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    With a small laugh to herself, Kate would quickly text back. Got it, only sweet thing I'll be bringing is myself ;P not that I'd need to, you're going to be the sweetest one in the house after all She'd text, rolling her own eyes a bit at how cheesy and dumb she could get when it came to Parker. Harmless flirting that she figured would go right over Parker's head as a friend being silly with another friend. But that was actually intended as a crush trying to hint at her feelings to her long time crush. Never worked of course, but that was alright. She was used to it by now. She figured Parker was either too scared to approach her about it, too afraid to reject and hurt her feels or completely oblivious about her feelings. One the text was sent, she headed to her car and took off to her destination. After a long while, a knock would be heard at the door. Kate would take a deep breath, gripping the handle of her purse as she did her best to calm her nerves. It's just Parker. You hang out with him all the time. There's no reason to be nervous. But somehow this felt different. Usually they were out in a public setting hanging out. This felt a bit more one on one. There had to be a reason for that, right?

    Unlike his co-workers, Kate was always ready to drop any plans she might already have to rush over and hang out with Parker. he was top priority to her, after all. They weren't exactly dating... not officially at least. She'd always been to scared to ask him out after finding out his past crush on Sami-Jo. but she had a huge crush on him, and he was her best friend. He deserved company with everything the Sugar Pine 7 crew put him through (horrible, nightmareish things Kate wished she could block out of her memory. Today, Kate had a day off from her hospital (something that came very rare to her) and she had no plans other then working on her flower garden that she had in the greenhouse she build in her backyard. But since they were watered early in the morning, she was able to check her phone as soon as it went off. Smile tugging on her lips as she saw Parker's name on the screen, her finger would skillfully dance along the keyboard and reply. I'll be right over. Let me know if you want me to grab anything! What movie do you have in mind? She'd start to grab her purse, figuring it might take a while for Parker to reply. She didn't exactly expect him to be waiting right at his phone for her to reply.


    -( ... god don't let me lose my mind ... )-

    If she was going to be honest, Snow had been hoping Sugarpine would respond to this member of the Thunderlands first, finding herself at a loss for words momentarily due to how straight to the point Haiiro had been. In the end, she figured the decision was up to her companion, not her. She didn't mind where she lived as long as she was by Sugarpine's side. She remained silent for a bit, letting her thoughts process for a bit before finally responding. "Sugarpine and I are ghosts so, I don't think we have to worry too much about getting hurt or anything during the war. I'd be more then happy to lend a paw, though. I'm not capable of combat in my current state, but I've been trained in the medical field since I was a kid. I could gather supplies and herbs. I certainly won't become a burden on you guys during this difficult time." it was the least she could do if the Thunderlands were going to give them both a home.

    The ghostly rabbit blinked, stunned as she processed what he had said. Why would you love a fuck up like me? Fuck up? How was he a fuck up? "I understand why you were scared. I'm scared too. Everyone that's walked into my life and gotten this close to me has hurt me in one way or another. There was people that walked out and never came back. People that found better partners to fall in love with. People that abused me emotionally and manipulated my emotions for their gain. Heck, one of my exes murdered me. After my last relationship... one where someone... lied to me the whole time and treated me like a possession... I thought I would never be capable of experiencing romance again. I didn't want to. But... then I met you and... everything felt new all over again. Everything felt real." she'd turn her head away in shame, trying to shove back the memories that flooded her mind like a broken dam. "I've always been the person that no one wanted to have around. And now I'm broken. I'm... I'm a wreck. The only "mess up" here is me. You deserve better, Sugarpine. You deserve the whole world and... and I'm scared because I know I can't offer that to you. Because you're my whole world now."

    Snowprincess knew the clans like the back of her see-through paw. She studied each of them for political reasons a while back, and more importantly she had lived in several different places. But the Thunderlands was one of the few places she did not visit or learn much about. To say she was a bit apprehensive coming here to a new place would be an understatement, the only comfort brought to her was Sugarpine's presence. Princess, are you ready? His words snapped her back to reality, her eyes widening as she glanced over to her ghostly companion. "Yeah." As ready as she'd ever be. Sugarpine annonnced their arrival and covered all the ground they should be sharing so the ghostly rabbit would remain silent, looking around to see if anyone would come along any time soon.

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    Snowprincess was hardly processing it all, her mind hardly comprehending that this was real. While she knew she could not have dreamt since her soul did not allow her the peace of sleep anymore, she was afraid her daydreams and imagination had run wild and this wasn't reality. But it was. Sugarpine's presence filled her with a warm reassurance, her tiny formless body relaxing against him. "Don't apologize, Sugarpine. There's nothing to be sorry for. You're here now. I'm just glad you came back. People... people don't usually come back. It means a lot to me." she should never have doubted her hat wearing companion but... after 2 years of people abandoning her or dying, her mind seemed to assume the worst to spare her from getting her hopes up. "I was so busy enjoying what we had in the present that... I didn't even think of the future. And I should have. Because I can't imagine my life without you by my side." Those are some heavy words there, Snow. An all toofamiliar condisending tone would sneer in the back of her head. But she knew. And if she was going to do that she may as well go all the way. "Sugarpine... I love you--" she managed to say this before e did himself, and when he said it nearly the same time as her, her eyes grew big. Wait. Did he just...? "Y-- You do..?"

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    If she was to be honest, Snowprincess wasn't expecting to see Sugarpine. She half thought he'd up and left her like Funhaus did all those years ago. Like her friend Max had. Like all of her children had. All gone without a word or second trace. The only person she could possibly suspect it was trying to contact her was Jersey, and that was because he was too important around the clans to leave. But there was no trace of her adopted brother. In fact, just what she suspected would never happen came true. Her rabbit ears perked at the familiar voice calling her name, her white eyes darting around before landing on the sweetheart ghost she took under her wing several months ago. A part of her wanted to be angry with him for up and leaving her. But another part of her, the bigger part of her, wanted to make sure he was okay. Ask what happened. Tears started to bubble over in her own pupil less gaze. "Sugarpine..." her voice would crack, more than evidently tired and confused given the tone in her voice. But before the male could do or say anything, Snowprincess had zoomed over, planting her lips on his into a full blown kiss before pulling away and instead hold him close in her arms, refusing to let go. Afraid he might vanish at any given moment. Afraid he might disappear. "I thought I would never see you again..." she'd muster out, nearly full out crying at this point. "I thought you found a better friend and home and never wanted to see me again..."

    Snowprincess was tired. No... could ghosts even be tired? Perhaps it wasn't the word she was looking for. She didn't know anymore. It was several months since she lost her living body... since she lost her friends and family for what she assumed was perminantly.... floating in and out of existence and struggling to make sure her spirit did not move on to the afterlife. Her children where god only knew where. Her friends hadn't gone to look for her. Even Sugarpine went MIA, and it killed her not knowing whether it was intentional or not. Perhaps it was best she stay away from everyone. Wherever Snow went, disaster and sadness seemed to strike without a fail. It seemed to be that case in her past and current life. Today of course, was different. Different in the sense she'd gotten a note asking she meet someone at a certain spot to speak with them. She didn't take any cautious effort to be careful about this. She was a ghost. It wasn't like anyone could harm her. So she arrived early, waiting in silence. Half wondering if it was a prank, and if anything at all would happen or anyone would show up.



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    I have the time. it's just a matter of trying to fit back and figuring out what exactly I should do LOL.

    it's been so long I have no idea what to do from here. it's so weird coming back after a hiatus.

    im tempted to bring back snow. it'd be a shame to drop her after I've had her for so long. start up new plots and ideas for her.

    I also have a few other characters I could bring back, or new ideas for characters I could try and go with.

    I just need to think of where i'd even put any of my characters haaa.

    hey guys. tapioca here posting on kate/snow's subaccount.

    I don't know how many people actually still follow this thread but I wanted to stop by and wish you all a happy new years.

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    either way, I hope everyone has an amazing 2018. thank you for all the fun in 2017.

    uwehtuhwe oh yeah I remember you mentioning otterpop earlier she sounds great!!!!

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    I really really want this romance and baby to come to be though. we should speed up the romance between them B)

    If Snowprincess was going to be honest, in all of her 2 years of living in the clans (both in Windclan and Riverclan) she's heard almost nothing about Thunderclan. It sort of felt like they kept to themselves, disconnected from all the other clans almost. So she knew nothing about Thunderclan, so she definitely did not recognize the scent nor who this was. "Um... hello. Is there anything we can help you with?..." The ghostly rabbit would ask once she floated over, observing the pregnant stranger. "You look tired. Would you like something to drink?" she'd offer after a small pause.