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    Padmè had made her way back to Riverside for a bit, deciding she should probably spend more time with her family. She heard something drop, and her ears perked up. What was that? She questioned, moving to investigate. Hopefully it wasn't an intruder, Padmè wasn't looking forward to having to fight if it was. She saw the door to the cabinet open, and the jewelry on the floor. That was odd, she had never seen these items before. Maybe she'd give Sekai the moon pendant, as she assumed it belonged to Anakin. Sekai needed something of her father's to cling to.

    "I am willing to help with the water supply." Padmè announced, stepping forward. A stealth mission was more to her liking, as she never liked full on battle. Sure, it could be more difficult, and if something happened to Poe.... No, she couldn't think of that. Poe was strong enough to handle himself. She was needed elsewhere, in the stealth group. This was how she would support her clan.

    Padmè approached, a bit chilly in the cold weather. Her coat wasn't suited very well for this kind of weather, so she would just have to bring blankets and scarves around. The lioness sat down, curious on what Poe had to say at this meeting.

    "If you'd like a fourth one, I'd like to help in any way possible." Padmè said, padding up to the group. Sure, she was only here half of the time, but with the war approaching, it was always good to have an extra hand in her opinion. If not, that'd be okay too. She'd fight then.

    Padmè smiled. "I would say everyone in Riverside is beautiful." She said politely. "My name is Padmè, and welcome to Riverside!" The lioness introduced. Her heart nearly broke when she heard about Eliza's parents. "Oh dear, if it's okay with Valemon, you can live with us for a while if you'd like." She suggested hopefully. She would make it clear that she wasn't replacing her children, but she was always the charitable type. Maybe Eliza and Valemon would be friends, she thought. That would be good for everyone.

    Padmè was no stranger to the cold. As a child, she would spend the whole day outside in the snow. As she grew older, the woman found a deep love for ice skating. After she was properly dressed for the chilly conditions, she grabbed her ice skates from her closet and made her way outside.

    She made sure to test the ice first, as she didn't want to get caught in a dangerous situation. After testing the surface extensively, she decided the large pond was frozen enough to be skated upon. Padmè laced up her skates with care, before stepping out onto the ice.

    Euphoria. That was one of the many emotions the woman felt while she was skating. She pumped her legs, willing herself to go faster. The woman would then launch herself into the air, completeing a series of twists before sticking the landing.

    It was great to be out there again, she hadn't skated in a long time.

    //summary: Padmè decides the pond is frozen enough for ice skating! Feel free to join in! You don't have to match my muse :)

    "Poe! It's great to see you again." Padmè greeted, moving to gently nudge her friend. "I'm sure I will, given the amazing nature of the people who live here." She said with a smile, gesturing towards the group who had welcomed her into the clan. Sure, she only knew a handful of the members, but she had no doubt that many of the members had similar ideologies as Poe.

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    Padmè was known for her long walks on the border, and they dramatically increased after the death of her husband. Luckily, this walk was turning out to be a good one. Padme's ears perked up as she heard someone, perhaps a little pup, call out. The lioness padded over briskly, and entered the clearing. "Hello, there! What's your name, little one?" She asked, smiling widely as the tiara slid down Eliza's face. This kid was too cute. "Gah, I almost forgot! Are you here to join?" She asked. Perhaps she was out of practice.

    It was silent. Her family's house, the one she shared with her husband and children, was eerily quiet. The children were out, hopefully trying to get back to normal. She was alone, a strange feeling, since Anakin was never far from her before. Padmè no longer had his rythmatic breathing to comfort her, she hadn't realized how much she needed the white noise.

    The bed felt way too big now, she didn't have anyone to share it with, unless Valemon had a nightmare. As horrible as it sounded, she hoped he would. That way she wouldn't have to sleep alone. Padmè moved out of the bedroom, through the widened halls that seemed long and empty now. This brought back the memories of when Anakin would play with the cubs, chasing them outside to the porch. She smiled as the memories flowed, not even realizing the tears that rolled down her face. Force, she missed him.

    She made her way onto the porch, laying in the weathered part of it, which was where her husband always laid. It dwarfed her, but she didn't care. She felt close to him here, and so she would spend the day here, remembering the extraordinary partner she had.

    //summary: Padmè remembers all the mundane moments of her life with Anakin.