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    ✦ ✧ ✦ Sheogorath, the name tasted bitter on her tongue and made her skin crawl with irritation. He had been her friend, her colleague and her fellow healer in arms, but recently...had things changed for the worst. A tom by the name of Tigersparks was the reincarnation of her friend and she really didn't want to get into it, the memories alone were enough to make her temper flare and her claws itch uncomfortably. The black tabby had heard the conversation on the border and out she slid from the shadows, ink black pelt melting from the alleyway.

    Waspwing came to stand beside her niece, a calming tail running over Deerstep's fawn-colored shoulder. Onyxsand, Biana, Fernonia and Wildseas were also crowded around the joiner who called himself Leviathan. Leviathan was a bit of a mouthful, but Waspwing wasn't about to nitpick the tom to pieces over something as simple as a name. She didn't say much of anything, she was just at the shoulder of her apprentice, trying to keep her from ripping right into the newly-made Onyxsand.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Waspwing felt like she had lived a thousand lifetimes since she had seen any of her children besides Hornetsting. She had brushed noses with him at the Shadowclan border for what felt like only a moment before having to head home; almost none of her children remained in Bloodclan and it made Waspwing sick with worry. Was she not good enough? She loved her children and they had left her, she felt like she had done something wrong to have chased her children so far from her nest.

    When Waspwing heard her mate calling for her she hadn't thought twice about it, slipping from her perch in the Greenhouse and bounding on over. Tziporah.Wait, it couldn't be... Waspwing had to do a double take, yellow eyes wide and her legs slowing to a stop as she froze a few feet away from her daughter. In the flesh, in the bone, it was Tziporah. Tears stung the healer's nose as she rushed over to her daughter's side, burying her nose in the girl's shoulder, ears laying flat against the steep curve of her head.

    "Tzi, are...oh Starclan, you're here." Waspwing couldn't say much else as tears were blurring her vision and her teeth were caught in her tongue. She couldn't pull herself away from her daughter, sobs rippling through the black tabby's form as she cried tears of joy for the first time in moons. Her daughter was home.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Artemis. The giant guard of Bloodclan came barreling through the doors of the Greenhouse, alight with the rage of a thousand suns. She looked like she was ready to rip somebody in half, claw out eyes of the fool who dared mess with the grey molly. The black tabby healer had come a bit too slowly as the words that Artemis spoke dumped over Waspwing like a bucket of freezing, icy water. Jailbird? "W-..." The syllable came from Waspwing as she stopped for a moment, as if somebody had pressed the pause button on the world, frozen in time until everything came lurching back to her.

    Jailbird had been attacked in the Bloodhouse. Deerstep was already there, Luna...Waspwing snapped out of her trance, golden eyes blinking and flickering in silent understanding. The black, shadowy female slipped past Artemis and bounded over to the Bloodhouse as fast she could in her age, taking the steps two at a time until she was met with the ungodly sight of Jailbird, bloody and bruised. Maroon splattered the wood floor, the scent of metallic copper hanging heavy in the air. "Deerstep, press those into her wounds. Bianca, I'm going to need some cobweb and marigold; marigold is the yellow flowers, bright and hard to miss, I'd be surprised if you didn't know what cobweb looks like. Off with you, please hurry!" The healer shouted orders in rapid repetition, breathing throw cracked jaws as she hovered near Jailbird, trying to gather her thoughts.

    "Starclan, the tom crushed the life out of her. I don't know if we can move her without hurting her more-- Jail, can you hear me? Luna, I'm going to need your help if we need to move her, we're going to have to be extra careful or she'll fall to pieces before we get her within thirty furlongs of the Greenhouse. " Waspwing huffed out, voice laced with panic, all the while moving towards Jailbird with a purpose. She grabbed some of the cloth in her paws and began to press them into the wounds that were leaking the most blood. Hang in there, Jail, please don't die on me.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ It seemed Johanna picked the perfect time to ask about forest clans. Wapswing was well versed in the subject; being born and raised in Thunderclan, she knew a thing or two about the code-abiding, forest dwelling felines. The healer approached with a rat clenched in her jaws, gaze slipping from Onyxsand to Johanna as she settled down beside the aforementioned molly. One ear turned towards Onyx as she spoke and the other one positioned behind her, the black tabby molly ducked her head to take a few small nibbles out of the deceased rat. Why was Johanna asking about the clans?

    "What would you like to know? Onyxsand and I come from the clans, I'm sure we can answer whatever pops into your head." Waspwing answered as she swallowed down a bite of food, tail curling around her paws as she went down to take another chomp out of the poor rat soul.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Waspwing was quick to appear after Thaja came to get her from the Greenhouse. She had been working long hours to try and replenish their meager stash; after Tigersparks had stole from them, the herb storage in the Greenhouse had been dwindling on the edge of nothing. The black tabby healer's gaze glanced over the small group of Shadowclanners and her own clanmates. It seemed like a lot had been discussed before she had got here, Waspwing's focus finally landing on Icefeather. She could probably assume what the other medicine cat wanted to talk about.

    "We can talk in the Greenhouse, if you'd like? It's much warmer in there then out here." The healer offered, gesturing for the molly to follow her with a swift flick of her tail and a shrug of her head towards the glass building.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The broken words of the apprentice made Waspwing stop in her tracks, bright yellow eyes watching Honeypaw as she backed herself into a corner, slumping against the wall and looking like she had accepted her death. Did she really think that the healer was here to hurt her? The assumption stung the black tabby's heart uncomfortably, a flash of guilt running across angular features as Waspwing drew closer to the bruised and bloody multicolored figure of the sobbing youth. "I promise, I cross my heart and swear on my life that I'm not lying to you. If I wanted to hurt you...I would've done it already, but I haven't. I heal cats here in Bloodclan, I don't injure them." Waspwing explained softly, ears lowering against her head as Honeypaw curled closer into the safety of the corner.

    "Let me help you, alright? We'll get you fixed up and you can come with me; you'll be safe with me, I spend most of my time in the Greenhouse. I'll get you some food, somewhere comfortable to rest and then I'll try my best to get you home as quickly as I can. Honeypaw, listen to me, if you stay here and some other Bloodclanner comes for have to just trust me." Waspwing was trying her best not to sound intimidating, not to look frightening. She continued to give the clan cat plenty of room so that she didn't feel cornered, but there was a pleading look in the healer's eyes, evident on her face and in her words.

    She wanted to get Honeypaw treated and then home as soon as possible. She didn't belong here, she wouldn't last here for much longer by herself.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The loud smash of Honey's head on the brick wall made the healer's fur stand on end, yellow eyes widening a bit as blood trickled down from the wound on the apprentice's head, splattering into a pile. The blood streaming down her head soon turned into a slow drip, letting Waspwing get a grip on herself before she approached the apprentice. Honeypaw looked terrified, primal fear making her soft amber eyes nearly bulge out of her head as she scurried away from the older molly's figure. She slipped through the bars rather easily, they weren't exactly super close together so escape was...rather easy, especially in the place where Honey had been dumped.

    "You're okay, I'm just a healer here, I don't want to hurt you." The black tabby spoke reassuringly, voice even, hoping to calm down the forest cat enough so that she could take a look at her wounds. "If it makes you feel better, I used to be a clan cat, just like you. I grew up in Thunderclan, just a pebble's skip away from Riverclan." Waspwing made sure to give Honeypaw a wide berth of space, her ears lowered against her head. That wound was something awful, the smell of metallic copper making her vision blur a bit at the edges. Waspwing would never get used to the nauseating scent of freshly spilled blood; it was a staple in Bloodclan, but she never really got used to it.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ What happened at the border? Maybe Luna should've asked 'what didn't happen at the border?' It was all a huge clusterfuck in Waspwing's brain, a flurry of claws, bitter words (some her own) and so many faces that they melded together. Luna was pressed into her side and that seemed to relieve a bit of tension from the healer's body, her legs quaking a bit to keep herself steady. She didn't speak quite yet, the figure of her mate dancing into her blurry vision as he sat down before her, though not close enough for fur to brush fur. Waspwing knew why he didn't draw any closer, but how bad she wanted him to. She had called for a meeting, but it felt more of like a therapy session to her.

    Waspwing was glad more of her clanmates didn't show up, the state that she was in was embarrassing enough.

    "I...I won't go after him, but you two don't know how badly I want to." The healer finally spoke, words laced with negativity as she finally lifted her head enough to meet the gaze of Caledon and Luna. "It was a disaster. We had gone to Shadowclan to talk, just to talk, but it ended up being a battle. I might've...said some choice words; Shadowclan ended up finding out that Tigersparks was Sheogorath and things only got worse from there." Waspwing explained, her sentence dropping off as she collected herself a bit more, straightening her back and pressing more into her friend. "

    "Nobody was injured too badly, just some scratches, but Sorrelstar ended up having to scream at her warriors to get them to behave. It was a dumpster fire of a meeting, I don't think it could've gone any worse. I need to check on Ruth to see if she's okay, none of the Shadowclanners went easy on here and she's...already stressed enough." The healer finally finished, a paw rubbing over her eyes as a sigh rattled its way through her body. She was not going to capture Tigersparks, but if she ran into him by chance...there was no way he was escaping without hearing a few words from her.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Waspwing was still shaking with anger but she had successfully retreated to the back of the patrol to cool off, gaze momentarily meeting her son's across the way. Her heart stung and she averted her eyes, a sigh slipping past clenched fangs. Deerstep was raging with fury and Waspwing slunk over to her apprentice, attempting to pull deerstep back and wrap a tail around the younger one's body. "Calm down, that's quite enough." The healer mumbled softly, trying to soothe the girl as best as she could.

    Nightfire's voice split through the crowd and Waspwing was silently grateful for the Shadowclan warrior. THings had gone on far longer than they should've and gotten way out of hand.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ //retro to vacation Tigersparks

    Waspwing had come back from the patrol to Shadowclan shaken and trying to calm the rage and stress building in her stomach. She felt like she could cry, throw up and scream all at the same time, her legs shaky as she ascended the porch stairs that led into the Bloodhouse. The black tabby was silent, her mind brewing over all of the things that had happened between the two clans. She felt like a knife had been driven through her heart and out of her back, tears stinging her eyes as she fell into a defeated sitting position in one of the corners of the main room. A heavy sigh rattled the healer's body as she slumped forwards, front legs barely holding herself up. Thoughts of revenge snaked into her mind and that scared her; Waspwing wasn't one for revenge, but the betrayal of one of her oldest friends and a fellow made her want to tear her own eyes out.

    "Bloodclan, can I get your attention?" Her voice projected for quite a ways, tail curling almost defensively around herself as if she was trying to hold herself together with just that simple action. "I...I feel like I w-want to capture Tigersparks and bring him here, but I want opinions." I've never captured somebody before, somebody please tell me what to do. She had never felt such hatred and disgust, not in a long time. Her bottom lip quivered, head hanging down low and her ears flattening against the curve of her head. This wasn't the right move, but she...just wanted somebody to calm her down, to tell her that what she was feeling was okay and normal, that she wasn't losing her mind.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Seeing Tigersparks show no remorse is what pushed the healer over the edge. The black tabby was not known for having a temper; she was relatively well-mannered and respectful, but right here, right now, she felt like leaping across the border and sinking her claws into Tiger's tabby coat. She pushed her way towards the front of the patrol, tongue digging into the soft pink of her tongue. Claws digging into the muddy earth under her paws, hard yellow eyes flickering over the patrol of Shadowclanners.

    Noeyes' words made her back arch, ears plastered against her head. "Keep your friend on a tighter leash or he might ruin all of your alliances. He did hurt some of our members, dear; he hurt his old friends, he came into his old home and tried to steal from the same Greenhouse that he worked in for moons alongside me. He stole from me, he stole herbs that my apprentices and I spent moon growing, caring for." Waspwing was shaking with anger, tail thrashing as the voice of Tansyface only seemed to fuel her rage. "Tigersparks will ruin your clan before he tries to help, I can tell you that much. I hope you enjoy housing a tom who doesn't have an ounce of loyalty in his body, he'll send you all to your graves." The black tabby seemed to be finished, head lowered as she made a beeline for the back of the Bloodclan patrol, a flick of her tail to end her hissing fit.

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    ✦ ✧ ✦ At the back of all the commotion was Waspwing, watching with dewy yellow eyes and jaw hung agape. She was more upset by the fact that she had been stolen from by a cat that she had thought was her friend, a tom who she had worked long hours with and shared the Greenhouse with. Yes, he had been reincarnated, but did he not remember her? He seemed to remember everybody else, so why not her? How could he not remember all the times she had helped him, how hard she had worked to keep their workload even?

    Her gaze turned cold as Tigersparks and the rest of the Shadowclanners appeared, black fur standing on end as her focus landed on her son. Facade cracking a bit and then reassembling itself, black ears falling flat against the healer's head. She didn't speak a word, she hoped that the anger written on her face was enough alone to portray how hurt, how betrayed she was.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Everything was chaos. There were cats going to Shadowclan, there were cats coming to and fro, there were cats everywhere. The black tabby was in shock as she had just woken up to all this. Without so much as another word, at the beckon of Ruth to followher if anybody else wanted to go to Shadowclan, she followed.

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    ✦ ✧ ✦ //retro to vacation

    It seemed like Waspwing had missed the wild battle, the bewildered healer stumbling out of the Greenhouse looking like she had just been woken from a deep slumber. The air smelt of Shadowclan and she took a moment to gather herself, blurry yellow gaze running over her clanmates as she struggled to gain her composure. She hear fragments of words, Waspwing shaking her head, her maw opening and closing as she blinked a couple of times.

    "Did...Tigersparks try to steal herbs from here?" Waspwing's voice was dreary. She hoped to Starclan that the reincarnation of Sheogorath, the tom that she had worked side by side with for moons, hadn't tried to snatch herbs from right under her nose. She had a sinking feeling that what she was assuming would turn out to be true, her ears flattening against her head and a deep, dark feeling of betrayal settling in her stomach. That bastard.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Black fur brushed against alabaster as Waspwing appeared beside Caledon's side. A vacation...something that the two had been chatting about for what felt like moons. It was exciting but also a little nerveracking, Waspwing hadn't been to the forest clans properly since before she left her home in Thunderclan all those moons ago. She leaned up to give Caledon a quick swipe of her tongue across his unmarred cheek, tailtip twitching as she let out a small purr.

    "Don't burn the place down while we're gone." She really hoped she didn't have to come back to a burnt down Bloodhouse and a shattered Greenhouse.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ //i hope this is okay! :3c my muse died on me fjdksl .Honeywhisper.

    Honeypaw had been screaming, crying at the Bloodclan border for her sister. The yowling, the desperate yowling had made several npcs nearly insane, blind with rage and taking ahold of the apprentice and dragging her straight to where the inferiors were kept.

    Waspwing wasn't usually near where the prisoners were kept, but here she was, lingering and sneaking glances. The figure of Honeypaw, slouched and scared, caught the healer's attention quicker than she might've liked to admit. She wasn't one to take inferiors, she hated the role, but...she didn't trust any of her clanmates with a cat as fragile as the forest apprentice. Who knows what her clanmates might do to a little innocent thing like Honeypaw? She might be caught scrubbing floors for the rest of her life; Waspwing couldn't live with the thought of that. She had to help the little one get home, back to her family and back where she belonged.

    "Honeypaw, right?" Waspwing wasn't sure how to approach the molly, but she was trying her best not to seem too terrifying to the little apprentice.