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    Vicious snarls rolled forth from the orange and black wolf as he eventually made his appearance upon the scene, and already he was shedding a less than friendly attitude towards the situation. No longer did Showstopper have his age to hide behind and as far as the Windseeker was concerned the fellow was open game now, so all those threats from before could rapidly become reality if the mite put a foot wrong. The male snapped his teeth together as he let a few piercing barks escape him.

    The Ruiner might have been just beyond the border but it was still close enough to warrant a reaction. Besides, he felt like the soil was really for herb production and nothing else. The Ruins had proven their need for herbs lately after striking both the Cartel and Wind Haven in recent raids, so naturally the rich and fertile soils of the jungle would be tantalising to such scavengers.

    "This little shit won't be getting any soil. Drop it and leave whilst your head remains attached to your body!"

    He was in no mood to humour anyone at that moment, and if it descended into a fight then the Ruins ran the risk of having a corpse sent back.



    The wolf came to a halt as Feliks moved to block his path, and he seemed to remain cold in the face of the nuzzle. There was no return in affection from the assassin, and it wasn't until eye contact was made and once Feliks' words reached him that he seemed to stir at last. His single eye closed for a long moment before opening again with a more familiar life about it, and he seemed to be finally able to process that his mate was actually in front of him.


    For a brief time he seemed rather dazed, but it wasn't long before the memories came swirling back into his head and he recalled what he had done. Puffing out his chest a little he then held a stronger level of eye contact with the wolf.

    "I killed the one who hurt Breakout, and I stopped there. Only one witnessed what I had done, but I let them go."

    It wasn't quite the massacre it could have been since the old fighter had shown restraint. No trail of dead children had been left. Only a headless dragon and it's shocked companion.

    "Unless they come looking for further trouble then I shall leave them in peace. One death in place of many, as they would say."



    Deathstroke was exhausted by the time he had flown back to the familiar region of the Thunderlands. The dragon glided above the trees as he neared the camp during the beginnings of the afternoon, and he gradually came in to land. Once he hit the ground he shape-shifted back to his more familiar wolf form and strolled through the camp itself, passing the dens and leaving droplets of blood behind him. The stench of the Sanguine Ruins hung upon him and it was clear that not all the blood on his body was his either. There was no denying what had occurred, and considering that he was walking with his head held high made it clear that he had won. There was a coldness about him at that moment, and a dangerous aura lingered about as he made his way towards the medical den so he could get himself patched up. Treating himself was nothing new, though he did need help, but he wasn't going to admit to it.


    I would love a thread where Magdalene gets a chance to bond a little with Deathy. Maybe he sees her getting bullied, and when he approaches his mere presence is enough to send the bullies running. And it's then that he decides to teach her how to defend herself, whilst also letting it occasionally devolve into playtime.


    On silent paws Deathstroke approached the other wolf as he came to join him at the shrine that had been built. Settling himself down on his haunches beside his mate he then cast his gaze towards the shrine itself, admiring it and finding it rather humbling. A part of him hoped that Deutschland approved and would find solace in it from the other side, the same for any other lost Thunderlander soul that needed a place to cling to. Glancing over his shoulder he noted that it had the perfect view in fact, a place to be proud of as a matter of fact. "Guide them home, be their shepherd", he thought to himself as he imagined that brave dog assisting those who were lost and displaced on the other side. How long had it been since he had last heard of StarClan? Back in the original world there had been a time where he had believed in such a thing, but now? He wasn't sure anymore, but really it was his own belief that he followed now.

    Scooting himself closer to Feliks he would then lay himself down so he could join him in the peaceful vigil. He didn't say any words and he had no intentions to either, primarily because he did not wish to disturb the sanctity of the shrine and the atmosphere around it. Instead, he let his eye close as he prayed in pure silence.



    The large dragon gave Breakout a chance to approach and to come to terms with the sight laid out before him. Deathstroke wasn't entirely sure about whether or not his boy was pleased with his actions, but regardless of that it had been done and there was no way of taking it back. All he could do was hope that no further strife came to befall his children.

    "Ghoulian came to me and told me what had happened. He gave me a name and told me to bring the head to him so he could give it to you whilst keeping his paws clean from all the dirty work. I, however, decided to deliver this bastard personally. And let it be known that no one fucks with my family and gets away with it. Not anymore."

    Peace times had ended now, and if the world persisted to target his offspring then it would burn beneath his wrath. It wasn't like his claws were ever going to become clean, so why not bloody them all over again?

    His single blue eye did widen with some surprise as he came to notice Cody when his other son made an appearance. It seemed that the trio of boys who had been wronged by the Ruins were clustering together in some ways. It was quite intriguing to behold. Now he somewhat regretted not taking the other dragon's head whilst he could. That would be a fight for another day, but for now he offered the wolf a curt nod of respect as he watched him take over the duty of guarding the grounds. Deathstroke doubted he had been followed, and considering the Thunderlander stench all over the rest of the corpse any attention was likely to fall upon his clan. It was the main drawback to his outburst, and now he would have to work hard to protect the young in the group. Returning his focus to Breakout he then saw another Cartelian, and he could see the coldness in the gaze when it is directed at him. It is only met with a stony face, for the assassin held no feelings towards Fallengrace.

    "I told you I would look out for you. If anyone comes to hurt you ever again you come find me, and I'll fucking deal with it. Understand?"

    There was a deeply dangerous edge to his tone and a flicker of bloodlust in his eye. As much as he wished to detach himself from his past it remained under his skin, lurking and threatening to return at any second. All he needed was a push after all. However, the throbbing pain from his wounds reminded him that he really did need to get going.

    "Do as you wish with my gift, but know that the deed is done. I must go now, these wounds will not patch themselves up."



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    Prompt: You find a love letter at the door to your den. It has no names on it, not of the recipient or of the sender. Was it meant for you? What do you make of it?

    Theme: Hope

    "Ah, Sev, I would like you to host a cross clan meet and greet with one of our allies. I think it would be good to keep our friends close."

    Deathstroke knew it was a tall order, but it seemed like a good thing for their clan to do. It would be beneficial to both them and an ally group.



    The beating of wings filtered through the hazy mist that covered the early morning lands of the Cartel, and a dark shadow swept overheard at the border before encroaching onwards to the mansion at the heart. There was no time to sit by and wait for the usual pleasantries, hence why the scaly beast pressed on without pause. Slowly he would descend from the sky as he reached his intended destination, and it was then that he deposited it; a head. A dragon's head. It would land with a thud, and what little blood remained within it splattered the front steps in a gruesome display. Circling himself round he would then swoop down and land, tucking his expansive wings into his sides. A rumbling bellow rolled forth from him as he stood by his trophy, his single eye searching the mansion for signs of life. For Darius.

    "Breakout, get out here."



    //Written by HaggisBeast & Seina

    The distant rumble of thunder echoed overhead as dark clouds drifted in over the desert, cloaking the late evening sky in further darkness. The winds kicked up with a fearsome roar and cast sand into the air which further obscured the gloom of the growing night, and as the sand filled the air it triggered a static reaction that illuminated the world in brief flashes of lightning.

    It was unclear what had lured Fallengrace out from the safety of the pyramids and out into the abyss of the rolling dunes, but here they were. Their eyes looked out across the barren inky blackness beyond which was illuminated every so often by the flashes of light. Something caught their attention and it prompted them to focus intently upon an approaching figure. A wolf with a single eye and a pelt of black and orange. The corners of their maw turned up into a broad grin as a sense of amusement filled them.

    "Well, well. I remember you from that pitiful prison break attempt you made a few moons ago. Don't tell me that you're back here again to try again? I suggest you turn around before I stain the sands red."

    A sinister chuckle rumbled through their throat as their claws flexed against the shifting sands beneath them, and they prepared themselves to have a little fun. What chance did a wolf stand against the likes of them? He didn't even have his sword this time. It was truly a pathetic sight.

    Step by step the wolf continued his approach with his gaze locked upon the dragon up on the dune’s ridge. Fallengrace. That was the name that Ghoulian had given him. That was his target. That was the name he intended to write on the grave. Darius would be avenged, if it was the last thing he did. With each fresh flash of lightning his location was given away as he closed the distance between them, but as he reached the foot of the dune and the next flash came it wasn’t a wolf who stood at there. No, it was another dragon. Glistening black and orange scales shone under the light whilst it lasted, and as darkness returned the glow of his single eye lingered for a moment longer in the gloom. It was cold and murderous. Though it was soon lost to the shadows. Another flash, and he was stood tall before the Ruiner.

    A bellowed roar rang out as he collided into Fallengrace with such intensity that it sent them both tumbling down the other side of the dune together. The initial shock was swift to subside, and the aroma of the fight filled their nostrils, spurring them both to lock into a fierce combat. Using their nibble form, Fallengrace weaved their way to the left and locked their jaws around one of Deathstroke's horns before yanking it back to stop him from biting. Powerful claws gripped at the former assassin's shoulder and held fast, piercing the scales and drawing hot crimson blood to the surface. However, the Windseeker refused to be bested so easily and he hauled himself into a roll that dragged his enemy with him, and once Fallengrace was briefly taken off balance the male seized his chance and raked his claws across their neck and chest as they lunged on top of them.

    The snapping of jaws was barely drowned out by the worsening storm that raged on around them, seemingly intensifying with the flow of the fight. Again and again they struck and clashed, tumbling across the sands and leaving it stained red in the combination of their blood. Neither side was willing to back down for they both knew that the only outcome was death. Giving up would invite their own demise, so they truly did have to give it their all.

    A sudden spin from the assassin blessed him with a solid tail strike to his opponent’s face and sent Fallengrace reeling back as they entered a daze, their ears ringing from the impact. No opportunity was to be wasted of course, and Deathstroke launched forward and locked his powerful jaws around their throat. Long teeth sank through the scales and delved deep into the soft flesh until hot crimson liquids welled to the surface and bathed his tongue in an old familiar flavour he had missed. For a brief moment his bite loosened but only so he could clamp down all over again to solidify his grip upon the struggling Ruiner. The blood flowed faster and thicker, and it was evident that a tooth had punctured the jugular artery. Fallengrace tore at Deathstroke's shoulders and chest as they kept up the good fight for as long as they could, mentally cursing how things were going. However, their movements weakened to a stop as their life began to slip away.

    Deathstroke released his grip and he let the Warlord collapse to the ground before him. A murderous look remained upon his features as he stared coldly down at them as he watched their life slip away, all the while being offered the same look of defiance from the other dragon.

    "Consider this payment for what your clan did to my sons. Now die already, vermin."

    "Fool, you think a filthy peasant like you can better me? How truly laughable! You might have won this round scum but don't let that get to your small little brain. I'll be back that I swear to you! I swear to you ALL! And once I do... I’ll make sure all of you pay!"

    "Is that so? In which case I'll be waiting for you, and I'll make you regret ever drawing a breath again."

    A rumbling growl echoed within his chest as he waited for the life to leave their eyes, and soon it did. Leaning his head down he then proceeded to tear into the beast’s neck until he successfully severed the head from the body. A trophy for his son, hopefully a sign that daddy was watching over him. He knew that Ghoulian wished to bring it to Breakout personally, but he believed that he deserved that honour more considering that he was here doing all the work on behalf of the Exiler.

    With the trophy clamped securely in his jaws he then proceeded to turn so he could take his leave, that is until he felt eyes upon him. Whipping his head round he then locked his sights upon the blue and white dragon was stood nearby. Blood dripped from Deathstroke's maw as he held the stare for a number of long minutes before Overlord finally backed down in the face of the superior beast. Content that he would not have to cut down another Ruiner he then spread his wings and took flight as he left behind the headless corpse and the lost looking omega dragon.



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    Prompt: When it rains, it pours. The water level is rising in the camp and the huts on the ground are becoming a little waterlogged. What sort of action do you intend to take? Is anything in your den ruined or in desperate need of saving? Do you consider implementing flood protection?

    Theme: Textures

    "Ah, you got it babe. I've been thinking that we could use a memorial statue or something to help us remember the dead. As in the ones who... don't come back. I have Deutschland in mind in regards to this, and yeah we didn't see eye to eye, but I respected him all the same. My concept is that we have a place where we can set down a... a memory stone of each individual lost. Maybe by the glowing lake, that way maybe their spirits can find peace and sanctuary there. It might help us avoid any more angry ghost attacks too."

    magdalene kowalki

    Prompt: Where'd it go? Something of yours has gone missing and you have no idea as to where it has gone. You could have sworn you checked twice too. Did someone steal it? Did you misplace it? Or will it turn up in the last place you actually left it?

    Theme: Dreams

    "Hey there kiddo. I was thinking you could take the most important task of all. I want you to round up some helpers and takeover one of the spare huts. Get one of the big ones, okay? Then once you do I want you to make it into the coolest hangout ever for you and your friends and family. So decorate it however you please, stock it up with sweets and treats, and whatever else you desire. Sound like fun?"


    Prompt: Early Spring cleaning? Over and over you hear the whispered remarks about the state of your den. Does this bother you or make you self-conscious at all? What will you do about it, or will you do nothing at all because this is your disorganised mess that you call home?

    Theme: Shadows

    "Silkthread, glad to see you. I wondering about whether you could host an education session for our younger members about the danger of strangers. The last we ever need happening are any of our young wards being lured away by vile beasts who wish them harm. So if you could teach them what to do in the face of such an event I think that would help. So things like the importance of staying in a group, staying away from the border, and always getting an adult might do a lot of good."



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    I am also going to try out writing themes as something fresh. So basically your challenge for the week would be to integrate a theme into every post. So if I say "blue" try to utilise it in some way, eg. your character might feel blue, might seem to focus on blue objects, etc. Get creative and have fun ^^

    "Alright you lot, come over here if you want a task for the week! Feel free to ask for more if you so please, I like to see people working."

    Deathstroke called out in his usual booming tone as he set himself up in the centre of the camp, his single eye scanning his surroundings as he waited for folk to approach him. The black and orange wolf seemed tense however, as if other things were on his mind. But he wasn't going to skirt out on his duties to the clan.



    "Congratulations to all those promoted, I have faith in you all. Also I shall host the weekly tasks for this week, so put your feet up love."

    Deathstroke spoke up as he padded over and looked over at his mate. It was about time he hosted one in fact since it had been a long time since he had last done so. He just hoped that people liked what he produced... and hopefully that his uneasy state would not influence him too much. But he did have some political ones in mind since he felt like they were lagging behind lately in terms of alliance maintenance.



    The howl from Feliks was what had attracted Deathstroke's attention, even though the beckoning call had not been meant for him. But he came anyway since curiosity was gnawing at him. He was well aware of the political children and he did not mind their presence or existence neither. In some ways he did long to be closer with them and it did make his desire to breed again grow, though he wasn't overly sure if he could afford to risk getting pregnant again during such troubled times. Though perhaps he should just take the risk... possess a fresh body for war, and keep his actual form safe in the camp whilst the brood grew within.

    The orange and black wolf set his sights on Enjolras and he offered him a curt nod of greeting, his single blue eye gleaming with curiosity.

    "Hello, I am Deathstroke."

    He would introduce before taking a seat near Feliks so he could give the family time to have their little reunion. Though he did take an interest in the gift basket since he wanted to know what was inside of it.



    "I find it hard to believe that you actually give a shit about anyone, and I find it even harder to believe that you are a doctor. Julian was the doctor, you were the fucking thorn in my side who wanted to steal all of his daddy's toys."

    Slade wasn't pleased about seeing Ghoulian again because of their shared history, but he couldn't deny that it pleased him to see him up and walking about. Darius had told him about what had happened, to both Ghoulian and Cory. Now it was Darius who had been hurt. The cycle of wounded children had to end at some point, but preferably without sparking off a massive war that he couldn't handle. If he could single out the individual who had brought harm to his son and bring about some justice then it would do, even if it meant teaming up with Ghoulian.

    "Alright, I'll be your merc who does the filthy work. Give me the name. Also, what's this truce about? Is there a truce between the Exiles and the Ruins? Because if that's true then that's juicy information."

    It was something worth exploiting if he got the chance, so he wasn't ruling out the possibility of hauling Ghoulian's sorry ass through the mud and sparking off something far worse.



    "Oh why not, I'll come and listen. Heck, I might even give some tales of my own, even if they might seem more akin to that of horror stories."

    Deathstroke knew he didn't have the greatest history with the Thunderlands, so it was still a surprise to find him being their Second-in-Command. Fate had a funny time providing twists and turns in his life and this was by far the oddest. The wolf settled himself down upon one of the larger pillows as he made himself quite comfortable in the clearing. At least this way he could learn more about Afternoon and hopefully get a chance to bond with the people he might find himself leading one day.



    "It is good to see you both. I am Deathstroke the Windseeker, welcome."

    The wolf would speak up as he padded over, admittedly looking like he hadn't slept yet. How could he when he was worried about his son? He longed to ask about Breakout's condition, in fact he longed to see him, but with his exile still in forced he knew he would never get that chance. For now the second-in-command had to suck it up and just do what he could from his end. For now he held off talking further since he wanted to give them a chance to talk and to get introductions out of the way first, but he already had some rooms sorted out for them for whilst they lived there and he knew a tour would be required.