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    "Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see"

    -- As she was batting around her victim she heard two sets of paws come up, but she was so warped up in the sounds of him in pain or the way Mute flinched, her claws drenching with blood, that she paid no attention to them, only briefly heard their suggestions. Broken took a second to think about it, cutting of his tongue? That did sound like a nice idea, but her thoughts were interrupted by a surge of electricity from her victim, fuck! At the jolt she clamped down on one of mutes front legs, clamping her jaws together and snapping her head upwards, her goals to dislocate it she loved the taste of blood on her tongue and dug her teeth in harder, next she decided, she'd bring out some tools to make this torture a little more interesting.

    "Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see"

    -- Oh, this was a sight! She grinned, thinking of her next move, she wouldn't kill the feline, that might put her on a bloody rampage, she just wanted to... fuck him up a little. "Aw are you gonna sic your shitty clan on me? I'm just playing around" she said, mimicking a whiny tone. Suddenly he snapped around, and with her head being bent down she felt a twinge of pain covering her ear, and blood beginning to trickle, hm, he had balls. She watched him for a minute, eyes boring into his, she made the freak speak at least. "At least you can talk, you disabled bitch" she commented. After her comment, she quickly moved her right paw and thrust it down onto Mutes face, sinking her claws into his forehead she let electricity run through her, transferring onto her victim, not enough to kill him, but just enough to cause vicious damage.

    "Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see"

    -- Broken could feel her former intense bloodlust edging back as she dug harder into his skin, she loved the adrenaline, craved it, like a junky craved their next dose of heroin. She threw him across the dirt, trotting over before he could escape, as she loomed over him the bigger canine smashed a paw onto one of his front legs, hitting the sweet spot where she would hear the delightful sound that the bone made when it broke, crunch. She peered down on him, "Now what should I do with a little freak like you, dear?" she snarled, in a sickening sweet voice. She took a claw a pried his mouth open, most mutes didn't have a tongue, and she was sure he wasn't deaf, she let his lip go and placed her free paw by his ear, claws flexing. "You have a tongue love, I know you can hear me" She snarled, her vision going red and she crushed his already broken leg even harder, "talk to me sweets, I won't bite" she grinned.

    NAME: Brokenrecord

    SPECIES: three-headed cerberus (kids could either have 1-3 heads, doesnt matter)

    SLOTS: 3

    RELATIONS: direct ties to Dismarmony family and the Xerxes family, kids may carry the Xerxes name, but Broken would discourage it

    OTHER: this would probably just being a one night stand/ accidental litter, Brokenrecord is an Exiler

    "Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see"

    -- Broken approached, seemingly just in time to see the strange cubs little tantrum about being touched, but she got it, she wasn't a touchy person either. She approached with soft, gentle eyes, the eyes she always flashed at children, little late with this motherly behaviour, Bshe thought bitterly, but quickly shoved the thought away. "Hey kiddo, I'm Brokenrecord, but you can just call me B" she said in a friendly tone, making sure to keep somewhat of a distance, but not to the point where it seemed like the cub had some sort of viral disease. She was not about to be tackled by a touchy bear cub, though he was cute, she didn't know the kid.

    "Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see"

    -- Broken heard the demands of Nightstar's in the distance, as she got closer she could her the sounds of fighting, she grinned as she came on the scene, before her eyes landed on the little bear cub, she came and stood up beside him, not saying anything but deciding it would be best if she stayed close by in case of an incident, her eyes narrowed at Abbi, a veiler who was just standing there? What a fucking pussy. her tail thrashed as she braced, alert for any signs of surprise attackers.

    "Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see"

    -- Broken entered the exiles territory, dragging something in her jaws, her eyes gleaming with excitement. She was eager to sink her claws into some flesh, to feel some bones break. She had chosen a challenge, to make a mute scream, and scream loudly. The hell-hound dragged him to the heart of the Exiles, for everyone to see. She slammed the ebony feline on the dusty ground, slamming a paw down on his spine, immobilizing him. "wake up, bitch!" She growled, pressing down harder on his spine, her claws digging into his fur until blood began trickling down.

    Porter J.

    BASICS ―― she's beauty

    Brokenrecord Disharmony | "Broken"

    Female | She/Her | whothehellknowssexual | around 3-4 years | ages real time-ish

    Exiles | Member |

    RELATIONSHIPS ―― lshe's grace

    [color=#colour]♥[/color] Weddingbells Disharmony 1 x Lunae Xerxes| Children: Camilla, Recklesskit, Chrysalispup, Insanepup, Frostedpup, Madkit, Cyrus, Halfprince, Rhys, Valentine, Thebis

    Gen. 4

    single | [0] crushes? | open but not looking | develops attraction/crushes

    ½ Broken

    APPEARANCE ―― but she'll shoot you in the face

    [color=#colour] CURRENT APPEARANCE:[/color] A slim, lithe silvery sabertooth tiger with a blue tint. She has bright yellow eyes and a scar running down her shoulder.

    [color=#colour]mutations:[/color] n/a

    [color=#colour]accessories:[/color] n/a

    PERSONALITY & QUIRKS ―― left for dead

    PERSONALITY: Broken is very closed off, mentally at least. Socially she can be fiery and head strong, often riled up easily and suffers heavily from a classic resting bitch face. Broken has a few soft spots though, the family she cares about, and most children. Broken is quick to talk and has a silver tongue, she is typically a little hot headed on the exterior, but break her down she can be protective and caring.

    disorders ― ptsd


    smells like: forest, blood

    feels like- silky short fur

    INTERACTION ―― lil mama

    difficulty- extremely hard

    powers- shapeshifting, telepathy, elementals

    powerplay?- minor interaction

    "Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see"

    -- Brokens teeth were still bared when Narnel spoke to her, had she gone fucking soft? What was wrong with her? She lashed her tail about to reply when she head a familiar voice, mom? Wow, she hadn't been called that in years, even when all her kids were babies they didn't call her mom. Yet, she calmed down all the same and took a seat, silently waiting to see how this played out.

    "Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see"

    -- Broken snapped out of her flashbacks when she heard a voice, it sounded distant and somewhat reluctant. She turned her head to see... well speak of the devil, her son. Her mouth went somewhat dry as shame raced through her heart, she parted her mouth slightly to say something bit decided she had to think about that to say for another second. Should she just simply say hey? Maybe a pet name- no way too soon. What the fuck was she doing? "hey, it's nice to see you" she eventually decided to reply, with a gentle smile, "how have things been while I was gone? she added, might as well start off with small talk, no need to get into the depressing, heavy stuff right now.