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    elevator love letter

    Mm, I can just cut out the shield then, I’m perfectly fine with that. Also, she does get headaches after using her powers but they increase in severity depending on how long she uses them;

    And where did I write that she had a pet? Was it the Maine Coon in the photo with her mother who is probably dead or the stuffed animal she has with her?

    Or were you not referring to either of those thinking they were an animate pet she had with her?

    Huge W.I.P. above..wanna finish eventually.

    Elend is done and remade/redesigned/revisioned; will give Niko the same treatment when I have time, am currently typing this at 5 in the morning and I’m moving out of my house still so I have to help pack and move stuff so yea. I’m just glad I got Elend done the way I wanted him.

    Sounds good to me. Been wanting to use my spooky revenant type guy who is essentially a corpse on the inside and is slowly deteriorating and will wither away unless he has a constant flow of biotic energy. He certainly sounds good for the role of Muse C now that I’m typing it.