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    uwehtuhwe oh yeah I remember you mentioning otterpop earlier she sounds great!!!!

    and it is funny since around the time you disappeared I had begun to use autumn icons for snow lmao.

    I really really want this romance and baby to come to be though. we should speed up the romance between them B)

    If Snowprincess was going to be honest, in all of her 2 years of living in the clans (both in Windclan and Riverclan) she's heard almost nothing about Thunderclan. It sort of felt like they kept to themselves, disconnected from all the other clans almost. So she knew nothing about Thunderclan, so she definitely did not recognize the scent nor who this was. "Um... hello. Is there anything we can help you with?..." The ghostly rabbit would ask once she floated over, observing the pregnant stranger. "You look tired. Would you like something to drink?" she'd offer after a small pause.

    Snowprincess listened to the Sunclanner, and eventually opened her mouth to speak before Shining came along to speak with the ambassador. The ghost quickly stepped (or floated in her case) back to let the leader discuss things with Akuma, figuring it was probably more important the two of them chat about this then her. She was just sort of here. Shining was the big important guy in the clan. She was glad she stuck around to listen, because she learned about this whole Shadowclan debacle. Something she didn't know about. Deep down, she had no idea how to feel about Blizzardclan putting a hand in making them form peace. It just felt... odd. Like Blizzardclan was trying to find a way to keep Shadowclan close. Which made her wonder who they'd choose if they had to come down to it one day. And that sort of made her feel uncomfortable. But none of this was her business so she would keep quiet, letting the words stew in her head. "If you need any medics, I could probably stop by and either lend a paw with that or offer some herbs I'm growing in my garden." sure she wasn't a medic anymore, but she knew enough to help out another group. Especially if they were an ally. "As for the event, it sounds nice. Peaceful." she'd add with a small shrug of her shoulders.

    popping in here bc i just remembered that I have a character named eliza that's king george's daughter that I have yet to bring back into activity

    whoops lmao. but its kinda interesting to see another eliza here though. I think I saw you in riverclan too! ^^

    "Jersey... it would mean a lot to me if you were nice to him. He's been through a lot, just like I have. A ghost has no reason to lie. He can't hurt me." literally, he couldn't. They were both ghosts so no physical harm could come to either of the. "I'm telling you about him because I want you to know that you don't have to worry about my ghost friend. I made a mistake with my ex, but I made an even bigger mistake not telling anyone he hurt me. Now I'm here telling you that I've made a nice friend, and that I trust him. And one day I hope you can meet each other." it took a lot of courage to do this. It was like telling a protective older brother about a crush. It didn't matter either way, because her attention soon shifted to something way more important; this mystery woman he was talking about. Who was apparently his girlfriend. Woah woah-- hold the phone! Jerseyboy had a girlfriend? Well, there was a first for everything. There was a long pause, her gaze growing distant in thought before she spoke up again. "Is she nice?" then she would follow this up with. "I'd like to meet her. Maybe the 3 of us could have dinner sometime...?"

    Official nanny and entertainer? That was... quite the combination. An almost puzzled look crossed the ghost's features as she appeared in front of Akuma, someone she'd never seen before. Well this was... interesting to say the least. "Hey. How's Sunclan fairing?..." it was then her attention was briefly brought to the basket. "Thank you for the gifts. I'm sure everyone will very much appreciate them." she would herself but... being a ghost sort of put a damper in her enjoying most things like wearing accessories and tasty food. Now, she was fairly certain she could not approve of the event herself since she wasn't really anyone important in the clan, but it did not stop her from feeling curious as to what it was. She could ask, right? "What's the event?..." she'd ask then, figuring Shininglight (once he came over) would hear about it either way.

    The flinch of pain did not seem to reassure Snowprincess that everything was "okay" as Willow insisted. In fact, it only confirmed the exact opposite for her. "You look like you're injured, Willow. If you're hurt, I can treat the wound. You don't have to tell me anything right now, I just want to help." in her mind, if it was an open wound, it posed the risk of it becoming infected in the future, which was not good at all. She'd dealt with patients in the past with bad infections and she never wanted to see someone suffer through it again. Of course, Snowprincess had no clue what was truly going on right now. She had no way of being able to do so. "Please, Willow, we're all here for you..." her voice was soft, heavy with concern.

    Snowprincess knew all of this already fairly well (the basics of herbs were something she had memorized at this point, if she hadn't when she was still a medic in Windclan she would have let her patients down. Studying herbs for 2 years went a long way, she supposed.), so there really wasn't anything she should write down for future notice. But there was others who did not, and this was who the meeting was for, so she would simply listen, her pure white gaze locked on the marigold as he proceeded to explain the herb to the gathered group, ready to assist or pitch in some suggestions or answers to any questions if they came up from either side.

    The female lifted her head in surprise, her eyelids fluttering in surprise for a moment or two before her pure white gaze settled in Phoenix, a faint smile blossoming on her lips. One that became a bit sheepish as she spoke. "Oh! Yeah, it's the only way I'm really able to pick things up and move them around. It took me a very long time to master it but... it takes a lot of concentration for me to do without dropping anything." she'd confess, moving aside to let the male come over as he pleased. "I'd... I'd actually love help. Gardening's a lot more fun with company anyways, and I'd love to get to know you, Mr. Wright." she'd only really had the chance to see him one before now.

    Snowprincess wasn't exactly sure what she was sticking around for. She'd come here to settle down with Sugarpine, but he'd gone MIA on her. Something that absolutely broke her heart because she was here in Riverclan with no real connections. Heck, she had no real connections anywhere. No family that wanted her around anymore, no one that cared about her enough to take her in, no real help to anyone or anything. She just sort of... existed. And it was a very depressed state of existing. She just happened to be near by when she overheard the announcements, freezing when she heard her own name called out. She wasn't at all sure why she'd been promoted, she really hasn't done anything for the clan. Not to mention she had no idea what a minnow was or did (minnow was... almost a degrading sounding name to her that she wasn't a fan of but she'd brush it off). Deciding not to question any of the promotion out loud, she would focus on something more important in her opinion. Especially since only one person arrived to the meeting. Yikes. "... I can take ambassadorship in Hawkclan, if you want ..." Windclan and the Knights of Eden were out of the question for her. She'd never step foot in either place again if she had a say so in the matter. Hawkclan was nice, from her past experience, and she'd like to be reintroduced to Littlestar.

    "Hm. That certainly seems fair enough." Snowprincess remark softly. She liked that he chose to leave the payment open to anything. She was sure he'd get a lot of interesting useful gifts to work with. But there was one last important question simmering in her mind. One she was sure the HPs of Riverclan would like to hear as well. "I'm assuming this invitation will be extended to other groups since it's an inn." the ghost would readjust herself, humming very softly in thought for a moment before continuing with her thought process. "Who are you inviting? Is this sort of a free-for-all deal?" what was was worried about most, was someone from Riverclan bumping into an enemy clan. What would happen then? What if the enemy decided to follow them home? There was no stopping them.

    Truth be told, the biggest regret Snowprincess held in leaving Windclan was having to leave her garden behind. She put so much heart and work into it that it broke her heart knowing it was all gone. But it wasn't anything she couldn't just bring here. Sure it would be a lot of work to get a new garden up and going, but she pulled it off. Since fall was arriving (which marked the approach of winter not so far after), the female worked on making a greenhouse first. Wanting to protect the flowers and medical herbs she grew from the bitter cold. The female was keeping to herself more often then usual, and anyone that came across the greenhouse could see why. Making this all on her own, especially with just telekinesis and a lot of time and effort, took a lot out of the ghost. But she was proud. Now there was herbs growing for the colder seasons for the medical team (if there was one currently. she actually didn't know). With some of the herbs and plants fully grown, she began to collect them, ready to bring them over to the medical guild. Slowly but surely the herbs would stack and make a large pile, a smile etching on her lips as she hummed through her work.

    Completely in the dark as to what was going on, Snowprincess would hesitantly make her way over, confusion twisting her delicate see-through features. "Um..." she looked between Willow and Guillotine questioningly before she continued. "What's... going on? Are you alright Willow?" clearly she wasn't, but it was going to be up to her whether she wanted to share what was going through her mind or not.