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    "Us? Medicine cats?" Chillybreeze shook a paw with an expression of pure "uh oh" on his face. "We're just a couple of regular warriors, if this is just medicine cats only, we'll leave. Sorry, I was just so excited about the prospect of a playdate that I didn't think about...Blossompool? He was expecting his friend to be all "Good!" and rush back to WindClan, but she had only padded a couple mouse-lengths away.

    The tortoiseshell was watching the kits, her chubby face frozen with a nostalgic expression. So innocent, so friendly, so carefree...Yet this was the worst possible time they could have been born. StarClan was doing who-knows-what to the forest, threatening to dry up these kits one day, and threatening to freeze them tomorrow.

    "Isn't this wonderful, Blossompool?" A light gray tabby tom led his tortoiseshell companion to the playdate with his tail swinging. "With all that's going on with StarClan and such, a day with the kits sounds like just what the medicine cat ordered! I bet they could really use the exercise." When the tom turned his head, however, he could see Blossompool dawdling, continuously glancing back in the direction of the freshkill pile. The tom's smile fell a little. "Come on, Blossompool. Lots of warriors will be staying behind. There'll be plenty left to make sure the kits and elders stay fed!" He lightly gripped her by the nape of her neck, pulling her the rest of the way.

    The tom's tail swished back and forth in delight upon coming to the clearing, and seeing all the other cats. "What a turnout! Hey, all! I'm Chillybreeze from WindClan, and this is-Oh, mousebrains! Hold on." He dragged Blossompool back into view. "Blossompool. Known her my whole life. Sorry, she's usually more social than this."

    "Um...Hi, everybody..." The she-cat muttered softly, her tone all but flat out stating that she wanted to return to her clan as soon as possible.

    "...I dunno..." Chillybreeze looked to the sky with uncertainty. "Cats like me, with long fur, don't seem to be having a lot of trouble. But Blossompool is a shortfurred cat. She might not be faring as well. How the tables turn..." He chuckled a little, remembering how much he was suffering with his stupid coat when it was unbearably hot. "Anyway, I'm sure she's hunting. She's been really worried about how much the kits are eating. But...You don't know where she went?" That was weird. Blossompool wasn't one to hunt without the deputy's say-so. Maybe she was still purely loyal to the first leader and deputy she knew deep inside.

    Meanwhile, Blossompool was, in fact, on the hunt. Burs and twigs were caught in her ordinarily soft dappled coat, and her whiskers were tangled. Yet she was beside herself with trying to being back decent freshkill.

    Chillybreeze looked down at the little cat and smiled. "I wasn't talking to that cat. It's just me." He tipped his head at the departing NPC. "I probably should be busy, like Blossompool is. Speaking of which..." His eyes met Brightshine's as she approached. "Do you know where she went? I keep hoping to hunt alongside her. Like old times."

    Chillybreeze was okay in the cool, due to his long fur. His friend, however, had a much shorter coat, and he found himself more worried about her than himself. Blossompool was her name, and they had been through so much together. Countless leaders, battles, and natural disasters tested their bond, and, more importantly, their lives. He wished for the skies to be clear again, as pretty and blemish-free as when they were a couple rambunctious young kittens.

    Blossompool couldn't be found in the warriors' den, bringing him deeper into sorrow. She'd gone hunting for any scrap of prey, again. Of course Chillybreeze did the same, but it seemed that they never had time to coordinate a time to go together. Perhaps she felt like this all fell on her? It would be classic Blossompool. Not that he blamed her, or would join in mocking her, for worrying so. That poor tortoiseshell always seemed to be anxious about her leader, as if she knew when the cat was going to be replaced. Again, he didn't blame her. It seemed that every time the duo turned around, there'd be somebody new atop the Highrock.

    Well, the most Chillybreeze could do was serve the current leader dutifully, while they were here. So he had a look around, seeing who would want him to make himself useful.

    "I am named for the gemstone." Emeraldas's reply was smooth and brisk, like a winter's breeze. She planned to use such breeze to blow down whoever was inside the warehouse. With help from her Gravity Saber, of course. She slowly pulled it out as though it was a splinter. By the time it would return to its scabbard, the killer's accomplices would wish it was just a splinter. With a steady gaze, she was already mapping out her attack pattern: how she would strike, where she would stab, even where she would retreat to on the off chance that she would send the warehouse tumbling down.

    She didn't want to speak anymore, not for the sake of their cover. But Legolas wanted so badly to know what species she was, she knew he would keep asking her throughout the battle. And neither of them could afford to be distracted by anything. "I am a La Melitan." She answered plainly.

    Turning the corner, she did, indeed, find individuals. Respectable looking individuals, but not trustworthy ones.

    Shade had moved away, and he'd lost track of Athena. "Mama always said I needed to speed up..." Calvin grumbled, looking wearily at the winding hallway. "Mama also said I'd make somethin' of myself...I don't doubt that she meant somethin' bigger than this." This apocalypse probably threw everyone's life plans out of whack, so it was comforting to know that he wasn't alone. But knowing that his family was still out there, scattered like the ashes of everyone unfortunate enough omewhat nullified that effect. "Don't worry, anybody. I'm still strong." He smiled, flexing his arm to nobody.



    IC: Connor snapped.

    His voice cracked the air like a whip, making Giffany flinch. It made the static across her shoulders shoot upwards. She just stood there, looking at him, then slowly lifted her hand to her forehead. Was she hallucinating from illness? Connor had lost his cool. Connor. The one who'd kept them together. The one who'd helped her accept the island as their new home. The one who had gotten her out of her meltdown. That same Connor was at the end of his rope. She fell silent, jaw agape, as he stormed off in tears.

    This...this was her fault.

    She'd held the group up by being so fearful. She could've volunteered to stay behind with Clementine, who was now limp and seemingly unconscious. She could've stayed behind, and everyone else could've reached Folk by now. "Stupid, stupid, stupid..." She gazed down at her clenching fists. "I used to be so aggressive, what happened to me?" She didn't ask that question enough. She should've reduced Miraak and Mewtwo to char by now. She could easily do it. But she didn't feel willing. What good was a rescue team member who wasn't willing? "Why am I such a load?..." Why her? Why her for this island? All she knew was being a good girlfriend...

    ...Wait. That's it.

    "Connor?..." Giffany knocked on a tree in front of her. It made her stomach drop to see him stomp on his uniform. "It's like he just wants to reject everything he stands for..." "Connor, it's..." Well, it wouldn't really be okay, and a good girlfriend was always honest. "...It's...I understand." She fiddled with her knuckles. "I'm probably as scared of Mewtwo as you are of Miraak..." "He said that Miraak treated him like an object...And I wasn't there to help!..." Because of that stupid virus! The spiders somewhat liked her now, but that was far less important than her friends' wellbeing! Her heart drooped like an unwatered plant. "But...I know I wasn't there for you when he treated you like an object. But I will be now. Because you are a living being. You think, you feel, you love. That's what a living being is, in my book." She smiled slightly, then went on.

    "It isn't fair, Connor, that any of this is happening to us. But we can make it right, together. We'll find out how we got here. Maybe we'll get to stand up to whoever put us here. And Folkvar will be there with us, because we faced our fears together!" If Connor wanted to face his fear, that was. Not that she'd blame him at all if he didn't. "You're important to us, Connor. You always were. We'd follow you to the Nightmare Realm itself!...Well, I would..." She was tickly inside, a little nauseous, but still excited. Once again, another side of her had taken over, putting unexpected words in her mouth. "It's Brave Giffany talking again...but where's Useful Giffany? Why can't I seem to summon her again?"

    She started to tense up, tried to make herself angry. "I just need to think of what makes me angry! Um...cheaters! Um...those beetles that chew up peach trees! Um...being abandoned! Left behind! Treated like junk!" Though the voice in her head became furious, she still looked calm, even with neon blue arcs rapidly growing and leaping off her body. "Another girl taking him away from you! All your kindness and care being tossed aside, meaning NOTHING!" Brave Giffany was howling at her, demanding for her to summon Useful Giffany...but she just wouldn't show up. Sad Giffany showed up instead. Her arcs diminished, her shoulders drooped. No, no! She was getting mad! She had to keep it! "Being abandoned...other girls...convincing him to abandon you..." It was all for naught. All it did was break her heart. As quickly as she started, she stopped discharging. "It didn't work..."

    Regretfully, she held her head high to address both Connor and everyone else. "I'm sorry. I used to be so much more powerful than this..." She mewed. "There's a side of me that used to take me over...I can't get her to take me over again." She shook her head. This wasn't about her shortcomings. This was about Connor. "See? You're still so capable, after everything you went through. You're so brave, and strong..." Was he even listening to her? "...But if you want to rest, that's okay."

    OOC: And so, the second half begins.

    "Hands on my head?..." Kian's voice had turned dreamy, well and truly in a trance. His snout had become ensnared in a web of deliciousness, which curled around his fangs and constricted his saliva-drenched tongue. Then the aroma slithered up to his brain, happily invading his consciousness, daintily switching off his other functions, ensuring that he would think about it, and only it. Well cooked meat, well cooked meat, well cooked meat...such a luxury...

    His tail thumped excitedly until, finally, it slammed into a chair. The pain surged through his nerves in waves. Those waves were strong enough to flip the switches back on, and his consciousness returned with a sharp jolt. "H-hands on my head!" Kian repeated, pushing his face away.

    "Oooooh, wow..." Kian slithered in circles. He rarely, if ever, got to see the inside of a dwelling. His tongue was yanked right out of his mouth, and was now going crazy. There were so many smells! "Seems to me like there's something for everyone!" He exclaimed, circling the chicken like a vulture. "Somebody better drag me out of here..." Much to his sorrow, he knew he couldn't have nearly as much as he'd like. This food had to last the whole jounery-and saving some for Raven would be wise, too.