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    hello welcome back!! i’m tempest! i don’t think we’ve ever met, but it’s nice to see you back regardless ^^ unfortunately, i don’t think i remember your characters, but then again, my memory is garbage haha

    if you need any further help, feel free to contact me!

    sad to see you go! i liked seeing your characters around, and i hope you have good fortune for wherever you’re headed :3

    hhhhhhello feralfront! i’m tempest, but you can call me tempy or temp! i’ve been here since 2013, but i came back in 2016 after around a two year hiatus? (i didn’t go by the same name skejsk)

    you may know me from arcanepaw / secret (former leader of riverclan / riverside, member of blizzardclan), louise (resident asshole who was the daughter of sango, finch, chardonnay, cainsmark, and joseph a while back), or some other minor characters (ive been around hehe)! i don’t currently actively play any characters rn, but i would totally be willing to plot!

    i’m currently a high school student! i absolutely love pokemon, warrior cats, and anime, so if you ever wanna chat about that im down :3

    hey there! i’m definitely in the same boat as you, since i recently came back after a hiatus 2 months ago!

    i’m mainly an agrelos roleplayer, and though i was in traditional when it first started, i haven’t been there in a while haha

    how are you today? :3

    for me, the best way to keep muse is definitely having an ongoing development plot or an active community that interacts with every character. sometimes, it’s hard to integrate into the latter, especially if you’re just joining.

    a good way to keep muse for a character is to have an end goal for them. it should be attainable and relatively easy to accomplish over a period of time but, at the same time, creative!

    another thing is to build deep relationships, especially through interactions in threads. it’s important to not just form bonds with the characters, but with the role players in your circle too. its more fun to roleplay with people you like!

    it’s also good to be the center, or part of, drama that captures the whole clan. the more chaotic, the better hehe

    and yeah that’s all from me! :3

    oh dang i remember them!! i have one harbringer kid from some time ago skdkdk

    but yeah i agree w minerva! the founders of those families probably left,taking active members with them. which is sad bc i miss the harbringers

    at first glance, the amalfi heights seems to be a cool group with a nice premise, but it seems quite inactive (which sometimes can’t be helped dkfjk).

    i would suggest hosting something that can bring both the group and their allies together, maybe a christmas party? maybe an alliance litter would help bring fresh faces to the clan too!

    for ravensong, maybe someone she loves is in bloodclan and she has to choose between loyalty and love?

    for blazeheart, maybe she meets a clan cat and goes out to regularly visit them, without her rogue group’s permission?

    for revolution, maybe he gets captured by a clan cat and sees what clan life is like?

    i hope this helps flakfkslsj im not the best at making development arcs

    one bloodclan healer coming right up