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    ✦ ✧ ✦ It was only a matter of time until news of Waspwing's son came around to find her. Lucian, Sungaze, Hornetwing. Three names her son has gone by. Bloodclan, Windclan, and now Shadowclan. Three clans that her son had lived in. Bloodclan, Windclan. Two clans that her son had slid the hot knife of betrayal into their backs.

    She loved Hornetwing with all of her heart; he was her son and he was part of her, but trying to kill Caledon...that was a new low that he had sunk to. Waspwing had approached the small group of cats, brushing against the alabaster tom, her yellow gaze flickering from Blahkenmuro and Hecate. She might've smelt Halycon as well, but her mind was hyperfocused on too many things to go and strike up a friendly conversation with the ex-Windclanner.

    "He left Windclan for Shadowclan...? I...I have to talk to him, right? He's got to be going through something and...he wouldn't do such a thing." Denial was what Waspwing was feeling. She couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that her son, her Lucian, would do something as heinous as trying to kill his own father.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The tensity and hatred was palpable as Caledon appeared after Hecate, his alabaster fur brushing against hers as his honey-sweet voice spoke. He spoke with a charming grace, but the understones of his voice were malicious and dark...intimidating. The Shadowclanners were not pleased at his words, their faces melding into more harsh expressions, maws downturned in frowns and even some pulled back to reveal sharp, opalescent teeth made to sink into flesh at any moment.

    Waspwing didn't say anything as she met the gaze of Jaggeddawn, her yellow eyes narrowing slightly before she pressed her side into Caledon's, ears lowering slightly against her head as she continued her drawn out silence. There was nothing to say, only thing she would do was wait until they left.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Briarpaw and Tansyface. Two Shadowclan warriors who had been captured by her own clanmates. Waspwing's yellow eyes narrowed a bit, ears flickering backwards as she tried to figure out the most appropriate way to respond. She had no authority to let these cats onto their territory so that they could rummage through their territory, to snoop through their things to find one of their own who might not even be with them.

    "I haven't seen either of your clanmates and I can't...let you onto our territory to look, it's not my place to. I can go get CALEDON. or Queen Jailbird if you'd like to discuss it with them. I'm only a healer, I don't have any say in what goes on here, just for your information." The black molly explained softly, her gaze sliding from Owlpaw to Jaggeddawn. They were both agitated but keeping a straight face, though there were subtle hints of anger in their movements, the gleaming hatred for her and her clanmates lighting blazes in their eyes. She was Caledon's mate, a mother of multiple litters of children, but she was also a forest cat. Paws set previously in a clan setting...Waspwing knew how they felt.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ What was Shadowclan doing here? Waspwing wasn't all caught up on the politics or relations of Bloodclan, she simply knew of what she had done as leader and then she had stepped down, back to her previous position and where she felt the most comfortable. She didn't want to know about the relations or anything that Caledon had to deal with...she just wanted to help her clanmates heal and get better. Waspwing wasn't a fighter or even a leader for that matter; she was a mother, a lover and a follower. There was no room to lead in her life.

    That didn't mean she couldn't ask what Shadowclan wanted, though. "Can I help you?" The black molly's voice echoed from the alleys near the border, the healer appearing from the shadows as she approached the deputy and her clanmates on swift paws. They were probably here for an alliance check or to retrieve a stolen clanmate, though Waspwing was praying for the first option, even if the chance of it being the second was marginally higher than the first.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ So many familiar faces returning; all of the old cats that she knew from so many moons ago had started to appear again, though she wasn't expecting for Aleksei to return so soon after his father, but she didn't really know what to expect anymore. Approaching on silent paws, the singular healer gently reassured Tamarind with a paw to the shoulder, though she wasn't sure how he would react to the soft contact.

    "He's a former Bloodclanner...Aleksei, if I remember correctly?" Waspwing inquired, yellow gaze slipping from Tama to Alek, ears lowering in a relaxed v formation to show that she wasn't a threat. Aleksei might not even remember her, it had been so long since they had interacted and she couldn't recall if they ever did share a word or two in the past.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The tension was almost suffocating, like water choking the black-striped molly out as she stumbled upon the small group of Bloodclanners at the border. At the center of all of the tense energy was...Blahkenmuro. He was older now, but the sight of the cat that she had fondly thought of as family brought back memories, both good and bad. The bad ones sunk their claws into her back and made her wince internally, paws carrying her to stand next to Caledon, a mixture of emotions rolling through her. The sight of Blahkenmuro was enough to bring up the death of Canary, tears already welling in soft yellow eyes as she tried her best to keep her composure. Honestly, Bloodclan had seen her cry more times than she could count, so she didn't really know why she tried to hide her emotions much anymore.

    Waspwing wasn't sure how to feel, a lot of things were churning in her mind as she approached the blue tom to give him a gentle nudge in greeting. No words came from her whirling thoughts so she decided to stay quiet like the rest of the group, retiring back to Caledon's side and resting a subtle tailtip on his shoulder briefly, to steady his thoughts and her own.


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    Caledon's smooth words still sent butterflies fluttering in her stomach, especially when his voice dropped its usual smarmy tone and became slightly gravely and soft. The black-striped molly almost completely didn't catch what Caledon had said, but she pulled her head out of the infatuation clouds long enough to process his words instead of his stupidly handsome features. It was like Caledon aged in reverse, only getting more graceful and strong as he aged. Like a fine glass of wine, if cats knew what wine was.

    Gleaming yellow eyes followed the leader as he trotted towards the entrance to the humid glass building, head tilting towards Waspwing and a sapphire eye winking slyly at her, his signature grin curling onto his features as he spoke. "So...this is a date?" Waspwing inquired softly, head tilting slightly to the side as she padded on after him, invisible eyebrows scrunched in a look of curiosity. Down by Riverclan? So...this was more of like a hike than a simple walk through the city, but spending quality time with Caledon when they were usually so busy made her insides roll excitedly. She would take whatever time together that they could get, be it five minutes or five days.

    "Shh, stop! You're making me want to cancel this entire trip of yours so I can have you all to myself here in the Greenhouse...that sounds awful, but you know what I mean." Waspwing was stumbling clumsily over her words like a lovestruck apprentice, her paws shuffling nervously before she gently shoved Caledon with her paw, ears lowered platfully against her head. "Lead the way before I do something I might regret."

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Sheogorath was stepping down from being a Healer? Being suddenly in charge of the Greenhouse again made Waspwing's stomach pinch nervously, the black molly appearing from the humid ocnfines of the Greenhouse, listening to the ex-Healer speak before piping in her own statement.

    "Take all the time you need Sheogorath, you won't have to worry about things going to hell in here." Waspwing reassured softly giving the healing tom a gentle nudge with her shoulder before her yellow gaze slid to the three cats that had joined them. Capturing a healer from one of the forest clans? The healer's face remained placid, but she cringed inside at the thought of taking such an important cat away from a clan that needed them so desperately.

    "We have plenty of cats in Bloodclan who are interested in healing, like Halycon." A former medicine wonder he's interested in herbs. Waspwing didn't want to make her fear of capturing cats known, so she chose her words skillfully and wisely to make sure that none of the cats would see through her...hopefully.

    //dittoing ono, we all love you and want you to be healthy and happy before catsite <33

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Two voices came from behind Waspwing as she was almost finished with the second swipe of paint across the brick background of her canvas. "What is it?" The healer let out a soft laugh and turned to the small crowd of Bloodclanners that had formed, a few of them experiencing the messy properties of the piles of paint scattered across the concrete floor of the city junglescape around them.

    "It's paint. Twolegs use it to turn things different colors, like walls and things. The Bloodhouse is covered in the stuff, making it the red color you know and love." The black-furred molly explained as she approached Mamba, Artemis and Deerkit. She lowered herself into a sitting position and pressed her paw into a splatter of white paint, removing her paw and flipping it pawpad-side up so that they could all get a good look at the paint and its gooey texture.

    "You can do a lot with paint, just be sure not to eat it. It's not tasty and most definitely isn't healthy; it's more of a toy than a food." The she-cat finished, the white paint drying quickly and creating alabaster-colored patches on the underside of Waspwing's abyss-black paw. Paint was an interesting thing and it could be used for so many different ideas and projects, no wonder twolegs used it every chance they could get.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Cloudbounce. Waspwing had met the ex-Windclan medicine cat for the briefest amount of time, it seemed like such a long time ago, but it probably had only been a few moons since they had seen each other face to face. The former leader would never have expected to find the grey and white tom at their borders, shedding his forest cat name for something sleek and polished, 'Halcyon.' A powerful sounding name for a tom that looked like he was about to bolt as soon as somebody more intimidating than Hecate strolled along, the ex-Windclanner's fur puffed out to make himself seem bigger and more powerful than he actually was.

    "He's from the forest, though I'm...not sure which clan he's from." The delicate voice of the black-striped molly echoed from behind Hecate, the healer emerging from the shadowed portion of an alleyway. She didn't want to out Cloudbounce, Starclan knows how much anguish and trouble the forest clanners had put him through. He needed a startover, a reset button on his life that he could press, starting everything anew, a new life full of second chances and a brighter future. Waspwing wouldn't be the one to take that from him.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The deep rumble of Caledon's voice sent shivers down the black molly's spine, fluffy fur standing on end as she ducked her head slightly like a guilty child, ears lowering as her mate continued to speak. She was just as lovestruck as she was on the first day that they had crossed paths on Thunderclan territory; deep snow making the young black warrior stand out like a sore thumb, the warrior catching the eye of a rolling alabaster storm of a tom, lip mauled but holding the grace of a gentleman who was wise and malicious beyond his years. It felt like so many moons ago, and in a way it was. Waspwing was almost 30 moons and Caledon almost 40, approaching middle-age adulthood like the steady ticking of a clock. She could feel the beginning effects of age starting to creep into her every now and again, her joints becoming stiff after a long night's sleep tucked away in her nest or when she had to walk a long way and her legs ached with the screeches of overuse.

    Waspwing may be getting older, but she was still spry enough to be intrigued and even a little bit excited about Cal's mysterious proposition. "We...have a lot of time left, dear. I'm not that old yet, unless you're hinting at me getting grey fur or something." Waspwing purred teasingly, tail twitching affectionately as she aimed to gently headbutt the taller tom. She hesitated for a moment, golden gaze following the trail of the leader's sooty paw along her long black-striped coat, muscles tensing involuntarily as his paw finally ended its escapade along her fur and returned back to its place on the soily earth. Beautiful, exquisite.If her fur heated up anymore, she would most definitely spark into flames at this very moment.

    "Stop that, Cal! You know what...your words do to me." Waspwing huffed, though her voice was light as she didn't respond to the 'three guesses'. She was horrible at guessing, plus she would much rather keep it a surprise. It was nice to have a bit of spontaneity in her life; things got dull when you had the same routine for moons and moons on end. The black-striped molly turned her back towards Caledon to gather up the traveling herbs, picking over her and Sheogorath's supply until she eventually found all the greenery that she was looking for, gently squishing them into a larger leaf to protect them and then returning back to her mate, dropping the small herb package at his feet. "Are these alright? Are we going somewhere far, because I don't think a simple date requires traveling herbs." The healer inquired, tilting her head slightly as her golden eyes focused on the tom's handsome and angular features, a small purr rumbling from her chest.

    How did she manage to hook such a stunner?

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The subtle clinking of golden chains filled the greenhouse as Waspwing fiddled with some herbs and a planting pot. Paws digging into the rich soil, the healer busily dropped some seeds into a few of the pots before pushing some of the dirt back onto the seeds to cover them and make sure that they sprouted. It was no secret that the black tabby liked plants; she had been healer for moons before she had taken up the title of deputy and even leader for a short amount of time, though everybody could see that the molly was much more at home in the humid air of the greenhouse, messing around with herbs and helping the sick and injured of Bloodclan. Fixing things that were broken came easy to her, more easier than the normal things that Bloodclanners found natural and of instinct. Waspwing was nothing like most of her clanmates, but it was oddly comforting to know that they still loved her no matter what...hopefully.

    Underneath the long neck fur of the abyss-colored molly was the signature golden necklace, dainty and as thin as could be. She had worn it ever since Caledon had gifted it to her all those moons ago, though most of the time it was buried under all of her fur and hardly noticeable until her summer coat came in. Her coat had already started to fill out in preparation for the winter months ahead, the graceful Waspwing now transforming into a ball of fluff that was, at times, almost unrecognizable from the back. The she-cat, perched on one of the outcroppings of the greenhouse, almost lost her footing as the smooth voice of Caledon reached her ears.

    Caledon's voice was like music to her ears, pulling Waspwing out of whatever she was doing the moment she heard it. Golden eyes focusing on the alabaster tom, her face broke out in a mushy expression of affection as her eyes slid to the daffodil clutched in his jaws. "Cal...did you bring me flowers?" Waspwing inquired, almost baffled by the sudden romantic gesture from the leader as she hopped down from her perch, approaching and gently brushing noses with the taller tom before returning her attention to the daffodil. The flower was an unusual choice for romance, but it almost seemed to fit their relationship: not expected, but...good, very good. "My love..." The she-cat echoed back, cloud yellow gaze swimming with emotions as she stretched up to give Caledon a quick affection lick on the cheek. They hadn't been able to spend as much time together as they used to; they used to see each other and speak every day, but now that they were both in the same positions that they had been in previously, it was like everything had gotten busy all over again. Both leader and healer respectively, there wasn't a lot of free time to run away for a night of romance and mushy affection.

    "Did you come by just to give me flowers or is there something more on your mind?" The molly asked softly, voice hitching a bit as she gently took the daffodil from Caledon's grasp to go and deposit it on one of the elevated surfaces in the glass house, doing so as swiftly as possible in order to catch what the leader was going to say in response to her question. Her mind switched from question mode to admiration mode, eyes following the curve of his, Wasp, stop it! He's trying to talk to you, not have you look him up and down like a lovestruck apprentice!

    ✦ ✧ ✦ //arbitrary return to activity open thread fjdsklafkj

    Waspwing had discovered something...interesting.

    Twoleg paint and a lot of it. There had to be tons of cans of the stuff all strewn out in front of a brick wall nestled in the alleyways of Bloodclan territory. Some of the cans were tilted and spilled, a myriad of rainbow hues painting the concrete in a messy fashion. Waspwing would've just walked past and not given the paint a second thought, but the sight of an apprentice-aged Bloodclanner stomping around in the paint set off a lightbulb in the former leader's head. The black molly didn't mind getting down and dirty sometimes, plus she was feeling extra stressed lately and the idea of having a little fun was more than tempting to her.

    Waspwing hopped into a puddle of bright red paint, splashes of the stuff splattering up onto her and coating her black coat with splotches of the blood-colored paint. Approaching the brick wall, hard yellow eyes stared at the canvas before her, calculative gaze sweeping over the wall before she slapped one of her front paws onto the wall and pulled it down. A streak of paint in the shape of a pawprint appeared after her paw as she swept it across the length of the wall, looking like the former leader had stuck her paws in blood and splattered it all over the brick wall like some kind of sadist. Waspwing went to and fro from different shades of red paint, tail flicking contently as she continued her 'painting'. Who said it had to be pretty? Art was subjective, after all. It was the thought that counted and Waspwing hoped that maybe she could get some of her clanmates in on the fun.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The intoxicating scent of forest drew Waspwing in like bugs to a flame, though it seemed like a fair few of her clanmates had gotten to the Skyclan leader before the black molly had time to appear on the scene. The chatter and questions from them floated to her ears as she approached, the thick tense air shocking her senses as Waspwing was silent for a moment.

    "Give her a chance to speak. She most likely has something important to say; forest cats don't make the trek to Bloodclan territory if it wasn't for something dire." The former leader would pipe up, her yellow gaze fuzzy with something that was akin to pity. The smell of Skyclan made her nostalgic and she tried to keep a restraint on her fleeting mind, memories of her childhood trying to claw their way into her mind. Not today, not today.