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    Dead. He'd been dead or, at least, he'd thought he had been.

    All he remembered was cold water engulfing him whole, washing over him, his head slamming against rocks under a crumbling cliff. He had been knocked out cold, darkness invading his sight and then there was nothing. He had been quite certain that he had died— and maybe he had, who knew? —but seemingly, he had not. He wakes up in the middle of no where, for a start, in a place where he did not recognize. There is an overwhelming feeling of dread looming over his shoulders the moment he wakes up and he groans in distress as he rolls over onto his stomach, feeling bones pop and snap as he subconsciously shifts. He shifts and shifts until he becomes nothing of who he had been before. He sheds his skin and he sheds his identity along with it, becoming a husk of his former self. Cold, cold ice settles around his figure that now stands tall with long legs and slim muscle. Frost falls from his parted mouth which drips with saliva and dark, black blood.

    "Fuck." He heaves hoarsely, struggling to stand on his thin legs that threatened to snap at any moment. Wounds lace his frame, carving into his skin, the side of his face— how ironic that was —and he winces as the stinging sensation grows tenfold. Pale blue eyes narrow at the ground before they lift, hazy, towards nothing in particular. Where was he, he wondered? There was no indication of where he was with the exception of a smell he does not quite remember for the moment. So he stumbles forward, black blood rolling like thick oil down his sides. Tendrils of ice coil protectively over himself overhead, poised and ready to strike if he needed to defend himself but it was clear he was tired. So, so tired. He looked like a single gust of wind might just make him topple but he struggles on despite that, his expression defiant of everything that was working against him in that current moment before he comes across a prominent scent stretching far to his left and right.

    A border. A clan lived in this desolate place? He grunts, allowing himself to slide into a sitting position. "H-hello? Fuck, I need some help here." His mind was running a thousand miles a minute, focused solely on surviving. He has hardly the time to ponder on his loss, his failure. He shoves it to the back of his mind for now, his jaw set as pain racks through his body.

    "My mom left me here," The child spoke and Cain feels his jaws tighten slightly, "Told me to stay, but... She isn't back." Oceaneyes breathes out a sigh, his expression shifting into a more saddened look. Mothers were dumping their kids on their borders without so much as a second thought? The brutes here would take advantage of a lost young child, he was sure. He's seen what they did to children - they'd done the absolute worse to Caera. "Kid," He begins cautiously, lowering himself into a seat. "I don't think your mom is coming back." It was disgusting how parents could do this to their own children. It was selfish and horrid and it made him want to wring out the necks of any parent who thought abandoning their kid was a good plan of action.

    Another sigh parts the lips of the ivory and ebony striped maned wolf, tense shoulders rolling back to loosen them. "Do you have a name, kid?" He then inquires with the slightest inclination of his head.

    Sick, weak, Cain slowly made his way about the mansion in an attempt to get some work done about the Cartel. He did not care much for laying around and doing nothing, even if it was perhaps recommended that he did. The ghoul would step outside for only a moment, just to catch his breath, when an dangerously unfamiliar smell invaded his senses. His nostrils flared, the fur along his back prickling in alarm and frost began to gather at his paws and his back. Slowly, slowly, tendrils of jagged ice formed on his back and it was not a second later did he see a group of members make their way towards the mansion and it did not seem like they wanted any merchandise.

    "CREW!" He calls behind him, his jaws tightening in alarm, "We're being raided! Brace yourselves!" It had been a while since Cain had fought for the Cartel and just because he was sick and tired did not mean he would flee like a coward. His gaze locks onto the one that seemed to be the leader of the ragtag group, his lips curling up into a threatening snarl as he sees the male lunge at a NPC. The ivory hellhound would rush forth, aiming to bowl over roman s. with all of his might, his jaws snapping at the leopard's scruff to yank him back. "You made a mistake invading my home." Novocaine would growl out, murderous intent glimmering in his ice blue gaze.

    [ assuming this is into the future where cain's joined the exiles <3 ]

    Oceaneyes had been on his own ever since he'd been young. Lost and wandering about in Japan with parents that were deceased. The only thing that basically guaranteed his survival as a blind ghoul was his saving grace, his younger sister Ai. The stuff that they went through together was harrowing and he didn't ever wish such a chaotic past such as his on anyone, not even his worse enemies.

    The monochrome colored maned wolf was on patrol that day, sauntering along the edges of the canyon to make sure there weren't any strangers trying to sneak into his home. A frown was etched permanent across his features, his dull blue eyes staring ahead. Though seemingly hazy, they cleared right up when he sensed someone nearby on the border. His large ears shifting forward with curiosity, Oceaneyes comes near on light paws and notices just how tiny this newcomer was.

    Ah. It was only a child. This confused the Japanese ghoul, whose gaze snapped to the left and then to the right to make sure this wasn't some kind of ambush. After making sure the coast was clear - and only when he was sure there was no one nearby - the male comes forth. "What're you doing out here?" The scarred Exiler would inquire in his gruff and faintly Japanese accented voice, his fictive brows furrowing upon his forehead.

    It was not often that the ghoul fell sick but when he did, he fell hard. It had merely started with a cough. It was something manageable, something he could deal with, but it soon became more than that. Horrible headaches that came and went, random hot flashes in the middle of the night, discomfort in his stomach, pressure in his chest - the symptoms went on, and on, and on. The doctor didn't know what it was, what it could be. Even with his three years of training, nothing was similar to anything he's dealt with before.

    Third week in and no one's suspecting a thing, except for the fact that Cain was not around as much as he needed to be. Truthfully, weakness had settled into his bones, making them feel brittle and making his body feel like lead. He spent a majority of his time in his office now, working tirelessly, working until he literally dropped from exhaustion. He could not give up on research - whatever this was, he had to put a stop to it before it spread. This was why he was not around. He did not want to run the risk of anyone else becoming afflicted with this evolving disease of his. Some part of him hoped it was something that only belonged to ghouls. That way, if he died - no, I can't think like that.

    A frustrated huff leaves him, a pained grunt escaping him as he pulls himself onto his paws and begins wearily walking down the stairs towards the outside. He needed some fresh air. It felt much too stuffy in his office. He breathes in the cool, damp spring air and damn near chokes on it. He starts coughing heavily, wheezing, head bowed and pain flourished in his chest. This fucking sucks. He remarks within his mind, his eyes brimming with pained tears.

    [ so cain is going to be sick for a while. this is an ic reason for me being able to step away from catsite for a little bit to focus on school and such. sorry for any inconveniences this might cause! ]

    His gaze dull, the ivory hellhound would find himself approaching at Venus' call. Cain had been slacking, unfortunately, and under his rule the Cartel seemed to be failing. Failure. Biting down upon his pale underlip, the blue-eyed Patron sits. "You can give me one as well, Venus." The ghoul requests, his tail shifting to wrap about his body.

    Ah, relationship problems. Cain had only been in one relationship in his entire lifetime and that had been with the previous leader of the Cartel himself, Sollux. The man had long since died ( and the grief that he harbored from his ex's untimely and ultimately controversial death still lived furiously within his heart ) but he would admit, there were complications within their relationship that, in the end, did not work out. Cain had an habit of disappearing for weeks, sometimes months at a time, though at least he had a good reason for it unlike this man-whore who seemed to all but abandon Venus. Novocaine hated men like that— men that wasted their time seeking unfaithful relationships while their significant other sat waiting for him to come home. It disgusted him, truthfully. The fact that Venus knew that her husband— ugh, husband —was spending time with other women instead of her made him want to go on a manhunt himself to teach the bastard a lesson.

    Calm yourself, Novocaine. The ghoul reprimands himself, his teeth grinding against each other as he fights to keep his even countenance. Ocean blue eyes find Venus' a second later, a temporary calm having steeled itself within his bones— for the sake of not betraying the cool-headed reputation he's built up for himself —and with a spared glance towards Hyacinthe oh-so briefly, went on to say, "You do not deserve anyone so unfaithful," It was true. Venus was a hard-worker of the Cartel who put forth ideas to only further the group. "And for damn sure, he doesn't deserve you." Shoulders roll back to relieve whatever tenseness had seeped into his muscles, perhaps a tell-tale sign of how truly bothered he was by this.

    With a hefty sigh, the Japanese ghoul would lean back onto his haunches and offer the softest of smiles towards Venus. It was a bit lopsided but it was nonetheless genuine and he hoped Venus found some reassurance in it. "You know we always have your back, Venus— we are famiglia. I'd do anything for every single one of you." It was a promise, a swear— and Cain never broke his promises.

     — Thankfully, Cain does not find the chaos and destruction Venus had left behind in her office. He had been out and about, as per usual, marking up the borders with his scent to make sure no strange and shady individuals got any brilliant ideas about trying to take what was rightfully his. The ghoul, as he makes his way back towards the mansion, finds Venus where she lays, sobbing into her paws and sounding downright pitiful. He had considered his second-in-command to be mentally and emotionally sound— whatever could have happened to make her break down into such a pathetic mess? The thought of someone doing this to his family makes the blood boil in under his skin, makes it simmer and pop and, for once, red hot wrath flashes across his features; but only briefly. As fast as it came, like a tornado wreaking havoc across an town, it's gone, and his expression eventually smooths over into one of not indifference, but anger that was barely shown. "Venus," When he speaks, his voice is soft. The ivory hellhound is frowning now, brows creasing against his forehead at the sounds of her sorrow. "Is there anything I can do?" There was no use in asking mundane questions such as "are you okay?" when the answer is obvious and in-his-face. He wished he could provide some sort of comfort, even if that comfort was just him going away and leaving Venus alone to deal with whatever was wrong on her lonesome.

    the cartel was as empty as can be, but was that really his fault? it seemed like the business did not attract as many willing customers anymore, no matter how hard cain tried to push others into doing more work around the cartel. it seemed like the lot of them were busier sitting around and doing nothing, though the same could be said for cain as well, whose spirit seemed to dampen at the sight of his home, which used to flourish, grow empty and dull. the hellhound still patrolled the borders as frequently as he could though. it was only him and a select few left, not as nearly as much as it would take to mark an entire territory, but at least there were some people here still. he comes across pachacuti on this patrol, the male's voice easily reaching his large and pierced ears. the ivory creature, with frost rolling off of his shoulders, comes lumbering forth with curiosity glimmering ever so faintly in oceanic blue eyes. and when they fell upon pachi, there is the slightest bit of recognition that ignited behind his gaze. he had never interacted with pachacuti ( not by much anyways ) but cain remembered every face that he's seen come and go from the cartel. he's been here for three years— his long-term memory is something to be damn proud of. "yeah," the frosty beast would rumble, "this is the cartel. you got a name and a reason for being here?" of course, he figured this was pachacuti but what if it wasn't? better safe than sorry, as they say. cain did not fancy making a fool of himself today.

    ooh, i can't wait to see what you have in store for iceshattered. you always have good plots up your sleeve, fellow angst queen! and oh, this will not be good for cain's heart because he wants to return to that kind of friendship with breakout but he knows he fucked up and might never get there again. oh yeah, everyone loved sollux sm and i can totally attest to that

    btw nadeshiko is unofficially cain's little brother so if you mess with him, you'll get impaled by ice tendrils :^)

    lmao poor trash, cain is probably going to adopt more snakes if i'm going to be honest he's so alone

    he can probably be known as the resident snake tamer in the exiles if no one has taken that title yet

    yay, so am i! tbh, i can't wait for the plot to get started so i can get to roleplay him here - my muse just skyrocketed for him but there's nothing happening in the cartel right now so i'm kind of just like hhhh

    rip cain

    he's going to have a heart-attack and a half every-time he sees breakout

    and then yes, once break figures it out they can have that confrontation and maybe have the closure they needed sdfghjk


    novocaine ikurusaba / "oceaneyes" "cain" "doc" / previously went by ryuusaki / meaning; a drug given to people to stop them feeling pain, especially during an operation on their teeth / cisgender male [masculine pronouns] / unknown birthday / three years old physically / doctor / currently residing in the exiles / member / no official titles / former member of volary flights / former leader of the cartel / former lifeguard of riverside


    ghoulism [elaborate later]


    parents are unknown / has two full-blooded siblings [both are deceased] / has one half-sibling / has one adoptive sibling / adoptive father of seagi [deceased] / [0] crushes / [1] romantic interest; ½ novolitzia / [1] former romantic partner; formerly ½ of ryullux / finds it difficult to define "romantic" feelings from possessive obsession / demisexual biromantic / poly-curious / easy to love, impossible to win / slow to gain trust / loyal to people, not groups

    ── trusts: strelitzia, venus, hyacinthe, partypoison, the cartel

    ── distrusts: breakout


    maned wolf [main] / status: perfectly healthy [100%] / reference

    ── tba description

    ── smells like: cigarettes and coffee

    ── feels like: unnaturally cold, like holding a fistful of ice cubes


    istj / melancholic-choleric / slytherin / hair-trigger temper / stepford snarker / momma's boy / well-intentioned extremist / necessarily evil / good is not nice / good is not soft / dark shepherd / byronic hero / beware the quiet ones / mood-swinger

    ── fiercely dedicated / intelligent / reflective / practical / methodical / not easily swayed by another's opinions; strong-minded / adaptable / empathetic / humorous / blase / paranoid / stubborn to a tee / vengeful / quick to use violence as an answer / numb ; unresponsive / can come off as cold or aloof / selfish / brutal / overly suspicious of others / intense / emotional / can be blunt or rude / sardonic / can come off as uncaring or apathetic at times


    physically extreme / mentally hard / often ghouls out during a fight; proceed with caution / challenging opponent / will instigate fights and will finish them / unlikely to back down / will use dirty tricks and powers to gain an advantage / if needed, mention OCEANEYES I. and underline text / peaceful powerplay is not allowed / ice elemental, shapeshifting, telepathy [all mastered]


    penned by yakan


    001. general tags

    002. tba

    note: please don't take anything out of this storage! if you see something you'd like to use for yourself, whether that be code or something else, shoot me a direct message! thank you <3

    it's going to be a nice and delicious surprise, that's for sure!

    and ofc, cain is going to bring his snake with him but considering the way he's going to end up in the exiles, it might not be for a bit! katame's totally going to come and find him though and just slither right onto his neck and by then cain and ice can totally have a spat about it

    ice: "that's my snake!! >:U"

    cain: "no he's my snake, my ex-boyfriend gave him to me"

    ice: "what"

    cain: "finder's keepers, loser's weepers!"