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    Cain takes note of who is present at the meeting, more than pleased to see quite a few familiar faces among the crowd. The Patron feels the slight nervousness he had begin to ebb away little by little as he reminds himself that what he had done a mere few days ago was what the Cartel needed the most. The Cartel needed a leader that would actually lead them and work with them tirelessly. Cain only hopes that he would be able to provide for the group he considers his family. "First off, let me start of by saying welcome. Welcome to all of the people that has joined us in the past couple of weeks and thank you for sticking around while we're going through this tough adjustment. Your patience is... admirable." He grins slightly, his tail giving a slow swish behind his gargantuan frame. "Welcome to la familia."

    "I'm sure quite a few of you have already seen it on the post board just outside of the meeting room out front, but I've reinstated the merchant guide and the divisions guide. If you want to be an merchant or sign up for a division, mark your name on that board outside and I'll check by it later. For those who do not know it already, it is mandatory that a member of the Cartel joins at least one division. Everyone has to pull their weight around here. The only exception are children but they will have to choose when they reach apprentice age at six months. In addition, if anyone is interesting in trying out for an higher position here, feel free to apply here." Novocaine waits a couple of moments to let the information sink in before moving onto the next bit of information that was to be mentioned. "Hyacinthe had put forth some interesting ideas a day or so before I assumed leadership and I want to go through with them. One of them was to reinforce our connections with our associates by appealing to them individually and the other was to have some specially themed events for our associates so that our clan can be acquainted with our partners. If any of you have any ideas on how to go about both ideas, come by my office and we'll talk something out."

    "Moving on with rank changes and such, there's a lot to talk about so please bear with me." He gives those before him a slightly apologetic nod of his head before continuing on swiftly. "I am bringing back a division that had been around since I joined, only recently disbanded a year or so ago. It was called the Currency Division and their essential job was to collect the division's sales at the end of the month and conduct a business meeting to speak with the clan about where we need to be and what we can do better. This was essentially the time where a lot of ideas were tossed about so that next month we can do even better. They also distributed our currency to our associates at the beginning of the month. We do not have an Capo for the Currency division yet, so I will be the one to conduct business meetings until further notice." The Patron wondered if anyone would disprove of the idea of bringing back the Currency division. Cain thought it would be a nice rendition if there was a member who was not willing to sell drugs, sell weapons, sell themselves, or were too squeamish to deal with bloody injuries and such. It had been where he was the most comfortable there was no such thing as a "Nurse Division." Now, the ivory male moves onto perhaps the most anticipated part of the meeting: promotions. "Partypoison, you are promoted to Executor once again. Megalith, Strelitzia, and Hyacinthe can step up to Cugine if they wish. Shout-outs this week goes to Redalert. You five are also getting the Blood Brother title, for sticking with me and the Cartel for all this time while we switched through leaders and for being so incredibly patient through all of this mess. Hyacinthe will also be given the Fresh Blood title for his contributions. Stay tuned, as there is more to talk about in a bit - particularly about intra-clan things and such."

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    Today would mark the first time he would host a meeting. Was he nervous? Well, of course he was. The man was used to sitting on the other side of the room, listening instead of talking, instead of taking control. The sudden switch left him a little dizzy, he'll admit, and it made his stomach twist almost uncomfortably at the prospect that he was taking the place of leaders before him. Caera, Sollux, Hayliel... All of them had been great leaders and Cain wonders, if only for a moment, whether or not he would stand among them as a "good" leader when his era came to pass. The thing he was the most afraid of was letting down the people he considered his family— people he loved and cherished with his entire being. I guess I'll just have to try my hardest.

    The ivory hued hellhound makes his way to the meeting area, slow purpose in his steps whilst he quietly went over the details of this meeting in his mind. It would be a lengthy one, that was for sure, and the last thing he wanted to do was bore everyone to death with his rambling. He would try to get straight to the point so that they wouldn't waste too much time not conducting business. "CREW! MEETING TIME!" His voice booms, traveling easily within the mansion. Long legs guided him into the room he's sat in so many times before. Four years. Four years he's been here. God, what a change that was. Novocaine settles himself down, rolling his powerful shoulders back as his glacial gaze fixes itself on the slowly gathering crowd.

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    Admittedly, it had only really been Novocaine who had been going and visiting their associates and such and he was ashamed of that fact, respectfully so, he supposed he could say. "A little while ago. Last time, I went and visited the Shadow Veil regarding an issue with the Exiles but apart from that? There hasn't been much interaction with our associates, on their end and ours." Cain responds easily to the first question, not at all perturbed by the line of questioning the inquisitive Hyacinthe was going down. He had more or less assumed the boy merely wanted to help and any sort of help, significant or not, would be greatly appreciated in the hellhound's eyes.

    "Those all sound like good ideas, Hyacinthe," Rumbles the ghoul with a flick of his spiked tail, icy gaze rolling to the side as if pondering on something else. "We have an merchant system set up to where our divisions would visit our associates on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Of course, seeing as we haven't had any Capos in a while, business has all but slowed down as you can imagine." His head tilts ever so slightly to the side, continuing on, "Those one-on-one events with us and our associates sounds like a fine idea. We should be able to work with something like that easily."

    Seeing as Hyacinthe had not finished rattling out all of his ideas, Cain patiently waited for more of the youth's ideas to come spilling forth into the light.

    Cain had known Pippa had been exiled for something before, but it being because she had caused trouble with BlizzardClan before? He hadn't a clue. He had been missing during that time, he believed, and so he took this newfound knowledge and stored it in the back of his mind for later should he confront Pippa directly about her misdemeanor later on in the day. "Noted, thank you for bringing this to my attention." He comments with a nod of his head, "I'll make sure this does not happen again... And yes, I am willing to keep the peace between our groups - that would be great."

    Short and to the point. Novocaine could go with that, he supposed. He wasn't much for small talk anyhow and was more comfortable with formal, brief meetings. He wasn't sure what to expect, but the second Pippa's name left the other's mouth, he knew almost immediately that something bad must have happened with her. After all, what would be the reason for bringing up the bossy serval if it weren't for any trouble she was likely to have caused. As the rest of the news is revealed to him, he suddenly feels that nervousness that nestled within his stomach turn into ice. Cold, cold ice. "I hadn't a clue she went and did that..." Especially after I warned her not to pull this kind of shit when she took over. Pippa was a child, childish, and no less of an asshole than her father was. Neglectful and self-absorbed, she didn't care for them. "I apologize for the trouble she's caused. I thought she could help us but she obviously didn't have that in mind when she went and antagonized you all despite our neutrality." His distaste for the girl only deepened here and if it hadn't been for Aleksei, he would have likely been kept in the dark about all of what had transpired. "I'll have you know I do not want war between us." Not again. Sollux had fought hard to erect a neutrality between their groups, and he would be damned if someone messed it up on a simple whim.

    Cain had merely been up in his office when an Cartellian lupine had called for him, telling him that the BlizzardClan leader was at the border. Novocaine hadn't a clue what the sudden and impromptu meeting between them would be about, seeing as he never knew Pippa went behind his back to declare war on the BlizzardClanners, and thus, admittedly, he felt the slightest bit of nervousness begin to curl up in his stomach. Of course, while he was reluctant to leave his room while he was so busy dealing with other things, there was admittedly more important business afoot. Shortly thereafter, he has the wolf lead him to where he had left Aleksei.

    "Hello," The pale furred ghoul would rumble as he comes to stop at an respectable distance from the BlizzardClan leader. He wears an expression of neutrality upon his features, carefully crafted curiosity dancing about in his oceanic gaze. "I'm Novocaine, the one you asked for. How may I help you?"

    Novocaine did not ever think he would be the one to do this— to seize control from another person, to takeover a clan. The Cartel had been his home for the longest time and he had lived almost nowhere else save for temporarily residing within another neutral's clan for, at most, a couple of months ( and that was still during his membership with the Cartel ). He had always thought someone better than him would be standing upon a "throne," that he would always be someone that followed in the shadows of someone else but when push came to shove, Novocaine could not idly stand by. He had done that for long enough and it never did anyone right to simply wait for something to happen— and he had been waiting for the longest time. Too long, too long, and he wonders if he were anymore qualified than that of Pippa or someone else despite how long he had resided within the group.

    The massive hellhound, dead set on his goal, makes his way forth into the meeting area. His oceanic gaze was tumultuous, brimming with emotion and shimmering oh-so brilliantly. Despite the turmoil that turned about in his stomach, churning, flipping and all, Novocaine continued forward until he comes to stand were plenty of great people had before him. It feels weird, looking across the room like this, and it takes the deputy by surprise for a moment as he gathers up his thoughts in silence. Curious onlookers turn their attention onto Novocaine, expectant, judging...

    "We've been abandoned," Says the ghoul, "Our leader is god-knows-where but, judging by how she didn't seem to care when I openly challenged her, I assume she wouldn't care about me forcibly seizing control of the Cartel. I'd rather not have to torch passed on like this but it's necessary, to ensure the survival of the Cartel and I hope you all know that I'll do whatever is necessary to keep this place alive. It's been a home to me for years... I hate seeing it in such disarray. I want to be able to help shape the Cartel into something better, something worth talking about but it's not going to mirror our treacherous past. We'll be different, under my leadership, should you accept me as your new boss." His steady gaze shifts across the growing crowd and its hard to swallow down all else that wants to come spilling out of his mouth. Instead, he settles for simplicity. "Pippa, if you're around here somewhere, you may be allowed to stay within our ranks but you mustn't cause any sort of trouble. I trust you hold no bitterness? All in all, the decision for who remains or becomes leader is up to the members of the Cartel."

    Upon hearing the faintly familiar voice ring through the mansion, Novocaine is one of the people to show up at Hyacinthe's call. The hellhound was tired and it showed with the way the deputy seemed to have to drag himself across the mansion to get to where the thug stood atop a table. He was in a bit of a hard place, though it was not much of an excuse considering the status of the Cartel. At this point, any idea that sounded sane enough to Cain would be one he was willing to listen to. So the ivory canine sits down, his tail curling about his gargantuan frame and his glacial gaze fixing themselves to the Xerses' face with expectancy.

    It was funny to Cain how she came when he called her, but he does not let the satisfaction arise on his features. The large ivory canine shifts to lower his gaze upon the girl, his ears shifting forward upon his head as he hears the first sentence that comes out of her mouth. "Oh. Is that so?" All of what he said was true anyhow, so what did it even matter? Cain could hardly keep the ice from forming between his shoulder blades whilst the insufferable woman spoke up to him, claiming that she had changed this dump - my home, he wanted to snap at her venomously - into something worth mentioning. What? He didn't hear any mention of the Cartel anywhere. No one was talking about them, no one respected them ( ever ), and hardly a thing changed. Did Pippa really count that as a win in her book? He felt like scoffing, in all honesty. Her proposition of a deal for leadership had the deputy raising his brow. A proposition from Pippa Cipher, herself? He wouldn't trust it one bit - but who was he to not even bother to hear her out? "Tell me what this is first, and then I'll see." The hellhound grunts out.

    Novocaine was sick of the stagnant spell of inactivity the Cartel was in. Pippa had promised she would help them get back onto their feet and he had reluctantly trusted her to it. It seemed like he was a fool for doing so and, thus, Cain felt it was his job to nip that shit in the bud. Their numbers were dwindling and there was not much to be done in the Cartel at all. They needed a change and Novocaine was willing to provide it unlike Pippa, who had seemed to have gone missing for more than a few days now and had nothing to contribute to the crew apart from just bossing them around.

    "Pippa!" The massive hellhound calls through the mansion as his massive form steps into its interior, his tail lashing in broad strokes behind his lithe frame, "I know you're lazing about in here somewhere. You've done nothing to help us like you said you would when you took over. I knew I wasn't right to trust you, so I'm taking taking over." You and your father are just alike. He hisses from within his mind, his veins close to boiling with anger. "I asked you to prove yourself and what do you do? You change us around, you make some minor adjustments, and then you disappear. It seems like I was right about you." The challenge is clear upon his tongue, uttered in a slight growl that rumbled like an encroaching storm in his chest. Ice blue eyes flicker about the area, an frosty exhale leaving parted jaws as he waits. He knows his challenge would draw out Pippa - he just couldn't wait for her to spew out excuses.

    Pippa Cipher , ic opinions of course!

    Novocaine's just being an ass and this doesn't necessarily have to warrant a takeover, he just wants Pippa to prove herself to him and the Cartel <3

    The wolf-like hellhound feels his brow twitch slightly when the child chuckles, proclaiming that her manipulating his own emotions was simply a precaution. Precaution or not, he didn't like it much. He would rather be in control of what he was feeling, that you very much. Novocaine says nothing more on the matter however, merely giving the slightest shrug of his shoulders in response as Megalith releases her hold on him. His heart thrummed in his chest from the unpleasant encounter, his jaw setting and the smallest bit of ice crawling across the surface of his fur.

    Now the kid tells him what she was doing here as well as her name. She wants to join, simple as that, but her last name is what makes the male quirk a brow. Killjoy? "Fine, you're allowed to stay. But don't go manipulating your crewmates' emotions without thought, alright?" The fair warning comes smoothly then, his shoulders rolling to release the tension that had built up within them. "I'm Novocaine Ikurusaba, the deputy here." I might as well be the leader at this point. I haven't seen hide or hair of Pippa recently. He remarks from within his mind. "And, ah, you said you were, what, a Killjoy? Doesn't that mean you're related to Partypoison...? And judging from how young you look, I can assume you're his kid or something."

    "I'm a monster."

    Monster. What an ironic word that was. For someone like Novocaine, whose entire existence was monstrous within itself, he feels that whenever someone used such a heinous word to describe themselves, he just needs to laugh. He'd probably go on to berate them for throwing that word around like it was nothing, tell them what ghouls like him had to do to survive without completely losing their minds. Cain had come to terms long ago that he was a monster and that there was no feasible way possible to revoke such a title from his being, to peel that label off of his back. It was impossible and even now, when an atrocity on his behalf has not been made for a while, he finds it hard to shed his skin; the thing he was born with.

    So when he comes across this kid, sobbing into the ground, claws gripping the sides of his head and digging in, it reminded Novocaine way too much of himself. He remembers being absolutely disgusted with himself that day he ripped apart a young girl with little hesitation, ate every piece of her, only to waste what life it gave him by growing sick to the stomach and heaving it up in a bush nearby. He couldn't even look at her remains - whatever was left of it - he simply felt sick. Sick to his stomach. This boy was like him, so sick, but he shouldn't be calling himself a monster when a real one stood before him.

    "Hey," His voice squeezes out into the open, frost dancing across his tongue, pale blue eyes unyielding of the inner turmoil this boy's arrival awoke from within. His brows furrow against his head, his long tail sweeping in broad strokes behind himself. His voice was a mere whisper, uncharacteristically soft nowadays as opposed to how it used to be so clipped, so cold, there's a bit of warmth to be detected here. Only so slight. He wants to help. "Hey, breathe in, alright? Hold your breath n' count to ten in your head. One..."