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Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!


    Stalone could smell it over a distance, the unique scent of kits. It draws him away from his patrol route and he finds himself weaving across the landscape until he finally reached Merlot's location. He showed a sense of hesitation as he studied them and the small forms by their belly. A quick sniff confirms that these do not belong to them, but rather to someone else. Confusion fleets across his features, but his expression is swift to soften as those old parental instincts threatened to kick in.

    "This is most unexpected. My friend, do you require any assistance in getting these youngsters back to the safety of the oasis? Staying out here is unwise."

    Predators and exposure were his main concerns, and it was hardly fair to leave Merlot alone to handle this.



    The name of the group actually rang a bell. Or, at least the Halcyon part did, though so did Court. He had lived a very long life, so naturally he had seen a vast array of groups during that time. They had come and gone, yet here he was hiding behind another face. It was all he could think to do after what the Cartel had done. Trust them to go digging up the past. Well, no matter, he still had his mate and he had found a humble home within the Solaris Kingdom. Sometimes a fresh start was a good thing, but he did fret about his children and he prayed to Perun that they were doing alright.

    The feline moved to join Sangria and he looked over at Icarus with inquisitiveness and amusement. It was strange seeing them play the role of a visitor on this particular day.

    "And what news is there from this group? You have peaked my interest, my boy. Do tell us more about your other home."



    "Yes, many clans these days are trying to get... clean, as they say. A pity, but fully understandable I suppose."

    Stalone remarked as he pitter-pattered his way over to the growing cluster of bodies, and he ensured to take the time to deep his head in greeting towards them all. The feline sat himself down and he took the opportunity to eye the gift baskets that were being put together. Gift basket duties were never his favourite thing, it was always such a headache to make them unique. However, in this case he needed to ensure that he gave it the old Stalone flair.

    "Why not add in things that the other clans cannot get? Or something that is new to them, such as tokens of religious value or plants that only grow out here in the desert. Perhaps even... oh, what's the term?... ah yes! Pen Pal letters! No greater gift than a friend in another place, right?"



    Him, a rank? Stalone certainly didn't feel like he deserved one since he honestly didn't believe that he had contributed much to the goings on around the place, and besides, he knew Osiris would feel more comfortable if they perhaps limited themselves on their inner clan standing. It was a fight though with himself since Deathstroke would always hunger for power and his ambition was borderline dangerous. But that was not the Stalone way!

    "My dear, I am humbled most truly by the recognition, but I am just a simple man with simple ideals, I'm afraid I must pass up this offer of a rank. Perhaps in the future I might change my stance, but right now I feel that it is not the time for me. I do give my warmest thanks all the same."



    "Well, well, aren't you quite the rude one. Well, let's hope that all you need is a good sleep then, come along, I'll get you to a bed."

    Stalone was beginning to have his doubts about this one, but who were they to turn away someone at the first hurdle? He liked to think that this Ivory fellow would soon enough prove themselves useful to the Kingdom, but only time would tell.

    "Right, come along. Let us not daddle."

    Turning, he then moved to lead the way on dainty paws.



    Stalone was never too far from Osiris, and he was almost constantly watching him from afar. He did fret about his mate especially since they were still in unusual circumstances in a strange place. One day he hoped they would warm to their sandy home, but it would take time. Personally he was missing the canopy of jungle trees that gave him a wealth of hiding places, but here it was hard to hide. Hunting was difficult and so was the whole desire to remain out of sight.

    Straightening up his stance and keeping his head held high, he then made his approach as he came to stand beside the Bengal tabby so he too could address the newcomer. He took note of the accent and he couldn't help but offer a coy grin.

    "Bonjour! Je m'appelle Stalone! Welcome to these humble and sunny lands. Please, I will accompany you to the oasis. Osiris, will you walk with us?"

    He gave his mate a pleading look, desiring him to come along even if he didn't wish to. They needed to play nice and get moderately involved if they wished to fit in correctly among the locals.



    Well... this looked like trouble!

    Stalone approached and he angled his ears forward sharply as he listened to the chaos unfold and he couldn't up but wrinkle his nose as he felt a sense of despair fall over him as he was confronted with Marigold's current state of mind. He'd been here himself once, many years ago, and he did feel for him. He saw this as a loud cry for help, but the question was whether anyone would realise this.

    "Oh Marigold... what happened to you?"

    The feline murmured quietly with a solemn shake of his head.



    As others made their approach Stalone dragged his attention away from the water and he looked towards Jaymoon and Sangria, all the while offering them both a curt nod of his head in greeting. He did aspire to be a gentleman of course, so naturally it would be rude to skimp on the manners. Their approach hadn't startled him in the slightest, though when you lived your life with enemies dogging your every step you naturally never dropped that habit of being wary.

    "I am enjoying the handsome chap that looks back at me from the water. Though I must admit I do not intend to go jumping in, I'm not a great swimmer. A splash around in the shallows is of no trouble, but the moment my toes can't feel the bottom I'm a floundering mess."

    Stalone would admit as he permitted a soft chuckle to escape him.

    "So, how are you both?"



    "What the sweet fuckity-wotzits are they doing?"

    Stalone blinked his eyes in bafflement as he was greeted by the bizarre sight of Fireghost eating... sand. Then again they had always been rather peculiar in their mannerisms, so he suspected that he really shouldn't be surprised. Should he really get involved with this? He had promised Osiris that he would avoid all forms of meddling, but did that omit greeting folks at the border? It was just a friendly greeting, what harm could it do?

    "Oh, sir, might I suggest you refrain from doing that? It doesn't taste good, I assure you. It's gritty and a bloody bother on the gums."

    Stalone called out as he made his approach on regal paws, picking his careful way across the loose sands. Once closer the black and white feline gave the snow leopard a scrutinising look up and down, playing his part as a stranger. Deathstroke might know the guy, but Stalone certainly didn't. Whatever ties existed before no longer did now. No matter what he had to stick to his new role, especially if he wished to live in peace. Though if he ever saw Asimov again he would more than certainly give him a damned good throttling!

    "Stalone der Kipling, charmed. And what about you? What name do you go by and what happens to bring you by the Sand-... ahem!... by the Solaris Kingdom?"



    The daytime heat was proving to be quite the thorn in his side since his arrival in the Solaris Kingdom, so when the cooler nights rolled in he found himself feeling a fair bit more lively during the nocturnal hours. With time he was sure he would begin to adapt, but that would take a week or two more yet. Until then he was content with riding the less sociable hours.

    The black and white feline was picking his way along when he caught sight of another outline against the starry backdrop. Curiosity took Stalone at that moment and he proceeded to approach the other feline before he sat himself down roughly a metre away. He didn't want to be unsociable, nor did he wish to intrude on the personal space of the individual.

    "They are certainly out in full majesty tonight, my friend. I cannot say that I have ever seen a night sky as clear as this one here in these arid lands. Stalone. Stalone der Kipling, pleasure to meet you. I do not believe that we have met."



    So this was to be his home for now? It was a pleasant enough place now that he was within the oasis itself, a spot of refuge from the harsher parts of the territory. Yes, he could find himself settling in here quite well. All he had to do was keep his nose out of trouble and simply live the good life of being a coward with a silver tongue. No more rushing towards the fights, no more dabbling in the messy politics of the clans, and no more caring about anyone except for Osiris. Osiris plagued his every thought in truth, even more so whenever he was out of his line of sight. He worried for his mate, very much so.

    The black and white feline stepped lightly over to the shore of the lake itself and he took the chance to admire his reflection. Wow, he really did have two eyes again didn't he? It was a pity that he was still blind in the right one, but never mind. The more he looked at himself the more he grew infatuated with his own appearance.

    "My, my, aren't you quite the dashing fellow? Oh my dear boy, tu es un beau diable."

    Stalone purred with a rumbling chuckle to follow. Yes, he liked this form. Dipping a paw into the water he then used the water droplets to help smooth out the tufts of fur on his chest, he had to look his very best of course!



    A soft tail would sweep round close to Osiris' side as Stalone offered a spot of reassurance to his mate whilst trying to maintain a physical closeness with him. Though he too was craving some form of physical connection to the other feline. Together they would be stronger, and he knew that they would be fine. They had each other's backs, and he did want the other to know that.

    "Yes, we have been on the road for some time now. A few days more of this infernal wilderness and I fear I would sooner sell my own tail for a moment's peace in a plush bed."

    Stalone would confirm with a curt nod of his head as he cast his gaze towards Ashe. Already he was forced into wearing that social mask of playing the fool, a stranger, even. Whatever connections he formerly held, whatever knowledge he once possessed had to be abandoned. The calculated idiot, that was the game he had to play if he wished to live in peace.

    As he stood there he began to feel the hassles that the desert brought with it in the form of a drying tongue, and of course for a feline tongue it felt all the worse. He briefly slapped his raspy tongue over his dark lips before he returned his focus to Ashe with a sense of hope.

    "My friend, there wouldn't happen to be some water nearby? I have become a mite parched and I wouldn't mind wetting my whistle."



    Setting himself up in a fresh skin was hardly a challenge for the likes of Deathstroke, he had done it countless times during his many lives to the point he barely remembered the creature he had been born as. A valley surrounded by a ring of high rock... a pack trapped within fighting for survival in a realm of limited resources and little space. Those days of his youth were behind him and were but bitter memories sealed away in the deepest depths of his mind. He had escaped that valley, and the world had never been the same since. His very arrival had altered the destinies of many, and the one who he now travelled with was perhaps the one most affected by his presence. Their destiny was entwined, it had been since that first encounter. From the first spilled droplet of blood. For years they had been bound to each other. Years. People came and went, the lands changed, and the mighty crumbled all around; yet they remained. They had weathered so much, and they continued to pave their way forward even through the most difficult of times.

    "Oh come now, my dear chap, are you really going to bring that up again? It was an honest mistake, one I will be sure to avoid making again. I am a man of my word, and I vow that I will keep my paws firmly to myself."

    Stalone replied with a mildly offended scoff as he tossed his head back. It was clear that he was going to be kept on a tight leash by Osiris, which perhaps was for the best. The black and white feline wrinkled his nose which made the white 'moustache' wiggle with the motions. With his glossy fur that seeped the aroma of cedarwood and tobacco he certainly seemed like a well groomed fellow. Refined, even. His blue eyed gaze trailed over the sandy reaches that extended out before them. So there was a Kingdom hidden here? He looked forward to meeting the residents and settling himself in with his companion. Osiris might have been a tad rough around the edges but he still knew how to take Stalone's breath away with a single look. Even now just breathing in the scent of the other was enough to light a fire within his heart.

    Movement suddenly drew his attention and it prompted him to shuffle closer to his partner for that feeling of protection. The feline sat himself up straight and he gave a low cough to help clear his throat before he dared to call out.

    "Oh, hello? We were hoping to join this Kingdom in the Sands, if that is quite alright? I am Stalone der Kipling, this gruff fellow is Osiris. I do hope we are not intruding."



    "I shall be as careful as I can be, and I shall keep any of my tales simple and bordering on the obscure. The main thing is our names, that we are travellers from foreign lands, and that we are married. We met in our younger years when I sought out a guard to protect me during my trade travels. I had riled up a local ruler after attempting to woo his daughter with my silver tongue, so he sent his thugs to beat me black and blue. However, you were swifter with a heavier paw. You sent the ruffians packing, and in the heat of the moment our eyes met. You and I... we knew then and there we were more than mere associates, we were in love. We married that Summer and haven't been apart ever since. Sound good? Everyone needs a good origin story, and everyone is a sap for a sweet romance story. We can sort the finer details later though, we have time."

    Deathstroke replied with a curt nod of his head, his form further altering as he continued to fine tune his appearance. It wasn't long until more white fur adorned his face in the form of a moustache. It certainly... added to the look.

    At the mention of his eye though he instinctively brought a paw up and touched at the right orb, and immediately winced in pain when his toes grazed it. Well, well... he had an eye. It was blind, but clearly it was enough to fool those gazing upon him. Everybody knew that one-eyed individuals tended to be Deathstroke in disguise, but this was certain to throw a spanner in the works in terms of ratting him out. Yes, Perun was guiding him in strange ways. It brought an honest smile to his features, as well as a throaty purr.

    "The Solaris Kingdom sounds marvellous, my love. Though of course I shall have to pretend I no longer know them. That will certainly be a challenge for myself, but I am ready."

    Returning to his usual form of a black and orange wolf he then nodded his head as he looked down at his paw.

    "Right, time to get patched up. And we must tell Geralt about our decision. I'm certain that he will understand, and... I know that our children will be alright. But for now let's put away our forms, it's best that nobody sees them otherwise this will be for nothing."

    Extending his head forward he then aimed to rasp his tongue lovingly over Feliks' ear. They would... they would be okay. They were going to be okay.



    //Retro to recent decisions.

    His world was shrinking fast all thanks to one misunderstanding that formed itself into a vast and ugly catalyst to something much worse. Since the day that Asimov had come the wolf had kept himself scarce. It was all he could do to be honest. Just keep his head down and wait for things to happen. The Skychief kept himself either around the World Tree or he patrolled the borders endlessly... obsessively even. It was all he could do as his life approached ruin.

    "Perun... save me!"

    The smell of blood caused him to grow alert and a faint growl rumbled in his throat, but it was half-arsed and it lacked it's usual vigour. He just didn't have the energy anymore to put on the show for whatever was feasting nearby. Frankly if some big nasty beast was looking to kill, Deathstroke doubted he would even stop them from tearing out his throat. However, the stench was not coming from within the Thunderlands territory itself so he reigned himself in further. Matters beyond the border weren't his concern... then again, was anything his concern anymore? He might still wear the rank of leader but he very much doubted anyone saw him as such.

    Weaving through the jungle terrain he soon stepped into a slight clearing and he turned his single eye towards what appeared to be a lupurca. Deathstroke did not initially recognise the individual, though it had been some time and he did have a lot of things on his mind.

    "I hope that was a stray wolf. Well, keep beyond the border, you're a little close."

    He warned with a snort as he held his ground.



    The blue wolf hummed softly with a tender smile on his maw as he briefly lost himself in the warmth that his mate radiated. Even now with their backs against the walls he still drew strength from Feliks, and it was clear to him that this bond between them would not be ripped asunder. Whatever their enemies had hoped to gain it would at least not end in a full victory. They would survive, and they would find their path again.

    "They'll have a hard time doing that, my dear. We're far too stubborn for the reaper to claim."

    He would reply with a nod before he followed Feliks' direction of gaze to the possessions. Perhaps a fresh start was for the best, nothing to pin their future selves to the past.

    "We can give this to Geralt. I won't need my sword where I'm going, or... anything else for that matter. I just need you by my side. Just a couple of gay geezers travelling the world."

    He couldn't help but wonder where the travels would take them. Would Perun still watch over them? In fact... what was he to do about his deity? The wolf had no intentions of abandoning his faith, but he suspected that he would have to keep his prayers private.

    His gaze followed his mate's shrinking figure and he arched a brow ridge up as he took a chance to admire the Bengal feline before him. He laid himself down on his chest so he could be more level with his smaller lover, though he knew that romping around as Masamune wouldn't really work. A new persona was needed and he would have to think of one fast. Once they left these lands the orange and black wolf would be seen no more.

    At the mention of leaving Geralt as the temporary leader he nearly snorted with laughter.

    "He won't like that. He's never held a rank here for a reason, he's always stated that 'he wants to be free to travel at his own free choosing and that a rank would be a burden and an anchor'. Poor lad, but there's no one else really available to take the mantle right off the bat. I'm sure he will find a leader to take his place soon enough. Maybe Cecilia will eventually be ready for Skychief, she has a good head on her shoulders."

    He would have to trust the Thunderlands to not implode without them being present as their pillars. In every raid and war it had always been them who had fought the hardest for the sake of protecting everyone. What would they do with their two protectors gone? He dreaded to think about it.

    "I agree with the three rules, Feliks, however, we cannot simply cut ourselves off from the people who reside in whatever home we pitch up in. I'm not saying be friends with everyone, but if we remain fully detached it will rouse... suspicion. It's more like finding a balance. Every time I infiltrated a clan I never distanced myself from the residents, and well, you know more than anyone about how that helped me succeed in what I was doing. Though granted, on this occasion hurting people is not my goal. Not at all. I will gladly keep my nose out of politics, raids, and all that business."

    Remaining completely in the shadows would be hard, but if they played their cards right then all would be well. They could have their future together, be able to attend parties together... they could be young, dumb, and madly in love without fear of judgement. It had been a fantasy of his for a very long time, and now it sat but a breath away.

    Looking to the paw of the other he then proceeded to shape-shift once more, turning into a black and white feline that was slender, and far less bulky than the Bengal before him, but stood on long limbs that gave him the elegance of height. Most surprising of all was that the feline had two gleaming blue eyes. Deathstroke hadn't actually realised this since he couldn't actually see out of it, but it simply looked normal to those looking directly at it. Perhaps a little gift from Perun, or just the luck of the draw. Reaching his white socked paw up he then nipped the paw pad to draw a slither of blood before he he then aimed to shake paws with his mate to seal the deal.

    "Everything will be alright, my dearest. I love you beyond all else, no matter what name or form we must take. We will survive together."

    He concluded with a nod of his head, his voice and manner of speaking already vastly different from his usual gravelly tone. He was ready.



    Deathstroke had tried to keep himself hidden after it had all kicked off; drifting between hiding at the World Tree or wandering the border in an attempt to catch visitors before they could delve into their jungle territory and cause further distress for the residents. Every step had been numb and heavy, and he was honestly tempted to simply not return to the den. He never wanted to drag his mate or his family into this Hell, but here they were... and he could do nothing to stop it. However, regardless of it all he refused to become the monster again. He had made it this far, he wasn't about to throw away years of work by slipping now. They would have to find their villain elsewhere, there were plenty to pick among the Exiles, the Ruins, and the Painted Brigade. But they would find no beast with him.

    The wolf had returned to the shared den, and he had crept in on silent paws before tucking himself off into a corner so he could focus on packing. The sight of Feliks pained him, and more so when he began to speak. The wolf paused in his packing before he looked towards Feliks with a growing frown. Yes... alas the damage was done, and some part of him did not wish to know the results of the Casting of the Stones. This decision was already outside their power. But yet... stranger things had happened. Even during the darkest of times forgiveness could be found. Besides, perhaps the clan still deserved to vote, if anything to give them a chance to resolve this peacefully through their own choice.

    But where would he go? He did feel like he was penned in, his movements restricted. Running back to the islands wasn't an option, not whilst the Azure Tides resided there and held connections to the Cartel. He didn't want to get involved with any of the anticlans, which eliminated the Exiles, the Ruins, the Painted Brigade, Ivoria, the Hellraisers and the Shadow Veil. The Coven had turned their back on him. The Volary Flights was not a wise choice either. The Sanctuary might be open, but he feared bringing pain to their door. He feared that both Wind Haven and Solaris Kingdom plotted behind his back. Maybe the Dark Dynasty? Or were they too against them? All around there were enemies and knives to his throat. No where to run or to hide... unless...

    "If we are made to leave our home then frankly I wish to leave the decision to you about where we go. The only thing is, I won't be able to go as Deathstroke or as Slade. I will have no choice but to wear a face that is not known to those in Agrelos. Sometimes one must hide in plain sight."

    It seemed like his option now. Moving towards Feliks he gradually began to change in appearance with each step, shape-shifting into a familiar form only really known to Feliks these days. His old Masamune form, with the beautiful azure and white fur.

    "If we head out, we may have to let our old selves fade to memory. But... I would like to travel these lands with you... married to you."



    "Hrm... yes, the Ruins, Exiles, and Painted Brigade seem hellbent on becoming thorns in all our sides. We ought to call them the Toddler Trinity considering the tantrums they pull, stamping their lil' paws and screaming loudly whilst they throw their toys out the nest."

    Deathstroke jested with a snicker as he shook his head, though admittedly he was growing exhausted from all the recent chaos that the three groups caused. The likes of the Ruins back in their BloodClan days had been somewhat respectable, and same for the Brigade during the ColouredClan era. Where had those days gone when even anticlans were capable of holding honour? These days such honour was absent from the lands. It was a pity, really.

    "I would like more interactions and events between our groups, yes. That trade thing was good, I liked that, even if I was unable to bring anything on that occasion."

    Deathstroke did enjoy invites to things, and he did believe that the Solaris Kingdom was perhaps the one group who got involved with them the most. As the situation with Marigold was explained to him he gave a solemn nod, a frown tugging at the corners of his lips.

    "I'm so sorry to hear that, I wish him a speedy recovery, I truly do. He is a good man. Please, send him my best regards... actually, hold on, I'll be right back."

    The wolf abruptly teleported off, and it was a few minutes before he eventually returned. He had a wooden talisman in his jaws that had two symbols representing Healing and Protection burnt into it. Setting it down he then nudged it towards Sangria.

    "Here. I know it isn't much, but perhaps with luck the spirits will aid his recovery."



    //Ah! Sorry for the delayed reply.

    "I'm sure a spiritual being is one way of describing Perun, but he can make physical appearances. Fleeting glimpses. I see him sometimes going to and fro from the top of the tree. He never comes down though, never close enough to properly see. But when he leaves the tree that's when the weather changes... He is a true God."

    Deathstroke knew he couldn't see spirits, not anymore anyway, which was why he was so humbled by Perun for making the effort to appear physically for him. The former assassin truly did appreciate it and it helped to keep his belief strong.

    Soon the trail through the thick jungle gave way to the large clearing that was bathed in shadow from the immense Kapok tree that stood in the very heart of it. Deathstroke craned his gaze upwards as he looked to the canopy that towered near enough eighty metres above their heads. It cast quite the imposing presence and gave a sign that it was an ancient tree. Then again most of the vegetation in this particular sector seemed to be much older than other parts of the jungle.

    "This is it, Nymeria, the thing I believe to be the World Tree. It's majestic... a true marvel."

    He remarked in a soft tone before he headed towards the base of the tree where gigantic roots gripped at the soil all around. He weaved through the tangle until he could finally sit himself down in a gap beside the trunk itself. Already symbols had been painted onto the bark of the tree and carved talismans were laid around on the ground in offering.

    "This is where I pray and leave offerings."