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    [fancypost borderwidth=0;text-align:justify;font-size:11px;font-family:verdana;width:450px;line-height:120%;]ah, that'd be great if you could!
    no one knows she's aile, but one giveaway is that she carries the same surnames in the exact same order. she just doesn't usually utter them. the details can be worked out later.
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    [fancypost borderwidth=0;text-align:justify;font-size:11px;font-family:verdana;width:450px;line-height:120%;]Stormclan. The name rang a few bells in her head, but as far as she could dig into her memories they'd never made any important appearances. Just another smaller clan she was guessing. Much of her knowledge just concerned the larger clans. She could name most older members of the Exiles, and probably state their rank as well unless it suddenly changed while she was absent. Well, she'd never been a member in the first place, but she still often struggled with referring to herself as one thing or another. Being a shard could be very confusing at times, since she didn't know whether she counted as an individual or was just her full self. She had all these memories of all these other clans, which was how she knew all these names. But they didn't belong to her, instead belonging some vicious member of an equally brutal group who had even been Stormclan's enemy. But Blazeheart probably didn't know that. She'd never seen this individual. She hadn't even encountered anyone who was familiar with her face, and she definitely wasn't complaining about such a good thing. Like the rest of the Arcane members aside from the leader, Tenya watched in silence, remaining back behind the crowd and obviously trying to avoid attracting any attention. She only dared to briefly set her eyes upon the stranger before shifting their focus to the ground again, always self-conscious.
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    [fancypost borderwidth=0;text-align:justify;font-size:11px;font-family:verdana;width:450px;line-height:120%;]Tenya came from the direction that Twilight had turned her back to before, and therefore came across her snow animal before approaching the group. At first she distracted herself for a moment by glancing at the leader's creation in silence, showing no signs of being impressed by the structure. She didn't even know why it was there. She didn't seem to understand the meaning of the word "fun", always being so uptight and unable to let loose. She could hear the voices as well, so she was pretty sure that one of them probably left it there. It hadn't melted yet after all, so it hadn't become sunny since it'd been built. She almost wished for the sun really, even though Winter was the season where she was at her stealthiest. But the female didn't spend too much time dwelling on her own desires, and instead proceeded to move closer to the group to investigate what they were doing, taking a few deep breathes as she did so.

    The female slowly drifted to a halt as far from her clanmates as possible, but she was still in a position where she could hear their conversations and see what they were doing. Everyone seemed to be playing in the snow, and Tenya quickly lost interest in this. She hadn't been very sociable from the start, but she wasn't too interested in messing around. She couldn't usually bring herself to enjoy it even with her own family. These people who were practically strangers to her wouldn't need her to be present, so the kitten turned and walked away after a few seconds, sighing to herself. For someone so young, she really was a bit serious. But she regarded the much older members as being too laid-back at times, so perhaps their roles were just switched.
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    [fancypost borderwidth=0;text-align:justify;font-size:11px;font-family:verdana;width:450px;line-height:120%;]Perhaps Tenya would have admired Regina for that. The kitten had grown up with people demanding things from her that should have been far beyond her skill level, but she'd never summoned up the defiance or courage to tell them to stop. Perhaps she just envied everyone's confidence, since she seemed to have none and just lived relying on her will to survive to pull her through potentially lethal or harmful situations. But not anyone in the Arcane. Everyone just seemed to have such strength, and although Tenya would never admit it sometimes it drew an almost malicious frown from her when she pondered it. Stuck between awe and bitterness, she suffered from her inner conflicts but never seemed to be able to show her true feelings in front of others. She especially couldn't admit that these experiences allowed her to feel no guilt over hurting others, no love for others and overall had turned her into something less pleasant than others perceived her as.

    The kitten was silent and secretly unconcerned for Regina's wellbeing, even though the female had never been cruel to her for as long as she could remember. She stood behind Cyrus, only daring to glimpse at Regina every now and then rather than staring. Nothing looked wrong with her as far as the occasionally apathetic female could perceive, although she was staring right at the syringe on the ground. Suspicion hardened her gaze for a moment, as she was ever the distrustful member. She knew what the purpose of such a device was, and she didn't trust it. She'd seen someone being injected with something weird, and the moment they'd started reacting she'd become afraid and had proceeded to flee the scene before anything bad happened to either them or her. What was she doing with a tool like that? Her form was tensed, and she took a few further steps back. As if she was readying herself to run if she picked up the syringe and took any steps towards either her or Cyrus.
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    [fancypost borderwidth=0;text-align:justify;font-size:11px;font-family:verdana;width:450px;line-height:120%;]She'd been promoted. It'd been something that Tenya really had desired, some sort of recognition. But for some reason, the female started shaking the moment her name was called out and she was given the position of Rozzer. The female didn't know how Aile had managed to sit through so many promotions, since it was only her first one and she was already almost self-destructing from nervousness. No one important had given her a glance, but a few npcs looked back at her and gave her nods of approval. They should have made her feel good, but the kitten just felt her heart skip a beat as she chose to excuse herself from the meeting without listening to anything else. The rest of it wouldn't be of interest to someone as young as her, so surely she wasn't required to worry? Well, she couldn't have cared anyway. It wasn't great behavior for a newly promoted member, but she couldn't handle the congratulations given to her and therefore just chose to preserve herself rather than suffering through anything that might terrify her.
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    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]Tenya preffered isolation to being in the company of her fellow Arcanists on a daily basis, so she didn't hold back from independence at all. The daily bustle of the clan wasn't great, but for someone like her who was used to being left alone? It was almost torturous. Socializing and being happy was meant to be relatively normal for someone of her age, but she was a shard of someone's soul. Normal had never been an option from the start, even if she felt like her own individual at times. It was never something she'd really questioned, her origins. All she knew was that she was completely inferior to her full self and wanted nothing more than to replace herself with an improved version that she was. Such ambition could be considered unusual, but she had never been too comfortable with herself. She was anxious, she was selfish, she was prone to lying when it suited her and her social skills were terrible with the exception of her politeness that'd been beaten into her the hard way. Occasionally, she'd rest her gaze upon a group of npcs for a moment and her eyes would harden with emotion, a frown threatening to engulf her features as she turned and walked away in an almost sulky fashion. She did want friends, but few seemed to notice her. She wanted attention. But when Tenya got it, she began panicking and wanted everyone to leave her alone. It was a miserable contradiction. One that had really darkened her mind over the course of three moons. She didn't have anyone to put her faith in either. She had never spoken about her more dislikeable feelings that she would often experience. It was hard to imagine someone so young holding so much bitterness inside after all.

    The female had just crossed the border that led into the lands outside the borders of the Arcane. The place where she felt free and more comfortable. Solitude was all she'd really ever known, even in the company of others. It was as close to free as she'd ever get. The first thing Tenya wanted to do was get as far away as possible. She'd encountered an unfortunate situation before, similar to the one described previously. She'd been watching a group of her clanmates from a distance, listening to their conversations and struggling between desire and fear. Even when they'd noticed her and invited her over, fear had trumped any sort of ambition she possessed and the female had lacked the motivation to be daring, choosing to flee without a word of response. She hoped that her strange behavior wasn't mentioned to Twilight, but it never had been before. The leader would probably just dismiss it as the shyness that she often witnessed from Tenya, so the female felt slight confidence in the leader's ignorance. For a moment, something disturbing passed through her head. The incompetent leader. The female blinked slowly, eyes widening. She wouldn't have dared to say it out loud, but at times she just felt like everyone around her was useless and didn't care about her. It was personal bias talking to her at that moment of course. She was in an extremely emotional state. But Tenya wouldn't lie about her feelings to herself. But she wasn't accepting of what had just passed through her mind, troubled by that potential for rudeness as she wandered further into the trees.

    Trying to distract herself from the sudden rush of thoughts, the female dug her claws into the bark of a small tree, pulling her form up with the same strength that she used for several other tasks. She wasn't like the kits who were raised in clans and were treated as children. She'd been pushed out onto the streets and tasked with the wellbeing of an entire household when she was around two months old. It was a stupid movement, but Tenya had actually managed to take this relatively well. It was the type of freedom she truly craved, although the risks were fearsome. Even out here she didn't feel so safe, but she had the advantage of trees. In the city she hadn't been able to scale the buildings, so there hadn't been much space to hide. But out here, she could put her skill to good use. The female went as high as she could, and then just sort of sat there, head facing towards a heavy cover of leaves so that no one could possibly see her crying like a baby. It was sensitive of her, but she couldn't quite prevent it. How long had it been since she'd smiled? Had she ever smiled at all? She could barely remember now. There'd been so little time for her to experience happiness, and her mother had been putting her down for almost as long as her memory stretched. Perhaps she was just destined to feel isolated all the time and needed to suck it up.

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]ah, i'll make it in a sec and send it to you!

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]Even though the wolf came into sight before coming too close, the female still froze for a moment when she noticed her, freezing up a little when yet another stranger approached her. She wasn't sure whether she could handle this or not. She was bracing herself to run, since most of the loners she'd encountered hadn't seemed too friendly. But she had nothing on her that anyone could want. It was so confusing, and the possibility of someone just wanting to speak to her and possibly help her didn't pass through her mind a single time as she panicked a little. The kitten took a couple of steps back warily, unsure of whether she should just bolt instantly. Some were just violent without reason after all. She knew that from those visions of her future life that she could recall with ease. It was like watching a video from her own point of view.

    But when the wolf started speaking to her, the kit's fear was partially clouded by confusion for a moment. Point her to the nearest clan? She didn't really carry the scent of the Arcane, since she spent little to no time with her clanmates. But this was so extreme that she wasn't even recognized as one of their members? The whole point of allying herself with them was for their protection, which she wasn't taking advantage of a lot. She began shaking her head hurriedly, averting her gaze quickly upon realizing that she'd been staring at the stranger. Well, this and partially out of her typical shyness. She didn't wish to look strange in front of someone she didn't know, even though it wouldn't have really affected her.

    When Myra offered to hunt for her, the female didn't quite understand. But if she wouldn't have to make effort for her food, she was oddly fine with becoming manipulative. She knew how to survive on the streets, and it wasn't through pride. It was through taking any opportunities possible. "Y - Yes please miss," she murmured in response, declining to point out that she could find food for herself and had several clanmates who could do the same thing for her. Secrets didn't hurt as long as no one found out that she was lying. It was a cruel mindset really, but the kitten had grown up the rough way. She didn't have time for compassion.

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]here you go! i'm sorry that the starting post isn't very good.

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]Tenya was usually more productive than she was letting on. Being so used to taking responsibility for the welfare of both herself and her family, she was usually seen doing her best to put her time to good use. Even though she wasn't even apprentice-aged yet, Tenya knew how to catch her own prey and often contributed to the stock in the Arcane. Or perhaps she was practicing climbing a little bit, since she'd messed up before and nearly fallen out of such a plant. There were many things that Tenya could bring herself to do as long as they were familiar to her, since she was quite narrow-minded. Growing to enjoy new things was rare for her, especially if she didn't see the point in them. She was only required to survive at the moment, and living life to the fullest didn't mean anything to her at the moment. She never really had experienced a normal life, with her mother's condition placing the weight upon her for some reason.

    Yet flowers were familiar to her. Perhaps the one useless thing she'd been prepared to do was pick flowers. At least, that was what Tenya thought when she came across some white flowers poking out of the snow, her petite form moving to carefully pluck a flower from the ground and hold it near her eyes with both paws. She'd previously adored white flowers, and she'd enjoyed helping her siblings make flower crowns and whatever else using them they could come up with. But now as she scanned the plant in silence, she could almost picture another color. White and red mixed so much in her eyes now that she'd seen all those memories. She preferred to block out the saddest ones, but they would never truly go away. White flowers were just symbols of death in her eyes, and she could picture red flooding the petals and engulfing them. Hanging her head, the female drew her paws apart and watched the bloom flop back onto the ground, coldness lining her gaze for a moment. She knew by now. She would never be able to return to the more carefree days. Aile had been claimed by darkness a long time ago, and Tenya would just have to follow on continuing to carry out her will.

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]I WILL DESTROY EVERYONE!

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]ah, sure, miles can do that! i'll send you a thread when i need it done, it can just be really short for him since she's only hard difficulty.

    ah, those could work together! she's got a yandere-type personality, and she intends to kill someone anyway. do you want a thread between them quickly so that tenya can get attached? if nakajima has any other friends that he's particularly close to, invite them to this thread? pretty please? ^^

    ah, arisu can try to kill tenya! or die! tenya doesn't have wings, doesn't really behave like aile and has markings that she didn't, but she has the same pelt and eye color. it depends on whether she'd be able to figure it out on her own or whether tenya would need to show aile-like behavior. but i can make it work. somehow.

    ah, that'd be great! do you want a thread now for befriending her, and i'll send you the fire one later?

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]so, a character of mine named aile experienced the shattering of her soul upon dying, which produced a large collection of shards. only one of the shards produced is actually capable of taking on a form, and that's a representation of her childhood self. the rest of the shards are naturally attracted to this form, and attach themselves to her because of it, appearing as purple swirls on her body. this younger version of aile actually wants her full self to be resurrected, but has no idea what she is doing. she doesn't know what the other shards really are. but they all actually happen to represent different major aspects of her future personality. but not really personality traits. more like major events that led up to her developing into someone like aile. they don't need to be exact replicas of what happened, but they do need to be similar and make her feel the same things. otherwise the shards would probably experience faults and not merge with her properly. the events of the shards are as follows (not necessarily in chronological order),
    [x] disownment

    [x] death of "loved" ones

    [x] jealousy + superiority complex development

    [x] murder

    [x] attempt on her life

    those are the key elements, and all she requires in order to merge back into aile. if you have a character who suits any of the roles listed in the spoilers, it'd be great if you could post here! the threads can be private or open, and any extra details can be discussed through pm! this is the order the events should actually go in,

    1. jealousy + superiority complex development.
    2. disownment.
    3. death of loved ones.
    4. attempt on her life.
    5. murder.

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]yes, i love those things!!!

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]ah, she's not with the exiles anymore. she's just a shard of a previous deputy of the group, and she doesn't exactly share that information around.
    i'm pretty sure she's a member of a clan that has no fixed relationship to colouredclan (the arcane).
    chess tackled hugged him, lunae launched him off the mansion roof and two of my previous characters were on less than friendly terms with him. rip yuri.

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]my posts are trash tbh, and i think yours are probably less excessive than mine. i tend to repeat myself over and over again. i am supposedly considered a pretty good writer for my age, but i think most on the site can wreck me into the ground xD

    /fires a missile at the crocs

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]Her first meeting as a member of the Arcane. She lurked at the very back of the crowd, unwilling to stand next to anyone as she listened to the announcements in silence. That was right, she could be rewarded with control of some sort. One thing she shared in common with Aile was that she did enjoy having some amount of influence. Not for the same reasons really, but she liked the idea of rising in the ranks a little despite her young age. She could survive out in the wild all by herself, so she should be fine stepping up into such a position. It was a shame that she was only being acknowledged as a newcomer, and she tried to hold back frustration, although some amount of bitterness appeared upon her features as she looked away for a moment. Nothing else really interested her as the leader spoke, since she wasn't interested in politics or the latest events that she usually tried to skip. If Tenya had wished for one thing during Christmas, it would have been further acknowledgement than just that. She didn't just want to be seen as a rookie if she was settling into the Arcane for a longer time than usual.

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    [fancypost borderwidth=0;width:98px;padding:0px;height:20px;float:left;margin-left:6px;margin-top:5px;font-family:arial;color:#777;font-size:10px;text-align:center;line-height:26px;border-bottom: 1px #777 dotted;letter-spacing:-.5px;]SHARD OF AILE[/fancypost][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:98px;padding:0px;height:20px;float:left;margin-left:6px;margin-top:5px;font-family:arial;color:#777;font-size:10px;text-align:center;line-height:26px;border-bottom: 1px #777 dotted;letter-spacing:-.5px;]DOMESTIC FELINE[/fancypost][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:98px;padding:0px;height:20px;float:left;margin-left:6px;margin-top:5px;font-family:arial;color:#777;font-size:10px;text-align:center;line-height:26px;border-bottom: 1px #777 dotted;letter-spacing:-.5px;]NIGHTTALES x NPC[/fancypost]
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    [fancypost borderwidth=0;background:#eee;width:427px;height:120px;overflow:hidden; padding:5px;float:left;margin-top:6px;margin-left:6px;][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:inherit;height:inherit;padding:0px;overflow:auto;padding-right:40px;][fancypost borderwidth=0;height:inherit;width: inherit; padding:0px;color:#666;font-size:10.5px;font-family:arial;line-height:90%;text-align:justify;text-transform:lowercase;]✧°. a nightingale sings his song of farewell — you better hide for her freezing hell
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    name tenya (殿也) xerses walker nihium.
    — nicknames n/a
    — name meaning / inspiration tenya's name can be translated as hall, lord, mansion, palace or temple. she usually refers to it meaning lord. tenya's name was actually her last name previously, but it happens to be a feminine name rather than a surname. this suggests that their late mother changed her surname before birthing tenya or her half-siblings, and also suggest that she possibly did it to give herself a sense of pride. however, a lot about this name and where it came from do not link back to tenya herself, and she simply changed it from her surname to her first name on the spot.
    — pronunciation ten-ya zerk-seas walk-er nee-hee-um.
    gender cisgender female.
    — pronouns feminine (she/her).
    age four months, although she has memories of living for over two years.
    — date of birth october twenty-sixth. born in two thousand and fourteen.
    — zodiac scorpio.
    sexual orientation asexual.
    — romantic orientation heteroromantic.
    — monogamous or polygamous? monogamous.
    rank / role citizen of the arcane.
    — notes about the role default position (no special requirements).

    appearance this can just be short, or even just a list. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent ac malesuada justo. Maecenas ut vestibulum leo. Nunc eget rutrum quam. Nulla facilisi. Integer condimentum nec ante id viverra. Morbi tincidunt enim lectus, vitae vehicula tellus pulvinar et.
    — other images n/a

    personality Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent ac malesuada justo. Maecenas ut vestibulum leo. Nunc eget rutrum quam. Nulla facilisi. Integer condimentum nec ante id viverra. Morbi tincidunt enim lectus, vitae vehicula tellus pulvinar et. Vivamus sem nunc, imperdiet sit amet enim vel, cursus feugiat purus. Suspendisse vulputate ante vitae ipsum iaculis, sit amet eleifend mauris laoreet. Donec semper mi id aliquet facilisis. Morbi mollis purus eget neque blandit eleifend. Pellentesque pulvinar dui quis mi porta, sit amet fermentum turpis blandit. Donec vulputate nulla ac neque interdum, tincidunt tristique diam vehicula.
    — traits terrible team player, hard-working, practical, polite, responsible, looks down on others easily, distrustful, prioritizes work over playing, very insecure, competitive, unrelaxed, inflexible, logical, determined, ambitious, serious, nervous, obedient, lives in the present, can't relax, goal-orientated, self-centered, unforgiving, rarely complains, unsympathetic, impatient, unenthusiastic, prioritizes herself over everyone, hard to cheer up, judgmental, dislikes change, anti-social, uncreative, disciplined, power-hungry, pessimistic, hates complete solitude, strong-willed, critical of both herself and others, cautious, often insincere, determined, intelligent, rarely compliments others, thoughtful, easily jealous, reserved, easily stressed, craves attention, quiet, self-composed, inflexible, decisive, uncomfortable with her emotions, lone-wolf, craves power and control, moody, self-reliant, sensitive to criticism, independent, lacks self-esteem, introvert, runs from her problems, possessive, emotional, self-conscious, shy, spiteful, lacks confidence and ungrateful.
    — mbti personality istj-t.
    — alignment lawful evil.
    — likes food, attention and accumulating power,
    — dislikes being touched repeatedly or sexually, herself, her family and people in general.
    — fears tight spaces and feral animals.
    — disorders avoidant personality disorder.

    history Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent ac malesuada justo. Maecenas ut vestibulum leo. Nunc eget rutrum quam. Nulla facilisi. Integer condimentum nec ante id viverra. Morbi tincidunt enim lectus, vitae vehicula tellus pulvinar et. Vivamus sem nunc, imperdiet sit amet enim vel, cursus feugiat purus. Suspendisse vulputate ante vitae ipsum iaculis, sit amet eleifend mauris laoreet. Donec semper mi id aliquet facilisis. Morbi mollis purus eget neque blandit eleifend. Pellentesque pulvinar dui quis mi porta, sit amet fermentum turpis blandit. Donec vulputate nulla ac neque interdum, tincidunt tristique diam vehicula.
    — family tenya is the daughter of nighttales and an npc named seishi, both of which she doesn't have a very close relationship with. her grandmother is candyfangs xerses and her uncle is cherviltea xerses through nighttales. through seishi, her half sibling is lunae radium. tenya is technically the mother of keani, a member of the exiles. through her half-sister, she is the aunt of brokenrecord disharmony, haiiro brigette, citron and celine. this makes her the great-aunt of cyrus cipher and junko as well as many others. she has several half-siblings through nighttales.
    — key points type out your answer here[/fancypost][/fancypost][/fancypost]
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    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]/kicks the meme
    bad memes.
    go away.

    same with me, i kinda just gave up on most of them and just posted on a few making no real effort. i am pathetic.

    anywho, any threads with this girl while i'm at it? they might end up being awkward, but that's just tenya in one word.

    [align=center][fancypost borderwidth=0;width:410px;line-height:120%;text-align:justify;font-size:10px;font-family:verdana;]Ululare. The traitor to the Exiles. The one who'd always been annoying Aile. The filthy leader of the Blackheart Rouges. Yes, she knew the name, the face and the personality of the now former leader of that particular clan. It was another enemy from her days as an Exiler. She never seemed to be able to escape them, although this made sense really. Tenya was definitely more knowledgeable about the Exiles and their former members or enemies than she usually admitted. She shouldn't have really cared about Ululare, since she as an individual didn't feel anything towards him. She didn't know what Aile's opinions were either. She was as mysterious to Tenya as she was everyone else.

    But as she listened and thought about it, some sort of emotion surfaced within her. It was a secret, since she kept her features as even as possible to conceal her thoughts. But it was something that none of her clanmates would probably expect from Tenya. She made no comment, and wasn't too interested in the name of this new leader of the Blackheart Rouges. Her attention wasn't on the purple tom-cat, and she didn't even know who this unfamiliar Arcanist was. She was really just focused on her own opinions in comparison to the boring nature of politics.