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    (stellarshine: *whams head against tree* she used those cute eyes on meeeeeeee)

    Shadowdrift shine forced a purr, "that's great! I'm sure they'll look just as beautiful as you." But inside he was filled with dread. Their relationship had gone on longer than he had expected. Surely it was only a matter of time before Stellarshine would want nothing to do with him. I'll have to tell her this can't go on any more. But as he looked down at her big green eyes he shoved the thought aside. Not right now. Tomorrow.

    Cypresskit looked to the camp with a concerned expression. "I don't want anyone else to get sick," he squeaked, which made him drop off into more coughing. He looked back and Finnloch, "I know." His words were rather quiet, as if he didn't want to admit it to himself. "But I don't want her to get sick either, especially her. She could get my siblings sick too! Besides, if she doesn't get to be around me that much then she won't grieve as much when I die."

    Shadowdrift came up to Stellarshine with a purr, "now what could that be?" He gave her a head bump, coming to sit in front of her.

    (Alright, sounds good to me! He'll definitely accept.)

    Cypresskit looked up at Finnloch, "what is it?" But before the medicine cat could reply Violetpetal came in. "Oh, uh, yeah everything's fine." He felt kind of nervous around the queen, as if he felt bad that he would surely never be able to live up to her expectations in his state. He had barely seen hide nor whisker o Violetpetal, which he could understand for her sickness, but had still missed her and the time they had before he was ill. A cough bubbled out from inside him and he looked down at the floor. Violet petal might as well leave. I don't want her to get sick again!

    Legend streak looked over at Roseshine from Polarblast's side. "Will we be going hunting after the announcement?"

    (Ugh, so sorry for my absence!)

    Cypresskit titled his head, "he sounds like a nice guy. I wish I got to meet him." To himself he wondered who in the world would ever be an enemy against Finnloch or her family. She was so nice and her family seemed to be as well. But no sooner did he think those words as their time together ran out. He found himself dangling above the ground in the medicine cat's jaws. As he touched the ground he peered up at Finnloch, "thank you for bringing me to the river." He would have to ask her more about her family later. Mothstar was much more important. He would look forward to seeing him again.

    (Sorry for my absence!)

    Rika glanced over at Misha skeptically, "I don't know. There's no way to tell. It smells like and looks like nothing." She glanced up as Otis came over with Naturia, interrupting the quiet peace of the morning. She sighed. The young pup quite enjoyed the presence of the female cub and Otis was simply a loud ruckus.

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    Cyrpresskit looked to the ground, "that sounds scary. were you and Cuthlain friends? Why didn't he come to the clan with you?" He looked up at Finnloch sharply, "sorry. I hope that's not rude to ask." He broke off into another fit of coughing then looked back to Finnloch for her answer.

    (Sorry, I was gone for spring break!)

    Rika looked at the thing Naturia dragged, "what is that thing?" She sniffed it but she could only get the scent of blood. She had no clue as to what it could be. She growled slightly as the two cubs pounced on the thing. She remembered rule one of surviving in the wild that her true mother had taught her. "Never play with your food, it is there for you to eat. Then whatever you don't eat goes to someone or something else. Even the ground could take the food and use it." Her mother had seemed so nice then, she certainly never knew that things would end up the way they were.

    Cypresskit stiffled a giggle as he tried to imagine Redstart as a kit. "Finnloch? Did you always want to be a medicine cat?" Cypress kit began to notice the desperation to get to know that kind medicine cat. She was more of a mother to him that his real mother, he barely ever saw her.

    Cypresskit leaned into the medicine cat, satisfied. He would hope to see Finnloch some day in Starclan once he died, but not anytime soon. "Finnloch? Do you ever miss your kits? You don't really get to ever see them."


    Legend walked just behind Changeclaw, huffing at the cold tiny balls of snow stuck to her feet. "Hopefully we'll be there soon," she said to the white wolf. Her ears swiveled at the sound of a voice. She turned her head to look at who the sound belonged to. She noted the feather dangling from the wolf's ear. Hmm, that's odd. I wonder who that is.

    Cypresskit frowned, "Finn, I'm pretty sure we both know that I probably won't live. When was the last time a cat was this sick and you could save them?" The thing was very odd and negative for the kit to say, but it comforted him. He felt like he didn't truly have to try any more.