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    noEM9q7.gif This was her first apprentice and she was really excited about it. She was just coming to accept that her kits were in camp now and was back to becoming the best warrior ever. Now she had an apprentice to teach but also help herself when it came to becoming the best. The one eyed feline looked to Buckpaw and left the warrior den. "I was thinking, maybe we could work on your hunting skills a bit more. Since leaf bare is nearly here and prey will be harder to find." Rainpuddle sugguested her plan, wondering what her apprentice had to say about it.

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    noEM9q7.gif Her ears fold against her skull in distress as her two sons walk away. Maybe after they settle she could do a better job at explaining herself. Rainpuddle just watched before looking away. Her heart ached and decided to go take a walk. The fresh air could help her clear her mind and figure some things out. "" .

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    noEM9q7.gif Rainpuddle had been so busy dealing with her own personal things, that she hardly notice the emotional mess of others. But she was starting to get back on track. Her goal was still to be the best warrior. With or without kits. Nothings change besides their being more mouths in camp to feed now. So the warrior made her way over to see how she could help! "" .

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    noEM9q7.gif She was thankful for Brookpaw's friendship, wishing there was something she could do to thank her. Maybe one day she would get that chance. Rainpuddle was going to say something when a small voice came in. Her eye flickered onto them and her heart ached. They were all so beautiful. No thanks to her, she wishes she could thank Flick. But he- Swallowing the thought, she offers them a kind smile. "I" she wasn't sure how to start or how honest she should be. "I was still an apprentice when you were born. I thought- I thought we could both be happy if I stayed here and you lived with your father."

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    noEM9q7.gif Rainpuddle watched as mother and kit interacted. Would her kits allow her to act that way towards them. Probably not. She was their mother by blood but nothing else. The young warrior wished to change that but she knew it would take some time before they thought of her as anything but the she-cat who left them. Would that thought ever change? She hoped so. "" .

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    noEM9q7.gif She wasn't all that hurt from Plumb's words. The warrior didn't expect to suddenly become their mother. Maybe she really was nothing to them. She was no parent, a mother wouldn't have sent her kits away. Yet, they stood before her and carried the same blood. But they needed more than blood to keep them together. Rainpuddle wished for them to stay here, for their safety. Unsure of how her relationship with them would unfold. Maybe one day they would leave and she really would never see them again. With this second chance she thought there could be more between them. Family?

    Her eyes looked up from her paws to see Lavenderskies and Brookpaw. Did they judge her from her past actions? Should she say sorry? Maybe. But with Flick dead it was hard to feel anything but sorrow at the moment. "I- I thought it was right to send them away. But now... I don't know anymore." .

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    plumb   PEACOCKKIT~! (you don't have to reply but this takes place right after they get to camp)

    noEM9q7.gif Her heart was pounding, blood rushing through her ears numbed out the sound. Flick was dead. He was dead. Oh, Starclan. He was suppose to protect them, raise them, not lead them here. Yet, her kits managed to make it here all by themselves. Not that it was his fault. He was dead after all. Her one eye scanned over them with shock. "Yes. I am your mother." she confirmed it. The only one to know she had kits was Brookpaw. But now everyone would know that she not only had kits but with a kittypet. Would they judge her? Maybe.

    The warrior allows a queen to show her kits the nursery and explain some simple rules. Like not leaving the camp and such. She moves to sit by herself and try to process everything. Rainpuddle glances their way to see one of the kits staring at her. Breeze? She thinks that is their name but she couldn't really remember at the moment. Had Flick named them so close to traditional clan names on purpose? She wasn't sure. Before she could say anything, the kit was gone deeper into the nursery.

    Looking to her paws, she not only wondered what her kits were thinking but her clan mates. Rainpuddle swallowed hard, was this another punishment?

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