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    Henry would look towards the stranger in slight confusion. Blizzardclan? How had he gotten to Blizzardclan. "Thank you for letting me know. I've always been awful with scents," He would say, pausing a moment when she asked about if he needed anything. "Um, no, I don't think so. If it is no trouble to all of you, I think I will stay here for some time. The only other thing I need is I have to find my husband. I'm... I'm not sure what body he'd be in now. His name is-" His words to falter to a stop when Lottie arrived, a smile coming quickly to his maw, although that smile would falter when he heard her questions. "I'm not sure. I know that I was in Windclan and I was doing something, or I was supposed to be doing something, very important, I think. I think I was frustrated about it and I was sick and I wasn't getting better but then... then I don't know. The specifics are a little fuzzy. I guess I'm as alright as I usually am. I've never been very... fit..." His words were odd and vague, even for him. It was clear the man was rather confused about whatever had occurred before whatever it was that had happened. When Lottie asked about Atticus, his face would immediately soften and take on tones of worry. "No, he isn't. I don't know where he is. He isn't here, with all of you?" His voice broke at this revelation and fear began to creep over him. Was he going to lose him again, like when he'd run off? That thought twisted his heart and his distress was immediately clear. How could he lose him again? What kind of husband was he?

    Henry was tired. He couldn't quite remember what had happened. He knew he'd had an important position in Windclan, one much more important than what he'd really wanted. He knew something bad had happened and he'd gotten hurt badly. The Labrador couldn't really recall the circumstance or how or why it happened. Had he died again? He supposed it might have been possible. He'd slowly push himself to his paws, letting out a soft grunt as he did so. His fur was graying a bit around his muzzle now and he had the same horribly thin frame that he always had, especially when he was stressed. After a moment of thinking, he realized he was alone. Not just alone in the physical sense but also in his own mind. What had happened to Hyde? Was he simply being quiet? No, this was different. It was like a great weight had been lifted from him and had dissipated overnight (or however long it had really been). That's when it occurred to him that he could have died in another attempt to get rid of Hyde. He must have found some way to lock away the artificial part of him for good but he didn't remember how that'd happened. He didn't remember very many specific details, now that he thought about it. He could remember some people but not all of them. He remembered being extremely upset and alone. He remembered not eating and turning away from whatever responsibility he'd had to his clan to only focus on Hyde, which had likely caused some problems. The memories felt like they were nearly there, just beneath the surface, but in the end he couldn't really come up with much of anything.

    It was then that the man would take note of the ring he'd wearing and he'd feel his heart twist. Atticus. Where was he? Was he in Windclan? For some reason, the man had a strong feeling that wouldn't be the case. He didn't want to return to Windclan and he didn't think his husband would want to either. The idea alone left him feeling uncomfortable. He wasn't entirely sure what had ensued while they were there but he had the impression it was nothing good. In any case, he wandered about in the snow until realizing he'd come to a border. He didn't really recognize the scent, he'd never been any good at that even before this odd memory loss incident, and so he'd just sit at the border, hoping this wasn't some sort of horrific clan of murderers. "Hello?" The man would call, sounding just as uncertain as he looked. He probably appeared ill to anyone who looked at him, with how thin he was and how small and fragile he seemed as a whole. He'd been like that for some time and it now occurred to him maybe he should make some attempt to be healthy, especially as he was getting older.

    @zenzan actually if you wouldn't mind, maybe Oliver could just make the announcement? Basically just explain Henry doesn't feel as though he's in the right physical/mental condition to he leading so he's chosen to resign? Just so there won't have to be so much pinned.

    Hey guys. So I'm going to be having Henry step down either tonight or tomorrow depending on when I get a chance to write the thread. This has been something I've been thinking about for awhile and I know that in a few weeks I'll be getting really busy and I'll have to step back from ff for awhile. He's still going to be around but he'll be a much more casual character.

    To be honest, being leader has been fun at times but I've generally felt more stressed about it than anything else and I know I can't put in the time and effort that needs to be put in to do a good job. I also never intended for Henry to be leader nearly as long as he has but with the way everything worked out this is just sort of what happened. While I still have muse for Henry, anything to do with him being leader (such as meetings, alliances, etc) felt like a chore and there were many days those were the only threads I had time to reply to. Thank you all so much for giving me this opportunity but I think it's time for me to step back. Stepping down was always part of Henry's recovery arc and because I've officially entered that plot for him and due to irl circumstances, this seems like the best time.

    So I was thinking lately that it might be cool for WC to have some unique traditions. I was thinking about bringing back the mentor/apprentice program so maybe there could be a specific way they're chosen IC other than just being randomly assigned?

    is that why you call yourself a doctor?

    Henry wasn't doing well. While he'd been able to leave his home a few times, there was a reason he had told everyone to defer to Oliver this week in most situations unless someone were to specifically ask for him or there was some sort of crisis. So, when someone arrived at his door with news of Riverclan at the border, he would be quick to get up and wrestle on the crude prosthetic he'd built for himself before heading out. He moved at a rather slow pace but, thankfully, he wasn't currently experiencing the awful phantom pains that often shot through his 'leg' recently. Still, his entire body felt like it ached and it protesting with each movement. He would make it to the border and quietly sat down, remaining silent for a short moment as he looked towards her, his expression unclear. It was hard to say whether he was trying to read the woman or just trying to shift his weight accordingly to ease his pain. "Hello Ivylee," The greeting was simple and quiet and tired. That was all.

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    I have a bunch of exams this week and next week which is why Henry sort of put Oliver in charge while he 'recovers'
    But also I lost my computer charger and didn't get a new one until today so that too because I post really slow on mobile