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    "I don't think you'd want to be here, there's too much going on." Nymeria barked calmly, appearing from her invisibility and scanning the tiger from her distance. She would've asked if he needed any medical help, being a former medic, but it was obvious she'd probably get in trouble. She wasn't quite sure what he was wandering around for, either lost or looking to join but either way Nymeria tried to give him a friendly warning that now wasn't the time to be around. She side glanced at Elian, completely aware that he had fallen into her little trap a couple of days ago. Hopefully the ruiners wouldn't find out it was her, if they did well it would be time to leave and settle with an ally. Nym wasn't going to let them imprison her or whatever they did to Feliks. But the female wasn't going to let them live in her home in peace, the wolfdog chose to be a pest and start a little guessing game on them til they found out.


    Nymeria did believe in a God but it was a God no one really worshiped as much anymore from her knowledge, she once was an angel before the whole world changed happened about two years ago. She was somewhat of a mortal now, her body didn't age as much was the only thing and if it did Nymeria would have grey hairs by now. Since the world change she was separated from her God, however she refused to follow anymore. She looked at all the others as false, but she didn't speak or verbally judge the worshipers unless it came to this kind of stuff. They expected to follow their own stupid God after taking over? Only children would listen to that out of fear or ignorance.

    Nymeria stood her distance away, quirking one of her brows in unbelief. She shook her head and licked her teeth before speaking up, "What really was the origin of this red god though?" she spoke, huffing and focusing her gaze on the ruiners. "Many claim to be Gods, powers are very common in this world as you may have already known. It's quite hard to disguise now, and you know people love attention and power." The older female claimed calmly, blinking and scanning each ruiner her gaze mainly focused on Jace. "In all honesty, I don't think anyone would follow a God of clan that violently took over. People aren't happy in the first place."

    The shove from Hebe pushed Nymeria back but she caught her balance before it could pin her down, sinking her nails into the ground to ground herself. Right before she was going to commit another attack she jumped back as she felt her fur start to tingle, lighting bolting in front of her. She kept a straight face, staring at Speedfreak. Things like that didn't scare Nyneria as much anymore, as long as she had been in her clan and fighting for it. She had died many times, trauma overcame her for awhile and she was the one to cower in the corner for awhile but she learned to not be afraid, it was a scary world they lived in. She was going to keep experiencing these types of things no matter how much she had seen it in her long lived life, there was no peace in this world, "Cower in a corner." Nymeria scoffed and mocked as she rolled her eyes, her tail swaying in displeasure behind her. "I think you'd only see that in your dreams. What makes you want to take this place over when you already have a clan of your own? Breeding like rabbits? Or just plain fucked up selfishness?" She barked, baring teeth. Any reason it would be, Nymeria was going to give them a hard time. Maybe fighting alone wasn't a good idea at the moment, which was why the wolfdog didn't make another move but of course she was going to speak her mind.

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    Nymeria knew she had to do something to oppress these gremlins, and luckily Nymeria had been experimenting with combinations of medicated herbs and even deadly herbs for awhile now. She was trying to move onto making some kind of magical potions but that was going to take alot of knowledge and research for the albino wolfdog. Even with her years of experience with medical knowledge, she was still going through trial and error with her inventions.

    Outside of the borders she had created a liquid mixture of meadow saffron and curare vine. She had gotten a hold of a rabbit and forced some of the mixture down its throat. She had then caged the rabbit and watched it intensely, at the one minute mark it started wobbling and flopped over onto its side. At first it was kicking but then it quickly slowed to a stop. Nym slowly crept over to the rodent and poked it, it was breathing but its mouth was foamed up and it was just laying there.

    Moments later Nymeria had decided to put the animal out of its misery despite being fully alive, she was mindful to disguise her scent in mint. And with it being the middle of the night she placed the rabbit in the Ruiner's food pile, she also continued to inject the mixture in the ones who were already placed before. She had then fled off, masked in her invisibility, preparing for sunrise. It was kinda disappointing to do this to a clan she once bonded a ally with when she was charge, but Nymeria always stayed loyal to her clan. She was always going to prove that.

    /The curare vine causes paralysis through extreme muscle relaxation. Animals often collapse within seconds, depending on the animal’s weight. Meadow saffron causes lack of coordination and oral irritation, sometimes thirst.

    I would like Nymeria to be undetected :)

    A takeover? "What is this bullsh*t." Nymeria spoke up, entering the scene with furrowed brows. She couldn't remember the last time the Thunderlands had been taken over, as long as she lived her long life and as long as she spent her years and loyalty to this clan. She remembered her clan being one of the top strongest of the clans for a long while, Nymeria in her reign to the clan desperately tried to bring it back to that. It was really disheartening to see the clan being ruled over by a stupid enemy, "Hmm probably butt-hurt because he can't rule his own clan, either that selfish." Nymeria muttered to herself quietly, no emotion in her voice as she stared at the lion as he walked away.

    Nymeria glanced over at Sev as he lunged, digging her claws into the ground as she became tense. "Wait SEV-" The albino wolfdog barked, he could have just waited for her help. But as she took a leap forward she turned her head to Hebe as she spoke, who turned out to be throwing a dagger. Nymeria had leaped up and caught the dagger in her jaws, attempting to bowl hebe over and pin her down. "Screw off will you, you overgrown minion." the older female snarled, "You won't live peacefully in my home." she threatened in a low tone, her tail waving high above her.

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    She cocked her head to the side as her single sighted eye focused upon Feliks. She perked her ears in acknowledgement, waiting for the skychief to speak. "Awesome, first one attended." she barked with a small relaxed smirk, "I was planning a group spar, but one on one is fine since its just us for now." she stated, humming softly and stretching her front legs and yawning. "It seems we're one of the most experienced out of the clan so I think it's a fair spar. Unless you say otherwise?" she concluded, standing to her paws and scanning him over to see if she could notice any injuries first. It was more of a habit for Nymeria now, being a medic for so long made her develop her job's habits. She still had them, even after not being in her home clan for a long while. She did still use herbs to nurture herself when she was out in the deep loner lands, her paw occasionally bleed from travelling so long and at times she got in fights with ferals. "Only rules are no one can participate if they have injuries, no causing of serious injuries of course and powers can be used but not over used." Nymeria listed, nodding her head softly.


    He would be an awesome addition :) Nymeria is alittle frail herself. I’ll be making the making the thread soon and mention you all and I will further mention any later joiners <3

    Yes! She will be able to join, she can be from any clan in the argeos but she and must be over the age of 21 months :)

    Sweet! Nymeria used to hold an ally with the ruins when she was leading the thunderlands and shes alittle upset about that breaking XD so nym wouldn't mind him! Oooo yes seniors are the best :3

    Nym would be happy to except him 🖤 also I forgot to mention that I will make an introduction thread once we have three active members or possibly two :) So I’ll tag you in it once made :3

    Nymeria wasn't much of a fighter for a long while, she had a skittish phase at one point. She learned though and through years of experience and raids to even wars Nymeria had gotten better at defending herself. Being out in the loner lands also taught her to fight more as well, ferals were a common occurrence. Being out in the loner lands taught her not to fear, a fearful animal was weak and a massive target for others. Nymeria was probably one of the oldest of the clan, or atleast one of the few that had been in the clan for a long period of time. She had wandered off for awhile however and she wanted to get back into her activity, she wanted to get to know the new members. Seeing how they fought was somewhat of a good way to get to know them, they were at war with sanguine ruins right? She kind of refused to go against however, it was one of the clans she allied with back when she was leader and nym was just freshly coming out of her temporary retirement. She wasn't even sure the reasoning behind why they were going against each other, but it would have to have a big fat reasoning behind it if they were going to convince her to fight them. Although Nymeria didn't mind practicing skills with her new clanmates to prepare them, she was still loyal to her clan even though she didn't support some things they were doing.

    Her relaxed soft red eyes scanned the area, standing in a open and empty space. It was a cool day, the winds were chilly but soft and the tree shimmered beautifully through the trees to spotlight the open space perfectly. Nymeria stood there quietly for a moment, enjoying the suns warmth upon her back before calling out, "If anyone wants to spar hurry your bottoms over here!" She playfully called, blinking softly as she sat down in watch for any participants.


    Nymeria has changed a lot over the last year, she has been wandering the loner lands and keeping to herself, she lately joined back with her old home, the thunderlands. She holds in a lot of feelings and most of the time she never finds a way to vent them out because she doesn't want to be viewed as mentally unstable. Nymeria later on meets a couple of people out on the loner lands, (they can be from anywhere, different clans and even enemies of the clan she is taking home in.) And she forms and leads a fight/sparring club. This is a club to vent out all of your anger and frustrations or even just to get better at battle. The only rules Nymeria sets out is only those over the age of 21 months are allowed to join, no one spreads the word about the club, and no killing of any of the members. (Only those who threaten against the clan if roleplayer consents) These club members will likely become close with one another and Nymeria or any of the members will hold monthly parties to bond with the club. The clubs location is in a secretive place in the loner lands, in a underground cave hidden under fallen trees. The members will aquire a necklace with a transparent crystal shaped as a sword to state proof of membership.

    Please tell your character's reason to be here, age and name :) You are also free to have characters as spies and go against the club, although please do not expose Nymeria for those in the thunderlands. Thanks! :3

    Her gaze was exchanged upon a fellow female, greeting her with the same laid back and friendly smirk she offered seventhdevil. Former leader girl was what she was going to be called it seems. Geez, she wasn't trying to show off her title, just proof she was very familiar with the place but it was alright. It was indeed going to be a very odd nickname but it was whatever. Nymeria didn't really care much anymore, "Heh, sure call me whatever. You can call me Ny, Meria, white dog, snowy, pink nose. Whatever butters your biscuit... Nice to meet you by the way. May I ask your name?” She chuckled softly after the nicknames holding her friendly smile, "Ehh kinda, I plan on staying. I really miss the comfort of my home, you can really get sick of wandering after awhile. There's not many people I can "visit" anymore. Family and friends kinda wandered off as well or died. Sensitive topic but that's the truth." She replied, drawing her tongue over her teeth in thought. She hadn't seen Samuel, her dear mate after awhile. Although It was honestly kinda her fault for wandering so much, she honestly felt so much guilt and she was a bit down at the moment in the result of wandering off for so long but Nymeria wasn't going to let that show. That wasn't a good first impression. On another note, chess actually seemed quite familiar to Nymeria. She felt as if she had met the female once before but probably from a long ways back determining she didn't recognize her immediately and fully. There was a lot of others she had met in her lifetime and sometimes she forgot some others sadly enough. She wasn't too old yet, she was still at the age she could probably still have kids and raise but she was definitely probably at the edge of that point. She was five years old which meant she was in her middle ages, not too old but not really young. Alot didn't actually live up to her age because life was just so cold hearted, death just didn't seem to want to take her just yet. It probably just wanted to torture for a little longer it seemed. But really she wasn't truly mortal, Nymeria always looked young, not a flick of grey hair appeared in the wolfdogs white fur.

    Her attention then glided back upon seventhdevil once he answered her casual question. She flicked her attentive ears, nodding her head in aknowlegment. Honestly, she didn't truly know when she officially really joined for the first time. She had died and came back so many times and went through memory losses and regaining memories from time and time again. She remembered in this life her owner abandoned her or something along those lines, she only remembered a flick of her first life when she came upon the border with her brother whatever his name was. Spoiler, he died of course. That was a really long time ago, obviously her most forgotten life. "Ah well, I don't think the chaos would've bothered me. I've been through wars and corrupt leaders, I should've probably came early and helped out." Nymeria stated plainly, shrugging. "Happy to see you stayed through that, I'm sure the clan appreciates you."

    Her head cocked to the side and her gaze wandered off at Seventh's question, twitching her nose a bit in thought. Really, she couldn't say the complete truth. It was a long story but in summary her mental health was declining and she was turning into someone else, especially with no socialization except for bloodying ferals bodies in competition for food. But that was a depressing story no one needed to know, it was better to explain her next reason, "Well, I hold alot of memories here and I kinda miss that comfort. I also need to start introducing some people into my life, it's been so long since I've sat down and had a conversation with someone honestly."

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    She gave the other a small smirk in greeting as she laid her calm gaze upon Seventhdevil, "No, you are not bothering me love." she mused softly with a shake of her head, "I was looking to meet new blood in the first place, I've been wandering for way too long now." Nymeria added, chuckling quietly. She regretted a bit though, Nymeria used to never want to wander out of her clan. Her loyalty was very strong, even if she didn't agree with a leader at the time. She cared about her clan's people, therefore she was a fake follower and supporter to those past corrupt leaders. She never had admitted it and neither was it necessary to, all those oldies like her had either disappeared or died. No one was going to hunt her down for following corrupt leaders anymore. If they were well they were probably very petty and never let go of the past, the clan had new members and a new leader. She honestly kinda missed leading the clan, everything was peaceful- barely any raids happened. It almost like a safe haven, but in her opinion her mental health was suffering alot. She wasn't perfect. It was still going downhill to this day; she had to put on a mask on most of the time. She didn't want to be viewed as weak anymore, she refused to be looked as weak anymore.

    "My name's Nymeria, pleasure to meet you. I'm an long time member here, former leader even. I'm sure the scent confused you and I apologize if I alarmed you, I should have probably waited at the border." she chuckled, shrugging her shoulders, "I don't mind you joining me, I could use some company.... So, when did you join?"

    Getting back and active was difficult for Nymeria, she was already used to the loneliness of the unclaimed lands. Her soft red eyes scanned the camp as she entered, she still had her clan's scent on her fur so it was easy to point out she was a clanmate. However though she was a wanderer, therefore the scent was a mix of loner land, she couldn't seem to break her habit. Did she want socialization? Yes. And thats why from time to time she came back, but the urge to wander was a stronger "want" for her. It seemed all of her friends were gone in the first place, there was really no one she could go to for less awkward socialization. Feliks? She didn't know, she still felt quite betrayed by the male. Making friends just wasn't a piece of cake to the older female, it never had been. She was more confident these days, all of her fears seemed to fade away as she aged. She was no longer that terribly skittish collie that jumped at every movement towards her, well she had to admit some fast movement still scared her at times but it wasn't as bad. If her friends came back from the dead they probably wouldn't even recognize Nymeria, hell she even got a new body. The only way to pinpoint her was her Slovenian accent and herb like scent.

    Nymeria strode along camp, snow white fur ruffling from the wind and her soft red eyes every so often scanning her surroundings. Her gaze was calm, her tail carefully resting above her back. She took in the pleasing smell of pine and carefully settled her single sighted eye upon a spot under a tree she decided to settle herself under. The former leader just waited for others to approach her, there was obviously going to be some new people since the time period she was gone. She hoped she could get herself to stay put here, although sometime she couldn't really control herself.