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    The diaphanous, ebon paws of the ThunderClan kit battered gingerly against the sodden earth, exhuming the smaller artifacts of hidden treasures in which he had no choice but to pause in order to sniff them, but continued on after a extensive time of battering at them with his forepaws. Closing the distance between himself and his clanmates, he'd aim to trot out beneath Doestar, pressing his head against her chest as his dark blue gaze ascended to meet the one of the newcomer, although no utterances were to be elicited past his darkened lips as he waited for them to speak. Perhaps he'd be incorporated into this discussion.

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    *:・゚✦ The world traversed with such a variegated maliciousness, from the ebon pits that engulfed him from its gallant embrace and reentered into a new world. Familiar scents meandered around the tom's tiny form, in which he was unable to decipher which from the multitude of them. Everything seemed strange, from the cats around him, to the small critters that danced upon the gelid breeze. He could hear the adrenalized mewls of his siblings not too far from where he laid, but what could could decrypt from the situation was that his belly was empty, and the time of feasting was not too far behind. Gradually, the tiny fluffy youth traipsed towards his mother's side, pressing both paws into her side as if in attempt to push her over for at least some access. "Hungry," he'd puff, indignantly, "Food, mama."


    *:・゚✦ Saturated streams of sultry light pooled near the center of the clearing, a mist of stars giving off near the edge where cats were leisurely lounging around, gazing towards the direction of where the ThunderClan leader was situated. Emerging from his protective covering, appeared the monumental being of a muscular tom, overlooking the silver she-cat with warmth lacing his expression. Stars wrapped around his extensive limbs, stopping near the tip of his tail as a soft mist that seemed to elevate into the air. "Foreststar," the RiverClanner greeted with a curt nod of his head. "It's nice to see you


    *:・゚✦ the lamented symphony of the river's tide gingerly lapping the shore had sent a concoction of emotions to kindle within the ambassador's soul as he maneuvered himself along the territory, a tendril of stars wrapping gingerly around his paws as he traipsed forwards. everything held such sentimental value from the river he had announced his unwavering love for cougartail, to the very birth of his kits. ah, such a warm feeling to know everything seemed in its place, yet, owldapple knew it was far from that state.

    long paws guided the fortitude of a soul carefully through the forest, phasing through trees before moving back through rocks, until finally, the familiar world around him began to dissipate, sharding off into the wind only to be replaced with the familiar vicinity, that was starclan, and for a moment, he was confused as to why he was there, until he acknowledged a figure. doe. his beautiful daughter who had been called upon her ancestors to be the next leader of riverclan, and all the pride and warmth had been overrode by the overwhelming feeling of trouble as he closed the distance between her and where he once idled himself at. for a moment, he scrutinized her face, and his chest began to constrict. if only there was a way i could make this better for you. gradually, his line of vision had transitioned from her over towards the pool where he could see the sleeping forms of his kits and mate. i wish the same for all of you.



    As the deputy slunk forward to touch his ghastly embodiment, Owldapple gradually drew forth and brushed the tip of his paw along her cheek, drawing her forth so that their heads were now pressed together. For a moment, he felt as though he was back at the riverside, overlooking the water's surface through dimmed olive eyes as he imagined the shecat by his side and how he longed to see her again, how he longed for the feeling of her warmth, but was subsided into the familiar gelid feeling of emptiness, but quickly melted as he had realized, I will see her again.

    Upon her correcting him, a breath chuckle drew from his nostrils and he pulled away, meeting her gaze with his almost vacant ones that had began to grow misted with tears. "You will always be Cougartail to me," he murmured, "Cougarstar is simply a title."

    Owldapple was quite knowledgeable of the things he had lost, everything. He had been face to face with misery, defeat, all of the above. He lost his mate, his kits, the beings he had cared for the most especially the ones who had been closer then most, but Owldapple always held a levelheaded mind, always allowing himself to delve in the thought that one day, he would meet them all again, that they were resting peacefully amongst their ancestors and the ones they have lost themselves, and it was heartbreaking that Cougarstar had given up all faith in StarClan, perhaps even him.

    The distance between the duo was only temporarily as the tom was easy to elevate himself onto all fours, gaze steadily tapering the beautiful goddess, who had seemed to be declining in her own health. His gaze met her own, conflicting emotions igniting within their emerald depths and a small smile managed to rise upon each corner of his mouth. "Cougartail," he greeted. "It's been a while."