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    heya! i'm doing a heavily space-based/alien[ish] character, and i need some votes on the name! these are all the ones i have so far.

    if i ever bring a character by hawkclan, i'm jumping in the discord sure -

    i actually had an idea for a character, so i might make one??

    she'd probably be my purest character ever if i made her + she must be protected.

    ahh, not much is going on for me, how about you??

    my dad refused to let me play toontown, oml.

    but yeah, i revisited a lot of the games and i just can't find the same enjoyment. c':

    there's at least nostalgia left for 'em, but not enough to where i could play for hours like i used to.

    oo, spicy ramen sounds good.

    as soon as mike is back, you better make him happy.

    your son deserves happiness

    oml, that's lots of clans -

    i only have light over in the rift + blizzardclan.

    i might make another character/bring back an older one, though, but i don't know???

    my muse has kinda just been lowkey dead this week, ngl. c':

    oml, i miss club penguin

    that was my childhood.

    my parents were actually willing to buy me the year-long membership, since i was on it basically 24/7

    i've actually been visiting something called club penguin rewritten, for the sake of nostalgia.

    it's p cool over there.

    oof, i only have one active character rn, and she already has a dual-alliance. c':

    i'd try having her in three clans, but that would probably just kill me.

    if i ever make another character, i'll have them drop by the wind haven for sure.

    i might check out the mass adopts later to see if anything interests me~

    dittoing everyone - cursing doesn't bother me at all, personally.

    also, i don't know if this sounds weird, and this only applies to ic stuff, not ooc stuff, but when i read, i just feel that it flows better and keeps me more immersed if curse words aren't censored, so i generally keep it that way when i write. i have nothing against others censoring cussing in their writing, though, since everyone has their own preferences.

    agh, rip - good luck on your tests + midterms, you guys! math and physics are super hard, ngl.

    i believe in you, though!

    i'm luckily not having any tests soon, but i have to do a quiz in language arts tomorrow -

    we always do a lot of quizzes whenever we read books, and they're always easy. unless you didn't read the book/listen to an audiobook.

    ahh, are you guys on console or pc??

    i have console because my computer's very bad with games.

    ahh, welcome -

    i haven't been around in the rift very long, so i don't really remember them.

    but i think i've seen miamibeach's name around before.

    ahh, just a wip for now