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    Unfortunately, Rentarou couldn't see that Aristotle was attempting to come across to him as nicer with a shift of expression since the Catahoula mix was blind. If he could see, he would have been grateful for such consideration. Not many people around the Ruins were so nice as to consider how they come off to other people. His blank gaze flickering in the general direction of the Grizzly, Ren's brows furrow slightly as the other speaks. Oh, so this one wasn't a joiner. Ah, well, that was fine, wasn't it? "I'm, ah, sure one or both of them are around s- somewhere." The ghoul would respond, "I'll send Katame to go and get them for you." Rentarou hummed something to the pale colored serpent coiled firmly around his throat before it dropped down and began to slither off in the direction of camp to retrieve the King and Queen. Blinking hazy baby blue eyes, he offered a slight smile in the direction of Aristotle. "I'm Rentarou Ikurusaba, and I'm a N- Nurse here. It's nice to meet you, Aristotle." At least until I forget... His memory was ever so finicky. Remembering people and their names was always a big problem for the canine. Ah, at least he could likely acknowledge to other via scent should they interact enough in the future if this alliance was to go through. "I hope your journey was w- well?" What better time for small-talk than now? It would be awkward sitting in silence, he'd think.

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    Rentarou had been making some last minute checks with the herb storage back in camp when he realized they didn't have a lot oak leaves. The male had been ready to temporarily depart from the Ruin's territory to go and seek out the oak leaves when he came across someone unfamiliar to him. He hadn't expected to sense someone on the border just as he was leaving, and so the Nurse paused awkwardly as his blind gaze stared in Aristotle's direction for a long moment. "A-Ah, yes?" Ren stammered around the handle of the empty basket he carried, dropping the reed-woven thing onto the sand so that the other could hear him better. "Can I have your name a- and your business, please?" He inquired in gentle monotonous vocals. His voice stirred the coiled snake around his neck from its slumber, it's one eye turning onto Ari with curiosity.

    Rentarou found that he would rather lack a leg or be hard of hearing rather than be unable to see anyone's face. It was a sad reality he had to face everyday whenever he woke up, a disappointment he had to bear upon his own shoulders. The Nurse couldn't complain though because he knew plenty of other people were probably dealing with worse injuries, physical or mental. If anything, he probably had a better life than most growing up - even if he didn't remember everything that happened in his three years of living.

    Cory's confirmation brought a shaky smile to his face, wobbly and ever so slightly pained. He's never told any of this to anyone because many in the Sanguine Ruins was so closed off. They were too unsympathetic for his liking. They would probably laugh him off and tell him to grow a spine. Not Cory though. No, Cory seemed the sort to willingly listen to someone's problems - and despite Ren being an enemy, he was being treated no differently than a regular, unaffiliated person. "I- I was born blind... I've heard that people could lose their sight eventually, but it's not as bad as being born b- blind, I think." Ren begins, "It's just nothingness for me. If you close your one of your eyes and focus on something with th- the other, you can't see anything with the eye you closed. It's... like that."

    Rentarou pauses, a quiet sigh leaving him. He didn't seem sad or bothered about saying all of this just from expression alone, but the thing was that the man was an expert at keeping his own emotions at bay. He has been doing this the entire time he had been living in the Ruins. The disgust he's held for their needless violence against innocents never quite breached the surface lest he was pushed to his limits. The corners of his eyes burn with something unfamiliar. "I hear people t- talk about the things they've seen all the time. How pretty something is or how ugly it is. I w- want to be able to see things for myself. I think it'd be great..." Ren sniffed quietly. "Hm... it's hard to deal with to wake up to seeing absolutely nothing."

    Rentarou smiles gently at Cory's description of himself. All of the colors and additional features the man had slowly coming together into a picture in his head. He imagined quite the intimidating creature, but one with a gentle face and kind intentions. "It sounds f- fitting." He'd hum pleasantly with a slight nod of his head. "Fitting indeed." A part of him wished he wasn't born blind. He wished he could switch between bodies at will. Maybe then he would be able to put faces to the scents he smelled. He didn't think he was that lucky, however. "Cory?" Ren mumbles the wyvern's name again, this time shifting his gaze to stare upward at the much taller person. "Do you want to know what it's like to be b- blind like me? I can - I can tell you about it, if you want."

    The news of Barghest and someone named Muder retiring was something that the canine took in for a silent moment. Barghest had been the one to try and force him to leave the Sanguine Ruins despite knowing full and well that he couldn't for reasons that were painfully obvious, and the one to let Tiziano hurt him because he refused to apologize for something he hadn't been present for. He disliked Barghest as much as his other clanmates did, if not more so because of what the former leader had put him through, but he didn't comment on it here. He merely frowns. "Ah, I s- see."

    Sensing the wyvern take hold of the basket he had offered made the usually apathetic Nurse smile ever so slightly. He felt the appreciation of the Warden come off of him in waves. It felt... good. However, when he hears that Cory had switched forms, the Japanese dog's brows rise but then furrow. Rentarou knew little about the sorts of powers people could harbor, shapeshifting and possession being one of them, but he wasn't at all surprised considering the type of weird creature he was. "Really?" He mumbles, "Can... C- Can you tell me what you look like now?" Rentarou had never bothered to ask what anyone looked like because it was rather useless to know of such information since he couldn't see them. He could only sense the soul of another, and that was all. However, he was genuinely curious. If not a lion, then what?

    Unlike the revitalized First Tier, Rentarou felt rather tired in the light of his work. Although he was not a full-fledged medic in the eyes of the Sanguine Ruins, he feels as if he has been running all over the place recently. There was hardly time for himself nowadays, and there was hardly time for a good rest or a good meal. The Nurse didn't have many people to talk to or hang out with in the meanwhile between those humdrum moments where nothing was happening. His co-workers always seemed to be off doing something else, too busy to talk to him or assist him in other things - and he could understand that part in all honesty ( he can hardly recall all of their names, so he must be somewhat of an annoyance to deal with on a daily basis ) - but that left him feeling rather lonely.

    He really only considered one person in the Sanguine Ruins a friend, and that was probably Damia. She had shown extreme kindness to him previously but, even now, his interactions with her had been severely limited. He shouldn't mind it that much, he thinks, he should just go about his own business and things would eventually subside... hopefully.

    The Nurse stepped out of the infirmary for a breath of fresh air, a place he had noticed he was spending more and more time in than that of his own room, and heaved a great big sigh. The air was a bit nippy but, otherwise, it felt pleasant to his fur. Blinking hazy eyes of robin's egg blue, Rentarou steps further into camp with no particular thought in mind. Here, he nearly runs into the passing jaglion, who he senses almost a second too late. He pushes his paws into the ground to stop himself from potentially crashing into the much larger male, stammering out an sheepish apology. "Eek! I- I- I'm sorry!"

    Rentarou himself spent a lot of time inside of camp, primarily because he used up a good chunk of his time looking over injured and sick clanmates. He quickly found that he was beginning to spend less and less time going outside unless it were for important reasons like attending meetings or going out to gather herbs. Here was a likely case as he pokes his head out at Chem's call for a border patrol. "Matte, I'll join you!" The mottled dog calls in return before he turned back into the Physician's den to slip on his satchel.

    He begins to approach a couple minutes after disappearing back into the Physician's den, sightless blue eyes glancing in the Jaglion's direction. "I hope I can find s- some herbs outside while we're out." The Nurse muses quietly as he pauses at the side of the Warfare, ears angling forth on his head. Personally, he hoped that there would be no trouble to be had when they left for the patrol.

    Ren lifted his head at Cory's voice, a wobbly smile full of relief flitting over his face in that moment. He seemed genuinely happy to hear from the male, his tail swishing to and fro behind him in an obviously happy fashion. His knotted up stomach relaxed and whatever tension had formed between his shoulders melted away as did the ice on his paws. Likewise, Cory sounded happy to see him as well.

    He couldn't see that Corrupttimelines had motioned him to come closer due to his blindness, but he subconsciously ventured forward anyways and stood closer to the wyvern. However, his ears perk at a choice few words to come from the Warden's maw. "L-Lead?" He blinks his hazy gaze, his tone nothing short of genuine surprise. "You're leading here now? Ah... c- congratulations." The canine was unaware of such a thing, but even then, Cory had told him that he would always be welcomed so long as he did lead the canyon-dwelling clan. "Th- Thank you..."

    He had momentarily forgotten about the basket he'd brought and gently pushed it forward towards the male. "I gathered these on my way here. I- I figured you might want them." He couldn't help but breathe an outward sigh of relief. Cory sounded good, healthy, albeit a bit tired. He assumed that was what leading did to one, huh? Rentarou could say he felt the same, being an Nurse and practicing both medicine and the Ruin's Red God religion. "H- How've you been...? Have your injuries healed all the way?"

    It had been a while since he has seen Corrupttimelines. Admittedly, the only reason he remembered the lion was because of their previous discussion a couple of months ago. Although the other was an Exiler, he had shared the same views as the mottled canine in thinking the whole feud between the Sanguine Ruins and the Exiles was an idiotic one. Innocent people like himself and Addy had gotten hurt for a reason as stupid as mere association despite neither of them having ever made a move to harm anyone on either side. He hadn't appreciated the blatant hypocrisy some of the Exilers harbored in one of the Exiles' previous raids, finding it all unfair and simply not true. It all honestly troubled him and then some.

    So the Nurse had ventured out after completing his tasks for the desert-dwelling clan. Sweet and bitter herbs and antiseptic clung to his fur as he moved through the vaguely familiar smelling lands. There was not a single soul he could sense out there - not yet, anyways - but he was sure someone would come across him soon enough. He just hoped it was the person he wanted to see. Corrupttimelines had piqued his interest all that time ago. He wondered if he was fairing well, if at all. Admittedly, Rentarou was the slightest bit interested in pursuing a friendship with the Exiles leader, if only because a good majority of the people at home were people he could never be good friends with as they continued to draw blood needlessly.

    "C-Cory...? Are you here?" Ren calls into the general area gently. He stands a good few feet from the border just in case someone he didn't want to see happened to come along. Bits of ice formed upon his lower back and his paws, apprehension grasping at his heart. "Ooooh, maybe this was a bad idea." Still, he means well... He had even brought along a small basket of herbs he'd collected on his way here. That way, no one could get mad at him back home, right?

    - a bit late, i'm sorry! CORRUPTTIMELINES.

    Rentarou feels the presence of another beside him soon after he'd spoken, the scent that drifted towards him afterward allowing him to confirm that it was Chemical Warfare that had settled in with him. Offering a brief smile towards the larger male, Rentarou returned his attention to Jace when he responded to him. The inquiry of him being interested in being a Priest, well... "If we really n- need them, I wouldn't mind doing that..." Rentarou would admit carefully. If someone else wanted to be a Priest or Priestess, he didn't want to snatch up that opportunity from them but he was also rather content with his position as a Nurse. "If I can practice both medicine and religion like you said, then I- I'll try, Jace." The latter would be more because of his own curiosity if anything. Religion seemed to be a big part of everyone's life in the Sanguine Ruins, and he wanted to know why that was. Maybe he'd find a new interest if he practiced their religion... Ah.

    Rentarou has become frantically busy as of recently. There were plenty of things he has to memorize among other things outside of just living in general. Though, honestly, the Nurse couldn't say that he hadn't expected to be busy when Nadine and Jace had promoted him to Nurse. He had expected work, of course, but he hadn't expected so much of it. Well, he supposed that for now he would try his best. He was just the slightest bit relieved that he had co-workers to help him out in the meantime, and could take care of things if he was feeling overwhelmed. However, just before he turned in for a quick nap, he said to himself that he would check up on a few patients to redress their wounds and administer a regular check-up.

    The mottled canine gathered up a couple of herbs and placed them gingerly inside of the satchel he had grown use to carrying around. Their smells told him of the names that he typically forgot: marigold, bindweed, and things of that nature. After he had finished, he slipped the satchel on and stepped outside of the Physician's den, his nose quivering slightly as he began making his way towards a certain Jaguar's room. Once he reached the location, Ren would tentatively call, "H- Hello? It's Rentarou... I'm here to redress your wounds?" He pauses for a moment, frowning slightly to himself. "May I come in?"

    - Privatedancer

    Maybe a thread with Rentarou? He could just be checking up/redressing his wounds and maybe during that time they could talk? Ren would be curious about what happened because tbh, he's sort of nosy like that and he's just concerned. Maybe Priv could even subtly flirt with him? I think that'd be hilarious since Rentarou has no experience with being flirted with and he would probably be flustered as all hell.

    It looked like Rentarou would be one of the first to arrive which was rather surprising all on its own. Another surprising thing would be the fact that he had remembered around which time meetings were hosted and had truthfully been wandering around the area for a little bit before he had heard Nadine's call. The ghoul would shuffle forward at the woman's voice, her scent drifting through the air, all sweet and like that of cherries, he thinks, and he sits down before her with his hazy stare lifted up in her general direction.

    He tries to pay attention to her words but they eventually turn to static in his head, and he was hardly able to make it out. He blinks slowly, the information hardly registering in his mind. He blinks harder, and he comes down from whatever daydream he was having at the moment. Some people had been demoted and warned and only one person was promoted. He doesn't know them, he thinks. Maybe he did? He doesn't remember. Poking his bottom lip out in disappointment at his faulty memory, the canine's ears perked slightly as Nadine mentioned that she was looking for new Priests and Priestesses. How long has that position been empty for, exactly? He wants to say something but he waits until the end to do so.

    "E- Excuse me," Ren stammers quietly, "If we needed to... c- couldn't some of the Nurses do some of the Priest and Priestess duties? We're, uh, training for both aren't we?" That was how he'd remembered it as, at least. The Nurses' job wasn't only to heal but to learn of the Red God religion as well so that whenever the time came, they could choose whichever path they wanted. He never understood the reason behind religion, but he understood that it was important and integral to the Sanguine Ruins.

    "I- If you don't mind... I'd like one." Comes Rentarou's mellow voice as he approaches wearily at Nadine's call. The man seems to be tired, though for good reason it looked like. He had been working heard alongside his co-workers to aid their injured clanmates. He hadn't thought it'd be so exhausting to do that and train to be an Physician as well, having to stay up late into the night to tend to those sickly and injured and to study as well. The mottled canine forces a smile onto his face though as he sits, hazy blue eyes staring blankly in Nadine's direction.

    Sleep often evaded the older male, and for what reasons, he didn't know. But he had been awake and sorting through herbs in the early morning when he had heard Morbidcuriosity's call. It came as jarring, a bit of irritation seeping into him at the moment because not only was it early in the morning but because he honestly hoped he wouldn't have to patch up somebody because they were idiotic and had gotten into a fight or something. Reluctantly, Rentarou poked his head out of the Physician's den, a slight from encompassing his dainty features when the stench of blood hit him smack dab in the nose. It made him recoil slightly, his nose wrinkling with distaste. It wasn't the kind of blood that would make his mouth water, but it was like gutter water - absolutely disgusting.

    Rentarou stepped forward, hazy eyes squinting as he neared the woman and her 'trophy,' the smell of blood growing thicker and thicker. "What did you do?" His question came out rather flat. He wasn't Nadine or Ver, but he was the first to arrive on scene. He didn't sense any other presences, so the question was to be asked one way or another. Besides, he couldn't see anything anyhow. Then came his second question, uttered in almost the exact same monotonous voice, "Are you hurt?" He hadn't brought his satchel with him, but he figured he'd ask just in case.

    Another raid? And so soon after the one against Hyperia Isles? Some sort of irritation had cropped up in the canine at Fallengrace's call to action, his ears flattening themselves against his head from where he sat nearby. Of course, Rentarou would not be participating. He would never participate in these kinds of things, no matter the 'good reason' the Ruins had behind it. He knew that no one really cared for those unborn children. They just wanted a reason to go and cause more bloodshed.

    He didn't like any sort of conflict and would rather stay far away from it. However, he was annoyed that everyone kept hosting raids. They would only tire themselves out at this rate, which would only mean more work for the Physician and Nurse team. A slight frown creased the soft lips of the canine, his hazy eyes staring at nothing in particular. He didn't speak, and merely turned away to go and prepare nests for the returning raid party.

    The Nurse was out and about as usual, small basket grasped firmly in his maw. As an medic in training, it was a part of his job to go out every once in a while and restock on the herbs they were running low on in the infirmary. Of course, a good majority of the time, he forgot what he was supposed to be doing. This time was one of those times, as he wandered around, wondering why he had a basket of all things with him, and why the contents of said basket smelled bitter as all hell. It wouldn't matter in the end, as an unfamiliar scent swept up his nose. The mottled canine paused, ears shifting forward as an voice entered his ears. It was closer than he expected... Cresting a small sand dune, the ghoul stands just before Giovanni and the small wall of corpses the Ruins had spread about on their border. Its stench was pungent, as per usual. Wrinkling his nose slightly at the uncomfortable stench, Rentarou directed his blind gaze in the stranger's general direction. "Uhm, h- hi there." He greeted first and foremost, mumbling somewhat around the handle of his basket. "I- I don't know neither of those people you're looking for but, uh, then again... I'm probably not the best person to ask." Rentarou didn't have the best of memory, everyone knew that much. What nobody else seemed to know was they he was an amnesiac and couldn't form many new memories lest he was constantly reminded somehow or something made an huge impact on his life. Two Ruiners he didn't know of did neither of those, so he supposed he never retained memory of them ( assuming that he'd met them, that was ). "I'm sure someone k- knows of them. You can wait here for now, I- I guess." He wouldn't get in trouble for letting a stranger stay on their border, would he? He knew that everyone was rather prickly about trespassers... even ones that were children and didn't know any better. "C- Can I have your name, too? Mine's Rentarou Ikurusaba."

    A lot of people were getting hurt nowadays, huh? Rentarou didn't particularly mind, as being needed was a new feeling that he wasn't very used to, but he hadn't counted on it being so exhausting to run about, healing clanmates left and right after they got into fights or worse. The mutt was a bit weary now and yet, despite that, he had willingly brought himself along as an NPC told him and his other co-workers that they were needed. The injuries Privatedancer had sounded bad from the looks of things. Ren quietly wondered to himself: "What in the world could have happened?" Maybe the other had been captured and the entirety of the Ruins had been unaware of it? Yeah, that was likely, but they all would have to ask their questions a bit later.

    The blind mutt came hobbling into camp, guided by the NPC that had been sent to retrieve them all, Katame coiled firmly around his throat. The reptile quietly whispered to him what it saw, giving brief but important descriptions of Priv's wounds and how large they are and their locations to assist him in treating the King's grandson. Rentarou swallowed thickly, his nerves bundling up uncomfortably with such a crowd gathering around the injured former Third Tier. "C- Can everyone back up, please? Don't c- crowd him..." Their instructions were careful, wrapped up in his nervousness. He settles in beside Privatedancer should space be cleared for him and his colleagues, a slight frown flitting across his features.

    Ah, how was he supposed to do this again? "Don't forget how to treat these people Ren. Now of all times would be the worst timing ever." He had to show he was competent in front of the leaders, else they'd probably demote him for being blundering fool. With his mouthful of herbs and other medicinal accessories, the Nurse set them aside for now and pressed his paw gently against the broken leg. It felt completely broken, the unnatural swelling he felt a testament to that. He didn't feel any blood around the area of the break so none of the bone had pierced the skin, he thinks... The only thing he would have to do is set it. "This is gonna hurt." He forewarns before he began setting the bone, guided by Katame until the bone was in its right place. Nosing through his bundle of herbs afterward, he produced a clump of small yellow flowers upon a section of shrub bush and bindweed. He'd chew the little golden flowers into a poultice and applied it to the affected area, before using the bandages and bindweed he had brought along to secure Privatedancer's leg. Now that the break was dealt with, he moved onto the bloodier scratches and wounds on them.

    The coppery stench was horrid - tantalizing for a thing like him, but horrid all the same. What was next? Marigold? Comfrey root? Horsetail? "Yes, I think? No, definitely. I remember..." He doesn't have comfrey root with him, as he finds out, but the large golden flower of the marigold plant and the thin reeds of the horsetail plant should do just fine for now. Pinpointing them with scent, Rentarou made a plaster of the two medicinal herbs and rubbed them into their wounds and secured a good majority of them with his leftover bandages and cobwebs. Unfortunately, Rentarou couldn't check over his work, but maybe Anabella, Dreampaw, and Socialclimb would be able to when they got Privatedancer into the infirmary. "I'm... d- done for now. Can someone get him a bed in the infirmary? Don't jostle him too much or everything can come undone."

    It was sudden when that NPC had barged into the Physician's den, calling for their assistance. He'd nearly jumped several feet in the air from where he sat, his head whipping around over his shoulder to stutter out an exclamation of shock. However, no sooner than he opened his mouth to chide the one that had surprised him and the others, the NPC had said that Ace was injured upon their border and that he needed immediate assistance. He didn't know who Ace was, but it was apparent that whomever they were, they needed treatment. "O- On our way!" Rentarou called back before turning to his other co-workers, mumbling out as he stood, "I- I'm gonna go on ahead."

    With that, the mottled canine gathered up what he could in his jaws and had the NPC guide him to the scene. Along the way, he had the them tell him how Ace looked like - the specifics of his wounds and all - and Rentarou quietly took notes as he went over what he thought he might need in his mind. He had only grabbed up basic herbs, so he hoped that they would help in the long-run. If not, Anabella, Dreampaw, and Socialclimb would have a much better chance treating Ace than he would...

    The blind canine eventually found Chemical Warfare and Jace on either side of the injured Ace, a slight frown flitting across their features. "I'm here! I- I'm sure the others will be here soon but I'll, ah, d- do what I can." Tentatively, they lowered the bundle of herbs they'd brought along and produced a couple of small, black round seeds. Their smells were distinctive and easy for him to pick out among the other assortment of herbs. He'd offer the painkillers to Ace, instructing gently, "Take these for now, 'kay?"