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    ic: "I probably wouldn't die if I fought him," said Xap. With a wink he added, "For you, baby, I'd kick his ass. What's his name?"

    He listened on to what she said. "Sounds like you don't miss a spot, babe. That's hot. As for sex slaves, you can take me as one any time you want to. And trust me, I'd kick this douche's ass. Who is he?" Xap had known it all along. Something had been giving Sarah a seriously shitty life, and this was why she was the way she was. Thank the gods she had bumped into him, because he was about to start fixing everything.

    He'd fixed things up for Dimity. Too bad she had been intent on ruining it again, and ruining it not just for herself, but for their child.

    The fallen Arceus continued to glow, and then he uttered something strange.

    "Since the illegal split of the multiverses, nothing has been right. They must reunite..."

    Xap turned to look at him. "Uh, sorry I wasn't listening...what was that?"

    "A few thousand years, but that being said I was dead for that period of time and recently I was in a growing foal's body," she said with a grin "you've known me for less than a day and say I'm serious all the time? Please, when I'm not out to kill someone I generally the life of the party. I just know when to taking things seriously," she said stopping upside down in the air looking alert, before rolling to the left in a tight spin narrowly avoiding a hyperbeam.

    "Speaking of a party looks like it came to us," she said coming out of the spin and firing a hyperbeam of her own in the direction of the original, and causing a loud scream of pain, as an Arceus dropped from the darkness it was hiding in. It seemed to be degenerating from the point at where it was hit as it was literately being ripped apart molecule by molecule "a little bit overkill for that one..." she said "lets keep moving there's bound to be more.

    She flew on now more alert "I doubt he ditched you, willingly at least he seems like a good stallion, but perhaps he has learned from his mistakes and has become a better stallion than he once was. And no you are not you now have two younger siblings... both are deformed though the most likely causes are your mother, and stress, though they will survive and grow strong I'll make sure of that... whatever it takes..."

    "Whoa, uh..." Xap hadn't really had a chance to do anything before it was over and that Arceus was dead. He looked down at him, then over at Sarah. "You didn't tell me you were being followed like right now! As for knowing you're serious, I can totally tell when someone's USED to being serious. Though if you're always having to put up with shit like this no wonder you aren't up for any fun. This sucks. Let's fix it."

    Xap did indeed see another one approaching them from behind and he teleported behind the enemy, and fired a Judgement at him, waiting for the opposition to die out in the depth of space. The force of the blast sent the now badly wounded Arceus wheeling out into the void, with no friction to stop him he just kept on flying away.

    "I think that one's still mostly alive. Should we bring him in for questioning or do you already know the spiel? This the army of Justice?" Xap hated having to hold prisoners, so he hoped to avoid it here. He also hoped to avoid evil armies.

    Then again...there had been something strange about that Arceus. Xap zoomed after the wounded enemy for a closer investigation...

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    "I believe his name was along the lines of Ralishaz or something, don't even know the guy besides from now when he's nothing but a shell it's sad to see any Arceus brought that low," she absorbed the swirling ball of energy she had made "don't worry I won't judge you verbally, but you will be judged non-the-less."

    "Oh please I don't want to scare you or make you prove yourself, I just want to bring the one that birthed you to... well justice people like her... they make me sick," she said shaking her head "I'm not playing hard to get you just don't know how to get me, and probably never will," she said doing loops in the air and showing basically no interest at all.

    "A dude can dream. And learn." Xap winked at her. He was enjoying this more by the minute. "C'mon when was the last time a stallion even looked at you that Heh? Not 'cause you're not hot either, cause you seriously are. But cause you're so damn serious all the time. But everyone's gotta freak out some time. You even said probably never. Anyway we don't have to like, commit or anything. I'm always up for some fun. And you got the moves babe." He grinned and flew over to be level with her as she spiralled around. "Ralishaz is my dad, you know. Not that I ever met him till like, recently. Couple years ago or something. So my mom decided to mess with him for ditching us both when I was born, or something...whatever he did."

    Xap did stop to sober up there. "His he has children. Then I'm not an only child anymore."

    He watched the ball of energy. "That's a cool thing there. Where'd you get it?"

    *And though it may be none of my business Lully is a friend and I tend to make other peoples business my business if my friends could be in danger not to mention there's this one stallions mind that's taken and he needs it back so he can look after his family as well. Of what planet you ask? I'm comparing with the universe and its an age that very few now can actually claim to be, though I did die once technically I was trapped in a group of rouges base helped a few other prisoners escape although I was a ghost, then they revived me while they went to revive a friend of theirs. Can't complain though my other body was reaching its limit," she said she stared into space and went silent.

    "What stallion might that be?" Xap honestly was curious. For a while now, his own family had been cut off from him and he them. It wasn't like he never wondered, or like he didn't care. "Fine. The more you judge me the more I'll judge you, and if you think saying that kind of garbage to me is going to scare me or make me wanna prove myself to you, you're gonna be sitting on your own personal jury for another few universe lief spans or whatever you've lived. Cause I don't shoot for anyone's expectations but my own. Though I'll say you do a damn hot job of playing hard to get. You're not so bad, you know." He winked. He'd thought last night's rave had been fun, but he was enjoying himself immensely more right now.

    "As for my name, it's Sarah and believe me I'm to rough for you to ever handle," she said. Even through all her talking she had kept a completely blank face, and though she had pretty much straight up insulted him several times she felt there was still a good chance he'd help her, if only because of his daughter. She sensed that even though he was a major trouble child he did care for Lully quite a bit.

    Xap grinned down at her and winked.

    "Too rough for me? Never met one that was yet. Being ten billion years old sure gives you a nasty attitude or maybe you're just playing hard to get. You know, if you're really all that you wouldn't be having to threaten me. I'm trying to work with you but you're just taking whatever everyone else already told you about me, up the ass, and that's it, no more debate. I'll say this: you don't know shit about what went down between me and my ex and I'd love to just tell you where to shove it--and have a battle if you're up for it and just see whose atoms go where, AND I'd love to remind you that my relationship and family past is none of your business but you did say my family's in danger, you need my help, blah blah."

    He snorted. "As for Lully, yeah, she turned out good. Still is turning out good. She got the best of both of us, I think. Too bad her mother got to be the one telling her all about me after I was kicked out. History's always written by the victors! I'd love to dish out all the dirt that went down that Dimi probably never mentioned, but your mind's made up. Geez, for someone who's over 10 billion years old--years of what planet, I'm wondering? you don't act like it. Well at least you're mostly keeping your cool. Now, it's up to me to find the mare who birthed me, eh? Funny, I never even met her. Well, not since I was a tiny foal and I can't really remember what happened there. But I guess I know where it happened."

    Xap opened up a portal. "Ladies first."

    ''Well you have the freak part right,'' Sarah said as her power spiked turning the dark purplish light Xap laid into an over sized dead magikarp ''and for the record I wasn't talking about me.''

    The dead magikarp turned into a rainbow light.

    "I'm not into fish."


    ''I guess I'll jump straight to the case your mother is being a stuck up asshole, and not to mention your families safety could in danger because of it, and your the only one that can help. So that being said can you assist me in finding her? Keep in mind no is an answer that is served with a hyperbeam and one more chance to redecide on that choice,'' she said with a wicked grin.

    Xap closed his eyes, then finally moved. He slowly got up. "'s over. I some shit. First rule," he looked squarely at Sarah, "bossing me around = not cool. Hyperbeam battle--totally awesome and I'm sooooo down with it if you are. I like it rough, baby....Sooo. Someone really poisoned you against me before you showed up here. Wow, could it possibly be my ex? Hm, nah, she was never a stuck up prude who turned out to hate sex and refused to actually talk to me about anything AND decided not to let me see our daughter. She was always just open with everything so we never had any communication problems and NEVER gave me the silent treatment 3x a day. Hah! Even now she sent someone else to talk to me cause she's got like, no nerve. Like what does she think I'm gonna do anyway? Pfff. So--my mother--you mean JUSTICE? The dead one? Eh...The dead ones never seem to stay dead, do they? Feh. Well, first, she's no mother to me if she's putting my daughter in danger, though I get what you're saying, and second, uh, yeah could you explain a lil more? Thanks."

    The tall green stallion got up and gave himself a stretch and a shaking out of his mane. He grinned at Sarah. Things were getting interesting around here. "So, uh, you know who I am, who're you?"

    "Your acts should follow young-one," said Sarah floating in and surveying the place it was of coarse a mess. She sighed and shook her head and began to drift over to Xap she looked at him he was handsome no doubt, probably why he could get Mares to fall for him and agree to do things like this.

    But she ignored that fact as old as she was she'd rather a respectable mate than any degree of good looking one, though that was if she wanted one in her situation between Elder, her going to get Justice to free the minds of however many people she may have crushed, and her trying to learn how to control this power properly it really wasn't time to think of such things.

    She nudged him with her hoof hard enough to move him in attempt to wake him up if that didn't work she also could cause a few loud explosions....

    Xap winced, and opened his startlingly bright blue eyes. The green, spotted arceus with the bright red mane gazed up at Sarah. Then he began to grin, however an arceus can grin, he managed it. One of those blue eyes winked. "Hey ... so...uh.. up for another freakfest tonight?"

    The filly further off, who had spoken before Sarah, was giving her a dirty look, but not for long as her attention was then drawn to the slowly awakening Xap.

    There was no answer other than, "We're fine! We're great!" from Xap and Dimity as the reunion took over their senses for the meantime. Lully was crying as she nuzzled both her parents tight. Finally, Xap addressed the question.

    "We're more than fine! We're just about as great as you could get," said Xap. "The prison totally morphed or something, it became this foresty thing. I don't--I can't really explain. but all of us got out. Silvestra--you should've seen the look on her face!"

    "I'm her mother, I need to be with her!" cried Dimity. "As for mocking, I did nothing of the sort. My mate has some issues with him--I don't. But I don't even know if he's still with her. What with Silvestra's forces trying to hurt him, too."

    "The solution is my forces taking them into custody," said Silvestra, "and my raising these two sisters together. The way that sisters belong."

    "Alcatraz dumped Dimity like a smelly pile years ago," said Xap, "so he could run off with a suicune. Then after that dog predictably got old and died, he starts getting on MY case, threatening ME because his ex decided to move on with her life after that. Got his parents and then Dimity's parents involved, did what he could to make sure everyone thought I was the scourge of godkind. I could go on, but I'm really getting tired of folks who assume. You know what assuming does."

    "And who was boinking another mare the whole time?" said Silvestra, sighing. "You knew it was going to get brought up sooner or later why we have two half sisters the same age. Convenient of you to help it along more quickly."

    "We were both estranged at the time," said Dimity. "He wasn't lying to me or trying to hide anything. It was a misunderstanding. My grandfather--"

    "Your grandfather can't make your mind for you," said Silvestra.

    "He gave me misinformation! And Xap wasn;'t anywhere around. I didn't know a whole herd was trying to kill him while he was trying to track down his brother. Mind your own business and let us go home to our daughter." Dimity glowed with fury.

    "Assssuming," purred Silvestra.

    "So he was real." Silvestra growled. "All of it! I bet. Thing is, that doesn't really solve our problems any does it."

    "You can't contain it forever," said Xap. "Something like that's going to out eventually. Think about it. You've been trying to destroy it--him, whatever he is, for how long now? Yeah we could make out that whole deal with Naiko in that other room. It's not THAT far away and we're 'gods' like the rest of you. You've been trying to hold it together with literally millions of arceus, dialga, whatever--for eons. I have a feeling you're not about to destroy it any time soon. Anyone in those millions ever suggested we try another tack? Or are those the ones filling up this prison?"

    He looked from Silvestra to Magic.

    "Seems you're still having trouble with that part, eh?" Xap snorted, or made a motion as if to. He had no visible nose. "Drifting this way and that. Blaming someone else for your inability to actually make a choice and deal with it. Someone didn't grow up. You know I'm not that nuts about that guy either but at least he's got some chutzpah if he's pushed to it."

    "That's enough, children," purred Silvestra. She turned to Bluemagic. "Don't let them get to you--it's pretty hard dealing with the consequences of one's own actions and for these two it is just sinking in."

    "What are you talking about?" cried Dimity. "She needs us! She needs me--I'm her mother!" The young white arceus broke down.

    "That bastard, what'd he do to Lully?" Xap scraped his hoof over the stone. "Wipe that smirk off your face, you're taking pleasure in keeping a little baby away from her parents? I got nothing much to say to that or think of it other than just plain disgusting."

    "I can take a sort of tour over the skies and look," said Dimity. "What sort of climate do they even like? I don't really have much of an idea."

    "Northern region of what world, though?" Xap grinned. Someone who wasn't used to doing a lot of space travel needed to get used to world hopping. Many pokemon were found on many different worlds, due to portal use by some legendary-power pokemon. Even if most pokemon could not create portals, or teleport through space, if portals were opened, occasionally pokemon would slip through and arrive in a foreign world. Assuming they survived in the alien environment, they could sometimes start a new population, and in time, develop new species. For Anggun and her dad to have settled here, this planet had to be within common knowledge of some. "I'm thinking. Does it even get cold here?"

    "Not really," said Anggun, giggling. "It's really nice here. Though sometimes it does get a little hot. And yeah I think Latias and Latios live on this world. I think more near the water than anywhere else."

    "I know there's like a million and one little green and brown or seedy-looking little pokemon running around in those woods," said Xap. "I have no idea what they are, but there are a lot of pokemon that look like that."

    "There's one wonderful thing about this world," said Anggun. "That my dad says. There are no humans here. At all."


    "They do not need milk," said Sundance, "so she should be fine living with you here for now. I am sure there is a good chance there may be some living on this planet, as well."

    "If not, my dad can help us find her kind," said Anggun.

    "Wouldn't be hard," said Xap, coming back out of the berry grove. "If there aren't any on this world I know a few where there are."

    Xap was already bored. "Well, I guess I can round up some good fruits or something to feed us, if that's okay. Anyone wanna come?" He turned around and zoomed over into the nearest area of trees and bushes. There were pechas, Liechis and Rowaps growing like crazy here. "Hm, Al has good taste in berries. I'll give him that."

    "Help yourself, it's a whole planet after all," said Anggun, giggling. "Hi, Eonia. Nice to meet you."

    "Did you grow up here?" said Dimity.

    Anggun shook her head. "No... We moved here after my mother died."

    "Why there?" said Xap. "Out of all the millions of places. There's got to be somewhere better. You think this chick doesn't know about Aranuka's family? Sure, she might not, but shemight, IK mean, i got no idea."

    "Well, there's a bigger chance she knows about you," said Dimity, "being as she's on your side of the family."

    "She knows about you to some extent," said Sundance. "You are not a target, but it is best that you get out of the way of being noticed by her as soon as possible."

    Xap sighed. "Fine. It's to Alcatraz we go then. I guess we can be okay with that. If he's okay with it. Kind of a stretch. I guess we could just hole up nearby if he's not."

    "He will," and Dimity's voice was sad.

    "Yeah, that's the name,," said Xap. He'd never even known he had a living grandmother. "Uh, so you came by to get in touch and just hang out? Cause yeah, this is awesome."

    "Unfortunately no." Sundance explained the same thing she'd told the others.


    "And we have to leave for now, and I know the best place we can take refuge." Dimity told him where.