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    ✦ ✧ ✦ Trailing after Caledon, Waspwing was mostly silent for the duration of the trip. She was enchanted by the sights and sounds of the forest as they made their way through the thick thickets of trees and bushes. Towards the mountainous terrain they went, paws taking the two Bloodclanners closer and closer to their new life; Waspwing still couldn't believe that Caledon had even considered leaving the city, but...he had done it for her.

    The border was clear as Caledon stopped, the black tabby queen sticking close to his side as she listened to him speak quietly. "I'm fine, don't worry..." The ex-healer replied softly, ears facing her mate as his gaze ran over her, the tom silently checking Waspwing for any signs of damage. The black tabby was about to speak again when the sound of another reached her ears, the form of Oakridge catching Waspwing's attention as he approached. She hadn't...done this in ages. Showing up at a border, asking to join, she hadn't done it since she had left Thunderclan to join Caledon in the city all those moons ago.

    "We're to join Darkclan, if you'd have the both of us." The tabby explained as the figures of two other Darkclanners joined their clanmate. Waspwing prayed to Starclan that they would be accepted; heading back to Bloodclan after saying goodbye to everybody would be horribly awkward.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Through the ruined curtains of Caledon and Waspwing's retirement den, the first rays of morning shone through, awakening the tired black striped molly. It was just an ordinary morning for the first few minutes that the molly was awake, Waspwing rolling out of her nest and shaking the loose moss from her fur as she began her morning routine. The memories of last night came to her and the realization that they were leaving finally struck her. Leaving. The words of her mate struck loud in her ears as she glanced over her shoulder at the still-sleeping mass of fur that was Caledon, the subtle rise and fall of his chest reassuring her that he was okay.

    They had to say goodbye today. The pair were leaving for Darkclan as soon as goodbyes were said and done. Waspwing still couldn't believe that this was actually happening, that the alabaster king himself had brought the idea to light and...she still couldn't believe that Caledon would move to the forest for her.

    Clambering down the stairs of the Bloodhouse, the former healer took in the bottom floor for the last time, the early morning sunshine making it seem all the more bittersweet. She could already feel the tears threatening to form in her eyes as she descended down the stairs, her paws making contact with the warped floorboards.

    "Bloodclan," Starclan, help me, "Caledon and I are...leaving for Darkclan today. If you'd like to say goodbye or anything, I'm awake and he'll be down here s-shortly." Waspwing's voice was shaky and laced with sadness as she called out into the empty room, hoping that somebody would come to see them off. She hoped she could see some of her old friends before they left...

    // CALEDON.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The paw that found its way to the curve of Waspwing's face was warm, the pads of Caledon's toes curling into her fur as she instinctually leaned into the tom's touch. Caledon's voice, so gentle and soothing, washed over Waspwing like a warm breeze, tugging at her heartstrings and her fur alike. He was ready to give up all he had ever known for her, an ex-Thunderclanner who had never been good enough as she was too afraid to do much of anything. She hadn't been able to hunt or train without breaking down into a shadow of terror and anxiety, quaking like a leaf and snapping at anybody who came too close. Waspwing had been a coward back in Thunderclan, but she was more. Caledon had brought her to a place where her personality blossomed, where she found her calling and started her family.

    How were they both going to leave it behind so easily?

    More tears cut a river through fields of black as Waspwing's eyes found the hypnotic blues of Caledon. Darkclan, a place that she had been to before; when she had been leader, she had made the rounds to all the clans to invite them to several parties and events that Bloodclan had hosted. A clan in the mountains, known for their hospitality and welcomingness. Would they still accept a pair of Bloodclanners who hadn't stepped paw in a forest for countless moons? The nervous thoughts that gnawed at her mind were snuffed out as Caledon spoke again, the affection evident in his voice as a chuckle rumbled from the depths of his chest after he spoke. It was possible that Waspwing, in this moment, was more in love with this man than she had ever been before.

    "I wouldn't expect anything l-less from you..." Waspwing's voice was so small, but the warmth in her tone was clear, the affection in her gaze undeniable. "Thank you, Cal, thank you...I don't know what I did to deserve you, but-- just, t-thank you." The black tabby molly moved towards Caledon, ears coming to lay flat as she pressed the topside of her muzzle up under the alabaster tom's jaw.

    "Thank you..."

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Caledon's eyes held a spark of nervous energy, his hindquarters settling on the ground as he opened his mouth to speak. Waspwing would listen with as much intent as she could muster, paws carrying her around the tom before she sat by his side, ears perked as words fell from his maw. Guilt radiated from him like the stink of a dying rat, his voice crackly as he explained why he had come to her, what he needed to talk about. Yellow eyes searched blue ones, the black-striped molly's ears laying flat against her head as she listened to the painful words of her mate.

    Waspwing had always known about the guilt that had tortured Caledon, how he felt about 'luring' her away from the forests she used to call home. "You know that you didn't pull me from the forest crying and screaming...I left because I wanted to, dear; you know that I've never once regretted my decision to leave, Bloodclan is my home." Waspwing explained softly, one of her paws coming to her chest, the vibrant flash of the gold chain glimmering in the dying sunlight. Caledon's speech had dipped into silence for a moment, his gaze turned skywards and out the window. The city, the place that the two had raised their family together. The city had been Waspwing's sanctuary and her own hell, but it was a hell that she had never once regretted. Caledon wasn't responsible for the pain that she had endured in the concrete confines. The pain could've happened to anybody, it just so happened to be her that landed in the jaws of unluckiness.

    Waspwing ducked her head a bit as Caledon continued to speak. Staring at the wood under her paws, tracing the warped shapes with her eyes so that she could remember them. "I guess…. what I’m trying to say…. is uh…. I want to move to the forest with you." Those words, those words. They sent a shiver down the molly's spine, hitting something in her stomach that had been twisted up there since she had left. "'d do that for me?" Her voice came barely above a whisper, tears already welling up in her eyes as she looked up to meet Caledon's gaze. "You'd really leave? I...I don't want to take you away from here, dear. You belong here, you made Bloodclan into what it is, I don' don't have to do that, Cal." She felt so many things sitting here beside the tyrant that had ruled Bloodclan for so long.

    He...he would leave the city for her. In that moment, Waspwing realized how lucky she really was to be by Caledon's side. She was damn lucky.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ "My love. My dearest. My angel. My wasp."

    Retirement hadn't been too kind to Waspwing. She had been trying to keep herself busy with the exorbitant amount of time she had on her paws now that she had no responsibilities to tend to. Much of her time was spent in her and Caledon's retirement den, a small collection of bones and dried flowers lining the windowsills, the result of Waspwing's aimless wanderings at all times of the day. She had taken up a pawful of interesting hobbies, but the one that took up the majority of her freetime was foraging, of all things. It gave her something to do, something to put her paws to use so she wasn't lazing around in the Bloodhouse all day, waiting for something to happen so she wouldn't waste away from lack of movement.

    The black tabby was no spry molly much anymore; there were streaks of grey among the inky black of her coat, the familiar tabby stripes growing more prominent as the rest of her fur seemed to dull with age. She was a mass of black curled into a bed of moss and shreds of blankets, Waspwing's ears laid back against her head as she indulged in a late afternoon nap. The gravely voice of Caledon made the molly stir, eyes opening to the sight of the tom entering through the doorway. He looked...nervous, anxiety lacing its way through his words and certainly grabbing her attention; Waspwing's eyes narrowed slightly as she pulled herself to her paws. They needed to talk? Hearing those words, plus the tension in his voice, it was enough to get her own pulse racing nervously and her stomach twisted itself into knots.

    "What is it? Are you okay, Cal? You sound nervous..." Waspwing could pick up the subtle changes in Caledon's tone by now; they had been together so long that she could read him almost better than she could read herself sometimes. She crossed the room to stand before the alabaster tom, taking a moment to gently nudge him in greeting.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ It was as if a truck had rammed straight into Waspwing’s heart. She stood, silent, with ears perked towards the crowd of cats around what she could see, albeit blurry, was Luna’s body. The black tabby was emotionless for a moment, the winding of her emotions speeding by with the angry words exchanged by some of her clanmates. They had the audacity to argue over her Luna’s dead corpse; they dared to share spiteful words over the field of disheveled white, spit hatred at one another when the focus should’ve been on the one laid out on the ground, cold and lifeless.

    That was her friend, her Luna. Waspwing was getting old, but she wasn’t senile yet. The ex-healer came closer to the cats crowded around Luna’s body, her yellow eyes finally settling on the white fur of one of her closest friends. She couldn’t look at her for too long, looking would taint the good memories of Luna she held so dearly and close to her. Waspwing didn’t want her last memories of her friend to be like this, disrespected and robbed of her life when it was just getting started. She had been robbed, they had all been robbed of a good molly’s life.

    The black tabby molly slumped into a sitting position, gaze flickering to the faces of those gathered around. “What happened to her?” That’s all she wanted to know. Whoever did this was going to pay.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ It had been weeks since Waspwing had even felt the light of day. Her eyes were scarred over, though one was still functioning, though she wasn't sure if she should be frustrated or thankful for the one remaining eye that Starclan had left her with. She hadn't looked at herself since the ambush, she didn't want to see what she looked like. How terrifying was she? The scars were fully healed, but the impact of them on Waspwing would last a lifetime. It hadn't been smart of her to lock herself away like she had done, but she was so emotionally unstable that she feared she might've done something if she hadn't.

    The scarred black tabby, with parted jaws to let the scents flood over her, sought out Caledon through the many smells that assaulted her senses. She felt terrible, guilt eating away at her as she approached the hunched over figure of her mate and the form of Johanna. She held her breath, no words leaving her maw as she hesitated, heart sinking into her paws. You can do's just Caledon."Caledon?" Her voice was shaky, hesitant as she appeared beside the looming ex-leader, pressing into his side, though her head was tilted down so that the first thing he saw wouldn't be her scars. He had lived with his own and made them part of him; how would she do the same with hers? Waspwing was too nervous to speak to Johanna, though she nodded her head slightly in the direction of the kind molly.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Waspwing couldn't see. Blood, so much blood, poured over her eyes and into her parted jaws, causing her to choke on the coppery taste of her own blood. The claws of the unknown assailant had wreaked havoc on the delicate skin of the ex-healer, slashing through and leaving long gashes across her face tat would most certainly scar. The voice of her nephew sounded like music to her ears as she leaned against the muscular form of Caesious, trying not to bleed all over him. "S-sorry." Waspwing managed to stutter out, mind reeling as she tried to look at Cae, though the only thing she could see was his blurry face and blobs of fuzzy colors melting into each other.

    Was she dying? Certainly not, it wasn't her time yet. She wasn't going to fucking go out like this, she wasn't going to die like this.

    "Where's CALEDON. ?" Waspwing must've sounded pitiful, but the thought of her mate on his way was enought o calm her racing heart. Everything was so blurry and she was scared.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The pawing at Waspwing's tail made her jump a bit, ears lowering momentarily against her head until she could see who it was. The alabaster form of her friend calmed her down, soothing her frayed and crazed nerves as she gently flicked her tail towards the nose of Luna. "Retirement is more than I was ready for, I guess. It's a lot of sitting down and relaxing, which is just...boring me to metaphorical death." The ex-healer mumbled as she turned to face her beloved companion, paws hanging off the side of the windowsill. More cats approached and Waspwing was thankful, the company would get her attention away from herself for a little bit.

    Lady's smooth voice made an appearance as she came trotting up, Waspwing's ears perked forward at the soft-colored girl. "I used to think the same, but work actually gave me a purpose around here. Without it I'm just waiting for something interesting to happen. They said that retirement would be pleasurable, but I'm seriously wondering if they said that just to make me feel better." The black molly huffed a bit dramatically, yellow eyes falling onto the deputy as he came into view. Jaws parted to say something to the fiery deputy before the words of Viperkit grabbed her attention, gaze falling to Viperkit as he spoke.

    "I miss healing, that's all. Aurora and Aleksei are doing a great job, but I-- I'm just missing being in the Greenhouse." Waspwing's tone was soft as she rested her head on her paws, tail still swaying back and forth near the side of Luna's face.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Retirement had left Waspwing in a state of restlessness; she had been taking lots of long walks around Bloodclan territory, paws carrying her deep into the city and through the winding alleys. It was dusk, the sky a light purple with the twinkling of stars above the black molly's head as she hopped down from one of the looming green dumpsters along her route. The thump of her paws hitting the concrete rustled some rats out of her way, skittering from the ex-healer's wake as she padded deeper into the heart of the city. The towering buildings surrounded her and met like the fingers of a venus flytrap, the tops at dizzying heights that Waspwing wasn't sure she could look at for very long. She had been in Bloodclan for a good portion of her life, but she had never taken the time to admire the industrialism of her home, all concrete with little to no vegetation save the Bloodhouse and the park...the park. Caledon had taken her there once on a date, it was pretty and serene for being located in the middle of the bustling city. It was peaceful and romantic.

    Thump. The noise made the black molly stop in her tracks, the fur along her spine raising as she slowly turned to see what had made the noise. Wide, yellow eyes met claws and suddenly everything went dark. All Waspwing could see was the blurry redness of her own blood, dripping down from the slashes criss-crossing over her eyelids and down her cheeks. The marks were made with revenge and spite, hatred carving its way into the soft molly's face until she was doused in maroon.

    She was dizzy. Where was she? Her limbs worked on instinct, carrying her towards the Bloodhouse and leaving a trail of bloodied pawprints behind her. The blood was still pouring from the deep wounds horizontal across her face, one eye screwed shut and the other one opened wide like Waspwing had seen a ghost. Paws met grass and she was home, maw hanging open in a silent cry for help.

    She should've stayed home.

    Retirement was boring. Waspwing never thought she would be bored, but here she was, watching the days go by sprawled out lazily on one of the windowsills of the Bloodhouse. One front leg dangling to and fro with the changing winds, yellow gaze simply watching the cats bustle and hustle about their daily routines. She had never would've realized how much she would miss work, she had actually relished the thought of being retired and having ample time to do whatever she wanted. Waspwing craved work, she was a busybody and being unable to heal and help her clanmates left her feeling lazy and useless, like a bag of bones with no purpose. She had been hovering around the Greenhouse like a wandering ghost, but even then she just felt like she was bothering her ex-apprentices.

    With little else left to do, Waspwing found herself on the same damn windowsill everyday, half on and half off the cold surface as she rested her forehead against the glass. Entertained by the fogginess her breath created on the transparent wall, she would most likely stay there all day if given the chance. She was bored and she was stir crazy. How the hell did Caledon manage to relax in retirement?

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The glass of the greenhouse fogged with the temperature change, Waspwing watching intently as the sun filtered through the walls, the glass fracturing light and scattering it about the healer's place. She had been the healer for Bloodclan for as long as she could remember, only stopping her duties when she was promoted to deputy and then leader. The black tabby was most definitely not suited for leading; she was barely made for Bloodclan, there was no way she could've successfully led the clan that her mate had done such a good job with. Caledon had left his mark on the clan, shaped it into the powerhouse it was today.

    Then he retired. Waspwing was expected to follow in her mate's pawprints; she wasn't as young as she used to be, her dark fur was starting to grey in places that were, thankfully, hidden. She was 35 moons old, not that old by her standards, but it was evident that the apprentices under her wing were ready for something more. They were both ready and they deserved to spread their limbs into the techniques of healing, she couldn't hold her position forever and she...she was proud of what he had done. Waspwing would still be lingering in the greenhouse because she couldn't bring herself to leave, but it was time to let Aurora and Aleksei get to what they were itching to do.

    The black tabby molly appeared outside of her beloved greenhouse, taking a shaky breath in and watching as a swirl of smoke puffed from her nostrils on her exhale. She could do this, she could do this. "Bloodclan, I'm...retiring. I just wanted to thank you all for making my life the best it could be here; I'm not leaving and I'm most certainly not going to stop helping in the greenhouse, but it's time for aurora and -Aleksei- to become full-fledged healers. T-they have worked harder than any apprentices I have ever been blessed with teaching and they won't let Bloodclan down, I can promise you all that much." Waspwing's voice dropped for a second, tears stinging the corners of her eyes as she struggled to speak around the tightening lump in her throat. Memories of a younger self and Caledon flashed behind closed eyes as she took a second to catch her breath, alabaster on black before she continued. "T-Thank you all, for everything. I've been here for-- longer than some of you have been alive and Bloodclan...gave me a reason to l-live. It's been an honor to be the healer for Bloodclan for this long, it''s changed my life. Thank you, all." A full year. Waspwing was choking on her own tears at this point, ears laying against the curve of her head as her gaze moved to her paws. She was being so emotional but she just couldn't help herself, it was...hard to do. Her position was part of her, but she promised herself that she wouldn't give up her passion. Waspwing would never stop helping others and healing injuries. Never.

    She was finally in retirement and she felt...old, but she could join Caledon in what the years ahead would hold for the two of them. Together. Happy.

    //just taggin a few people <33 CALEDON.   JAILBIRD-   RUTH i love you guys smm and thank you for an amazing year with waspwing! she isnt going anywhere, but ill be taking the downtime to focus on my other characters. i love you guys so much and bloodclan will always be my family fdsjskfl i love you guys so much <33

    ✦ ✧ ✦ "Look what I made!"

    The voice of a child had caught Waspwing's attention, the black tabby figure of the healer coming to join the small grou pthat had begun to gather around Dreamkit. The girl had bones at her paws, beaming with pride as she seemed to have created a mirror image of the skeletal figure of a mouse. Waspwing's eyes widened a bit as she leaned in closer to examine it; the healer wasn't the most knowledgeable on the topic of anatomy, but it looked pretty damn spot on.

    "You're smart, Dreamkit." The healer purred softly, lowering herself further so that she could really enjoy the methodical placement. Everything was startlingly accurate, the ribs were right where they should be, the tail connected right where it should was flawless, accurate to a t. How did a kit know so much about anatomy? Maybe Dreamkit was just interested in dead things or there was something incredibly special about the charming youth.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Wapswing's eyes kept on Luna as she faced the interrupter head on, the figure of Pheonix and her bitter words making the healer wince a bit. Don't interrupt a Bloodclanner when there was blood to be spilled, especially if it was traitor blood. Her clanmates stopped at nothing and they were ruthless to the cats that harmed them and their families, she knew this from moons of experience. The dark rumble of Caledon's voice made the jumpy tabby flinch a bit and then relax, turning her head into his comforting touch.

    "I think you'd have to pry it from Luna..." Waspwing mumbled back, curling closer to the alabaster form of Caledon as her eyes dared not leave the scene unfolding before them. She was always split on the barbaric ways of her clan; she wouldn't be condoning any of this, but...Sebastian had hurt one of the most important cats in Waspwing's life. He had attacked Jailbird and almost taken her life, so this was what he got. This was what he deserved. "I hope he suffers..." The healer's words were almost inaudible, maw turned towards the former leader so he would, hopefully, be the only one to hear them. Those words were rarely uttered by Waspwing, but this was an exception. A rare exception.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The former deputy was confined to the glass walls of the greenhouse, confined to her nest so that she wouldn't disturb the healing process of her wounds. Waspwing had spent hours hunched over Jail's unconscious form, chewing marigold into pulp and stuffing her sour wounds with the stuff and covering them with copious layers of cobweb. The healer was up every few hours to check on her sister-in-law, careful to not rouse her from her sleep as Waspwing changed the grey queen's bandages. All day and all night would the black tabby dote on her sister; Wasp wouldn't do this for just anybody, the healer would only be caught doing this much care for her family and close friends.

    Jailbird had awoken a couple of days later and right now the black tabby had just come back, jaws full with food for the ex-deputy who was hopefully still curled in her nest. Waspwing approached and set down the two rats for the large molly, nosing them forwards well within reach of the woman's maw. "Eat up, Jail. Are you feeling a little better?" Waspwing asked as she wound herself towards the back of Jailbird, fetching a few cobwebs on the way as she plopped down behind Jail to change her cobwebs.

    "Your wounds are healing well..." The molly's voice trailed off as her ears laid against the curve of her head, paws stuttering to a stop, hovering over one of Jail's covered wounds. "You gave me a scare when you didn't wake up at first...I thought I wasn't g-going to be able to save you-- I missed you, I really did. Bloodclan was so quiet without you, it was t-terrible." Waspwing mumbled as she continued to peel off the cobwebs from Jailbird's wounds. Stop being sappy, Wasp, you're gonna make Jail worry...

    // JAILBIRD-

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The black figure of the healer crawled down the stairs from the second story of the Bloodhouse, paws scuffing against the hardwood stairs before making contact with the bottom floor. Two rats were crushed in between powerful jaws, Waspwing's golden gaze sweeping across the room in search of her friend. She hadn't spoken with Luna one on one in what felt like forever; the black tabby had been craving some exclusive time with her closer friends and she was planning on checking on Jailbird as soon as she was done here.

    The delicate frame of her friend was curled in the corner, Luna's features catching the tabby's eye almost immediately. Ah, there she was. Waspwing descended the rest of the remaining stairs and made a beeline for her friend, bony rats swaying in her jaws as she trotted over to plop down next to Luna. The healer dropped both of the rats at the head guard's paws, pushing one towards the ghostly molly and then pulling one closer for herself to chew on.

    "Care to join me?" Waspwing inquired softly, sending a glance in Luna's direction before bowing her head to take a bite out of the rat. Sharp, pearly fangs dug into stringy meat, pulling away and covering her maw with a paw so that she didn't make a bloody mess everywhere.


    ✦ ✧ ✦ The maroon that came from the prisoner's ear almost made Waspwing gag as she stumbled upon the scene, golden eyes trained on one of her closest friends as she worked her magic on the tom that had attacked Jailbird. The revenge was bittersweet; the healer wanted to watch the tom choke on his own flesh, wanted to watch as the life drained from his eyes and leaked out into a puddle under his lifeless body.

    The black tabby had appeared in the back of the growing audience, ears pulled back against her head and her gaze locked on the tom who had attacked Jailbird. She had no empathy for him. He fucked with her family and now he was going to pay.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Winter showed mercy to nobody, especially the younger members of Bloodclan. Waspwing was up to her nose in patients, the rattling of coughs and sniffles filling the warm Greenhouse as the black tabby tried her best to keep up with the influx of cats curled up, sick and dying in the glass building. The healer was in the middle of hand-feeding one of the sicker cats before the voice of Onyxsand caught her attention, pulling Waspwing from the Greenhouse relatively quickly. Thaja? Another tyro who wasn't doing too well. "I'm coming, I'm coming."

    The scent of sickness met Waspwing first before she even stumbled upon the mass of cats, ears in a tight v position as her yellow gaze landed on Thaja. She was nothing but skin and bone, chattering teeth and shaking body surrounded by the larger forms of Caledon and Onyxsand. The healer approached and gently placed the back of her paw against Thaja's forehead, the fever obvious before she even pressed her paw into the tyro's fur. Wildseas' words made Waspwing's focus fluctuate, the head of the molly turning towards him. "I can give her some water if you three help me get her to the Greenhouse. She's burning up..." The molly lowered herself to Thaja's face, trying not to startle her too much. "Thaja, dear, can you stand?" Waspwing could feel her fever radiating from her like a heatwave, her stomach curling uncomfortably for the poor tyro.