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    The kit felt nightfall pick her up, then the familiar scent of the nursery flooded the kits nose, the kit now slowly opened her eyes, and finally, got to see the world around her. She turned her head to nightfall, her bright ocean blue eyes sparkled as she tilted her head “mama?” She was just a kid and didn’t really know who her mother was. But seeing nightfall may have made her think she was her mother, the kit pawed at the she-cats face.

    It was only a week since shorepaw, ravensong, and tempestwing found little pearlkit and her dead three siblings, she already had a tough time. Trying to find a suitable mother to care for the kit which a npc queen decided to take over the little one with her littler, the kit had gotten bigger but stayed oddly slim. Right now the kit had wondered off due to the queen going to have some alone time and gotten out into the clearing meowing and crawling in confusion.

    The small kit let out a tiny loud mew, it wasn’t expecting to be picked up so sudden, the kit was a little thin probably due to how long it was out without food and a indication on how it’s three siblings died. Sniffing the air it went still in ravens grip but it mew with hunger, and a bit of being cold without its siblings warmth.

    It would be a usual day in riverclan territory but it wasn’t, in the river floating slowly was a small plastic box, it was big enough to fit a apprentice in but what was odd about was the color of it. It was a bright pink color with some flowers on it, but that was not all the sound of a small meowing kit was coming from it but the smell of death was also coming from it. Drifting down it was stopped by some reeds near the shore, there inside was four small kits, three lay dead while a small she-kit meowed and wriggled around, its eyes barely opened.

    It would be a usual life in shadowclan, a happy one too but not for Nightpaw, she had gone out hunting but she had never returned, she was near the thunder path when it all happened. A dog managed to attack her but it’s twoleg saved her, the scene where it happened was covered in her and the dogs scent. Blood and fur was mixed with it, even the two legs, now she was gone.

    ((Hey everyone I’m doing this is because I’ve lost muse for Nightpaw, and it’s sad to see her go but I have nothing else for her, until I have muse for her again, it was great being in shadowclan))

    Fallenkit couldn’t really sleep tonight, she was tossing and turning, trying to go back to sleep but having no such luck, as if her body was just not cooperating or that she just wanted to get up. So she did, yawning as she got out of her nest and leaving the nursery she heard lavenderskies talking, firefly? She thought, confused and intrigued she headed towards the two. Catching wolfwings and lavenders scent she didn’t seem to notice the fireflies “miss lavender, mister wolf, what’s a firefly?” She squeaked softly, not wanting to wake anyone else up.

    Fallenkit was just sleeping when she also heard the loud boom from the thunder, it made her jolt up and out of her nest, realizing that her clanmates could be in trouble, due to hearing the falling tree, she rushed out of the nursery. But she wasn’t prepared for the rain to start pouring down on her, whimpering as she shivered not knowing that neither Mothpaw nor lavenderskies were around she ran out of the camp, accidentally not noticing she was heading away from the camp since due to the rain blocking her sense of smell and the only thing she could hear was the sound of the rain. She kept running until she ran straight into the fallen tree, she squeaked in surprise and was knocked back, landing in the muddy ground, “ow....” she meowed out in slight pain.

    Nightpaw was on her own, having nothing to really do, but when she caught the scent of robinpaw, smiling she slowly trotted over to him careful not to trip over him, once she got close enough she spoke in a cheerful but polite voice “hello there.”

    It would be a usual afternoon in mid new-leaf on skyclan territory, but instead it wasn’t, by the gorge right where lavenderskies had found little Fallenkit, four cats who reeked of twolegs were sniffing and looking around for something. Two toms and two she-cats, one of the she-cats almost looked like fallenkit, but she was covered in black spots, also had bright blue eyes, and a green collar, the otehr she-cat must’ve been her sister but she was much darker gray and had yellow eyes and collar. The toms were just twins since both were completely gray, one of the toms groaned “Sasha the kit isn’t here, I can’t believe you lost that kit to the savages, it’s probably dead by now” Sasha glared at the tom, “that kit is the only one left boulder! If its still alive and those things have it I’m not hesitating to go over there and take it back!” She hisses, giving up on searching and heading towards camp which the other three followed. Of course the four with their collars and the commotion they were creating could easily get them caught but they could care less.

    ((Meet fallenkits kittypet mother and her two brothers and one sister))