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    "lionstar." swampheart greets back, surprised by the toms appearance. he sends a small smile at daypaw, still not sure how to feel about his sister. yowlpaw pads up just as ratshadow ruffles a bit as his words. oh? was starclan a sore spot? great, piss off the younger more agile warrior right? "ah, that's my opinion." he shrugs not really apologising but feeling regret for not checking in on ratshadows stance all the same.


    (( sorry for holding this up! ))

    he's a bit rightfully mad that everyone seems to be sad about him getting his warrior name what with fawnpaw stalking away and antkit scurrying back to the nursery. he can even feel dreampaws anger at him putting her in her place. he bristles a little to frown at her. what? the kits had to learn someday that tough love is the only kind to get you anywhere! lilystars words swing his head back round and he tilts his head up proudly. "yes, i swear it."

    hello! if people are looking for mentors i have a few avaliable.

    poppynose - her old apprentice went missing and she's eager to train a new apprentice

    amberjaw - by the time the kits become apprentices he should be old enough to take one on

    generally im quite good at replying to training threads and making them :)


    hello! i do believe we have the perfect family for you! ;)

    poppynose and swampheart have a 12 moon old litter (dreampaw and amberjaw) as well as a 7 moon old litter (crowpaw, no siblings)

    poppynose can be quite cold to her children and cant stand abandonment so if daisy came back she would be a good mix of happy/angry.

    swampheart abandoned the family for shadowclan fairly recently as well, i dont know if that plays into your story!

    going to tag in case my suggestion interferes with other plots :)

    deidre   Crowpaw~


    i think i understand ((i may not, sorry)) i didnt want to start amberjaws personal plots because it seemed like too much effort and trying to get attention. but i personally enjoy leading his character this way and in the end whats a character if they have no personal plot? i say go for it :)



    what? that windclanner who had taken some of their prey was now taking kits?? and twilightrise stalks in here like she's proud of that! "how selfish can you be!" she hisses, ears back and amber eyes harshly assessing the young mother. "no tom is fit to care for kits especially no windclanner! those kits were half clan but they could have grown into strong darkclan warriors! you know that now you wont just have to fight against your little boyfriend but also your kits?? how could you put them through that!" shivering in anger she spits on the ground and leaves saying. "you are no mother!"

    ((shes so harsh ...... sorry))



    a silver tom on the border, a few moons younger than her son. what if amberjaw had been searching for a place to stay? her mothering instincts seem to catch over, the tabby coming to twilightrises side. "hes a young hungry tom faced by three trained warriors. its likely nerves than anything sinister." she sniffs, as if dismissing twilightrises opinion. amber eyes flick to lilystar for a decision ((convinently over twilightrises head!))



    the dark warrior bites her tongue to stop from laughing as twilightrise gets shunted back to her place. her maw does twitch unable to hide her gleeful smile. regina and lilystar seem to confer for some time, hopefully the same restrictions on her as on tigerscar.

    no she does not like bloodclanners joining, who would?, but they do prove effective in battle against their own. murderers turn on murderers.



    "thats you idiot!" poppynose pushes him forwards and he breathes out slowly, keeping a grin hidden. yes! he knew he could do it! he did those trials and he did amazing! he glances to hailpaw and frogpaw, glad he's leaving the apprentice den before they can settle.

    then antkit starts making a fuss! he stares at her in outrage. "will you shut it!" he hisses towards her. this isnt all about her! it isnt just her day!! "your starting a fuss in front of starclan, embarassing yourself!" he turns back as stagpaw gets called forwards.

    stagpaw and him getting warrior names together seems ...... fitting. seeing the orange siberian getting his name makes him twinge in excitement.


    Best female character: jeminai

    Best male character: yowlthroat

    Best non-binary character: daypaw

    Best overall character: ratshadow

    Most likely to betray the clan: jeminai

    Most likely to die for the clan: lionstar

    Most likely to be the next Deputy: ratshadow

    Most likely to be the next Leader: jeminai ((if she changes her name))

    Most likely to kill: lionstar

    Most likely to be killed: heatherkit

    Most likely to have kits: fallowfeather

    Most likely to find true love: fallowfeather

    Most likely to never find love: swampheart

    Most likely to become a kittypet:

    Most likely to retire early:

    Most likely have a million apprentices: sorrelfire haha

    The bravest: ratshadow

    The loyalist: yowlthroat

    The coward: x

    The looser: swampheart tbhh

    The bully: nightshade could be but she means well

    The story-teller: nightshade

    The wisest: nightshade