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    ( TAGS. ) Much like Jimin, Rentarou was reluctant to sleep in anyone else's room that wasn't the shared one with Corrupttimelines. Ren didn't really know too many people personally, perhaps even less than Jimin did himself, and the mutt had been living here for quite some time now. However, this was an event that was supposed to be fun. He guessed there wasn't much harm in sleeping in someone else's room for a few nights, though he did feel a bit uncomfortable at the thought of Cory sleeping in someone else's room. "Nothing would happen..." He says, trying to disperse the slightly insecure thoughts with a slight shake of his head. Rentarou couldn't see the box nor the paper to write his name onto, and merely stared blankly in Val's direction. "Sure..." He mumbles, his tail swishing slightly behind himself.

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    ( TAGS. ) Rentarou was by no means the greatest gardener to live, but he thought he did pretty decently at taking care of the flora despite his disability. Katame helped a lot with guiding his watering can over the flowers and telling him which flowers to pull. He and the snake made a pretty good gardening team, but honestly, even Rentarou wished he had another set of paws sometimes to help him manage his garden.

    It always took a few hours to delicately tend to ever flower's needs. Some needed more shade or sunlight than the other, so he had to make sure that they got the adequate amount they needed for them to grow, and others needed drier soil. He'd have to make sure weeds weren't invading the gardens, and take care of any bad bugs that would chew through the flowers pretty leaves. It was hard work... and often left him decently tired afterward. But he was grateful for the creation of this garden.

    It was his place to wind down. It made him happy to take care of the flowers even though he couldn't see them. He liked to imagine that they looked really pretty when in full bloom, though. He supposed that was the thought that made him smile gently as he watered his garden. Placing the watering can down beside him, a soft sigh rolled off of the mottled canine. With the seasons changing, he had to think about which flowers he could plant for summer and fall. Which ones would be best, he wonders?

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    Perhaps friends with Rentarou? Ren usually tries to make friends out of everyone unless they're just consistently rude. Rentarou himself is pretty non-emotional on the outside, and generally doesn't emote well. He also has trouble stringing his thoughts together, so he can seem a bit "dumb" from time to time, but Ren is decently intelligent in actuality! Maybe they could be platonic snuggle-buddies? My boy needs to start collecting some friends he can just lay around with :eyes:

    ( TAGS. ) Rentarou would hesitantly approach at Val's sing-song call, the man's blind gaze staring far past the panther. He didn't like the other much, and would rather be caught dead than doing something the Firebrand had told him to do. Lucky for him, these weekly tasks were optional. He didn't have to do the task given to him by the rotten panther if he didn't like it. For the sake of curing his own boredom, however, the ghoul would hover nearby silently, waiting to be given a task.

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    rentarou ikurusaba | ren | ♂ [he/him pronouns]

    formerly known as ryuusaki and novocaine

    4 yrs old | ages at the RPer's discretion

    the exiles surgeon | surgeon title

    former ruins physician & priest

    japanese | fluent in japanese

    afflicted by ghoulism [sub-species of vampirism]


    taken | ½ of cortarou | entirely devoted to corrupttimelines

    bisexual biromantic | getting used to polyamory

    brother to ai & junji | deceased

    father to olympia, pietro, & eurydice | good relationships with children

    easy to make platonic relationships with. difficult to make romantic relationships with.


    CATAHOULA HUSKY MIX | status: 100%

    — he stands a tall and lean canine, the fur along his body thicker in some parts and shorter and cropped in others. black is splattered haphazardly across his body in no discernible pattern along his face, throat, flank, legs, and tail - making him appear as if he were static on an television screen. his eyes are a dull, hazy glacial blue. they hold little emotion in them as he cannot see through those eyes of his, but sometimes they sparkle with the sugar plum daydreams he plays in his own mind though, a majority of the time, they appear empty as if he were in a daze.


    polite, outspoken, passionate

    bitter, melancholic, reserved, blunt

    eccentric, standoffish, self-destructive


    physically & mentally hard

    won't start fights | will end fights | will run

    ice elemental | character bond [corrupttimelines] | the sight

    may occasionally ghoul out; these episodes are violent and often brought on by extreme emotional stress and turmoil, or when close to starving. attempts to apprehend may result in injury.

    powerplay of peaceful & nonviolent actions allowed

    penned by phantasmagoria

    ( TAGS. ) The surgeon pauses for a moment when he hears someone approaching him, his blind stare flitting across the room until they "landed" on Helix when the commander had piped up with his inquiry. "I'm making scented beads," He replies simply with a slight bob of his head. Rentarou doesn't exactly remember when he had picked up on such a hobby. It might have been on one of those days he hadn't much to do but try and ask people if he could help them out with stuff around the prison. It was likely that than anything else, frankly.

    Ren tilts his head towards Jimin when the deputy warden arrives and takes a seat beside him. "Oh, well... Yes, I suppose you could." Ren hadn't exactly thought of making necklaces with the wooden beads once they had absorbed the oils. Since he couldn't see, it wasn't something he'd be able to do since his paws were so big and the beads were so tiny. He reckons the sighted members of the clan would be able to put a string through them, though. "I was going to leave them in a jar, and poke holes into the cap so you can always smell it when you walk into a room." Ren's paws worked at a ribbon, trying to tie it into a simplistic looking bow. He nudges the finished product towards Jimin, smiling softly. "That one's cinnamon and clove. I thought you might like it."

    Ren's ears flick back slightly upon hearing Val's voice. It was no big secret that the surgeon disliked Valentino, and for reasons that were plain and obvious. From the bullying of his child, to his downright abhorrent attitude, Rentarou typically didn't shy away from making his feelings towards someone known. He didn't exactly beat around the bush, as some might have thought someone like him would. "Maybe with the others... but not with you." Ren murmurs in the panther's general direction. "I can tell you how to make the oils though if you want." He smiles, the curve of his lips slight. Rentarou would rather not gift nice things to rotten people like Val.

    Goodness knows where Rentarou had gone. The ghoul was surprisingly hard to track down even while he was blind, though he guessed he could attribute that to his presence simply being undetectable. As unimportant as he was, he wouldn't be surprised if no one had even noticed he had gone missing. But as he had suddenly disappeared, he had returned to the spotlight, and didn't say a word of where he'd gone or what he'd done. Perhaps he hadn't left in the first place. No one would really know, since he didn't remember most things anyhow.

    Rentarou would be seen in the cafeteria one cool spring afternoon, the ebony and ivory mottled canine surrounded by small glass jars filled evenly with wooden beads and bowls filled with good-smelling oils. Some smelled of lavender, others smelled of sweet spices, a couple smelled like citrus, and a few smelled like the pines. They were a mix of aromatic scents that would calm the mind, something he thought was important for the health of the Exiles. Mental health was just as important, if not more, than physical health. Katame is draped over the canine's shoulders, directing him to which bowl to pick up and pour the oil infused scents into the jars of wooden beads.

    Rentarou had mostly toned out what everyone else was saying after he had spoken, his hazy gaze staring somewhere beyond the newcomer upon their border. He hadn't even really heard what Alexi was going to be doing up until he directly addressed him, which drew forth an expression of surprise from the Surgeon. "P- Pardon?" The canine stammered, fictive brows drawing together as he lifts his paw from the ground. How did... How did the other draw to the conclusion that he would be ideal to fight to prove his worth? He wouldn't really be proving anything if he went up against him, who could fight but often refused to.

    The corner of his lips turned downward into a frown as he nervously swallowed, his ears swiveling back against his skull. He flinched slightly at Val's unnecessary remark, a huff of annoyance leaving him. "Shut up." The mottled dog muttered, and simply readied himself for the fight. It wouldn't be much of one, unfortunately.

    A roar signaled that Alexei would be launching for him. He couldn't see, but his sense of hearing and smell were impeccable. Rentarou already knew that he did not intend on winning this fight. He intended to get out of it as quickly as he could, but he had to lose convincingly as well - something he had unfortunately never had to do before. The canine jumped backward to get clear of the tiger's attack, ice quickly climbed down his legs and onto the ground. It spread quickly across the area in front of Ren, so when Alexi landed, he'd likely slip on the icy surface. "S- Sorry..." Rentarou would whine, a frown painting his features. "Whatever bruises you get, I- I'll heal you up myself. P- Promise..."

    Rentarou could not say that he was not surprised. He had known before that the Sanguine Ruins were full of underhanded people who only targeted those who were weak or unable to fight. All they cared about was showcasing their mighty "strength." What strength did they have if they always targeted the sick, elderly, and young? Their "strength" was a farce, but Rentarou does not approach with vengeance in mind.

    He wanted to get Eurydice back, of course. She was his daughter, and he loved her so dearly, but he will not raise a paw against any of his former clanmates. Exacting vengeance only added fuel to the fire, and he despised it all so much. There is no notable expression on Rentarou's face as he arrives in silence, but the air around him was cold as ice crawled along his spine and down his legs. He will be there to assist those who are injured and nothing more.

    Rentarou smiled fondly at her when she greeted him, lowering his head slightly to return her nuzzle with one of his own. He couldn't help but plop a kiss between her furry little ears. An attempt at affection from the normally stoic man was usually hard for him for fairly obvious reasons. He failed to emote well - he just wished that those sorts of things came easier to him. Unfortunately, it did not.

    Rentarou listened as she rattled on about the patient who came in. They had apparently tried to do their own stitches, but Olympia had been in the infirmary to take them out and do them correctly. "Oh, ah... That's good." He pauses for a beat, brows drawing together on his forehead before he nods affirmatively to himself once more, for good measure. "Very good." He hums under his breath, exhaling a quiet sigh. He nods at her upbeat words, flashing a slight smile to the girl, before he tries to remember exactly what had brought him to the infirmary.

    "Uhh..." He blinks. Oh, right. He brings around his worn leather satchel and opens it, feeling around for its contents. He pulls out a couple of old leather books, their pages fragile, and he places them on the clean infirmary floor. "O- Oli... You know already that I was a doctor in another clan, right? When I was learning... I, uh, I wrote all of my notes down in these journals. There's a lot of stuff in there but I think... I think they'd be of more use to you now as you learn."

    "Ah," A soft sound escapes the ghoul's mouth. He purses his lips, his hazy stare reflecting nothing, and he stands there mindlessly off to the side resembling too much like a zombie in the stiffness of his limbs. He stands by his daughter, Olympia, who is much quicker to respond to whatever it was that had happened before them. He assumes it was something that pertained to joining. He could not be exactly sure, being blind and all of that, so he only puffs out a sigh when there is a prompt from the vaguely familiar lioness.

    "Well, what do you think?" Rentarou blinks slowly, slowly processing what was said. He strings it together in his head, his mind churning. The corner of his lips turn downwards into a slight frown. She's asking you for your opinion about... something. "I can't see." The surgeon drawls in his soft, monotonous voice, his eyes dragging themselves elsewhere momentarily before they snapped back to Sinder, ears flicking forward. "Sorry. Must've been good, though." He adds a moment later as an afterthought, his face contorting slightly as he tried to pull forth the memory of this lady's name. Had he seen her at the border before? It was likely - very, very likely - but his memory was not the best to be frank.

    The ghoul sniffs, deciding to let the troublesome memory go before he made his head start aching once more. Grumbling something under his breath, something about a faulty memory, the catahoula mix sits. "'M Rentarou... Surgeon. Welcome..." Another pause. Tick, tock. " the Exiles."

    Rentarou wasn't sure what had made him want to start healing. He has even doubted that he wish to help people, or to prove himself worthy had been the sole reason he began to practice medicine. It had just felt like he needed to do something. He still isn't sure if it had to do with the hazy memories that swam through his head every once in a while or what, but the reason he started healing was flimsy at best. Still, it was one of the things he was better at despite being blind. He refused to lift his paw against someone offensively or defensively for any reason, and not being a warrior meant he'd need to pull his weight somehow, and so he'd settled for being a physician.

    He is happy that Olympia seemed to take after himself and her father. Medicine interested her, and he watched from day one as her interests grew and grew. He isn't sure if she knows it, but he was proud of her. She had so many bumps to overcome in the earliest stages of her life, but it seemed like she had managed to pull through it. Rentarou wished he could find the right words to tell her. He was just... never good with them. They formed on his tongue, painstakingly strung together by an empty mind, and he could just never say it. He hoped she knew though.

    "Oli?" The ghoul's voice is quiet as he gently calls his child's name as he steps into the infirmary. The scent of bitter and sweet herbs as well as other medicinal equipment drifted about the room. It was a familiar smell, one he embraced. There was the faintest trace of copper in the air. "Did you j- just get done treating someone?" He asked the pup as he pauses within the doorway, shifting his satchel to lay comfortably against his side.

    He didn't want to do this, but Rentarou felt he didn't have much of a choice. He felt little to nothing for the Exiles as a whole, their traditions and their way of life the near exact opposite of what he believed in. He didn't want to change himself like he had for the Sanguine Ruins. It felt wrong to try and mold himself to their expectations; he would be lying to himself if he tried to convince himself otherwise, even if his nature as a ghoul called for it so that life may be easier on him. Cory knew well of how he felt about everything, his disdain to the reinstated brutishness from the past two meetings. He felt... forced. It was either bathing in blood or getting a hot piece of iron pressed against someplace on his body.

    He rolled his underlip between his teeth as he hesitantly approached. Ren did not do too well with pain, so watching others get branded made him wrinkle his nose and flinch. He exhaled through his nose, leveling his gaze to the Warden as he branded their child and clenched his jaws. He was only going to do this so others wouldn't breathe down his neck. He'd had it with others pushing him around for not doing anything even remotely Exiler-like. Getting this brand would shut them up, he thought.

    His temper short, Rentarou huffs. "I'm next. Put it under my paw." He says curtly, blind stare unyielding cold.

    this was... something. rentarou didn't know how to process it, but on that day he had felt something was very off. something strong was pulling at his soul and he wasn't sure whether he should follow it or stay put. thank goodness he decided to do the latter, or else he might have accosted himself.

    his hazy eyes are wide as ren approaches, his mouth hanging slightly agape. rentarou was not open with his religion with anyone but his lover and his children. he would have liked for them to follow in his footsteps and become believers themselves, but he couldn't make them do that. the red god... was here? he took over the sanguine ruins? he's not fake. rentarou was quick to rebuke the claim that someone was pretending. no, no, he wouldn't accept that. ren's expression seemed to become more firm, a flicker of disappointment flashing across him as he hears his olympia's voicing her thoughts. i- i feel him. i feel his pull... he is v- very much real. no one is pretending...

    he wants to go see him. he had studied under the ruins' very first priestess and he followed everything that he could to please his bloodiness, even doing sacrifices and praying to him in his name. he spread his influence to those who didn't believe and more. would he accept him as one of his apostles?

    rentarou hadn't ever really had a home. sure, he's stayed in places before, but he had never felt so attached to a place that he'd call it his home. the sanguine ruins had been the place he had lived in the longest despite everything they did went against his very morals ( and although he himself had slowly changed and altered his morals to "fit in" better with their merciless clan ), the only reason he didn't leave was because he was blind and couldn't go anywhere else.

    the exiles... was weird. he didn't like what they did here either. in a lot of ways, they were similar to the sanguine ruins. brutal, demanding of blood drawn from their enemies, pride with waging war and causing destruction, the degradation of their prisoners of war by torturing them or making them into slaves. it wasn't him. it wasn't his ideal home. but he had family here, and family was everything to him. that was the reason he stayed, and perhaps that was bad in itself since he held no particular loyalty to the exiles. the ruins were right, he was just a backstabber.

    nevertheless, despite feeling no such loyalty to the exiles, ren had a job to do. he got back to a familiar position and he was making his rounds, looking for herbs to bring back to the infirmary. this is when he comes across alexei at their border, and the mottled canine pauses at his voice. wide, hazy, and clouded baby blue eyes flicker over to the aura of the russian. ...join? he echos, frowning. ah, yes... there was something that joiners had to do now. in order to be fully welcomed, we request that you kill someone and present them to our leader, or spar with someone.

    rentarou had all but interacted with shadow veil exactly once in his life, and it had been to simply... what, exactly? he forgot what he'd been there for. the memory is hazy, and wouldn't be brought forth anyways since it's been literal months since he has last seen hide or hair of a veiler on their border.

    hazy blue eyes flutter as they skip across the auras of his roguemates, watching as they flickered and danced like fire on a candlestick. there is one new one among the cluster of familiar souls, and she called herself anda. the mottled dog stared right past her shoulders initially, before his clouded gaze shifts and focuses on her face. his face would be noted to be mostly apathetic, bordering on deep thought as he settles beside his daughter, olympia.

    uhm... rentarou had begun to say something before stopping, his jaws parting before closing again. he repeats this action two more times before he found the right words he wanted to say, his head buzzing like cicadas on a hot summer's day. hello. i'm rentarou ikurusaba. the words felt weird on his tongue but they were the right one's to say. pressing his lips into a thin line, he waits for anda to say... something - pick out who she was going to spar. maybe it'd be him. please don't pick me.