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    Hey guys! While Moss is gone, I’ve decided I probably won’t be as active on this thread anymore, maybe not even FF, 1. Because frankly, Murkyclan can’t fuction properly without her and 2. I am going to be fairly busy this summer, but I’ll pop in every once in awhile!

    Reedstep nodded and examined the kitty pet. He hadn’t yet been made the medicine cat apprentice but he knew a little bit of medical knowledge. “Lay her down carefully” he meowed softly, once Arrowstrike did that he would examine the cut above the orange and white kittypets eye. “Could you fetch the cobweb? Before we do anything we need to stop the bleeding” he meowed to Arrowstrike.

    @‘|| Echo Eye ||’ venture.

    Ashkit looked up with wide amber eyes to see Willowtail. The speckled kitten gave a slight nod of her tiny head. “Y-yes I’m fine” she said in a coarse voice. The battle had shaken her up quite a bit and she hated seeing so many of her clan mates dead.


    Rabbitpaw was still unconscious as she was tended to by Finnloch

    Reedstep nodded towards Finnloch and turned towards Darkheart and Nightwhisper, managing to patch them both up with the advice and help from Finn. When the tabby queen and dark pelted Tom left that’s when he noticed Halfmask approaching with Rabbitpaw, soon followed by Arrowstrike and a mutilated stranger on her shoulders. He hurried over to Arrowstrike “let me take a look” he meowed softly.


    Rabbitpaw could vaguely feel herself being picked up and moved, something inside her churned and she became violently ill, unconsciously writhing between Halfmasks shoulders until she eventually lolled her head off him and threw up, most likely a sign of internal bleeding.

    (Not sure if I should keep Rabbitpaw or have her join the deceased :/)

    Violet petal looked for her kits, she spotted Spiritkit and Harmonykit approaching Emberkit and padded over to them. “Are all of you alright?” She meowed softly, nuzzling all of her almost-grown kits. She had lost her daughter Sweetkit and son Cypresskit to sleeping sickness and it pained her to be away from her kits. Emberkit and Spiritkit has thankfully recovered from the awful sickness.


    Nightwhisper had been attacked by a hefty Rockclan tom, the bitter queen was tending to a jagged scar on her shoulder, Rockclan was a clan that could burn in the Dark Forest- who in their right mind attacks a pregnant she cat? She watched as Redstars body was dragged in, she watched as the only Tom she ever truly loved and the only rom who ever truly loved her back was dead. Not to mention the father of her unborn kits, she looked over to Froststar, his other mate, and dipped her head toward her new leader.

    (It’s normal for toms to have two mates Froststar and Nightwhisper don’t have to hate each other XD)

    Reedstep had returned to camp with marigold and more cobwebs, dropping them at Finns paws he cleared his throat, “anything I can do to help Finn? It would be my pleasure” he meowed.

    (Maybe this is around the time where he becomes meddy apprentice?)


    Bellflower limped towards her clan mates, her back leg was completely shredded and cut up, rendering it useless for the time being. The orange and white tabby looked for Brightthroat. Where was she? Panic flared up in her chest as she thought of the worst scenario... her sister being amongst the deceased.

    Darkheart was exhausted and beaten down, scars littered his ebony pelt as he looked around for Finn or someone.

    Rabbitpaw lay unconscious on the remains of the battle field, a large Rockclan warrior had lunged at her and smashed her head into a rock, Rabbitpaw hadn’t gotten up since.

    Spiritkit and Harmonykit were close by their mother.

    Ashkit was watching wearily. The kit had positioned herself away from the others. Even away from Ramkit and Whitekit. The speckles kit was terrified and confused.

    With the plan for the newish rp i decided to add Nightwhispers future kits in!

    Woah I missed a lot... I’m going to jump in with Violetpetal, Darkheart, Rabbitpaw, Bellflower, Reedstep, Ashkit, Spiritkit Sweetkit and Harmonykit and Nightwhisper as a queen (pregnant with Redfangs kits) I might make some new forms!

    Red didn’t choose a deputy I don’t think.

    Here’s my idea,

    We do a time skip, skip a generation or two and give this rp a fresh start and those still here can make their og cats as senior warriors or maybe even elders or they can make there og charities descendents or Just make brand new charries and Moss can create a new leader to start out with? This is just my input ^^


    Also if Mossy just made a whole new leader, there wouldn’t be any possible future arguments on who’s Charrie becomes leader?