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    this is a crappy mobile post before I get to my laptop, but one thing I would like to say is that I think the circle really is the only ‘true’ pro-clan left. So maybe just build on that? There are so many anti clans already and when you’re trying to bring up activity you want your group to stand out!

    Perhaps a name change wouldn’t be bad just to ‘freshen’ things up, but I really think you could have a lot of fun building on the idea that they are the pro-clan of agrelos. Maybe they refuse to ally with anti-clans? Maybe they actively send ‘patrols’ to try and convert said anti-clans? I don’t know - but you’ve got a lot to work with. C:



    The Sanguine Ruins Badges

    there's a whole bunch because i am constantly re-doing them oops

    Vh6Raqa.png >>> main badge w background

    zOaPGdi.png >>> main badge w/o white background


    tdfC8jA.png >>> curative title badge

    Q2wVdde.png >>> dauntless title badge

    8uYFHd7.png >>> legend title badge

    wnfur00.png >>> militarist title badge

    E0OU2Wy.png >>> socialite title badge

    pKAmQCK.png >>> spark title badge

    RMuLmEp.png >>> taskmaster title badge

    s56ox9M.png >>> twisted title badge


    activitycontest2.png?width=241&height=241 >>> activity contest badge ??


    Shadow Veil Badges made for Karey - Aug. 15th, 2018

    mLdWZXf.png >>> main


    0Kw2UFe.png >>> devastator badge

    AlvoTIp.png >>> patriot badge

    vZKDfJZ.png >>> taskmaster badge

    TpRi5ap.png >>> trailblazer badge

    l2lA9T6.png >>> sociable badge

    aeAX9mY.png >>> blackheart badge


    NEW and IMPROVED badges!

    Shadow Veil badges made for Sam - Nov. 27th, 2018

    6SCGjld.png >>> main v1

    mJAeDK5.png >>> main v2


    Wf5KyTe.png >>> devastator (not matte finish - idk why)

    wyP4DQm.png >>> devastator v2 (too pinkish or nah??)

    dhhjcnG.png >>> devastator v3 (too bright imo)

    1A4Nmhe.png >>> patriot

    V9ogQyt.png >>> trailblazer

    5yxjDbO.png >>> sociable

    2gP11f7.png >>> blackheart


    NAME: Achelois

    RANK WANTED: Warlord of Strategy

    PERSONALITY: Despite having spent weeks on the ‘other side’, her sense of commitment and loyalty has not faded. Being dead certainly helped her regain some of the compassion she had held as a child, and as such she is able to look in situations without automatically assuming someone needs to die. This has made her far more diplomatic, though she is still a bit impulsive at times.

    this all sounds really interesting! just gonna jot down some ideas i have :p (may or may not be coherent bc it's like.. 6am rn aaand it may also repeat what someone else has said oops)

    rituals for joining

    -- instead of having to choose an option before joining, perhaps characters are allowed in on a trial-based scenario? at this point they'd be considered lambs until their trial period ends. (possible like.. a week in game?)

    -- after their trail they are thrown in to the pit alongside other newcomers (these pit fights could be held like twice a month or something?) and whoever wins the fight is given the title of lion (after they take their blood oath?)

    -- even if you lose, it doesn't mean you aren't allowed to join? like as long as you show good technique etc. you are still welcomed since you 'survived'

    -- after the pit fight you are marked as unoathed until you take the blood oath (which can be whenever your character chooses?)

    -- maybe those who win the lion title have to take their oath right there at the end of the pit fight

    this makes the group seem a little more 'auto accepting' so as not to scare off new members maybe??

    would definitely take away the 'betrayal' part of joining because that does seem to carry a negative connotation?

    could also be interesting development/muse boost if your character is considered not quite an outsider, but also not a clanmate? (fetch me water you lamb >;0)


    -- pit fight twice a month for newcomers

    -- gladiator trials (for members as a way to keep everyone in fighting shape)

    -- keep blood oath ritual bc that shit is badass

    -- trying to think of a better way to do the jousting tradition. like i think it's a fantastic idea (can you imagine petra like 'garrus i am mad at you because you stole my cookie so i demand a jousting session) perhaps call it duel? ugh im tired

    -- maybe priest/ess could assign tasks every once and while to keep their blood collection full? (i.e. "hey yeah we are running a little low, fetch me an exiler so we can drain them of blood" or some shit like that)

    side notes

    -- maybe find a way to spice up weekly tasks? keep them from being mundane and also inspire more participation.. we could create a 'bank' of weekly tasks that anyone can choose from and if you complete a certain amount a week you get a title? (i'm thinking taskmaster tbh) this would also eliminate the need for someone to host them every week? like don't get me wrong, i think it's not a bad idea to have new ones every week, but like sometimes they are forgotten, or not many people participate/follow through??? idk man im thinking some more incentive and less stress on someone to try and personalize each task