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    Honestly I think thats a great idea, something to add though; assuming these are a bunch of loners, kittypets, and rogues coming together to build the clan, it would make for another side plot that some of the cats just simply believe there is such a thing as StarClan.

    for example, imagine a stranger coming up to you one day and asking you to help them invest in a business; but the reason they are even creating a business is because a bunch of starry figures told them so. You'd probably think they'd be a little crazy lol.

    Therefore, there is the possibility of getting a bunch of cats within the clan that StarClan cannot interact with, simply because they don't believe in them. (If you really wanted to make it interesting, assuming the cats getting called upon by starclan don't necessarily get all the hps, a leader or medic could even not believe in starclan. Hence the problem of not receiving dreams or getting nine lives)

    Just throwing an idea out there. : )

    I love fan-clans!! Although I recently left them for trad. because the members in there tend to randomly stop rping their characters for another random fan-clan and the impossible competition was too much for me : / despite the endless encouragement to plot I created PeakClan and oh boyy it was my baby. We had about 1,300 posts within I believe 5 months? A little more if you count the petty reboots that barely lasted. People enjoyed it enough to win a first in the 2017 choice award fan-clan. It died shortly after though. ;;

    Its so sad to think its nearly been a year since that clan was active :'(

    Given that, if you need help plotting still I'd be happy to! If not I'll probably join if you tag me

    ; )

    Okay so while multitasking on both dapvhir and DarkenedMemories piece the last tip for my tablet pen wore out, so these are going to probably be delayed until Monday. : ( I've never had to buy more tips, so I'm not sure where to look or how expensive they are, and I'm not sure how much running I'm going to do this weekend. Which means if I have to order them somewhere it might be even later than Monday.

    Although I promise I'm working on them. <3 Just might take way longer then expected.

    Hey so previously I was making these just exclusive to everyone in traditional SkyClan, but when it comes to drawing art for other people instead of me its incredibly more consistent and fun for some reason. So feel free to request one and I'll get it done asap! Although, I only do cats currently : (

    I draw for fun and I'm well aware this doesn't look too good in the art world, although I would better drawing without an exact description on poses. Feel free to request a pose if you'd prefer though if you'd wish and I'll do my best.

    Feel free to request them to be smiling or something, just know if its something to do with teeth showing or their mouth open I'm a little inexperienced anatomy wise, but I'll accept the challenge.

    I can do incredibly simple backgrounds at your request. I provide a transparent version and a ff blue version in every request. If you need a certain size let me know, otherwise it will be 1,000 x 1,000 probably.

    My style is a little inconsistent rn, bare with me.

    The examples below are finished versions of requests I've done so far.

    yeah, I still want to rp Shattered and stuff though, so if you wanted to rp your ocs for the haven though go ahead : 0 just for situations where its not our characters handling the situation lol.

    I'll get a reply up soon then! I've just been super focused in traditional since that seems to be where my muse is at rn. But I was also busy last weekend so thats why I've kind of slid off replying -_-

    also of course, once again literally anything you have in mind for siren I'm willing to do it. Just let me know when you'd like to :0

    /my god, sorry for taking forever. Before I like actually reply though did you have anything that you wanted to go down with Siren before finding the haven? We can just time skip to morning the next day and have them run into an npc or something.

    I'll do my best to like, rp npcs for extra cats that are not our characters. Unless you happened to have wanted to lol. Either way, need to work on my writing anyways.

    Started traditional about a week ago, if you don't mind a slow-pace clan SkyClan is a great place to start off! The ooc community is astonishingly friendly and welcoming and I personally plan on sticking around there for a long time.

    //will get a reply down soon but yeah I'm willing to rp some of them! Also as for finding others im unsure, its going to kind of be awkward rping it because their is only two of us though lmao, I'll see if I can come up with any ideas on how to do that or when they should find others.

    Okay, sorry for posting in a dead thread but I don't want to create another thread practically about the same topic. So out of the clans WindClan, ShadowClan, and DarkClan which clan has the most friendliest ooc community and which clan is better at involving everyone? Kind of want a medium or faster-paced trad. clan to keep my muse up ; 0

    Decided to join SkyClan with this oc @- LAVENDERSKIES , should have an intro post for her up by tonight + a track in the ooc thread for anyone curious, but I'm shy so if not today tomorrow.

    Will still be keeping an eye on WindClan, ShadowClan and DarkClan if I decide to make another if this goes well. Ty all : )