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    wow i just. Expressed my oppinion in the nicest way possible? Would you rather me have said nothing at all? Some oppinions are harsh. If your going to ask for them, you should expect some negativity. Thats how critique works, my dude.

    I like color corps personally. It shows the military idea yall want while keeping the cc abbriviation

    Also adding in, dont yall think its a bit early for a name change? it hasnt even been a month

    lets go to see the stars and the moon

    Pixel seemed to be ignoring him for a good few seconds, scribbling onto her notepad. Poor thing. They felt alone and anxious to the world around them, did they? She could not relate to herself. She was always a fiery ball of emotion and joy, even when she tried to force it upon others. Though, she supposed it was that forceful push that lead her to meet Cassius, who would probably relate to beck a lot more. She could see him in the cat. It was sorta spooky, actually. The anxious twitching... The short words and sentences... The questioning of something wrong. He had all done the same thing.

    And she wasn't going to mess up this time.

    Pixel sighed, setting her clipboard and pen down. Well, she started, Sadness and anxious, while healthy in small bursts, is not normal to feel all the time. She explained. Life was full of ups and downs. There needed to be a balance between happiness and sadness for one to feel true equilibrium inside their self. Let's get down to the bases. Do you have any ideas why you could feel this way?

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    can we make pixel's shop a perminate place in colortown. I can write the description myself

    Honestly i feel we can use more description in the actual biomes. I understand 80% of our threads take place in the castle (that i honest to god didnt even know we had. Is that new?) and Colortown, but i still think we should omph the biomes. Give them landmarks too. Make a contest with art prizes or badges or whatever for players to write in landmarks. I cant think of any off the top of my head but maybe there can be a giant koi pond in the sakura biome? Idk

    eugh. i knew this would come back to haunt me.

    Okay. Serious time here.

    I picked prismplains cuz honestly? Color command just sounds dumb to me. It doesnt sound scary. It sounds like a show a 3 year old would watch on nick jr before school. I really dont see why that fits coloruedclan. I picked the plains cuz it sounded pretty and royal, much like the clan is. I'm perfectly cool changing it back to colour/ed anything but count my vote against name change if its color command.

    lets go to see the stars and the moon

    So this was the second one. Pixel's little therapy sessions were getting more attention then she thought they were. That was good! That meant people wanted to change for the better. It was a very heartwarming and adorable thought to hold onto.

    The angel sat back in her chair, turning to the male on the burnt umber couch. So tell me QUASAR , how can I help you? She offered a gentle smile. She wanted the other to know she was friendly. It was important for the other to feel comfortable in this environment. He was safe.

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    lets go to see the stars and the moon

    Pixel was a bit confused on why she was doing this, but she felt it was right. People needed help. it was as simple as that. It just made sense. The angel sighed as she pulled up a chair next to her couch, taking a seat in it. The two were currently settled upstairs in her shop, the residential area. It was a charming living room. Soft reds and umber colors designed the room, a strange contrast next to Pixel herself.

    The angel adjusted the sunglasses over her muzzle. She did not need to wear them, but it was the only pair of glasses she had. She felt like it fit the role. She hummed and turned to the other. So beck. , was it? She spoke, tilting her head. She flipped a notebook open to a fresh page, smiling at the other. So. What seems to be the problem? She asked.

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    lets go to see the stars and the moon

    Cuz pixel knows a thing or two about moving on from sadness and being happy again.

    In yet another act of trying to spread IC positivity in this site, I'm opening my muse baby pixel to become a therapist to anyone one that needs a shoulder to cry on or simply someone to talk to. I'd be willing to make this either a short term plot or a long term plot with multiple people, as it is, of course, my goal to help characters move on to angst IC c:

    Short term plots:

    - 1 or 2 therapy sessions

    - Pixel can encourage y/c to move on from whatever is bothering them and give them advice on how

    - Pixel can listen to y/c vent about anything they need to and be there to comfort them if needed

    - Pixel can prescribe y/c different herbal remedies and medicines to aid in mental illnesses and other various ailments (as she is a ex-doctor in multiple clans)

    Long term plots:

    - 3 to ∞ therapy sessions

    - all listed above plots

    - Pixel and y/c can become good friends & support each other through hardships

    - Pixel can adopt (or be adopted by depending on age) y/c as either a parent or sibling.

    - Pixel can develop a crush on y/c (picky, but can happen!)

    - Pixel grows protective of y/c and will often show up randomly in open threads they are in (regardless of clan)

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    track! I would say pixel COULD capture her but shes a bit of a pacifist and the only way she would is good intentions like saying she had candy or tea back home and making it a large misunderstanding. Which, could make for some hillarious plotting with some negative repercussions. Lol.

    lets go to see the stars and the moon

    They've been at war the whole time? And she didn't even know? That was... mildly concerning. The angel slowly nodded, processing the information. Her ears flopped forward as her mind churned and turned, her thoughts at war with eachother. War was not an easy subject for her. As much as she wanted to march right up to the front lines and resolve the situation with words, she was not dumb. She knew that was not likely to happen. She turned back up to the leader. Though I might be a bit rusty, i used to be a professional in blades. I can train our warriors in the way of swords and daggers, if you'd like.

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    lets go to see the stars and the moon

    Oh the poor kid was all alone. She guess she'd have to step in for him. The angel smiled and snatched one of the blankets, wrapping it around her shoulders. It was so cold out here, she was surprised no one had frozen yet. The angel hummed, relishing in the soft fabric for a few moments before turning to Whisp. I'm ready to start when you are, dear. She mewed.

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    lets go to see the stars and the moon

    Battle training? Pixel mimicked, Good heavens, why? Did Arcade expect a war any time soon? With whom? They were making so many alliances and even the exiles, now renegades, stated they were neutrals and would avoid attacking. The encouragement of training just seemed a bit... baffling to her. It was... strange and alien. Are you keeping something from us, dear? the angel questioned.

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    not everyone is good at being positive. Thats okay c:

    Okay. So i could write an entire essay on why i like yuri but imma try to be short. Hes RUDE but hes not a jerk. Does that make sense? Like. He just seems fresh. He speaks his mind even though his oppinion is rude but thats his genuine oppinion. Hes not being rude just to be rude. I like that. cuz it feels like a ton of people wanna make the lovable jerk character and yuris kinda a breath of fresh air.

    Also nistolgia but thats just me

    lets go to see the stars and the moon

    //damn school pc doenst have my usual heart emoticon

    Pixel was itching. Everything was bubbling and festering under her skin, like a burning wound that was ready to pop open and bleed out at any moment. It was a irritating, festering feeling that could not be resolved within time for her to loose her mind. She felt it crawling, digging and wriggling inside of her.

    Curiosity was the worst.

    It was like being presented with a box and being told you could not open it. What was in the box? It could be a cat. Or a hat. Or a bat. Or a bat in a hat. Or a hat on a bat thats friends with a cat! Ohhh! There were so many possibilities, she just couldn't take it! Pixel huffed as she faceplanted onto one of the various desks around her tea shop. She was going to kill Frightfur for this! Wait in your teashop, he said. For how long?? Was he even coming?

    Frightfur Seraphim M. !  

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    lets go to see the stars and the moon

    Pixel smiled at Yuri's defense, but decided to drop the topic. Their bickering would only scare others, anyways. Pixel turned to Yuri, her hopeful smile shining with her dulled teeth sticking out from behind her lips. Arcade is a understanding creature, she started, I'm sure she'll have nothing wrong with being neutrals. In pixel's eyes, neutrals was one step to friends. And... while she didn't expect to be friends with the exiles-now-renegades any time soon, she still wished the best for them. She wondered if Cyrus was still around. Was he still in the exiles? ... was he alive? Her muzzle fell for a second before she forced a smile on his muzzle again. He was fine. She was sure of it.

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