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    P E T R A . D A R L I N G

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    NAME: Petra Donatelli Ipswich Darling


    BACK-UP POSITION: Warlord (Master of Strategy)

    REASON: Petra is a dedicated person, with ambition and shoes to fill. As the daughter of Sola and Pollux, both having been leaders along with a slew of other high positions, have left impressive resume's for Petra to live up to - and she is determined to do so. These reasons may be vain in some eyes, to her it is more than just a badge of honor, but a path for her to follow. She is a loyal being, with a heart.. albeit that organ is sometimes misplaced.

    I fixed up the spacing a bit if you want :) But I love the theme of yours! YANYU O.D.

    Perfect! I’m still fixing up his profile but I should have his joining thread up today :)

    I was thinking of naming him James? But I liked how Mavericks name was Milkshake as a ‘kittypet’, but I’m having trouble thinking of James’ name

    Haha yes I definitely read his tags, and I think my character could fit in fairly well? I was thinking he’d be the sort of the troublemaking younger brother? But not maliciously, just kind of head strong and might’ve left his family by force after some kind of skirmish with a local gang or something - so in a sense he’s kind of in hiding?

    I am just curious about badges for the extended game, and im sure this question has been asked before so sorry in advance

    but can the ext. clans use the warrior cat head for their badges or, since we are extended do they have to be different from the traditional?

    sorry to intrude! but in case you wanted to get a little space between the two lines of photos, you can mess with your space bar to see if it works! and mess with the spacing between the images to line them up :)