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    It was so much more easier to imagine her when she was a child. When she really depended on others- for guidance, starting to form her own appearance, a little ferret who’s heart was unbroken by betrayal. When he could have once talked to her through the bond.

    Lessa knew he had been sorry and guilty and she had been done giving him chances.

    Anakin’s presence delivered a small coldness- but the lion’s eyes moved to the expression on her sleeping face. Anakin shook himself, his presence changing- the blazing, confident sun that boosted moral on the battlefield. It screamed, ”You can do it!” and Anakin moved slightly, his ghostly, blue form hovering over Lessa.

    Anakin could make sure she was never alone. He didn’t think she would like that, though.

    Anakin moved slightly, putting a group of pebbles together near her sleeping form. A small pebble, surrounded by rocks of all shapes and sizes.


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    Anakin- Rick’s eyes narrowed. Scrutiny. Disappoint. Irritation. The shifty figure moved a step closer, his legs being lost in the cloud that his presence kicked up, as if he was using the particles to form a shape.

    The blue aura became a tad brighter, washing Littlesoldier and her corner in a blue hue.

    Anakin felt that, like himself, Littlestar would only become truly free in death. Anakin was only free when liberated from the confines of his suit- and now, to him, maybe Littlesoldier’s own body and mind had become her true prison.

    Anakin believed, maybe, the only way to ‘Free’ her now was to eradicate the body. Eradicate Littlestar’s prison.

    ”You’ve forgotten who you are.” The voice had the touch of Rick’s tone, but the formality Anakin. “And so have forgotten me.” the shifting figure, as its glow brightened more and took another step- Littlestar was fully revealed in the light; and Anakin was revolted.

    “You forgot who your true enemy is.” He moved slightly, turning, to refocus the light on the laboratory. Then back to her, watching her snarl. He stuck out a gathering of glowing dust- the semblance of a paw, and reached forward, uncaring if it went into Littlestar’s biting mouth. Because it would do nothing to him. It would go right through and maybe she would see that she was powerless against him.

    “And you must free yourself.” By whatever means necessary. and to Anakin, that entailed either murder or suicide.


    I’m Owlie.

    Anakin Skywalker is a Force Ghost now, but you may recognize this character better as Darth Vader, Supreme Leader of the First Order. He was also in Wind Haven and Riverside for a long time.

    With this in mind, Anakin died a few weeks ago. Anakin is a Force Ghost, giving him some ghostly powers. (Invisibility, glowing, floating, going through walls)

    Being a Force Ghost gives him the ability of somewhat divine intervention (i.e. if someone gives me permission, he could catastrophically interfere with their lives.)

    he can appear and disappear at will, with some limitations.

    If a place is very spiritual (strong in the Force) it’s easier for him to materialize and take a shape. He’s stronger there.

    If a place is inherently evil, weak in the force, there’s hints of voices or a shifty image or stuff moving.

    Anakin can do a lot of things with you, if you want:

    - Guidance

    - move everything in your character’s house two inches to the left

    - tracking down old enemies and trolling them in the afterlife

    - divine intervention

    - stalking your character if you’re of interest to him, and lightly influencing them every now and then

    - he wants to free any slaves at the earliest opportunity

    - finding other Force users

    - helping along little kids until they find a proper family

    Just hit me up ;)

    Why did he know him? Anakin pondered, watching Satan lizard and the dog. He was hiding himself, by choice- Anakin didn’t feel the need to make his ghostly form visible. To him, he was dead now. No point in him meddling in the lives of others now. Except- for divine intervention. Maybe.

    Ah, what the hell. Anakin shook the branch, hoping to knock off an acorn and hit someone.

    She was down under. Anakin could hear her. Or he just took a good guess. The lion’s paw resettled to the cement, and he took in a breath, melting through the floor. He passed through the cement, and passed another floor, flipping himself over until he was standing on the ceiling of a lab.

    She was alone, it looked like. Anakin gloated, paws touching the floor. He disturbed the dust still, and he was glad he couldn’t smell whatever was down here. Anakin, finally deciding that they were indeed, alone, attempted to make himself visible.

    The Force here. It was vile- picking at his unsettled anger and asking him to tear down the walls.

    His glowing blue form was a small nightlight, a whisp, something taking the vague form of a lion and full of wavy static- it was faceless and without skeleton.

    No. Even better. Focusing, he reformed his ghostly image, until he resembled a vague tiger, strong, and piercing ice blue eyes sticking out of the misshapen cloud. Maybe it was to protect his own identity. After all, if she spewed out about a ghost, why would they believe her mad ravings?

    He didn’t look a lot like Rick. No, the scars weren’t there. Maybe it was enough to trick her. He was silent, coming to the front of Little, right out of the reach of her chains.

    Maybe he should speak. Anakin was glancing over his shoulder, though. If anyone dared disturb them, Anakin would vanish. Like he was never here.

    He wanted kriffing answers. Anakin was furious, and his allies, the other Jedi Masters that took a form like himself, had advised him against it. Anakin shouldn't intervene, only watch. Only if he had to. He would do that much, but that didn't mean his rage was uncontained.

    Anakin's form wasn't as fleshed out here. No- this place, it was weak in the force, the Force moved like a cesspool of oil, bubbling vapid and dark, swallowing and staining anything that went into it. All it did was help his anger. The Dark Side- and Anakin was trying not to dip into it. No. To them, it was as if nothing was wrong. No storm clouds. No one being pushed over. No possessions. Just a ghost. He was better than that, now.

    A prison. He grumbled.

    He kept himself hidden, ghostly form invisible as he passed through the walls and into the interior. It was a maze to him, with the combination of cells, between actual cells and bedrooms and a perverted form of living. Anakin shook his head, feeling his mane move and let his paws touch the cement.

    He disturbed the stray hairs and the dust, at best.

    He shuddered as some cat passed through his ghostly form- they stopped briefly, and turned around, but shrugged as they saw nothing.

    He reached out into the Force- maybe he could track down Littlestar and observe her in whatever semblance of a hole she had crawled into here. Maybe she was cuddling chains. He wondered, briefly, if Littlestar's body had been burned at all in her death. He guessed, judging by the events now, she had not been.

    Anakin felt all the more grateful that his suit had been burned, now.

    He shook his head, lifting off his paws, and levitating off the ground, invisible form searching for Littlestar's shell, or where she had been cooked up in.

    Part of him, deep down, so far down he recognized it as Vader, was impressed. Anakin thought that what Vader did to Ivan had been despicable, taking advantage of the disabled for their powers, but this? This was something Vader would have never thought of. The Emperor, might have toyed with the idea, but Vader would have never done it.

    If Hawkclan didn't know before, they probably would now. He felt bad for them- their leader, one of the better ones (well, depending on who you asked- Anakin needed to remind himself that Littlestar was still a terrible person.) had been rebuilt, turned into a slave, rebuilt to serve her master, her Depur, to eat and kill for him, reduced to a few words and made to terminate- and she was grateful for it.

    Remind you of anyone?

    Anakin stopped. His paws resettled on the cement. He stared at the ground. He sucked in a breathe, a small pulse moving out from him- the only sign that someone was there, and levitated again, continuing on.

    Littlestar is dead. You're searching for a dead person. Anakin thought of the situation he was in now- and wondered if he was wasting his time.


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    “I’m glowing because I’m dead.” He pointed back out, making a face. “My family is invested in the Force. It’s complicated. I gave my life to it and now I get to visit when I feel the Force.” He glossed over it.

    “You were stealing prey. And trespassing.”

    ”I’m gonna try to help you out of this, Domitian.”


    Riverclan - male - 5 years

    The light changed, Anakin's glowing presence retreating and the room becoming dim as Anakin's aura reduced to a nightlight. "Do I look like a monster to you?" His tone was accusatory this time, but Anakin checked himself, and grumbled again, then breathed, his light reaching back out and the room washing in blue again.

    "Clans are full of creatures." He turned, "This," he said, pulling away the cover of the entrance to show the rest of the camp. "Is not the best example," he shrugged and released the cover in that 'Okay, yeah, but-' sort of style and turned back to the tiger.

    "People join clans for the security- feeling you belong somewhere, companionship, numbers." He gestured back to the rest of the camp. "Why do you think a bunch of psychopaths like hanging around eachother?"

    "But I can see where you're coming from, as an outsider. Dystopia- as an example- she was a female lion with a mane, a scorpion tail, bat wings, red eyes, ram horns- I hated her. She disgusted me." He paused, "I've... met many animals now, in my time." He sat. "All shapes and sizes. You met Ivan, the Polar Bear. Pine Martens, hybrids, giant spiders, hyenas, moose, pacifist dogs with glasses, animals that used to be people. I could go on."

    "You... met my daughter." He said, his tail now flicking under his robe. "Little lion cub." His gaze remet the tiger. "She's a good kid."

    He glanced back to the exit. "And Domitian, I want you live longer than I did."

    Little over a year. Anakin grumbled. Older than his kids, at least. ”Were you planning on staying a loner?” He asked, meeting the tiger’s gaze.

    Anakin’s face furrowed into one of interrogation- a slight frown and dead set expression, asking for answers.


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    “Anakin Skywalker.” He greeted back, introducing himself.

    ”And yeah, I think so. Stupid cat.” He pondered, shrugging. “They’re easier to ignore if you start stereotyping them. A lot of anti-groups are the same.”

    “Nah. I was captive here for a bit, though.” He waved his had, an illusion appearing off in the corner. The images of a creature with robotic gorilla arms and the body structure of a lion, with tattered robes and broken armor, standing protectively over a trio of black leopard cubs. “The Exiles did something similar to what you’re talking about.” the illusion vanished.

    ”I let Dystopia capture me once. I broke her wing in return.”

    “Surviving.” Anakin understood that just fine. Didn’t like it, however. “How Old are you?”


    Riverclan - male - 5 years

    There she was.

    The Force had lured him here- it was hidden, like an underlying beast. It started with the dust- leftover sand being picked up and moved in a whisp, glowing blue and floating. The bars beginning to rattle and creek, and little pebbles falling from the ceiling.

    Then there he was, his body beginning to take shape from his paws, and forming robes and fur and mane.

    The Lion stood over her, watching the honey badger, who was probably now rudely awakened, and interrupting the darkness with his glowing blue body.