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    (Oops, that's who I forgot to reply with)

    Cypresskit, walked slowly over to the dead leader after a cough. "He's gone, isn't he?" His voice was quiet, barely audible. He pressed his nose into the leader's neck, wishing him a safe journey to star clan. He stepped back, looking at his still form.


    Lostsecret made it to where the battle was over. He walked over to Halfmask and Brightthroat, hoping he wasn't interrupting them. "Is anyone dead, or badly wounded and needs help back? Finnloch sent any able warriors back to retrieve any fallen clan mates."

    Lostsecret made it to where the battle was over. He walked over to Halfmask and Brightthroat, hoping he wasn't interrupting them. "Is anyone dead, or badly wounded and needs help back? Finnloch sent any able warriors back to retrieve any fallen clan mates."

    Legendstreak paused, about to suggest helping out with getting the clan members back to camp. But upon hearing what Lostsecret said, she went on. If cats were sent to help out then they wouldn't be needed. She came up next to Polarblast, "how about you finish the rest of my walk with me."

    Brownkit's tail danced back and forth happily, "you're awake!" But he could instantly see that she was deeply worried about something, "are you alright?"









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    song that is most relevant to your oc's personality

    Oh my soul - Casting crowns

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    Alaskan Zero

    Legendstreak laughed, "don't worry yourself too much, mouse brain. I was off hunting." She gave him a lick on the head, "what's going on here?"

    Cypress kit stopped, mid step as Finnloch left the den. He looked back, the leader was disturbingly still. "Is he dead," he whispered. He suddenly regretted his earlier thoughts, maybe the tom wasn't strong enough.

    Brownkit stayed next to his sister, anxious. He barely heard Finnloch

    Lostsecret perked his ears at the medicine cat's call. He went over to sit down next to Roseshine, but stopped short. "Hey, is she okay?" He made the rest of the way over, looking down at the form of the small kit. He looked to Roseshine, "id there anything I can do to help?"

    Dr. Jenny turned at the sound of Dr. Damien Black's footsteps. Her eyes took him in for a moment, at least satisfied that he came completely prepared with whatever he needed. "It's alright for now, I didn't have any difficulties this morning," she said with a wave of her hand. "Perhaps you could bring some of the animals on a walk for me? We're going to be putting most of the creatures in the room soon enough and they might as well get the majority of their energy out."

    Legendstreak padded through the forest. She had been out hunting when the battle had broken out. When she came back to camp to see that many cats were gone, she blamed it on patrols. She went back out into the forest, planning on going on her own patrol, since she couldn't find Polarblast. But as she neared the Rockclan border the sounds of battle greeted her. She ran to the sound, but just before she was about to leap into battle a familiar pelt caught her eye. She ran over to Polarblast, "are you alright?"

    Brown paw pounced on the moss ball that his sister had tossed his way. When he looked up to toss it back to her, he let out a gasp. He ran over to her, shaking her unconscious body. "Drakkit, Darkkit! Wake up! Dandielonheart, Roseshine, do something!"

    Shadowdrift slunk into the trees, climbing up a trunk, watching Stellarshine enter the camp.

    Cypress kit watched in shock as the Murkyclan leader slunk into the den. But he quickly turned back to Emberkit. He was a strong cat, surely the tom would be alright. He grabbed some bracken, "I get to be snake first, try and catch me!" He grabbed the tendril of broken firmly in his teeth, running away.


    Legend~female~head warrior~four years old

    Legend sat in camp, awake early as usual. She had watched her alpha leave the camp as she exited her den. A part of her wanted to call out and ask if she should come along to ensure he safety, but she knew that Wisepsiprirt was more than capable of keeping herself safe, and would enjoy her alone time away from the pack that was her responsibility, so she let her be. Now she sat in the clearing, awaiting her return and the waking of others.

    Alright, he thought simply. He began at a slow trot, flapping his wings and rising into the air. He couldn't explain how he knew how to properly take off, but he did so without trouble. He soon reached the sky, wheeling around for a moment to get in his bearings, especially since they would most likely be going a ways away, and he did not know when another dragon sized clearing would come up. He then relaxed, letting his wings get used to the wight of his body, and then he was off. He pumped his wings full force, springing forward. He could feel the wind whipping past his face, and he felt as if he had been doing this his entire life.

    Legendstreak let a laugh bubble out of her, looking to the white tiger. "No we're quite fine, thank you. We're actually full grown cats, I hope my laugh didn't come off as rude, it's just that I've never been called a cub before." Cloverslam's face lit in a small grin at Legendstreak's last remark, still getting over the shock of the big cat coming. "We're all sitting here, looking for others that want to play a game. So far it's just us three, would you like to join?" He cut right to the point, eager to start soon. They were hoping to start once three others had joined them, they just needed one more if she joined in.


    Myst was flummoxed momentarily at the prospect that the young witch could understand him, but decided to go along with it. If she wasn't surprised, he wouldn't be either. My name is Myst, he replied as he focused his eyes on the sky. He spread out his wings, the thought coming over him as to how much easier it would be with big wings. But he stopped right before his take off, craning his head around to see her, where to? Or should we just have a fly around?

    (That's fine Jadefeather12 , jump right in! )

    Legendstreak shook her head, "no, in fact we're waiting for others like you. This is a very odd clearing, there are very few in the entire world, but most of them reside around here, only enough. There are three rules to this sort of place. One is that all creatures can communicate with each other, the second is that predators lose all of their will to hunt and prey lose their fear of predators, the last is that if a game is issued here others will just 'show up', even if you weren't looking for this place." Cloverslam nodded, "it's rather peculiar, you could say. But it's great for a sunny day like this when all you want to do is play with a few others."


    Cypresskit's tail quivered excitedly at the end, "that's the spirit!" He knew that his brother wanted nothing to do with him, but if he was going to die he wanted to spend time with his siblings. "C'mon let's go an-" he broke off into a fit of coughing, facing himself away from Emberkit. The violent coughing shook his entire body, his stomach clamped and making himself in deep pain. Once it had passed he shook himself off and turned back to Emberkit, accustomed to that happening to him. "Let's go get some broken to play with, we could pretend it's a snake if we drag it across the ground!"