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    Shade had moved away, and he'd lost track of Athena. "Mama always said I needed to speed up..." Calvin grumbled, looking wearily at the winding hallway. "Mama also said I'd make somethin' of myself...I don't doubt that she meant somethin' bigger than this." This apocalypse probably threw everyone's life plans out of whack, so it was comforting to know that he wasn't alone. But knowing that his family was still out there, scattered like the ashes of everyone unfortunate enough omewhat nullified that effect. "Don't worry, anybody. I'm still strong." He smiled, flexing his arm to nobody.



    IC: Connor snapped.

    His voice cracked the air like a whip, making Giffany flinch. It made the static across her shoulders shoot upwards. She just stood there, looking at him, then slowly lifted her hand to her forehead. Was she hallucinating from illness? Connor had lost his cool. Connor. The one who'd kept them together. The one who'd helped her accept the island as their new home. The one who had gotten her out of her meltdown. That same Connor was at the end of his rope. She fell silent, jaw agape, as he stormed off in tears.

    This...this was her fault.

    She'd held the group up by being so fearful. She could've volunteered to stay behind with Clementine, who was now limp and seemingly unconscious. She could've stayed behind, and everyone else could've reached Folk by now. "Stupid, stupid, stupid..." She gazed down at her clenching fists. "I used to be so aggressive, what happened to me?" She didn't ask that question enough. She should've reduced Miraak and Mewtwo to char by now. She could easily do it. But she didn't feel willing. What good was a rescue team member who wasn't willing? "Why am I such a load?..." Why her? Why her for this island? All she knew was being a good girlfriend...

    ...Wait. That's it.

    "Connor?..." Giffany knocked on a tree in front of her. It made her stomach drop to see him stomp on his uniform. "It's like he just wants to reject everything he stands for..." "Connor, it's..." Well, it wouldn't really be okay, and a good girlfriend was always honest. "...It's...I understand." She fiddled with her knuckles. "I'm probably as scared of Mewtwo as you are of Miraak..." "He said that Miraak treated him like an object...And I wasn't there to help!..." Because of that stupid virus! The spiders somewhat liked her now, but that was far less important than her friends' wellbeing! Her heart drooped like an unwatered plant. "But...I know I wasn't there for you when he treated you like an object. But I will be now. Because you are a living being. You think, you feel, you love. That's what a living being is, in my book." She smiled slightly, then went on.

    "It isn't fair, Connor, that any of this is happening to us. But we can make it right, together. We'll find out how we got here. Maybe we'll get to stand up to whoever put us here. And Folkvar will be there with us, because we faced our fears together!" If Connor wanted to face his fear, that was. Not that she'd blame him at all if he didn't. "You're important to us, Connor. You always were. We'd follow you to the Nightmare Realm itself!...Well, I would..." She was tickly inside, a little nauseous, but still excited. Once again, another side of her had taken over, putting unexpected words in her mouth. "It's Brave Giffany talking again...but where's Useful Giffany? Why can't I seem to summon her again?"

    She started to tense up, tried to make herself angry. "I just need to think of what makes me angry! Um...cheaters! Um...those beetles that chew up peach trees! Um...being abandoned! Left behind! Treated like junk!" Though the voice in her head became furious, she still looked calm, even with neon blue arcs rapidly growing and leaping off her body. "Another girl taking him away from you! All your kindness and care being tossed aside, meaning NOTHING!" Brave Giffany was howling at her, demanding for her to summon Useful Giffany...but she just wouldn't show up. Sad Giffany showed up instead. Her arcs diminished, her shoulders drooped. No, no! She was getting mad! She had to keep it! "Being abandoned...other girls...convincing him to abandon you..." It was all for naught. All it did was break her heart. As quickly as she started, she stopped discharging. "It didn't work..."

    Regretfully, she held her head high to address both Connor and everyone else. "I'm sorry. I used to be so much more powerful than this..." She mewed. "There's a side of me that used to take me over...I can't get her to take me over again." She shook her head. This wasn't about her shortcomings. This was about Connor. "See? You're still so capable, after everything you went through. You're so brave, and strong..." Was he even listening to her? "...But if you want to rest, that's okay."

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    "Hands on my head?..." Kian's voice had turned dreamy, well and truly in a trance. His snout had become ensnared in a web of deliciousness, which curled around his fangs and constricted his saliva-drenched tongue. Then the aroma slithered up to his brain, happily invading his consciousness, daintily switching off his other functions, ensuring that he would think about it, and only it. Well cooked meat, well cooked meat, well cooked meat...such a luxury...

    His tail thumped excitedly until, finally, it slammed into a chair. The pain surged through his nerves in waves. Those waves were strong enough to flip the switches back on, and his consciousness returned with a sharp jolt. "H-hands on my head!" Kian repeated, pushing his face away.

    "Oooooh, wow..." Kian slithered in circles. He rarely, if ever, got to see the inside of a dwelling. His tongue was yanked right out of his mouth, and was now going crazy. There were so many smells! "Seems to me like there's something for everyone!" He exclaimed, circling the chicken like a vulture. "Somebody better drag me out of here..." Much to his sorrow, he knew he couldn't have nearly as much as he'd like. This food had to last the whole jounery-and saving some for Raven would be wise, too.

    "Sure, I could eat somethin'." Kian answered melodically, uncurling from his seat. Now, being a snake, he could eat anything. That would be a bit of a problem. He'd have to make sure to save some for the others, but that was tough when you had such a hard time not swallowing the meal whole. "I'm Kian, by the way. And you might not want to try sharing with me. I can't help but swallow food whole, no bites needed."

    "I seem to have made him queasy." Emeraldas watched Legoshi's ears fall. If he'd paid attention to her face, he would have witnessed a miracle; the corner of her lip slipped upwards. A humored smirk. "He is willing to follow me despite my actions, just to pursue his goal...does he realize his bravery?" Perhaps Legoshi wasn't as cowardly as he appeared. "I do not know Cherryton." She replied plainly. "You will need to guide me." Assuming the clues they found would lead to Cherryton, of course. "For now, however, stay behind me."

    Right before they reached the warehouse, Emeraldas turned to Legoshi one more time. "I am Emeraldas." Her answer was a soft, ghostly murmur, despite all the glory that surrounded her name. "I must not have reached your star system, which is why we have never met.. I ride the sea of stars inside my ship, and I do not plan to settle. The thrusters of the Queen Emeraldas will cease to function at the same time my heart ceases to beat."

    Then she leaned into the improvised entrance, sneaking in like a scarred old cat.



    IC: He seemed to think her funny. One of Giffany's eyebrows fell slightly. "Does he think I'm kidding? I'm not..." Perhaps he wanted a girl who was always joking? While she never saw herself as a comedian, alas, she needed to mould herself into whoever her boyfriend wanted. Besides, maybe her prince also wanted a joker. Slowly, her jaw opened, and a laugh sauntered out. "Ha-ha. Ha-ha. Ha-ha. Ha-ha. Ha-ha." Her laughter was filled with as much humor as a beeping heart monitor. Unless she was given something else to say, she could drone on like this for hours. She probably would have if she failed to register that she'd been asked about her prison.

    "Ha-ha. Ha-ha. Ha-ha...Gravity Falls is around here somewhere." The way she switched seamlessly from laughter to explanation was nothing short of eerie, as if she was a CD whose tracks someone had skipped through. "I think it's behind us. See the sun? If you followed it, then went a little to the left, you could find it." Of course she would remember how she got out here, she had great memory. No way in hell would Giffany ever get lost. A good girlfriend always knew where she was off to. "Alternatively, you might be able to see it by the giant bubble surrounding it." The world inside the town's forcefield was cloaked in rusty red, and branded by a gigantic neon 'X'. It could really strain the eyes, if you had time to stop and stare. But people who stopped and stared typically found themselves paralyzed by Eye-bats and carried off to the Fearamid, where they became pieces of a great throne.

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    IC: Okay, wow, this was a lot of questions. Giffany may have been programmed to find anything a person said interesting, but that didn't necessarily mean she wanted to be subjected to a questionnaire. Especially not when there was something on her mind. Despite her slight annoyance, she maintained her joy, took a moment to swallow all the questions, then answered them one by one.

    "You could say my hair is genetic. My father was half octopus. I believe that is why my hair is so colorful." She batted at one of her sidelocks. Ick, it was all dirty and snaggly from her time in the woods. Boys liked soft and clean hair, damn it! "But I really am from Japan! Though I didn't stay long after my conception..." There was that slight tinge of spite in her voice, the tick of anger which came and went like a tiny cloud in front of the sun. "I am not an alien, but I do sometimes dream about being one." She never got to dream all that much, you had to leave her unattended for about seven minutes for her to fall asleep. So aliens were an interest...? She could work with that. But...her prince in the woods...what if another girl had already snatched him away?

    Alas, Hiro's desire for water reminded her of how long she herself had gone without a meal or clean drink. A strange thing about going around in reality was that she could suddenly become hungry, thirsty, hurt, even tired. Virtuality, she figured, provided her with all the nourishment she needed. "No, I don't have any." She answered blankly. "There is Gravity Falls nearby, but it's pretty dangerous right now." Was there even water in Gravity Falls, or had Bill turned it into nail polish or something?

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    "So I guess Raven really bit off more than she could chew... " Kian concluded, a little worried. If a snake thought you had bitten off more than you could chew, then you did bite off more than you could chew, no arguments about it. "A mole!?" He recoiled, then whirled his head around the room, wondering if he'd spot any spying devices. "Gosh...this could all come crashing down if we aren't careful!" His tail began to thump, as his ribs began to tingle with adventurous spirit. It only figured that, once he was all revved up, the briefing was over. "Oh! I guess we're free to explore now?" That hopeful smile did not once leave his face.

    "Can we really?" Calvin's eyes had a rare, brief spark of excitement. Why, lifting heavy tools was perfect for someone of his mighty stature! To let his muscles turn to fat would be foolish, especially in these harsh times. As though he was a dog summoned with a whistle, he hastily got up, looking Athena dead in the eyes. Waiting to hear about exactly what needed repairs, he went still, his only.noise being deep exhales from his nose. Athena didn't seem to respond, though, and she simply walked away. Going off that, and her overall tone, it could be guessed that she had some biv repairs in store for her. No wonder she was so quick to ask for extra hands.

    Calvin trotted after Athena, keeping his distance. He'd slowed down for Shade, feeling a bit bad about the prospect of leaving him all alone.

    Emereldas was slightly impressed by the sharpness of Legoshi's teeth, but not intimidated. Any and all attempts to bite her would be rewarded with a swift skewer with her Saber. The killer, however, might not have been nearly as quick to react. "Don't apologize. You may display your anger in any way you wish." She purred, her eyebrows rising a little. "'Tem', it was?" If it was herself in those paws, she wouldn't have been so quick to reveal the name of her lost one. Like many things, it was a special honor. Seeing as Legoshi wanted to go with her, perhaps he would get that honor, too. "I must warn you, I am willing to tread into the jaws of death." Her tone gained a cautionary edge, stern yet welcoming, like a mother telling her kids not to go beyond the swing set at the playground. "I do not believe that anyone close to me is the murderer." Hiroshi was too young, Maetel was too gentle, and Captain Harlock wouldn't murder innocent people without a reason.

    " came straight at me." Emeraldas gazed at the damage done to the warehouse, as unfazed as though it was still an untouched wall. "It seems to have continued to go straight. Our best hope is to follow these imprints." A shiny crimson boot dragged along the tiny valleys the train had formed in the concrete. "But, first...I've a feeling that there is someone we can ask inside the warehouse." The lady gracefully turned around, her locks swishing as she stepped to the warehouse.



    IC: It seemed like forever. Giffany was still prancing through the world of gray and black, humming love songs. She even bounced over dried, crumbly logs as if they were trampolines. Occasionally, she stopped to have a little coughing fit, but then carried on as normal. No amount of smoke would keep her from meeting her new prince! The best part of this fire was that the animals had all been frightened away. She was pretty much clear on hazards.

    Or was she...?

    Well, this was a first. A boy actually coming to her? Perhaps Weirdmageddon's magic made her more attractive! " prince..." Despite her joy, she was confused. She had never, EVER been presented with more than one option before. Was this how it felt to be alive? How did a live human put up with choice? It was something she wondered every time she brought up a menu for her boyfriend to choose from. She could only watch as he went with his gut. It was up to her to teach him the right choices, to understand her feelings. The one who shouted was, presumably, in just as much need as this boy. She couldn't ignore him! She was needed!

    In fact...was this boy even happy to see her? His voice was so deadpan, so dismissive. Even her voice had more emotion, and she was completely artificial! Even so, she needed to begin the tutorial.

    "Hi there! My name is Giffany!" Her explanation was somewhat skippy, her tone fluctuating ever so slightly. "I'm a schoolgirl at School University!..." ...And then what? She left her books behind. There was nothing for Hiro to carry. And could she even bring out a menu from all the way out here? "I guess I'll have to skip all of that. It just feels wrong..." "Ha ha ha! No!" She giggled awkwardly back. "My hair has always been pink! I am not from a comic, either!" Comics...she remembered being in a place that sold those.

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