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    He nods slightly and awkwardly towards him and floats up to the doe slowly and closes his eyes. He takes a breath, afraid that he wasnt able to do that but just then his ghost flowed into the body of the deer. It felt weird to Ahi... It didnt hurt but it didnt feel like nothing. He then starts to get off balance from the deer.

    He thinks for abit before speaking out his own thoughts. "Well..." Before continuing a doe walks along and it catches his eye. He points it out. "M-Maybe something like that..." It didnt seem he cared that it was female, but it stuck out to him with the question what he wanted to possess in mind.

    He nods gently and starts to walk out of the camp and looks around for something in the wildlife. He was going slow though, probally to make sure that Gabriel wasnt left behind. He could spot some things in the distance. None has really caught his eye yet.

    He thinks for abit, looking around. If that was the only way, then yeah. That would probally be the best bet for himself. He nods gently to Gabriel. "Yeah. T-That is alot better then the lack of ideas that I have... Where shall we go to find something to possess?..."

    He nods gently towards him. "Yeah... I-I know I am a ghost... but can most people not see me... I-Ive never really tried to interact with others for a long while... and I want to try... B-But if almost no one is able to see me... then..." He felt that the other could fill in the rest.

    He seems to jump a slight bit at his interaction, not expecting it in the slightest. This internally. With what he knew now, he though people could see and hear him and was just ignoring him a lot. "Huh?... Y-You can see me?..." His voice was as nervous and awkward. That was one of the things being a ghost couldn't fix.

    Ahi was just kinda confused. The ghost was trying his best to catch other's attention, but no one seemed to notice him. This was more then just him not taking a good enough inititave... they were walking right through him. He looked sad because of this. He thought that he was trying his best to talk with others... Could people just not see or hear him?... He was just floating around with a sad look.

    Ahi was just akwardly walking around the camp, just taking a stroll around the camp. He was still trying his best to get used to his new deer body. He looks around abit, trying to see anyone he recognized. He sighs gently after. Most of the people he knew he already frogot... was there a way he could remember them? He cant say...