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    ✦ ✧ ✦ It was strange to have children again. It had been so long since the leader and healer had any sort of young children around them, but when they had stumbled upon the kits curled into their dead mother’s belly, how could they say no? Waspwing’s heart was fractured, the death of so many of her own biological children weighing heavy on her. She wanted to help these kits in whatever way she could, so taking them under her wing was only natural. She didn’t expect them to call her mom just yet, she didn’t expect that precious word to slip from their sweet maws anytime soon.

    Waspwing yearned to have children again, but she would not make these kids see her as a mother if they didn’t want to. She would watch over them and treat them as if they were her own flesh and blood, but she wouldn’t push her way into their hearts if they didn’t want it.

    The black healer had settled herself close to the entrance to watch the kits, yellow gaze following their every move. Ruth has come up, suspicion and curiosity flickering in her eyes as she asked who they were. “We found them up in the mountains. They wouldn’t of have survived up there without their mother, so I asked Caledon if we could take them in.” Waspwing’s soft voice sounded a bit brighter as she hesitantly nudged Gauge and Medusa. She wasn’t sure how much affectionate they would take or if they would ever accept it at all. This was a new world for Waspwing, taking children from a horrible situation and raising them as their own. It was beautiful and yet so strange. Waspwing would figure it out and love these kits unconditionally, but the circumstances were ones that she had never dealt with before.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Things had been going quite well, Waspwing opening her mouth to answer the young kit's questions before Ruth showed up and then...everything went to shit. Springhawk and Fern had bumped into each other and then Chucky had ripped Fern off, hissing enraged words and threatening to sink his claws into her chest. Fern had gotten up rather quickly, but now she was taking her turn at spitting back at her brother, screeching at him for ruffling up her coat.

    Waspwing had quickly gotten to her paws and was going to try to soothe the commotion and frayed nerves of the two bickering siblings. Using a singular paw, Waspwing would try to smooth down the ruffled parts of Fern's coat, all the while pulling her slowly away from Chucky. "I think you two need a break from each other. Fighting isn't going to do you two any good except make you more angry." The healer tried to diffuse the kits, though she wasn't sure how helpful her words were actually going to be.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Fernonia certainly had a unique twist to her, her words sharp and dangerous for such a small thing. Waspwing couldn't help but settle down next to Ruth, head tilting slightly ass Fern spoke. She was charming in a strange way, her attitude making her stand out among the rest of the kids running through the BLoodhouse at any given time. Fernonia would probably grow out of her attitude, hopefully soon, but she wasn't doing much harm with her words at the moment, as far as Waspwing could tell.

    "My name is Waspwing, I'm the healer of Bloodclan. You're...Fernonia? I've heard a few things about you from Luna." The black molly purred softly, tail curling around her paws as her yellow gaze flickered to the rest of the group. Hopefully she wasn't interrupting anything too important between them.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The conversation of youngsters had drawn the healer in, ears perked in stoic curiosity. The main focus of the group's efforts was trying to calm Fernonia; Slowhand, Artemis, Ruth, Ethel and Skullcap were trying to teach her out to control her mouth, though it seemed like they weren't having too much luck. Ruth was probably the one with the most power here, but she was still a young lady and probably had a lot to learn from Caledon before she would be ready to lead Bloodclan. Oh Starclan, that made her feel so old. Ruth was 8 moons old and already deputy while Waspwing was 32 moons and healer. Where did all the time slip by like sand through her paws?

    "Having fun over here?" The healer called as she approached, the ball of grief that was stuck in her stomach loosening at the sight of young lives, still youthful and fluffy. This was exactly what she needed to help get her mind off of recent events and onto something more light-hearted and less damaging.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Waspwing needed something to get her mind off of all the recent things that had made her life a living hell. She was grieving too many things to count on her two front paws and she desperately needed a distraction from all of the heartache. "I'll take one, if you please." Her voice was almost monotone as she approached the newly-appointed deputy, giving Ruth a pained smile, trying to at least seem happy.

    The last thing Bloodclan needed was a healer who couldn't find it in herself to put her emotions aside and help the clan out, even if it hurt her to do so.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Waspwing wasn't supposed to know about any of what Caledon was planning; he was right about how she would follow him if he even thought about getting himself into more danger than he had already been in. Caledon had just lost a life, what was clouding his mind so bad that he had to get revenge this soon?Waspwing would've voiced her opinions on it if she had found out, but she luckily was busy trying to care for her injured clanmates.

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    ✦ ✧ ✦ Dualeyes was gone. Sheogorath was gone. Caledon had lost a life and so many of her clanmates had been injured. It was almost a surprise that Waspwing had showed up to the meeting at all, her stiff legs carrying her to the back of the group, yellow eyes dull and lifeless as she took a seat to listen to what the alabaster king had to say. The loud clink of the can rolling across the concrete made her flinch, her fur standing on end as she forced herself to calm down. The healer was jumpy, nerves fried and patience shot as she listened.

    She was lucky to still have her mate alive and well, even well enough to be planning revenge against the dogs that had ravaged their camp and to promote a new deputy and guards to replace the positions that had been left empty in their previous inhabitant's death or disappearance. Her heart was tightening in her chest as she stayed silent, listening on and letting her focus center on the meeting instead of melting away again.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Waspwing couldn’t answer her clanmate’s question as she worked. She didn’t mean to be so cold, but the grief that settled in the pit of her stomach made it impossible to speak. Her maw was tightly jammed shut to muffle the sobs that would start showing themselves as soon as she dared to voice any sort of thoughts. Artemis has appeared to mourn, her tiny body swallowed up by her father’s corpse. She didn’t dare watch, the sight would only send her further into the deep end. She just...wanted to bury them both somewhere peaceful, to give Jailbird and Sheo’s family some closure. To give the clan some closure. The tabby healer reached for another shard of glass lodged in her mate’s chest when he...

    Caledon breathed. She was sure it was just her demented mind playing tricks on her, toying with her emotions as it dangled an imaginary movement in front of her nose. He breathed again and then with the power of raging hurricane, Caledon sat up. The alabaster tom was sobbing, murmuring apologies to Sheogorath’s dead body and then to themselves. Waspwing couldn’t contain her emotions any longer, her muzzle pressing agaisnt Caledon’s shoulder as he pulled her so tight and close to his chest. Hearing the leader of Bloodclan sound like this, so pained and broken, as if all of this was his fault. He hadn’t caused the dogs to come to Bloodclan, he hadn’t caused any of this. Her paws, shaking with grief and relief, wrapped around Caledon to hold him close, tears coating her face and dripping down her muzzle.

    N-no, you’re okay, don’t apologize. I love you, shhh, it’s o-okay.” Her feeble attempts to comfort her mate were so soft that they were barely audible. Her entire body was shaking, quivering, as pressed herself against Caledon, black fur meeting angelic white as she tried to comfort the sobbing king. “None if this is y-your fault, we don’t blame you. I love you, I love you...” She continued to ramble sweet nothing to him in hopes of somehow soothing the overwhelming emotions of grief and loss rushing through him. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what Caledon had endured; all she could do was cry and hold him close until his tears dried and he stopped shaking.

    Waspwing would stay forever by his side, no matter what. Seeing him like this did something to her heart that made her see red, an anger and a deep sadness settling in the pit of her stomach as she continued to whisper sweet nothings, something for him to listen to, to drown out the sounds and voices in his mind.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The smell of charred flesh had brought Waspwing to the scene. She was tired, dark bags of shadowy grey under her piercing yellow eyes. Magnolia had been missing for longer than the healer could recall and the worry festered inside of her, becoming a mass of anxiety that she could not get rid of. Waspwing couldn't rest until her child was found safe. Little did she know that Magnolia had been found, but she wasn't safe.

    The voices of Ruth and Mary drew her in closer, the dull ache of her stomach drowning out the smells of death as she turned the corner. There was a cat that was severely injured, burns riddling her body and glass shards poking out from where they shouldn't be, puss and infection leaking from the wounds that were open. Her eyes were glossy and...Waspwing knew those eyes anywhere. Her heart rose in her throat and her stomach dropped into her paws, the black tabby rushing over to her daughter's side. There was no stopping the tears that would flow as she brushed past Ruth and Mary, she would make sure to apologize to them when she could.

    "Mango, oh my god...what happened to y-you?" Waspwing was losing her mind trying to figure out how this could've happened. She needed...she needed to get to the greenhouse. Looking to Mary and Ruth with desperation in her eyes, she mouthed a silent 'please, help me' to them in hopes that they might understand. Her limbs were shaking, adrenaline rushing through her at the sight of her daughter on the brink of death. She couldn't handle this.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The mighty alabaster king stirred from his comfortable spot on the couch settled off in the corner of the leader's den, Waspwing perking up slightly as he stretched and landed languidly on ashy black paws. Caledon still managed to kick up nervous butterflies in the healer's stomach, even after they had been through so much and had three successful litters together. It had been more than 10 moons that they had become mates officially and somehow, in some way, Caledon had never stopped loving her. His affection was still as fierce, passionate and fiery as it was the day that they had met. It was enough to make Waspwing tear up at the thought, the king's words reaching her ears as she watched with soft golden eyes as he approached the rat that she had dropped near the door.

    "It wasn't any trouble, dear. I had some time free after I had finished with the cats in the Greenhouse and..." The healer's voice had trailed off as Caledon started to speak again. His paw had come to settle on the space between her cheek and jaw, the touch making her fur heat up in affectionate embarrassment, a deep purr rumbling from his chest. "Cal, you know I find you handsome, you've never stopped being handsome to me." Her own paw reached up to rest on the unscarred portion of the alabaster tom's face, ears lowering lovingly against her head as she tried to retrieve her thoughts. "Stop that, Caledon! I've never, ever stopped loving you. You have been nothing short of the best man I could've asked for and that hasn't changed, not one bit. I love you, more than you know." Waspwing whispered, her voice soft as she came to curl into him for a moment, her cheek rubbing against the underside of his jaw.

    "I just...had to come by and see you. You've been so unbelievably stressed and busy, so I thought maybe we could just...spend some time relaxing together? Starclan knows we both need it." The healer explained as she ran a rough tongue over the fur on Caledon's chest, yellow gaze following the length of the tom until her gaze settled on his face. He was handsome.

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    Waspwing could barely feel the comforting touches of Ruth and Luna pressing into her sides, her gaze unable to leave the two corpses for a few moments. She couldn't feel anything, she couldn't feel anything. She was thankful for the comfort that the two she-cats were trying to provide, the black tabby stiffly rising to her paws, eyes still unable to leave Caledon's sharp, cold blue ones. "I'm...I'm so sorry." Waspwing's voice was thin and strained, the healer approaching Caledon's glass-ridden body to help pull the shards of sharp material from his soft, alabaster fur.

    "I...can carry Caledon and help carry Sheogorath if necessary, you two...have been through so much today. I'm s-sorry." She continued to pull glass shards from her mate's body, spitting them out in a pile that the head guard had started. Waspwing was alarmingly calm as she worked, though on the inside she could feel bile rising in her throat, the skin under her fur heating up and tears threatening to bubble up in glossy pools of yellow.