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    There really isn't much that's happened so far. Everyone's sort of converged on the bunker where the alpha's have their periodic meeting- only two of the alpha's are there right now(Roe's and Stark's). A new wolf has come up to those present (Thratro) and is seeking acceptance/asylum. He was confronted by Ranger who (appears to be) now his probationary ride-along. Other than that, nothing's really gone on, and the first post has some history/setting plot points.

    Sunshine "Sunny" Parker | Regular | Kiehl

    Shifting her weight from the ball of one foot to the other, Sunny likewise turned her attention from her brother to her brother's leader as he began to give his input on the situation. Even if it wasn't beyond her to question an alpha- her alpha or someone else's regardless- she would not have said otherwise or countered Destarion on this point. Her brother was young and brash and hot blooded- he couldn't be trusted to take on the responsibility of deciding someone else's fate on his own- not when it was clear he was acting a certain way thanks to his audience. Reading his face and manner like an old familiar book, a corner of her mouth pulled back and tucked itself inside her cheek, the slightest purse to her lips, and a slow blink accompanying the slow, singular shake to her head. So much prance and so little thought.

    Still, there was thought, and she was willing to bet berries to beeftips that he was going to have something to say about Thratro's assertion and stance for his benefactor. She could just about see the thought take root in his mind, but the real question was would he say something about it once his alpha had made his decision?

    Ranger Sinclair | Regular | Roe

    "Whateva youse say, boss." Ranger took one languid, sauntery step back and then a second, keeping a cool and down-his-nose look toward Thratro but giving way for Destarion to take center stage. "But I dunno about this guy, Might be he could russel up something worth the cost o' admission, but in a fight?" The boy crossed his arms as thought to pretend he wasn't exaggerating his bicepts, "He's gonna need an ace up his sleeve. Might be best give 'im to one o' the other packs, huh? Say- You wan' 'im, sis?" He called up to his sister and only laughed gruffly as she made the motions of giving him a sneer. She didn't like to be called out of her little niches all high up above everything else, but as always, he felt her judgement heavy on his back and he was determined not to buckle to it one of these days. Until then, he'd have to settle for ruffling her feathers whenever he got the chance. To that end, as he passed to let the Omega take his place he called to him,

    "Hey- Oi, hey Horse-shoe-" the nome de plume a reference to an... interpretation of the visage of the Greek character; he never paid close attention in lessons and it's not like anyone wrote in greek, so his memory of it was a bit fuzzy, "Youse better be packin' something mighty special, cuz ya already failed your first test- my test. What good's admittin' a yutz like youse if ya still got lingering loyalty outside the pack, huh? Push comes to shove, him or us... can we trust ya?" The young blood gave the newcomer a snort, and a quick flick of his eyes up and down the outsiders frame and then moved aside.

    Sunshine "Sunny" Parker | Regular | Kiehl

    Feeling less than no need to go down fully herself, Sunshine managed to acquire a much better seat to the show by descending only a few levels; her hearing and sight might not have been able to reach here from where she'd been originally- not through the wind and bends- but a few measly hundred feet away was no large task when those factors were done away with. Though she could see and or scent the other alphas, her own leader did not appear to have made an appearance yet. Not entirely unusual, a strategists plans for near everything, but that was not her focus.

    Instead, Sunny's sunkissed copper glance trailed down to her little brother, a young brute through and through. Though she was mostly there to be sure that he didn't do anything incredibly untoward, she also kept a trained bit of focus on any movements advances or otherwise perpetrated by the intruder. Surely, Ranger could handle one lone wolf- and if he couldn't, it'd be just what his pride needed because she knew he knew (whether it was true or not) he could do it and if he couldn't then he would have failed to evaluate the abilities of his opponent and worse, his own. Still, she was pretty sure he'd be fine. And yet, as she stood watching her brother approach the stranger, with his mysterious words and reasons and motives, her weight moved to the balls of her feet and her muscles tensed; though he might be a strong young male, though not one, but two alphas might be down there within reaching distance, and though there might be but one outsider standing before them all, if it came to it, she would be down by his side at a moment's notice.

    Ranger Sinclair | Regular | Roe

    There was no need to tear his gaze away; Ranger knew his sister had descended from her bird's nest and had entered the perimeter. No matter what she was doing- hounding or hovering- he was always aware of her presence. A small kernel of pride touched him, but it was mostly defiance and brazen display that caused his contenence to change from 'expected defense' to some variant or other of cocksure toying.

    "Yeah?" He responded, kicking a few steps toward the other and scenting him again as though he hadn't made a point of investigating earlier, "And who's this old man giving away all out secrets? Why ain't'cha stay with him whose took care o' ya? This ain't exactly a Y, brother. You say you'll work? Keep ya head down? That's what we're all doin', and it ain't puttn' any more meat on the table and it ain't makin' any more room in the houses. Look here, see? Addin' more paws to that ain't particularly any good to none o' us. You want to work for our food and our beds when we're already spreadin' it all thin as is? Nah, you gotta add to the pot if you wanna dip in the pot, so I'll tells ya what, huh? How's about you find us something, something we ain't got? Call it a, uh, yeah- call it a gift to ya hosts. Dependin' on how good it is, say you might find a little hospitality he'e. You could catch some food or get us some supplies, yeah? But I'll tell ya what I want. I want to see who it is knows where we are and's goin' round spreadin' our little secret. I want you to bring the man who saved you to us. So whatcha' wanna do?"

    Sunshine "Sunny" Parker | Regular | Kiehl

    There was always a place in which a beast felt most comfortable. For a cat, it was a dark enclosed space where their misleading breadth and dark trained eyes could serve them best. For birds it was the open sky where every escape route was available with the flit of a wing and the whim of the winds. And so, for say, a strategist, what more strategic spot was there but a secure perch- a tower if you will. While no skies were scraped by her quarters, Sunny's room was high enough that from the bald bay window she'd manage to carve out of the wall and dangle seating over the great below, she could see a great while, scent a greater while, and hear even further still. It could be grating, but then what strategist did not plan for this? For now, her noise cancelling headphones hung loose around her neck and allowed her ears to drink deep the sounds of their depraved surroundings, and splitting through the black noise, the howl of her little brother's alpha.

    Had her ears been more fuzzy than not, they might have twitched, turned toward the sound, but as it stood, she had to turn her whole head as though she'd be able to see through the ground, walls, curves, corners, and iron defending the bunker from those prying eyes so not unlike her own. Taking a deep breath, she leaned out and from the edge of her 'window' to the outside of it, the wind tickled her face, and reminded her that the season was near to changing again. Time passed so slowly to her and her kin, and yet so quickly. Days were engorged moments, weeks enlongated heartbeats, years dragging hours, and decades lumbered along like lunar cycles. Everything changed, but like a river that is never the same drops of water in the same spot twice, nothing really changed at all except for the bits of stability around the edges that had weathered away. Everything turned to chaos eventually, some embraced the throng of it and jumped into the current to dance with the waves, while others trod the land and only touched the flow when necessary.

    But who was this? A scent graced her nose as she sniffed the gifts the wind brought her, a new scent, and yet a familiar one. One like her people, but not of her people. A stray; Loner. The wind from here could not grant her the specificity of direction she desired, but it was not such a leap to think this new scent would head for the sound of an alpha in a clearly marked territory. She ought to go down there and confront it, but at least for her, it was also not unlikely she knew a meeting would occur anyway. Still, she'd go. Moseying out of her room with her fingers clad in gold, a ring glistening in her nose and her delicate twisted locks long and heavy down her back in an ombre from her brown, to blonde to creme, she headed down her proverbial "tower" and went after this strange singularity.

    Ranger Sinclair | Regular | Roe

    Though the structure of a pack was not too incredibly hard to understand, especially for those to whom it was innate, Ranger simply could not wrap his head around why he should not be accompanying Destarion to this little luau or shindig or swap-meet or wahtever was going on. The alpha was strong- of course, it was accepted; were he not, he would not be head of the Roe clan for long. Yet still, he was not invulnerable, even now he hobbled around on crutches and though wounded attended to his duties. If it was about keeping face, would it not be more benefit to have someone there to help conceal any perceived weakness than to go it alone? Ranger was all about showing scars off, but these had not had time to mend into testaments to power; a wound was simply an easy target for those who stood poised to lay the strong low.

    Of course, Ranger had very little factual information pertaining to the Alpha's and Beta's of his families sister branches. They were a balanced unit all and all, each part serving it's purpose or so his sister had once tried to explain to him- no part was stronger or weaker than the others, but together they added up to more than the sum of their parts. What had that ever even frikking meant? Adding up to more than the sum of the parts? She was supposed to be the smart one- when you added something up, it always was just exactly the sum of the parts; that's what addition meant. No matter that he'd only learned basic math skills at the time others his 'age' were learning algebra, and that he'd fought his tutoring like it was a war to end all wars, now that he knew it he skoffed at her metaphor. And hadn't Uncle taught her and him both that one must diversify themselves and never depend on one thing and one thing only? If they all needed each other, what happened if one branch abandoned the others, or if they were on such terms that they would not come to aid the other three? Then what? Weakness, that's what. But what did they really have to worry about from 'intelligence', 'strategy', or 'engineering'? They were proud Weres, and all problems eventually boiled down to violence, an inevitability to be sure, so why focus on all that other feathery blustering? When a wolf meant to make a point he made it with his fangs and his claws, not his mind or his voice.

    Speaking of making a point, it seemed he was going to need to have at it. Previously lurking around the bunker area, he caught wind of the stranger before he caught sight of him. Had he had them, his hackles would have raised, but for now, the young man jumped off the metal nook he used as a chair, landing without secret in his worn out, bruise colored high top kicks he flicked his 'tough-guy' sleeveless jean jacket and flicked a curl from his eyes with a whip of his head just as the Other entered the area looking to speak to the highest.

    "Oy-" He called out to this male, "Youse lookin' for something, cuz this isn't where you left a warm welcome so I don't think you'll find it." He approached unabashed front on. While his posture denoted, as he hoped, strength and confidence, his eyes did less to convey 'threat' than 'warning'. Young as he was though, inquisition was not hidden and he walked closer, making little cover of sniffing the air around the new one for hint of fear, sickness, or blood.

    (I'm actually going to sort of repurpose some characters from threads I never got to use, though I will change them slightly to fit the new setting)