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    Ralf ~ male ~ alpha

    Ralf let out a small chuckle, but didn't say a word. He didn't want to worry Magik further. "They're heading out right now," she commented to her. "You'll have your new home soon."

    Stella ~ female ~ pack member

    Stella nodded, "well that's good at least. Maybe you'll bump into him someday too." She looked to the the german shepherd, "hey Rose, if we're looking for a more permanent home for Magik, do you have anything in mind?"

    Ralf ~ male ~ alpha

    Ralf laughed, quietly adding, "this is true." He looked down at Magik. "Eat the herbs, they should help you out."

    Stella ~ female ~ pack member

    "That's got to be tough," she replied with a sigh. "Humans take everything away, but a family member? That's even worse!"

    Ralf ~ male ~ alpha

    Ralf grinned to Maisy, not understanding what made her uncomfortable. "No, you're good. Go get the herbs if you have them. That should be great." He silently added in his head his discomfort at the probability of being around a snappy female. Especially one that was expecting pups.

    Ralf ~ male ~ alpha

    Ralf raised an eyebrow, as best as a dog could do, pretending to be serious. "You sure about that?" As the pregnant female in front of him leaned into him he changed his attention to her. He gave Magik a reassuring lick on the head. "Once we get that new space figured out, you'll have a spot all to your own. We'll move there immediately."

    Stella ~ female ~ pack member

    Stella nodded with a kind smile, "I want to make sure you're fine." She looked up as they walked over to Rose. "Alright, what's up?"

    Ralf ~ male ~ alpha

    Ralf nodded to Magik, "sounds good." He turned to where Rose was standing, "hey Rose, can you take Stella and Andromeda with you to find a place for us to live once Magik's pups are born? We'll need a nice guarded place that's close to some shallow water."

    Stella ~ female ~ pack member

    Stella perked her ears at her name and looked over to Andromeda. "C'mon you can tell me while we're looking around for some place to stay.

    Ralf ~ male ~ alpha

    Ralf wagged his tail at the pregnant dog. "Good morning to you, Magik." He looked over as Rose sat near their entrance. "Magik, your puppies will probably be due soon, so we are going to have to find a place for us to live. I figured I should ask you what that place should look like, seeing that it will be the first thing your pups ever see. I'll send out a group to look for it once you decide what you want." He turned to Maisy's voice and in a rather fake and overly deep one he said, "oh, ho. It is wise of you to greet me. My might extends further than strength, I also might crush you." His face turned into a teasing grin, and his tail wagged much more rapidly. He would have to choose a mate soon to be beta, and Maisy was definitely at the top of the list. He then heard Andromeda and turned his head to her direction, his voice back to normal, "good morning Andromeda."

    Stella ~ female ~ pack member

    Stella sat up from her spot, watching everyone wake up. She walked over to Andromeda, sitting by her side. "Hey," she said softly to her. "Are you alright? You seemed to of had a tough dream."

    Ralf ~ male ~ alpha

    "Who?" He turned around, catching Stella's eye roll. "He sighed, Missy chill out. It's not like you can expect every dog to like you." He looked over at the sound of Andromeda's whimpers. He decided not to wake her up, hoping it was a good dream.

    Ralf ~ male ~ alpha

    Ralf woke from sleep, the morning already bright and warm. He rose his head from the ground and blinked the sleep from his eyes. A yawn escaped his jaws and he looked to his flank where Missy pressed against him. He pushed the cat gently off of him, "rise and shine sleepy cat." He whispered gently in her ear, "if you keep sleeping with me so much your owners are going to think you've left them, you ridiculous feline." He rose and stretched, looking about him. The other night the pack had found an alley to sleep in. He thought the place was perfect and it even had different materials to use as nesting. Too bad they would not be staying. That was not something they could afford to do. He looked over to where Magik was. She would be giving birth to puppies fairly soon. He would have to make sure they found the right spot to stay while they were growing up. He had plans to send out several dogs to do exactly that. He would ask her later what sort of place she wanted to raise her pups. But for now he would let her rest, she would need it.

    Stella ~ female ~ pack member

    Stella woke early that day, the hot sun had managed to reach her where she lay and she knew all to well that her coat did not mix with heat. She had to find a new place to lay during the morning and now watched Ralf through half closed eyes. She eyed the cat suspiciously. It did nothing but get more and more comfortable with them. She had never liked the idea of a cat in a pack of dogs, but she couldn't argue with Ralf and the cat had never done anything but to help them. She couldn't understand why though.


    Current plots:

    None, dogs are getting to know each other


    Out of Character rules:

    -If you have any problems with me or another roleplayer, please send me a PM and we can sort it out

    -please, no profanity

    -please no fighting out of character, look to the first rule if you have problems

    -You can take another wolf’s position in the pack but you need to ask them for permission first, and make sure I know as well. (Please look to the IC rules for this as well.)

    -This is a dog only Role-play, but there will be one cat, played by SirTransparenttheThird

    -If you are interested in your dog being second in command, put so in other

    -Reservations are good for a week if they are high positions, and are good for forever if normal ranks

    -Your dog must be male or female

    -If you are interested in being Beta put so in other

    -You cannot be your own mate

    In character rules:

    -Alpha’s word is law. You can go against it, but be prepared for a fight you might lose

    -You can take another wolf’s position, but not without a fight (look to OOC rules for that as well)

    -When mating you must fade out!

    -A maximum of five pups to a litter

    -Make sure you follow the pack’s social structure, don’t forget your place

    -All dogs are allowed to mate during breeding seasons, but no one is allowed to mate with the beta except for the Alpha.

    -The pack is always on the move unless pups have been born, who cannot move with them. Then they will stay in one spot until the pups are old enough to leave.

    -The members of the pack are all taught to track the rest of the dogs so that if the pack has to move from their temporary spot of the day and not everyone is there with them they can find their way to them.

    Pack members

    Ralf ~ Male ~ Alpha ~ lilpupin

    ~ female ~ beta ~

    Missy (cat) ~ female ~ no true rank ~ Sirtransparentthethird

    Stella ~ female ~ normal member ~ lilpupin

    Nova ~ Female ~ Apprentice ~ Kairoslion

    Maisy ~ Female ~ pack member ~ Jaybird

    Andromeda ~ female ~ pack member ~ Anon Lin

    Muir ~ male ~ Apprentice ~ GaryStu

    Eachann ~ male ~ pack member ~ GaryStu

    Axel ~ male ~ pack member ~ Jaybird

    Apprentice information:

    Apprentices do not have one mentor, but are taught by the whole pack.

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