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    the molly grinned, she felt quite useful for once as she led the way. it wasn't too far from their current location, a few minutes at best. her tail swung excitedly behind her, she had new friends! she could finally sleep in peace.

    once near enough, she considered small-talk, but decided against it. she noted there were plants growing in abundance just nearby, though of course, she didn't know their uses, might even be dangerous. "well, here we are." she mewed, taking a seat by the entrance of the den, it seemed ancient at best.

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    track! i have not decided on her name yet, if anyone wants to suggest that'd be great!! unu

    the current names i have are:




    other than the name, everything else is done. uwu


    the apprentice beamed at her mentor's praise, following just behind him with graceful steps. the molly, for the most part kept her head lowered as the others greeted blackstorm. the molly pondered the day of her ceremony, it was a happy day for her and her siblings, it came as an even greater shock when she learned blackstorm was to be her mentor!

    casting her thoughts aside, she focused on the dirt path, hoping not to trip on anything as they made their way to the windclan border. once they were near enough, she wondered if they would see any patrols, as an apprentice, the she never made too many outside friends, maybe she could come in the next gathering.

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    the apprentice let out one last yawn before she nodded, "i'mm aawake." she mewed, nodding her head repeatedly. well at least she hoped she was. taking a look around the camp, it seemed like there were barely any other cats awake, save for a few basking in the dawn. she could feel her cheeks grow hot in embarrassment as the tom mentioned her clumsy steps, licking her paws, she shook her head one last time. "i'm ready." she exclaimed, determination evident in her eyes.

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    cherrypaw sat just by the pile of fresh-kill, but not too close. it was the perfect enough distance for shade to cover her face while the warm rays of sunshine warmed her backside. the molly pondered what to do in her free time, she had just finished training and was taking a break. should she go on patrol? she sighed as she looked around the camp. not many cats were loitering about, it was the perfect time to rest after all. though, instead of slumbering away, the molly thought of talking to someone for once, it was a little boring on her own after all.

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    hazekit kept still in her hiding spot, not wanting to give any clues away. "shhh yes." she put a paw up to the older cat's maw to silence her before retracting it. hazekit was crouched extremely near the ground, but with her tiny legs carrying her hunk of fur it barely seemed to make a difference.

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    cherrypaw woke to her mentor's badgering voice. her eyes were still groggy from her sleep, but she did her best to blink it away. shifting her position, with her backside now facing the entrance, she sighed as she closed her eyes for 5 seconds. within those 5 seconds, she pondered what her dream was, not being able to recall any memory of it.

    the molly sighed, as she got up to stretch, clawing at her nest. she let out one last sigh, as she braved the sunlight, finally leaving the nice and shaded comforts of the den. "mooorning blackstaaaaaa--orm." she greeted before quickly muttering a sorry completely forgetting his name change, it would take some time to get used to. "i choooose hunting!" she mewed, her thoughts were pretty jumbled right now, but she did not want to fight first thing in the morning.

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    //ack i think my other littermates are not active right now? how about we just play the game ourselves :DD?

    hazekit grinned, "sure thing! now..... since we've got a lot of members, let's play!!" she exclaimed excitedly, her tail wagging like a dog's as she crouched down. "cloudkit! you're the last to join so you're it!!" she mewed happily, her face extremely close to cloudkit's own. "run!!" the small kit shouted, as she swerved to run away from the younger kit. hazekit squinted as she scanned the camp, ultimately deciding to behind the pile of fresh-kill. "heh, they won't be able to even smell me!" she whispered to herself, the evilest grin that the kit could muster plastered on her face.

    the molly could merely stare in awe at blazefrost, taking down a fox on his own? she couldn't even imagine--well she could, but with her extremely basic knowledge of fighting it probably looked odd. primrose tipped her head with a smile as her name was called, sort of like an attendance. as cloverslam spoke, she listened strangely attentively wondering how the two will take to the question.

    primrose nodded at blazefrost's suggestion, and for once, she had an answer. "i saw a small den nearby, now that i think about it i'm not sure if it belonged to someone but it felt pretty abandoned." she mewed, thinking back on the small cave. "it looked a little small, i think we'd all fit."

    hazekit frowned a little as the older kit forbade them from exploring the territory, it should be fine right? it's their territory after all! her eyebrows curled downwards as her face rested in a grumpy look. "aaaalriiiight." she mewed accepting her fate, she should at least obey the older kit's orders, well, for now. she jumped a little as older molly made her way towards them, looking up at the apprentice as she stared right back at her.

    the kit felt a little intimidated, but the more the merrier! plus maybe they could show some secret hiding places her littermates didn't know anything about--she'd be a queen. "sure! let's all play." she replied, a glowing grin on her face as she pondered her first hiding place.

    name. cherrypaw

    training style pref. someone slow and steady; so she'd be able to master something in due time without the pressure, not too judgemental of her slow learning style.

    other. a slim, light-weight copper tabby molly with seafoam-green eyes, she bears a slender poofy tail resembling that of a feather-duster. cherrypaw is a bright, balanced, and while shy is extremely curious and adventurous.