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    Kind, stubborn, brave, willing to risk her life for others


    Was an orphan living on her own her whole life until the so-called "guardians" stared killing humanity.


    none, might be open for plot



    RP Sample:


    She always has her sword on her, she even sleeps with it. It has saved her on multiple occasions

    and she trusts her abilities with it well. She is just as skilled with a bow and arrow and usually

    has that with her as well. But certainly not as commonly as her sword since the two together tend

    to make running a bit harder.

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    Ralf lead the pack into an alley that he knew would eventually join into a place perfect for hiding. A small opening behind a dumpster offered shelter since it lead into a basement long unused by humans. "Quick, in here," he barked. He would be the last in. He wanted to make sure his pack was safe first.

    Ralf pulled away from the human after one last ferocious bite. He ran off after the female running as hard as he could. He had to get back to the pack and be sure Maisy was okay. He didn't quite understand why he so dearly wanted her safe, but he knew it was something he needed to know. He doubted the pack was in good shape as well. He ran into the alley, "Alright everyone, we need to get out of here, right now!" He turned to the stranger, "come with us if you would like." He looked to Maisy, "help Magik, would you?" He raced out of the alley, looking about. "Nova, Stella, c'mon!" He then started running at a slower pace so that everyone could keep up he trotted away from the humans and the alley they had spent the night.



    The humans left in the car grumbled at the ruckus. It was already hard enough to catch the strays, but when they got boisterous it made the task especially hard. One of the humans got out, going around to where Maisy was. "Hey girl, it's okay. They then opened up the door to inspect what was going on.

    Ralf roared a barking growl at the human, hurtling full speed from his hiding place. He jumped at the human, throwing them to the ground. A rage over took him that he didn't even know he had as he struggled with the human on the ground. "Maisy, run!"

    Ralf jumped to his paws, "the humans got her?" He looked to the stranger, "I hate to leave on such short notice, but if you would like to help can you get my pack out of here? If not then run away yourself, you don't want to be caught!" He ran after the cat to the currently parked vehicle, "alright cat, what's your plan?"

    Ralf ~ male ~ alpha

    Ralf nodded, "yes we do." He looked around him, "where's Maisy!" He let out a growl of frustration, knowing the rest of the pack had to be first. "She's tough, she can fend for herself," he murmered more to comfort himself than anyone else. He looked to Magik, "do you think you can run, or should we hide you?" He stood ready to get going. He heard Nova's cry and barked to her, "Nova, this way. Get to the pack!"

    Braided Bear


    The humans ran after the two, hot in pursuit. Stopping in their tracks as Maisy stood in front of them. They slowly circled around her, their catch poles ready to grab her. They soon had her and put her in the car. They had lost track of where the other dog had ran to. and began to search. They could hear Ralf's barks and set off in that direction.

    Ralf ~ male ~ alpha

    Ralf barked in concern when Axel burst into the pack's hide out. "What's wrong?" He jumped to his feet with a growl, "where's Missy and Maisy? What's going on?" He looked around him at the few dogs remaining with them. "Everyone stand up! Nova, Sylvia, get back here!"


    The small boy ran ahead of his parents, constantly joyously spouting words. His parents offered a nod now and then, they could only understand half of what he said. They were ever amazed by the oblivious happiness that their child possessed, even after their cat did not return for the second night in a row last evening. Did Missy find new owners? Was she killed by coyotes? They had no way of knowing where their pet was. The boy came to a halt with an exuberant screech, "Missy!" The parents came forward in confusion, looking down the alley. Indeed, there was their pet, running after rats. They saw a dog in the alley with her. They knew better than to ignore dogs. Now a days a single dog meant that there were more close by, and people were taught tot always guess they had rabies. They did the first thing they could think of and called animal control. They did not know if their cat was infected either and so quickly left, dragging their upset child behind.

    ~five minute skip

    Animal control soon appeared, armed with catch poles and nets. They quickly set in on Missy and Axel, hopping they would run back to any other dogs.