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Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!

    Welcome to the SkyClan mentor/apprentice finder! Here, you can offer up your character as both mentor and apprentice, and you can also find the current pairs within the Clan. While it is not mandatory for apprentices to have a IC mentor (they can be NPC), having one just adds to the fun! This thread is also not mandatory for setting up pairs OOC, but sometimes it's difficult to find an active cat to pair with.

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    This thread was updated July 11, 2019

    All apprentices were alphabetized + some warnings given out for inactivity - please let me know if you are still planning on keeping active with characters so I don't remove them!

    - Amy

    Welcome to Traditional SkyClan's mass adoption thread! We are a small, friendly community full of diverse cats that enjoy climbing, engaging in fun activities, and adopting kittens! Our ooc community is very open and welcoming, with an ic community of the same morals! The only requirements for applying here are that any cat adopted through this mass adoption must remain in SkyClan for a minimum of three real weeks. Any cat not roleplayed after being adopted is liable to go back up for adoption after one week to allow more people to adopt. Have fun! :)


    Orchardpaw (SkyClan Apprentice) x Mosspaw (ThunderClan NPC)

    Age: I'm going to have her kit sometime soon and then they can be retro played in that thread. As for new threads, they'd be two moons old.

    Genetics: Black and white x White (lilac tabby).

    Kits: White, brown tabby, black, blue, blue tabby, chocolate, chocolate tabby, lilac, lilac tabby, or any of those with low amount of white.

    - If white, or has any white, eyes can be anything including blue.

    - If no white, eyes can be anything except blue.

    - If pure white with blue eyes, there is a 70% chance of deafness.

    Plots: These kittens are half-Clan but Orchardpaw doesn't plan on telling them that. Mosspaw, I was gonna play but don't have time. So he's an NPC and they wouldn't meet him. Orchardpaw is just gonna say that a queen doesn't have to reveal the father, but they can kind of guess the father isn't from SkyClan.

    I'd like these kittens to be on the quite small side and to be prone to sickness because of it. They don't have to get really, really sick if you don't want them to. Just constant colds and stuff is fine. But she's only 8 months old so it'd make sense.


    1. Open

    2. Open

    Cloudspots (SkyClan Warrior) x Ryewhisker (SkyClan Warrior)

    Age: 12 moons

    Genetics: Cloudspots is a brown tabby with a white chest/belly and white paws with green eyes; Ryewhisker was a brown tabby as well

    Plots: N/A

    Other: Cloudspots will be a loving if not anxious mother; Siblings to Tatteredpaw/Tatteredtail.


    1. Oleanderblossom (taken by AKLM | "Kitten")

    2. Open

    3. Open


    1. Litter: Parent x Parent
    2. Name:
    3. Gender:
    4. Appearance:
    5. Other:

    Please post below some litters you'd like to put up for adoption! Old litters, current family members, NPC adoptions, etc. are all welcome! If you have any questions, Northern-Skywatcher or Amy should be able to help. Mass adoptions will be linked as soon as we have at least three litters.

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    1. [color=white]PARENT x PARENT[/color]
    2. [b]Age[/b]:
    3. [b]Genetics[/b]:
    4. [b]Plots[/b]: (optional)
    5. [b]Other[/b]: (if not needed, please remove)
    6. [b]Slots[/b]:

    Aghhh sorry peeps I accidentally unlinked this sub from my main? That's why the census was so outdated >:( I kept meaning to do it then didn't see the sub so was like "oh ok"

    Will be checking this more regularly now that I fixed it s/o to Amy for being a boss ass deputy

    <3 Sky