the one to help them. youre right, ratshadow."

    the main purpouse that the black warrior had tried to say went in one ear and out the other. her emerald gaze looked confident, looking up to fallowfeathers soft blue ones.

    "big brother," she started, shoving her head in his chest. "i love you."

    the fluffy kitten pulled away, dipping her head towards ratshadow. without saying it, she knew what she was going to do.

    she was going to do what swampheart did, she was going to find more help.

    the kitten then raced away from the two, out of sight- out of mind.

    and she found her secret hole, pushing herself through, and racing across the marshy terrain, escaping.

    shed be back, she just needed to save the day.

    be the warrior she always wanted to be.

    because, if anything would prove that she was anything good, anything that fallowfeather and everyone else would be proud of, it was if everything was going to be okay.


    time was something she knew she was low on. her clanmates, more and more couldbe going somewwhere heatherkit didnt comprehend.

    but heatherkit held her appearance strong, standing up straight when others appeared almost immediately. her emerald gaze watched intently and patiently as they spoke, and she slightly flattened her ears when they asked where her mother is.

    lost in he same eternal sleep as her siblings, but, she said nothing until the black cat finished speaking. her and her siblings-brother never talked about their family, she didnt understand why, but they just didnt.

    "its not me! im not hurt!" she declared, promise in her voice. she had more urgent news to report. "its my siblings, they got this weird smell a lot of cats in my clan have. now my bigbrother says he cant wake them up. but i dont believe it." she started, her fluffy tail slightly flicking in discontent. she wasnt here to prove him wrong though, only to get help.

    "and alotof cats are going into this sleep and i wanted to help but i kind of got lost."

    she wondered if she as sharing too much information. some warriors say sharing too much is a sign of weakness, and others would take advantage of that. these cats seemed nice though.

    but what if...

    what if they were dark monsters? it was an odd time for cats to be wandering. she supposed it as odd for them to be seeing her wander.

    what f they ere dark monsters, here to put her in this eternal sleep, and then her brother and her clan!?

    she could fight them before that happens! she puffed out her chest and looked confident to prove her point.


    angorakit wasnt going to wake up. tarantulapaw was long gone.

    she refused to allow fallowfeather to sleep forever too. she already missed her best friends, her siblings, her parents- she couldnt see that fallow was asleep forever. she needed him, he was all the kitten had left.

    heatherkit had left shadowclan camp, tears brimming her eyes. she didnt say goodbye, she didnt tell where she was going, because in all honesty, she didnt even know herself. as soon as she found out there was nothing the dusty kitten could do- she was determined to come back to camp with something- anything that could help out her clan.

    there was terrible smells that lay heavy. cats were being refused to see their family, as they succumbed to eternal sleep. cats coughed, threw up, couldnt hunt.

    they were in terrible conditions and heatherkit was going to get them help.

    but, she had gotten lost in the foggy terrain; she had slid down walls, she had tripped and fallen. but the now muddy kitten was continuing to move further into the territory in the pattern she normally walked in. left, right, left right, keep moving, ignore the bad feeling.

    she was doing this for fallowfeather. shed find her way back, she had to.

    her steps grew tired, her eyes brimmed with tears again, and even though she didnt believe that her twin and older brother were long gone, she subconsciously knewvery bad things were happening.

    she finally sat down, the american curl looking around.

    where was she anyways? what if there was night monsters, about to eat her?

    it was starting to grow dark, anyways.



    "you dont smell as weird as everyone else does," heatherkit commented, meaning it as a compliment. shed normally be playing with her siblings, but they smelled weird too, and she wasnt allowed to quite yet.

    her emerald gaze trned to the black leader, his form still sort of putting her on edge, but she wouldnt admit that, giving him a genuine smile.


    a whine escaped her jaws at her brothers sadness when he said her name and, too, pulled her away. she didnt like this one bit.

    it wasnt fair! they were her best friends!

    but, he continued, and she hated his words. "but.. but later they will wake up! everyone always wakes up!" her voice was soft, conflicted with her emotions and feelings.

    can... can someone truely never wake up? is that what happened to everyone else?

    she refused to believe it, the curl folding back her ears and emerald gaze a flurry of emotions. "you cant be sad! you always tell me not to think badly! theyre going to wake up! e-everyones going to be happy again!" but her voice broke, turning around to pull against her brothers paw, to get through the warriors and see them.

    she didnt understand the pain everyone felt. she didnt understand the sickness. she just, she didnt know.

    she stopped pulling, her head drooping low.

    "are..are we n-never going to wake up?" she asked, her voice soft and shaky. what if fallow never woke up? what if, she never woke up?


    heatherkit didnt understand.

    'go away, heather, you shouldnt see this.'

    'heatherkit hes not sleeping.'

    but they were! sure, they smelled funny, a heavy scent that reminded her of her parents and other brother- but, but theyd come back soon! she was sure of it!

    theyd all come back, then wouldnt everyone be happy?

    they-they had to come back and play with her!

    they just had to wake up, and heatherkit wanted to wake angorakit and tarantulapaw up so they could all play a game! but, it seemed a stubborn warrior wouldnt let her. her face scrunched up, making a 'hmph' sound and stomping her front right foot. "theyre my siblings!" she huffed. "not yours, now let me through!"

    she attempted to dive past his paws, only to be stopped and pulled back by the npc.

    she turned around, looking for her brother.

    " fallow!! tell them to let me see brother and sister!" her emerald gaze was confused, yet held the persistence they always did. her twin was in there, it was so obvious! why was the warrior so dimwitted??

    the kitten just didnt understand what eternal sleep was- there was no such thing. when she was sick, and really tired, she woke up too! well, they could too! sometimes, it just took time! like, she was ure mother and father and brother hadnt waken up, otherwise they would have came looking! they were just really sick.



    the dusty brown kitten purred, nuzzling close into her brothers fur. her brother always made her feel comfortable. she made him feel that too!

    though, he seemed uncertain as she came out with it. she shuffled her paw. how could she tell him so easily? well, bluntly, yes, but thats not something she was even sure was okay. he was right, she could be her own girl, but why did it feel wrong.

    yes, it felt wrong to be called a girl. even to refer herself as one.

    she wouldnt argue, looking defeated, she sighed. "yes, brother, you're right." a mouthy, loud, dirty girl is what she could be. she pawed the ground softly.

    she wouldnt linger though, moving on quickly. "do you want to play? itd be fun!" she gave a half hearted smile, lifting her head to meet his gaze again.


    the whole misfit idea would confuse heatherkit, but at the same time, she would comprehend it to the point knowing that she was a misfit, a black sheep, waldo in a bunch of ordinary people, but in the world of girls. or at least, thats what the kitten believed.

    she purred, pausing her confused expression as she gently nudged close into fallowfeathers fluff. she loved her brother, she loved her siblings more then anything and wouldnt want them upset.

    would being different bother them? no, they loved her for who she was! and as their protecter.


    of course.

    " todays good! everythings always good." she purred, almost hesitant."are you good?"

    "is it okay to feel... different then what you are?" she pawed the ground, for the first time in front of her brother, dropping her emerald gaze from meeting fallows blue. she normally always kept a locked gaze. "i feel different from the other girls." she added, always quite blunt. right to the point, she normally was.