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    The scent of dried blood was what brought the little medic over. He wasn't a vampire, no, he just had to help people when they were injured. That was his job. He was Spiritseeker. His pink eyes glazed over, looking at Claus. "Oh my lord," The tabby muttered. "Please- let me help you. I'm Rinto, a medic here- do you want to join?" He asked, while rummaging in his medical pouch.

    Rinto, being Luca's little faithful boyfriend, had been looking for him for a while. He didn't exactly feel complete without the tall lustful demon by his side. The medic had been scrambling, looking for some sign of the male everywhere, teeth clenched so hard it made his head throb. "Aaaugh, where is Luca?" He muttered quietly.

    He heard soft words from Rus and he relaxed somewhat. Who was this? This kid... kind of looked like his love. There was a glimmer in his pink eyes. Did Luca have kids...? They look so close. I wonder what Luca and I's kids would look like... hopefully, they'd take after him, not me. He thought, totally toning out what was happening in real life.

    Then, he shook himself back into reality. "Hey," The sweet-voiced boy said. "Are you new? I'm Rinto. Medic here."

    The local Spiritseeker (well, the only one) was first to see Sugar in her new body. It was hard to not recognize her; the weird pixelation, the pattern... it gave her away, and the domestic tabby couldn't help but giggle at her appearance. "Wow. Nice body, Sugar." Of course, he couldn't say anything; he was also just a cat, but at least not a munchkin. "How's the weather down there?"

    After Sugar went around with the first round of tasks, Rinto walked in, ears perked. "Hey! Task me the heck up," He said, trotting up to Luca. Rinto himself had never given out tasks- if he had to get up there and assign things to people, he'd probably piss his metaphorical pants.

    Rinto wasn't quite aware of Luca's weird obsession with his mother, and so padded up like a dumbass next to his boyfriend, clinging to his side like a moth to a light. Rinto looked up at his boyfriend for a minute before focusing on the scene; owlets? Rinto, being an empathetic soul, could understand crying out for your mother, and so he blinked, looking away. He missed Aspen. He missed his own mother.

    Luckily for Luca, Rinto would find even a bloody mess of a corpse attractive. Maybe that was saying less about Luca's apparent hotness than Rinto's obvious deranged mental state. Rinto was quiet and docile most of the time as if he were on a leash, but given a chance to truly go wild he would have snapped moons ago. Rinto thought about his decaying mental state as he padded through the jungle. Thunder rumbled above, and the small tabby looked upwards, no emotion to be felt towards the incoming storm.

    Then, he heard a crash, and a displacement of leaves. Quickly, his heart was set on edge as his ears perked up, searching for something. Then, it began raining, the loud rush of water coursing through the leaves and ending up on his pelt.

    As he padded closer to the weird lump on the ground, though, he recognized it as Luca. "Oh my god," The little feline said, quickly spinning his dumb medical fanny-pack to the front so he could access it better. "A-Are you hurt? Can you tell me who the leader is? Are you dead?" He said, panicking.

    "That sounds really neat, actually," The little Spiritseeker said, padding over, pink eyes wide. A raid every week? It planted a seed of worry in his stomach, though- he knew he could not fight. His only usage was as medic, and that was it. Quietly, he nodded, then wondered if it was a good idea to talk so openly about raids. After all... what if there were spies?

    However, he trusted Sekhmet's judgement over his, and began speaking. "W-Well... The Exiles hasn't been messed with in a bit, have they? They're w-weak from leader changes..." He said, eyes glossing over.

    rinto here needs some good ol plots!

    a bit about him: he's the spiritseeker [medic] of shadowclan and a former deputy! he's around a year and a half old. at first, he appears kind and sweet, though he has a dark secret locked up; he is deeply obsessed with his boyfriend, luca, and coming between them will result in rinto's hatred + violence directed towards them. as such, he is secretly unhinged. however, he keeps this side rather hidden, and to outsiders, he is just a kind medic.

    ( ! - really wanted )

    ( * - maybe )

    he is open to

    - friends

    - best friends !

    - crushes on him

    - training someone in medicine !

    - drinking buddies !

    - someone introducing him to other drugs !

    - adopting children !

    - capture *

    - killing him *

    closed to

    - crushes on your character

    - mutual crushes

    - short term / long term relationships (for obvious reasons)

    - moving clans

    Hearing the sexy voice of his boyfriend in the meeting area struck fear into the spiritseeker's heart. Oh god. Sango had died tragically and now Luca was thrust onto the throne. Rinto was going to end up a king's concubine. Oh god. Oh god.

    Then it turned out Sango was just busy, and Rinto relaxed. However, Sango was... always busy, it felt like- Rinto only saw her at meetings. He was the medic, he should be working closely with her, and yet... it was like he barely knew her, despite their history.

    Listening to his boyfriend speak, Rinto's heart melted. He got a shoutout! Hell yeah! "T-Thanks, babe," He said, offering a little cute grin.

    He then tried planning events in his head, seeing if he could contribute.

    parents : rinto osiris-xerses xx shiftingthoughts targaryen

    age : 8 months

    species : domestic felines / may carry wing mutation genetics

    relations : rinto is the current spiritseeker of shadowclan, and was a former deputy. shiftingthoughts is a former hp of shadowclan.

    surnames : osiris-xerses has to be carried, but targaryen is optional

    rules : nothing, go wild

    slots : 4

    Luca descended from the sky like an angel, white feathery wings folding as the kitsune relaxed. "of course. what's up?" responded his love, and his heart was stabbed by a metaphorical arrow of undeniable love. Letting out a deep, shaky breath, he began to speak.

    "Luca... ever since we've met, I've been so madly in love with you. I can't stop thinking about you. I love you, I love you so much... I was willing to kill Willow because I felt like she was going to hurt you. I will never, ever let you get in harm's way. I followed you because I care." Or cause I'm a stalker. I'm not lying, I'm just... sparkling up the truth. "My heart trembles when I see you. I've gone crazy because I'm just so, so in love with you."

    "So I want to ask you something. Do you feel the same, and... will you be my dear boyfriend...?" He asked, offering the basket of sweets.