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    Sounds like a good topic! I've seen tons of food industry films within the last couple years, so I'm ready for that. We could maybe incorporate medicines as well? There's a lot of traditional Chinese medicines that are killing tons of stingrays each day because they think their tails (or something along the lines) have some sort of helping properties, even though it's been proven a million times that they don't.

    (Also, I'll definitely check out Lostclan!)

    June ~ filly ~ five months

    June frowned as the orphan moved on and glared hotly at Shayla. "hmph, if she can't

    handle me talking to her now, she never will. And I don't understand why she can't talk

    yet. What horse can't talk?" Her voice had a lilting whine attached to it as she grew

    frustrated. "You guys are no fun, is all," she complained. But she knew better than to

    argue with the big horses, and simply backed away and watched the orphan from a short

    distance, waiting to see what the new filly would do next.

    Forest Fire (Forest) ~ mare ~ five

    Forest listened quietly to what Suspira had to say, adding in her thoughts every once in a while.

    She murmured a, "yes I suppose so," when she saw it fit. She fell silent again, until the mare's

    second inquiry. "Well, I'm doing alright, I can't wait to get back." She chuckled softly to herself,

    "I'm sure you must be quite uncomfortable, though. You look fit to burst." Forest turned to watch

    the orphan herself and nodded, "oh I'm sure she will. She will make a fine addition to our herd.

    I hope she'll settle in well and fast. If she's comfortable soon that will be good for her." Her tail

    swished behind her and she gave Suspiria a friendly nudge. "I'm sure you'll be a big help for her

    when she gets to know everyone. You've always got good advice."


    June ~ Filly ~ give months

    June snorted at Shayla's sharp nip. "Hey, that wasn't nice, I just wanna meet her!" She scowled with annoyance and then her eyes widened in surprise. She thought that once the dolly had that it would be the end of June's potential friendship, but now she came around the side of Shayla. "You don't talk much, do ya?" Her words were soft and quiet. She had learned her lesson once and would not scare off the foal again. "Why is that? Are you too scared or too young?"


    Forest ~ mare ~ five years

    "I hope so as well. It would be wonderful if your foal could see our land," she replied softly. She recalled her own discomfort when she was heavy with June which reminded her of her own offspring. "Perhaps June will finally wear herself out a bit, with new places to explore. That filly is driving me crazy and there isn't much I can do about it. At least yours should have plenty of friends once they are ready to come out." She looked to the other pregnant mates of the herd, "our group shall soon be full of young ones."


    June ~ filly ~ five months

    June pranced along the edges of the congregated horses, surrounding the discovered orphan. She snorted in discontentment and pawed the ground every couple steps in impatience. She wanted to see the other horse. They were small so she knew they must be her age. She longed for a friend and ignored her mother’s distant calls, warning her to stay away. She finally could not contain herself any longer and shoved her way in past the grown ups. “What’s the big deal,” she cried loudly. “I wanna see this orphan. Why are you making such a big deal out of them?” She pushed closer until she stood a foot in front of the filly. “Well, what’s your problem,” she inquired. Her tail lashed at the scrawny creature and she squinted. She knew very well that her actions were rude, but she was tired of waiting to find what the big horses were so excited about. Her eyes scanned up and down the orphan and before anyone could breathe a word she quickly added, “well?”


    Forest Fire (Forest) ~ mare ~ five

    Forest had hung back when the orphan was first found and she remained so. She mildly regretted it, but she didn’t want to overwhelm the new member of the herd. She looked to her filly who pranced along the edges of the group of horses, trying to get a good look. She sounded a nicker or warning to her, which was ignored. She sighed and headed toward her, stopping short when the young horse joined the fray. She was too far in now. She could only wait to pull her back if necessary.


    The Forgotten



    In the times before you and I there were great kingdoms. These kingdoms were ruled by creatures quite unlike the ones we see today. They were great winged beasts that towered above the trees and devoured anything that stood in its path. But as time lost its boastful lungs that cried victorious shouts to all that dared look its way, these lands melted to dust. Many of the animals fled and vowed to protect the portals to the world they had left behind. But, as generations passed, this promise was forgotten. Now the whereabouts of these entrances are long forgotten and no one knows what goes on behind them.


    This is what you have always been told. A creature such as yourself carries these stories with pride. Now it is time for you to forge your way in life and find if the rumours of a lost Prince of those lands are true.


    This role play takes place in a time before humans. Horses do not yet congregate in herds but wander the forest in groups no larger than three. Horses are fabled to be the carriers of stories and dreams and most carry that title with pride, passing down stories from generation to generation. But recently there has been a disturbance in the forest. Word has gone around that a horse has appeared, claiming to be a prince of the lost kingdoms. What is to be done about this? The eventual goal of this role play is to return the Prince home, find the lost world, and perhaps learn the power of a herd.



    -No Mary/Gary sues

    -follow the rules, dear goodness

    -No god mods

    -come to me with any problems

    -ask permission of the other player before

    partaking in large action of their character

    -ask my permission before doing large plots

    -all forms and discussion will be on this thread

    -please role play in the role play thread


    (feel free to alter in any way as long as you still answer the questions.)

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    Got a couple to join in.

    Wren listened quietly to the conversation, understanding bits and pieces of it, enough to understand. She looked at the white figure beside her, thinking momentarily. "Well," she began. "As I had said, my mother taught me to fear clans and everything they were for. To reject what they believed and cared for. But, perhaps it would be different if we made our own. Maybe, we could make it whatever we wanted, make our own shapes to fill in." Her ears twitched in consideration, "We would have competition with the other clan, but there's enough room for everyone here, maybe we could put our clan next to there's, who says we have to join whatever they've already made." She looked up into the white tom's eyes, the cat that was still a stranger to her, a nameless figure by her side. "I trust you," she said slowly and thoughtfully, her voice only just rising above a whisper. "I will follow you. I have nothing to lose, no family to call home, no den to return to each night after a hopeless day. If I die it makes no difference, if I live it makes all the difference. So, I will follow you.


    Cloverslam grinned, "brilliant. Alright, let me get the message across to Legendstreak." He turned his head, crouching in the bushes. His tail flicked side to side, a motion that the female picked up. Legendstreak trained her eyes on him as he motioned with his head what he wanted her to do. She squinted her eyes momentarily and nodded. She glanced at Blazefrost, wondering how to get him to understand what they needed. She decided to start off by herself, perhaps the tom would understand soon enough. Legendstreak growled a threat at the stranger, "it's three against one, I'd suggest you leave now, or die." She stepped forward, he back legs tensing. She then flung herself at the tom, pushing him towards the area in the trees that the two other cats sat in wait. She would get him over there, even if she had to push him step by step, to make sure that their mystery plan succeeded.

    Wren listened, confused. She glanced at the tom, trying to tell if he understood any of what she said. But when she looked back at the ghostly female she let the feeling melt away. Her kind eyes reassured her that she meant no harm. She stepped forward as she motioned, sitting down, ready to hear whatever she had to say.

    Wren smelled the pink flowers, glancing up at the voice. She watched the exchange between the female cat and the white tom. "Is that- is that the cat you told me about?"

    Cloverslam skunk toward Primrose while Legendstreak took over. He poked his head through the bushes to the female. "What is it," he whispered.