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    oops when i cop

    「 TWIGPAW — Tom | Apprentice |11 moons|Appearance

    Twigpaw turned around and glared at Wolfscar. The apprentice in all honestly as a young apprentice would have taken the toms mouse-dung. But now that he was older, he learned to defend himself. "Respect is earned, not given." The light brown apprentice hissed, rolling his eyes at the older warriors next remark before continuing to walk off, with the same pace as before. How full of himself can this cat make himself appear to be? I don't understand how he doesn't get sick of his own voice. The apprentice thought angrily to himself, if the tom had just left him be, there wouldn't have even been any arguing. He really didn't understand why he was so persistent to drive him back to camp at first.

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    Ooo! Sorry if I end up missing one of your replies Scarlet!

    「 SPIDERSTAR — Tom | Leader | 76 moons | 9/9 Lives | Appearance

    Previously, Spiderstar nodded in response to Horsestar's response. He wasn't too sure he was that great at pairing cats up, but he'd do his best, and took it mostly as a compliment.

    Now, he continued to stand, still shocked that two cats he formerly knew of where alive and well. He glanced at Widowdance when she approached, anticipating her reaction, he couldn't help but feel happy for the littermates reunion. It all got even better when Snakefire approached from behind him to the scene, watching their realization happen... he could only imagine how relieved they all were.

       "It is." He purred to Snakefire, watching as Widowdance approached her brother. Part of Spiderstar felt like... he should be part of this. Like it should be in his interest to join them in their excitement. Well- he was excited for them, for the return of both Coldthunder and Viperkit. But not in the sense that they were... Embarrassed by his own thoughts, he shook them out of his head and backed up a few paw-steps to leave them be. Zoning out briefly, he finally caught Nightfrost's apology. "It's no problem, at least now I know that we've got cats at camp still on their paws for anything interesting going on." He meowed softly,

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    「 WIDOWDANCE — She-cat | Medic |19 moons|Appearance

    The term shocked could never describe how the young medicine cat was feeling. Her sibling... was practically brought back to life in her mind. He was dead, buried and gone. She had always wondered why he never visited him when she received dreams from StarClan every half-moon, or why they didn't send her a sign to relieve her one bit. She was dumb, if she had realized what StarClan had been meaning to tell her, she could have brought them both back moons ago! But, the she-cat was quick to shake that thought process out of her head, she was just over thinking.

    She looked back at the voice of her aunt, Snakefire. The she-cats bright green eyes looked back at her with a wide open smile before bounding closer to her brother without a response. "Oh my StarClan, Viperkit it's so good to see you alive and well! You look so different, in a good way!" She said excitedly.

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    「 WHITESHORE — She-cat | Elder |112 moons|Appearance

    Whiteshore looked at the darker coated tom with relief, glad she hadn't exactly upset someone she didn't need to. She had enough things to worry about. Her eyes trailed over towards the camp exit, temptation still rumbling inside of her. Although her thoughts paused when the Beta-deputy asked her what was bothering her. Freezing for a brief moment, hoping she would manage to be able to play it off, the she-cat shook her head. "I appreciate the concern, Timbershade. But I'm fine, I'm just worried about the direction of the clan I suppose. Where it will be in the next twelve moons or so. The move was difficult for some of us, especially those part of the old NettleClan." She meowed with a small sigh, "But like we all have before, we'll get through it. I'm sure of it."

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    「 SPIDERSTAR — Tom | Leader | 76 moons | 9/9 Lives | Appearance」

    The gray and white leader awaited for Horsestar's response, before out of no where from near the camp entrance a familiar voice called his warrior name along with Rainstar's. He immediately jumped to his paws and spun around to look, his eyes widened when he laid eyes on Coldthunder. The she-cat looked a little different, or maybe he just hadn't seen her for so long he managed to forget exactly what the she-cat looked like. But then again, after the flood everyone had their own hardships to go through.

    The tom happily flicked his tail back and forth, padding a few paw-steps forward in an attempt to meet the she-cat half way, although she was quick to do most of the walking. "It's good to see you! I'm glad you're safe..." He purred, before glancing behind to spot... Viperkit? He was so young when he had last spotted him, although you rarely would have found him looking around at the nursery, he was familiar with the kits for... well, he had his own reasons. He wasn't too sure whether or not the kit- or er tom would even remember him. But he instantly remembered that his littermates still remained within the clan, he knew they'd both be happy to see him. Although his eyes trailed back to Coldthunder when she mentioned Fernstar and Ivystar. His eyes grew wide and his ears folded back, no one here was exactly sure what had happened to both of them... but given the fact they hadn't found their way back yet, it was safe to say what had become of them. "They're... with StarClan." He spoke quietly. Before glancing back at Horsestar. "Horsestar has all the details, I don't really enjoy talking about what became of NettleClan. The old one." The tom sighed.

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    SereneShadow   Scarletfox

    「 WIDOWDANCE — She-cat | Medic |19 moons|Appearance」

    The black she-cat had continued eating her mouse near the medicine cats den, she watched as Cypresspaw padded out, a small frown formed upon her maw. She really did wish the she-cat was a bit more happier, but it was obvious she didn't really care for her new duty. She felt slightly annoyed for her, it was a bit ridiculous she couldn't at least try to continue her training. But perhaps it was for the best, there was the possibility she'd injure herself even more, or worse... Maybe it was StarClan's way of showing her the right path. Ugh, don't talk like that. The she-cat finished up her mouse, she was in the middle of chewing down the last bite when she heard an unfamiliar voice call from the camps entrance. Immediately interested, she peaked over and immediately her eyes landed on Coldthunder. She recognized her pelt, the deputy. She was alive? She didn't know her well at all, but she was happy for her and her clan-mates who knew her well in the past. She padded over, eyes filled with interest. "Now I don't mean to interrupt the party, but I figured I could hopefully be of some use. While everyone's sorting things out, Coldthunder do you have any wounds that need tending to?" She asked politely, "Oh and forgive me, but in case you don't recognize my older self I'm Widowdan-" She paused, spotting a familiar pelted tom far behind Coldthunder. She froze, uncertainty and disbelief flooded through her. Could it be? She padded a few paw-steps over, approaching the tom slowly. Tilting her head at him, would he even recognize her? SereneShadow

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    Okay! Yeah, I'm assuming the main reason the rp is slow is because of low muse but at this point I'm just going to have to continue going with whoever has the muse right now? I'm going to bump the sign-ups but honestly I really don't want to have to remake this for the third time in four months lol. so if no one joins im going to need a little help with getting muse back to whoever needs it. otherwise idrk what to do.

    new fancy posts for my warriors yay : 0

    「 SPIDERSTAR — Tom | Leader | 76 moons | 9/9 Lives | Appearance」

    Spiderstar had paused just a few paw-steps away from the leaders den, and was now sitting down. His ears curved at the sound of Horsestar, his head turned, giving her a soft smile before his expression went blank again. "Good morning," He greeted both of them, tail curling around his white paws. "Anything special on our agenda today? If not, I'll gladly take a patrol out in the afternoon, and give myself this morning to just relax for once."He asked, he wasn't entirely kidding either, it might be a little selfish, but after all of the commotion thats went on the past few days with getting everything in order, he was sure everyone could agree with him.

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    Twigpaw had continued walking for a few moments, unaware anyone had even cared to see him leave camp. Until suddenly from behind him he heard a deeper yet familiar voice. Spooked, the younger brown tom whirled around, fur on edge, before calming himself down when his eyes landed on Wolfscar. The older apprenticed huffed before walking a few paw-steps forward as the older tom-cat spoke with him. Only stopping in his tracks when he finished speaking altogether. "Oh yeah, as if you haven't done worse." Twigpaw lashed back, although it was a fairly weak argument, Twigpaw didn't have as much respect for Wolfscar as he did maybe the other warriors. From watching him here and there, he never did like the tom. "Either way, we've been in this territory for a few days now, and I'm practically not even leaving camp! The river is right up here, and thats where I'm going to be stopping." He continued, even after Wolfscar decided to dismiss it, "Although I'm glad you feel that way, I'm glad we could reach equal terms. I'll be off now, unless you want to kit-sit me." The tabby gave the darker tom a soft smile in return, before padding away slowly towards the river.

    Like... on the sidewalk lol.

    So basically, where I live we have this thing called chalkfest, and literally people from all over the state come to this thing. Some people compete, some people come to have fun, and some do a bit of both. I registered for it last year and collaborated with someone I er... well shouldn't have. But this year I'm collaborating with my sister in law and I was wondering if anyone had any tips/techniques? I've looked things up and what not, but I just want to see if anyone has any I haven't heard about : 0

    //anyone interested in mentoring Silver and Eclipse? Doesn't really mater if one of your characters already has an apprentice, probably should have asked this earlier oops lol.

    Ravenstar awaited the she-cats response, when she began to speak he leaned his head down from the rock he stood on to hear her a little better over the echoes of chatting among the clan. He nodded, pleased on the report, the fresh-kill pile was empty, it would probably be best if he sent a hunting patrol out immediately after the meeting. "Good, if you wouldn't mind, could you please organize a patrol after the meeting to go hunting?" He asked, before glancing into the clearing and noticing Eclipsekit had still not arrived. His tail flicked gently, he was about to signal someone to wake her until she spotted Silverkit scurry over to the nursery. MidnightRoses  

    //sorry its short.

    Silverkit had been sitting near the back, she was nearly half the size of a full grown cat by this age, so it was fairly easy to find a way to see past the taller warriors and apprentices who sat in front of her. She sat there for a few moments, waiting for the meeting to continue, before she noticed Eclipsekit had still not joined her. A small frown formed upon her face, did she not want to come to the meeting? Getting up, the silver she-cat made her way over to the nursery, peaking her head inside to spot Eclipsekit still sleeping. Slight relief flooded over her, she knew her litter-mate was well reserved and enjoyed spending some time alone, but sometimes it was... odd to her. But that didn't stop the kit from growing a close bond with her sister.

       "C'mon Eclipsekit, wake up!" She meowed, padding over to her sister, gently prodding her with her paw. "Ravenstar is holding a ceremony, and finally as kits we can actually watch it." She purred, hoping her sister might take interest in it. She wanted to sit through the meeting with her, just like she did nearly everything else. we are all mad here  

    Tigerlily continued to groom her fur as Sootshade spoke, but her eyes gleamed up at her as she did so, hoping the she-cat wouldn't take her concentrating on her tail as rude with a bit of eye contact. Although when she finished, she sat herself up straight, curling her striped tail around her hind leg. "The new NettleClan is fine. It's the closest we will ever get to the old NettleClan. But I'm sure I'll grow to feel just as in place here as I did back in the old forest. I assume you've settled in well?" She asked, tilting her head. <Bramblepaw>  

    VocaFan53 I'll have Whiteshore interact with Timbershade.

    The white and gray she-cat stumbled around camp, mostly looking at the ground and watching as the blades of grass disappeared behind her. She kept a slow pace as usual, often times walking like this while she was lost in thought... and right now she especially was. Her mind was filled with doubt and uncertainty, the she-cat was trying to shake her doubts out of her head and just lunge after what she desired to do, but a guilty feeling bubbled inside of her.

    Her thoughts paused when suddenly her head bumped into someone right in front of her, immediately taking a few paw-steps back with a gasp, she looked up to see Timbershade. She gave the tom an apologetic look, "Er, sorry. I've been having some troubling thoughts recently and I can't even seem to pay attention to where I'm walking." She grumbled, rolling her yellow eyes at herself. Stupid, stupid. You truly are helpless. The elder thought to herself.

    The elegant figured tabby she-cat had already been awake since the first ray of sun peaked out from beneath the pine trees that NettleClan's home resided in. The senior warrior was rather fond of watching the sun rise and set, it was calming and gave her time relieve herself from the troubled thoughts she had throughout the day and night.

    The she-cat, for the most part, was adjusted to the new NettleClan. It was nice to finally feel at home again, the she-cat was eager to climb trees and race across branches like she did as an apprentice... with her many friends who were now long gone. She let out a soft sigh, before looking over in the direction of the warriors den to spot a black tabby emerge from the den. Sootshade. She recognized the tabby immediately, although she didn't know the fellow she-cat well, she figured it might be in her best interest to start up a conversation with her until the patrols were sent out. Tigerlily herself, was secretly hoping that she wouldn't get placed, she wanted to relax and spend the morning roaming around. Although then again, if she was called she wouldn't argue, that would just mean there would be less of a chance of having to do an evening or night patrol.

    Slowly making her way over to the entrance of the warriors den, Tigerlily greeted Sootshade from afar.

    "Good morning, Sootshade. Had a good rest I hope?" She asked, slowing as she neared the she-cat, before sitting down a few paw-steps away. Grooming her tail while waiting for a response. <Bramblepaw>  

    Okay! I'm going to go check their forms out again real quick and then I'll get back to you with ideas in a pm. If you have any feel free to let me know. : 0

    If anyone else would still like to plot though let me know of course~

    Also <Bramblepaw> , I'll have Tigerlily speak to Sootshade, but if her personality seems wobbly I apologize.

    My post should be up within 30 minutes or less.

    Guess what y'all, after seven months I finally have something decent enough to post. I'm consistent.

    Might as well plop the ff blue one here so If I lose it in my files for whatever reason. Don't ask it happens to me all the time.

    My only regrets is this piece is that beautiful blob called "hair" and my terrible shading.

    I've had this fursona in mind for literally months and I still can't chose a name for her pls help.

    but omg go me finally figuring out thin lines are the better way to go for lineart because dam every time I tried to draw a headshot or anything it was way too much.

    fun fact I thought I posted this on the 4th but turns out I never posted it and came back a day later to it being a draft how lovely.

    //mmm perhaps now to build up muse if you'd like? Whether their already aware or if you want Autumnstar to slowly get the hint shes expecting during the rp and one of the medics/clan members can point it out to her? Or however else you'd want to do it.

    Also I still have no idea what to do for a clan-wide plot, I don't want something cheesy but for the time being I might resort to it lol.

    Mad omg do you want to do that plot that you've wanted to do with Tinypaw and her father? You'd have to explain it to me again but it would be a good plot to start building.