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    updated;; 04/18/19


    Rainpuddle — Rainkit, Rainpaw

    "Rain" grey feline "puddle" for patches of colors on pelt

    Female — She/Her — Demipanromantic — Pansexual

    20 moons physically — Aged irl

    Born in Skyclan on April 22 2018 *

    Traditional Skyclan — Warrior (ex-mca)

    Mentor to no one

    Ex-mentor to Buckwheat (made warrior), Bumblepaw (MIA)

    Apprenticed by Daisyfrost

    Apprenticed by Addercloud & Wheatbloom (when mca)

    Mate by no one, crushing on no one

    Ex-Mate to Flick

    Friends with Addercloud, Stonepeak, Wheatbloom, Minnowstar, Glacewing, Daisyfrost — Best friends with Flick, Brookfur

    Mother to Breezepaw, Plumbpaw, and Peacockkit --> Cloudpaw

    Daughter of Wolfgang x Ferretpaw; Sister to Perennial, Frostkit, Puddleskip, Adderkit, Chalkkit; Granddaughter to Waspwing + Caledon;

    Family tree


    Domestic cat; mixed

    She is a very beautiful cat who looks mostly like Wolfgang, her father. The inside of her legs and belly carry white, while the rest of her fur is a grey, the top of her body being a darker grey than the rest. She actually has dark blue eyes compared to her parents light blue ones, her left one is scared shut after being attacked by Dual'kit'. The female is normal size for a cat and her fur is differently on the long side, yet it hardly ever gets tangled up or anything stuck in it. She tends to have a natural scent of rain and forest.

    Important notes: Left eye missing and scared shut (Dual'kit')


    Loyal, temperamental, competitive

    Fighter, protective, stubborn

    Risk-taker, brave, friendly


    Hard physically — Very hard mentally

    Tag when attacking


    Physically - 100%

    Mentally - 100%

    Fighting - 100%

    Injury(ies) - Lost of left eye (healed)

    Illness(s) - None

    Overall - 10/10

    roleplayed by Decaying  

    wfok3Ob.gif She had bleed out from her wounds on the border of Skyclan and the two leg nests. Trying to keep some rouges from stealing prey. Rainpuddle always thought she would go out in some kind of epic raid. But that was kit-ish of her to think. Her missing eye was restored, wounds healed, as she walked along Starclan's path. She wasn't ready to go but she had no say in this. The Skyclan warrior wondered if she would see Peacockkit or Plumbpaw. Her heartache grew as she realized she really would never see Flick again. The love of her life had been a kitty pet, those weren't allowed right? The she-cat stopped in her tracks and whimpered.

    "Whats got ya down sweetheart?" the voice alone was enough to shake her core. Whipping around to see familiar green eyes. "Flick!" Rainpuddle raced and crashed into their embrace. He had believed all her stories of belief? The warrior had so much to say, to tell him. "Hey, we got forever here right? Lets take our time." he suggests and she couldn't agree more.

    skyclan warrior 20 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags

    // TW: Blood and death


    Rainpuddle wanted a lot out of life, she knew this from the moment she was allowed to leave the nursery. She wanted to rule all the clans, to be the best, to be loved. The molly was beautiful and knew she had so much ahead of her. Rain was even on her way to be the best medicine cat ever when she meant Flick. The love of her life was an understatement. He was like her other half. She wished she had left just to be with him. But she knew she would also regret that choice. The half-clanner had been demoted, lost an eye, and bared outsider kits. So many bad choices and not a lot of forgiveness.

    She had so many clan mates tell her to reconnect with her kits. The ones who were sleeping in the apprentice den. They would tell her to be their mother but she wasn’t sure what that meant. She just wanted to be a warrior. Did she have time for both? Would they wait for her? Rainpuddle thought they had plenty of time, to wait for her to be ready. But Peacockkit was gone and so was Plumbpaw. Breezepaw was well and alive. She still had a chance with her daughter, right? The young warrior thought she had so much time on her paw. But all she ever did was train and make small talk with her own blood.

    Maybe it would be no surprise when they found her body. Maybe everyone knew she would die near those lazy kitty pets. Maybe they would think this was a long time coming. Never would they know, that the one eyed molly was trying to defend their territory. That she died fighting a pack of rogues who overpowered her over a mouse and a bird. How they tasted her blood as teeth sank into her throat. How she bleed out praying to Starclan for forgiveness.

    The warrior of Skyclan was not the best they had to offer but she was loyal till the end. She never left them for another. Rainpuddle did her best, even if they were the wrong choices. It was always for Skyclan. "" .

    skyclan warrior 20 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags

    wfok3Ob.gif Love. It was a bittersweet feeling for the warrior. She had fallen in love with a kitty pet. Mothered their kits, only to send them away to live with the kitty pet. Who was now dead and gone forever. Would she even see them in Starclan? Rainpuddle didn't think she would ever fall in love again. But she was happy for Buckwheat. They had been a good apprentice and would be a fine warrior for moons to come. She didn't know they were in love, but if she did, she would wish them the best. "" .

    skyclan warrior 19 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags

    wfok3Ob.gif Two-legs sure like their traps. Rainpuddle had taken notice to this. She was happy that this one didn't seem to kill, like the one did to the deputys son. Her eye looked over the web like thing that was trapping the Skyclanner. Wondering if their claws or teeth would be strong enough to break it. "I can help." she offered.

    skyclan warrior 19 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags

    Rainpuddle was thinking about her kits a lot lately. She had given them up, to their father moons ago. But now they were here and growing to be warriors soon enough. The warrior was taking back from this. She hadn’t been ready to be a mother but now she wanted to try. Rainpuddle felt ready now and was just waiting for a moment to speak with them. But all these thoughts came crashing down at the sight of a body on the forest floor. The scent of blood was all too familiar to her. With an aching chest, the molly released a painful cry. "Plumbpaw! Oh StarClan, Plumbpaw!" she felt dizzy and like this was all a nightmare. Some horrible nightmare that she would wake from any moment. Right. Right! ”Someone help!”

    brookfur -

    wfok3Ob.gif Stories of Starclan. Rainpuddle remembered bothering all the cats in the clan for stories when she was a kit. Wanting to know about everything in Skyclan and outside of Skyclan. Her mind filled with knowledge from the elders and warriors. Now she got to retell the stories and she even had some of her own to tell now. But the warrior decided it was best to let Foxgrin due the talking. She could save her stories for some other day, maybe when she was an elder. So the one eyed cat made her way over and sat down. "" .

    skyclan warrior 19 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags

    wfok3Ob.gif Rainpuddle always liked sparring with her clan mates. She liked the extra practice and to perfect her skills for a real battle. The warrior was always down for a good spar, which was why she quickly made her way over to the deputy. "I'm down!" the young molly says, her one eye looking them over. She was well trained when it came the battle stuff. Her hunting skills were average but Rainpuddle had always been good at fighting.

    skyclan warrior 19 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags

    wfok3Ob.gif Rainpuddle had always liked getting weekly tasks. It was like taking a short break from her warrior duties and doing something unfamiliar. Her one eye looked over the deputy before taking notice of the apprentice. "I'll take a task." .

    skyclan warrior 19 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags

    wfok3Ob.gif Rainpuddle remembered when she had been an apprentice. She had taken more time to enjoy herself, than she had in the past couple of moons. But she was starting to get back on her paws and be herself once again. The warrior noticed her former apprentice taking a moment to relax. It was important to take moments like that. Since the world could easily be turn upside down with the flicker of a tail. Her eye looked over them before she came closer. She looked to the sky to watch the same clouds as them. "Make pictures out of clouds?" .

    skyclan warrior 19 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags

    // I thought I had replied to this! I'm so sorry for the late reply

    wfok3Ob.gif The young warrior was very proud of Buckwheat. She wished she had spent more personal time with him but she had been struggle the past couple of moons. With the return of her kits and everyone finding out how she broke the code. Well, she had struggled. Rainpuddle was getting back on her paws though, working to still be the best one day. It started with trying to connect with her kits and trying to get back in touch with her clan mates.

    Lifting her head up to the familiar voice, it warmed her heart that her former apprentice kept her in mind. She slipped out of the warrior den and into the light of day. "I have all day. Lets take a stroll and maybe hunt on the way back?" Rainpuddle suggested, wondering what they had to say.

    skyclan warrior 19 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags

    wfok3Ob.gif Rainpuddle made her way over, with her one eye looking around. There were a lot of new faces to meet and greet with. From joiners with new kits and brand new apprentices filling up the camp. It was nice to see Skyclan so alive and kicking. The warrior thought it was even better since the skies were becoming warmer and warmer with each passing day. She found a nice spot and sat down, looking to the leader to see what else they had to say for this meeting."" .

    skyclan warrior 19 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags

    omfg dec YES HELLO MY LOVE UWU

    i'm definitely gonna join!! i just gotta
    think of a name and stuff

    i might join like monday or sometime next week since i still gotta think of ideas for a character but im!! hyped honestly

    okay! rainpuddle here has a 2 kits that went inactive (they are 7 moons now) if you want to take one of those!

    Either way i'm happy to have you here!

    character's name: Rainpuddle

    character's rank: Warrior

    character's clan: Skyclan

    four describing personality words: Strong, selfish, adventures, brave

    any particular things? (like fire, snow, knives, etc): rain, clouds, dark weather

    color(s): Dark blues, greys, storm colors

    other: nope :)





    FAVORITE HP: Minnowstar



    FAVORITE KIT: juniperpaw.














    ...fall from a tree: kittypet food:

    ...most likely to sleep in the wrong den:

    ...most likely to take over the clan:

    ...most likely to start a war:








    // eyes emoji

    oh hello there

    i'm thinking of trying out the trad. clans since i've literally only ever been in the extended ones BUT ima test my luck and try it out lmao (myth suggested skyclan to join so im here now yee hee)

    i just gotta figure out a character n shit and actually remember how tf the books work but!! im excited to be here

    omg plz join us

    it's me decay/dream

    wfok3Ob.gif "I don't think I am a very good mother. Not one they need." she spoke honestly. Rainpuddle shouldn't have had kits at such a young age. She wasn't ready and this was the price she paid for it. Not being medicine cat, dead Flick, and kits who would forever hold something against her. The young molly wished she had waited like most she-cats due. Till the had been a warrior for a couple of moons, got a mate, and had the whole clan to back up the litter. Instead, she got knocked up as an apprentice and hid everything from everyone. But not Brookfur, no, they were the only one to know at the time. Looking back at it, she asked them to risk a lot for her mistake.

    "I know, I just... I wish I had more time but I think I'm just nervous around them. It's so strange, soon they'll be the same age I had them."

    skyclan warrior 18 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags

    wfok3Ob.gif Wheatbloom. He had once been her mentor as well as a close friend. Rainpuddle had once been so excited to be the medicine cat one day. But Starclan rejected her and now her heart was set on being the best warrior. Now she had kits to deal with along with blood ties to Bloodclan. It was hard sometimes. But she was too stubborn of a cat to give up so quickly. She was going to work hard till the day she died, which she didn't plan on being anytime soon. "That's good to hear. I may not be a fully trained medicine cat, but I am here for you if you need it." the warrior reassured them, stepping over a bump in the pathway.

    The next subject was a harder one to talk about. Her kits had been here for sometime and she still hadn't made a lot of process with them. It was a guilt that weighed heavy on her heart. But she was going to get there, just needed a little more time. "Not really. But I'm going to try more."

    skyclan warrior 18 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang tags