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    Wren watched as the ghostly cats disappeared before them. "Your eyes have nothing to do with who you are, you've already proved that. Why should I care of their color," she questioned the tom. She stood, looking at her surroundings, and turning. "What now?"

    Wren listened quietly to the conversation, understanding bits and pieces of it, enough to understand. She looked at the white figure beside her, thinking momentarily. "Well," she began. "As I had said, my mother taught me to fear clans and everything they were for. To reject what they believed and cared for. But, perhaps it would be different if we made our own. Maybe, we could make it whatever we wanted, make our own shapes to fill in." Her ears twitched in consideration, "We would have competition with the other clan, but there's enough room for everyone here, maybe we could put our clan next to there's, who says we have to join whatever they've already made." She looked up into the white tom's eyes, the cat that was still a stranger to her, a nameless figure by her side. "I trust you," she said slowly and thoughtfully, her voice only just rising above a whisper. "I will follow you. I have nothing to lose, no family to call home, no den to return to each night after a hopeless day. If I die it makes no difference, if I live it makes all the difference. So, I will follow you.


    Cloverslam grinned, "brilliant. Alright, let me get the message across to Legendstreak." He turned his head, crouching in the bushes. His tail flicked side to side, a motion that the female picked up. Legendstreak trained her eyes on him as he motioned with his head what he wanted her to do. She squinted her eyes momentarily and nodded. She glanced at Blazefrost, wondering how to get him to understand what they needed. She decided to start off by herself, perhaps the tom would understand soon enough. Legendstreak growled a threat at the stranger, "it's three against one, I'd suggest you leave now, or die." She stepped forward, he back legs tensing. She then flung herself at the tom, pushing him towards the area in the trees that the two other cats sat in wait. She would get him over there, even if she had to push him step by step, to make sure that their mystery plan succeeded.

    Wren listened, confused. She glanced at the tom, trying to tell if he understood any of what she said. But when she looked back at the ghostly female she let the feeling melt away. Her kind eyes reassured her that she meant no harm. She stepped forward as she motioned, sitting down, ready to hear whatever she had to say.

    Wren smelled the pink flowers, glancing up at the voice. She watched the exchange between the female cat and the white tom. "Is that- is that the cat you told me about?"

    Cloverslam skunk toward Primrose while Legendstreak took over. He poked his head through the bushes to the female. "What is it," he whispered.

    Cloverslam looked back at Blazefrost, confused. Why didn't the tom attack? Moving aside a leaf was a silly plan, if it was still there Blazefrost would have had it harder fighting, was the tom actually a terrible fighter and had missed? Cloverslam barely noted the scar, he had seen cats with worse back at his home. He turned back to Endeavour, "actually it is of concern to me when you bother a fellow clan mate. So, back off."


    Legendstreak dropped the limo body on the small pile, she had created of mice. She had four now and pureed happily to herself, that would feed them well. Then she heard fighting in the distance, a scuffle that roared for a moment, then fizzled to almost nothing. But she was certain of one thing, of all the voices she recognized Cloverslam's clear as day. She ran to the sight of the battle, crouching as an unknown tom spoke to Cloverslam, then flicked the lead off of Blazefrost's face. Her mind thought quickly, clearly both cats knew each other well, and from her best guess the older cat had given the bicolored tom his scar. She waited in the bushes, trying to decide when the best time to step in would be. She decided that with more cats the threatening tom may be scared off. She stepped forward, "I agree with my grey friend here. If you need with one of us, you need with all of us."

    (Oh, okay)

    Cloverslam stepped forward with a deep growl. He got in the way of the new tom being able to get close to Blazefrost. "Leave him alone, at once. How about we talk this out like sensible beings? " His voice was calm, but dangerous. His tail twitched softly from side to side. He was ready to fight.


    Wren shook her head, "I've got no problem with tight spaces. Lead the way."

    (That’s fine, garden ghost, take all the time you need! There is also, of course, no hard feelings if you think you’ll need to leave or take a break from the, if it is deemed to difficult. I’m very sorry that you lost your grandma.)

    Wren followed closely, sensing that the mood had turned some what somber. She’s looked over the graves. “Gee, they’re beautiful. You gave them a good and worthy place to rest.” Her eyes scanned over the graves, “so these were all that you found? From what I heard clans have more members. Do you suppose they were taken by someone?”


    Cloverslam looked in confusion at the two. They didn’t look all that alike. “Is this true, is he your father?”

    Wren gave him a shocking glare of annoyance. "Well, do not expect to hear mine right away, either, kitty." She glanced back at his bed as they walked away, "well fine, it won't take much convincing. It does look rather comfortable." When sneezed as they pushed their way into the next room. She shook her head vigerously, clearing her nose of the scent that had taken her by surprise. "Wow, no doubt about that. I've never smelled so many herbs in one place before." She moved forward as he left to the enterance, examining the bark piece. The drawings were fascinating to her. Although they weren't the most beautiful drawings they did their job, and by that she appreciated them. Perhaps they had even saved the white tom's life before. She turned, "this is amazing, had those drawings always been there? I can't help but wonder if it was the same cat that helped you that made them. Alright, lead the way." She looked up at him, excited to see what would come next.

    Wren followed after the tom, with a small grin. It had been a long time since she had spoken to anyone, and even longer since she had been complimented and felt welcome. She felt it was odd, seeing the strange set of circumstances that lead them to this space in time, but she didn't mind. Her last feelings had been long been discard. I wonder where he lives, she thought silently to herself. Maybe in a tunnel, or under a tree. She smiled to herself when they approached one of the towering plants, a tree it is then. But she paused in amazement as he went under it. She followed several paces behind him, nearly gasping in amazement at the beauty her eyes laid presence on. Clearly the white tom had put lots of time and effort into where he lived. She felt honored to have ever been allowed to step even one paw in it. She rubbed her paw over the soft white stones beneath her, the same brilliant color as the cat before her. She raised her head as he spoke, once again awed, but for a new reason. "That was very kind of her," was all she managed to say. The cat kept surprising her over and over, which she was glad for. She already felt she knew so much about him just by hearing a story and seeing his home. She stared at his bed, perhaps the most comfortable a nest she had ever seen before. At the suggestion of her using it for the night she shook her head, "oh, surely that's too much. You've invited me to your lovely home, the least I can do in thanks is key you sleep in your own bed. It's only one night, I'll be fine. But, I would love a tour, this place is so beautiful. Oh, but first tell me your name. I just noticed I don't know it."

    Wren frowned at what he said, not knowing what to say, so she opted for few words. "The humans are strange," she said with a shake of her head. "As for cats, well I suppose the same applies to us. It is just your eyes after all." She shrugged with a light laugh, "hey, at least someone wants you, even if it is just humans." She stood, "alright, lead the way.


    ~waiting for garden ghost to catch up~

    Cloverslam narrowed his eyes and ran forward. He let out a ferocious growl and lunged at the orange tom. He leapt on his back, grasping his ear firmly within his sharp teeth. "I don't know who you are," he roared between his mouthful, "but the second you hurt my friend it's of personal harm to me. Get away from him."

    Wren sat in shock of what he had said, "why would anyone be afraid of you? I mean, I'll admit I kinda hated you at first, as I'm sure you can understand, but you're a fine gentleman of a cat." She ducked her head in embarrassment. "As for where I'll go for the night I don't want to exhaust your kindness. If it's not too much trouble I would love to stay with you. I'd rather be with someone I trust than strangers. Besides, my mother had taught me to fear clans since I was young. I'm not sure why that is, but I'd rather not find out." She looked up at him, waiting for his reply.


    Cloverslam looked back at Primrose and nodded, "yes, we should. But, from what I've seen, I don't think you're a very good fighter. Come with me, but stay hidden in the bushes. I don't want whoever that was coming back to fight you, and I don't want to see you get hurt due to inexperience." He trotted after Blazefrost, scenting the air for him. He didn't bother looking back to check that Primrose was there, he was confident that she would follow, one way or another.

    Tara - Female - Dog

    Tara sat next to the door, eager to get out. She could hear the sounds of the morning and she wanted to be out with them.

    She raised her head as she heard a soft groan and turned to see the shadowy lump of Leo rising. He trudged to the other

    side of the door, flopping down with a whump. He looked up at Tara, "good morning." Tara sneezed the dirt out of her nose

    that had gotten in when he lay down, "good morning. Still tired, I see." He nodded, nestling his snout between his paws.

    She shook her head in amazement. The large dog never seemed to do well in the mornings, something she didn't understand.

    Leo - Male - Dog

    -Interacting with tara-

    Chewy - female - Sheep

    Chewy opened her eyes reluctantly, the soft light showing in the sky hurting like a thousand suns. She blinked several times, ugh,

    why did I do that, now I'll never get back to sleep. She looked around through squinted eyes. Of course, no one else would be up

    right now, I don't want to either. she yawned and walked forward through the wall of fluff to the fence. She noticed Jezebel was

    awake as well. "Hello and good morning," she made her way over to her. "How do you do?"

    Cloverslam looked to Blazefrost in confusion, "why, what do you see?" He stepped forward, craning his neck to get a better look, though he couldn't see what had frightened the younger cat. For all he knew he was frightened of nothing, but the tom seemed rather strong and he doubted that he feared anything that shouldn't be feared.