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    noEM9q7.gif She knows what they are saying is true but she was scared of Starclan. This way the dead would accept her and she would be able to become the best warrior ever. It was her dream and she was selfish. But, it was better than tossing the kits out to die. They had a home this way. Rainpaw just gives Brookpaw a smile, hoping her friend would be able to understand on a more personal way. But maybe she was a cold-hearted feline who was willing to leave her kits for a higher status in the clan. "Thank you for everything Brookpaw. But I'm done talking about it." she says, not making it out to be mean or anything. "Lets get back to camp. I'm gonna let others know that i'm feeling a little... sick. If you could cover for me, that would be great? I'm sorry for dragging you into this."

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    noEM9q7.gif Eagles? Her stomach twists with excitement as she had never caught something so big before. Since she started her warrior training along after six moons, the same reason she wasn't going to get her warrior name for another two moons. But she trusted Barkscar to show her the way, knowing he will tell her if she messes up for sure. Rainpaw should have known he wouldn't want anyone else to come along, they were the most social cat she knew. That didn't really matter since she liked him either way. He was a strong warrior with a good sense of judgment, she trusted him. Another reason to never tell him about the kits that now lived in the two-leg territory. Barkscar would hate her, right? The dark feline follows after him, tilting her head at his statement. She didn't think many would care about a 'cold' but maybe this was his jab at making conversation. That thought brought a smile to her scarred face. "Just a little cold. But i'm all better!" she said, and truly felt that way even if it was super selfish or her.

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    noEM9q7.gif "You can't be serious." the words fall out of her mouth before thinking. Her one eye looks at her grandfather, her stomach twists at the idea that he is her kits great-grandfather. But they were gone, out of reach to be tainted by Bloodclan. The apprentice looks at Minnowstar, would they really become allies with them? She didn't like the idea at all and it was half because they ripped out her eye. Rainpaw didn't want anything to do with Bloodclan unless it was her father coming back. But he wasn't coming back, she knew that and it left a bitter taste in her mouth. "Minnowstar, we don't want to become their play things." she pleads, head snapping towards Sheogorath. She felt hot with anger and wanted to kill them in this moment. Would Caledon really allow Bloodclan to attack Skyclan just because the refused to be allies? Would he attack her home himself? Her stance reminded her of how her father was, so protective of those she called family. "Watch your tongue before I take it from you. Bloodclan is thirsty for chaos, they don't want a true alliance they just want us to stay out of the way while they attack Riverclan again."

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    // made this so it takes place after her kitting

    noEM9q7.gif She had pulled it off, she actually was able to make the plan work. Rainpaw had given birth, her kits with their father, and only her and Brookpaw knew. The apprentice cleaned herself up and with help, she was able to keep her secret. A weight had been lifted off her, as selfish as that was. Maybe Starclan was happy with her now? Now she could become the best warrior ever for Skyclan and do what is best for her clan. Her one eye looked around for something to do. She had spent a couple of days 'sick' with Brookpaw able to cover for her as her body recovered. It was great how perfect everything worked out for her. Rainpaw finished grooming her fur before standing up, "Anyone want to go hunting?" .

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    noEM9q7.gif She sighs in relief only to gasp as intense pain grows. The she-cat eats what she is told and is ready to snap whatever stick is given to her. Rainpaw traces back to the kittings she saw as a medicine cat apprentice. Breath. She had to remind herself to breath and that would help with the pain and such. Wolfgang, Starclan she wishes he was here. Her kits would never see their grandparents, but maybe that was for the best. They would never know of Bloodclan or the tale of how her eye was lost. Rainpaw whimpers, listening to her body as she guides herself through the first push.

    The night passes by, starting with two felines and ending with six. With the sun peaking its bright head out, Rainpaw looked down at the bundles rubbing against her belly. Four little nuggets breath for the first time, taking in the crisp morning air of Skyclan. Starclan, please watch them even after they leave here. She looked up and past Brookpaw to see Flick and another tom making their way over. Looking a little nervous since Brookpaw wasn't apart of the original plan. Giving them a small nod she looks up to her friend, "I... I don't know where to start." she breathes out, "I broke the warrior code, I was with a kitty pet. I- In order to get Starclan to forgive me I must send these kits away. They don't deserve to be punished like me, with Flick they can live a full life. I hope you can understand Brookpaw and keep this between us."

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    noEM9q7.gif Another one of them? Maybe they were a cat but they were no clan cat, certainly not a Skyclanner. They lived by rules, live by an order, some she had broken but she was paying the price. Her head didn't have to turn around to know it was Barkscar that was behind them. "What he is getting at, is just because you are friendly doesn't mean you can trespass. I must ask again, that you leave unless you have something for Skyclan." .

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    Okay so I need this for Rainpaw x Flick kits, please let me know if you need more details

    Flick; unknown breed probably mixed, he has long white and grey fur with green eyes and is large for an average domestic cat

    Rainpaw; mixed, the inside of her legs and belly carry white, while the rest of her fur is a grey, the top of her body being a darker grey than the rest, has dark blue eyes compared to her parents light blue ones. The female is normal size for a cat and her fur is on the long side, yet it hardly ever gets tangled up or anything stuck in it.

    Idk if you would need Rainpaw's parents or not so just let me know?

    brookpaw -   Flick

    Rainpaw had spent the last two moons working to Flick to come up with a plan. One that would her away clean and back to normal. Except, nothing was ever going to be normal again. But she had to try. So the apprentice was careful to stay away from watchful eyes and be mindful of what she did in front of others. Thankful that her coat was thick and her mentor seemed to be busy these days. She began to stash herbs she would need near the border that Flick came to often, even giving him some instruction on what to do. Everything was fine, everything was going to work out. The apprentice would give birth, send them away, and become the best warrior of Skyclan. What if it didn't work out? What if she dies tonight?

    She slipped out of the apprentice den at the first contraction, her worried eye flickered back and forth. Nursery or border. Rainpaw knew that her clan would accept her and her kits but she was more concerned about Starclan. No, she couldn't change her mind now it was too late. But she was scared to do this alone, it was terrifying. Swallowing hard through another painful wave in her body. Rainpaw carefully woke up Brookpaw and told them a lie. Saying there was a loner kitting at the border and that Wheatbloom was already there. She hated lying to her friend but she didn't want to panic them in case they spilled their secret. So, with that, she guided them out into the cold night towards the border.

    Once they were there, she knew Flick wouldn't be there till the morning. Since he always came by each day to see if they kits had come or not. Her blue eye shined from the moon light, turning to face the medicine cat apprentice. "I'm sorry I lied." she said, knowing that Brookpaw was probably catching on by now. Rainpaw wanted to cry, scream for her dads, her siblings. Starclan, even Dasiyfrost or Glacewing would make for good support. But she couldn't go back, not after this, she could never go back to being herself ever again. She would have to become something new, something better. The dark feline shows where she stashed all the herbs and where she had made a moss nest days ago, laying in it and trusting the medicine cat apprentice to help her through this. Starclan, please help. "I promise to e-explain, just please help me Brookpaw. Don't tell anyone just help." the older she-cat pleaded through the pain.


    noEM9q7.gif The she-cat was nearing the end of her pregnancy and still no one knew. Her belly hadn't swelled as much as she thought it would, must be a small litter. And her thick, long furred, coat kept it pretty well hidden. Which, she was very grateful for because she wasn't going to keep the kits. Rainpaw had been stashing herbs, day by day, and now she only had a few things left to get. Her blue eye looked around the camp, feeling like this plan of hers was going to work. She sits down and lets out a small yawn."" .

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    noEM9q7.gif The one eyed feline made her way over to sit in the back. She was close enough to listen to the leader and see everyone reactions to what was going to be talked about. Rainpaw hadn't been their when this was brought up, but words travel fast. Borders. The idea of having loose borders and allowing more to come in and out was scary. Maybe it wasn't super bad? Maybe then she could see Flick? No. This was another test. Having borders is what made a clan which made it apart of the code. But she wanted to here what others had to say about it first. "" .

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    Your name: Decaying

    Character(s) you play in SkyClan: Rainpaw !

    Length of time in SkyClan: Since April 2018

    Night owl for morning bird?: Morning bird

    Pepsi or Coke?: Coke

    Dog or cat?: Both

    Coffee or tea?: Coffee

    Peace and quiet or laughter and noise?: Laughter and noise

    If you went to Taco Bell, what would you order?: Crunchwrap supreme with beans instead of beef

    What conspiracy theories do you have?: The moon landing was fake :)

    What's your spirit animal?: Don't have one

    What's your favorite ice cream flavor?: Chocolate or strawberry

    Would you rather go to the Superbowl of the Oscars?: Oscars

    Hobbies: Writing, cosplay, and gardening

    Likes: Plants, rain, reading, friends

    Dislikes: Sticky things, humidity, sudden noises

    And finally, tell us what you love MOST about SkyClan!

    EVERYONE! I love how everyone has such a different character and they all have their own plots going on. Everyone has a personal story and it ties into what is happening in Skyclan as a whole. The OOC community is great and I feel really welcomed here. I also love how everyone is different with Rainpaw and I hope to use that to get her to grow more.