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Check out this announcement about new leadership limits in Agrelos

    FULL NAME: Elysianborn Resurgam

    CLAN: born in Volary Flights, will be taken to Exiles

    POSITION: Child/Member

    PARENTS: Makaburi Matumaini x Angelkisses Resurgam

    ADDITIONAL RELATIONS: His father carries the surnames Matumaini-Aubade-Silviance-Solar-Jones-Bonaparte

    JOINER OR MEMBER: son of an adopted member

    while i love dante, he's hard to make an angelic name out of lol, i found a more angelic/heavenly name, i hope you guys like it, if not, I can totally change it

    i'm still working out his personality, but i'd like to post what i have already so i can save it

    name // elysianborn "eli"

    name origin: elysian meaning "relating to heaven/paradise"

    sex // male, identifies as male

    sexuality // undetermined

    allegiance // volary flights >> exiles

    parentage // makaburi x angelkisses

    species // domestic canine

    breed // pomeranian

    references // [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

    elysian is a slender and short-furred pomeranian. his fur is completely white and pristine. while he does look awfully fluffy as a puppy, as he gets older, he will grow into the fur and appear a bit more intimidating, about as intimidating as a pomeranian can get, of course. his form is perfectly made, no physical handicaps can be seen. he may grow the largest out of his siblings. apart from his white fur, he had golden accents, but these accents are only found on his paw pads, tongue, nose, and the insides of his ears. his hummingbird wings are delicate and golden-colored as well. his eyes are dark and round with specks of gold around his pupil.


    Heroic! Elysian is a small dog with a big heart. He gets caught up in his idealism. He's not so much an airy dreamer, but a guy who does have great and noble ideas but has trouble walking the walk. While he may seem obsessed with philosophic ideas of virtue and justice, Elysianborn won't be known for using his brain. Complementary to his heroic nature, Elysian is loud, bold, and proud of it. He would prefer to make an appearance rather than use force. He can be aggressive, but he is not necessarily sadistic. He does appear visibly uncomfortable with Exile tortures and captures, but this may change as he develops.

    Elysian fights bravely and this is something he is rather good at. He is able to fight domestic felines without much difficulty due to his similarity in size, but he needs the help of powers and shapeshifting to go after large opponents. Elysian will always find a way to play-fight with his siblings, and he may frequently be jumping on other people to challenge them to a duel. As a child, his size will not bother him, but as he grows up, he may feel insecure and short. This may or may not lead him into adopting a white American shepherd form to satisfy his insecurities. As his grows, his wit becomes more put together and he will learn how to make clever remarks. He prefers to taunt rivals with words, resorting to physical violence when he sees a good chance for it.

    Elysian also challenges conventions. He may be argumentative and this may lead to him having to face disciplinary consequences. Elysian is not quite bound by Clan, but rather individuals who garner his respect. It may lead him to helping people outside of the Clan. However, this idea may be challenged when he begins to resent an entire group, the Volary Flights. When he's with people he enjoys, Elysian is good-natured and laid-back, always ready to crack a joke or happily serve as entertainment for the group. He enjoys pleasing people and making them laugh. All in all, Elysianborn is a dog motivated by the praise and support of people, a hero, sharp-tongued aggressor and an overall laugh to be around. Not so bad for a little white dog.

    plots //

    - he gets his wings ripped off during a raid or after being captured

    - after the tragic event of loosing his wings, elysian discovers his shapeshifting power and begins to use a gryphon body or american white shepherd occasionally

    - he becomes bitter about the volary flights after learning why he had to be brought to the exiles

    I have a RiverClan born cat who is going to be joining the Tribe, so I need to find a good name for her. Her name’s Bettapaw

    She’s a cinnamon tortoiseshell point with feathery fur and a slender build

    She’s aggressive, snappish, and quick to anger

    These are the favorite names I’ve come with, but if you have other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

    Hi! I used to play Olivepaw here a while ago. I've been toying with the idea of bringing him back, but I'm not sure yet. I'm helping Icey out with temping Lizardstar during vacation -- so if he's needed for anything, just let me know by tagging this account! So nice to see you guys again! <3

    This is gonna be a quick track because I’m currently on vacation

    Here’s my characters

    - Sforza: Male Anatolian Shepherd Of the Gang, a threatening and no-nonsense presence in the group

    - Fret: young male Aidi/Shepherd mix of the Raiders, energetic and gets in trouble for insubordination a lot

    - Sicily: female golden Hovawart loner, flirts constantly with the others and has no respect for borders or allegiances

    - Sam: Female Rough collie Raider, she is bold, courageous, and extremely loyal and optimistic

    Hi, so I was pretty interested because it's about dogs and I love dogs, so I wanted to see if I could pop in. Right now I just have these four characters down, but I may make more in the future if that's okay!

    I've missed roleplaying with you! I'd love to do it again because most things are inactive. Gotta bear with me though cause I haven't done roleplaying like this in a long time. I'd really love to do some medieval/kingdom plot. I've just gotten done with watching multiple Renaissance-era themed historical dramas and I'm hooked. I may have a few ideas based on that!!

    Name: Fyodor (fee-oh-door)

    origin: Russian version of “Theodore”, also the name of a famous Russian author, Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: undetermined

    Species: mixed canine, 50% wolf content

    Appearance: Fyodor’s physical appearance seems more wolfish due to the high concentration of wolf genes in his blood. His coloring shows off his domestic roots. His coat is a beautiful blend of cinnamons, blacks, and whites in a sable/grizzled-like pattern. He has a small locket of white on his chest and a black-tipped tail. His eyes are stern grey.


    Personality: Fyodor is cold and calculative. He doesn’t speak often. It’s hard to gain his trust and respect. He has a strong sense/love of the idea of family or comrades. Break his trust and he will loose hell. Fyodor is honest, sometimes brutally so. From childhood, he stands out in this way. He is frugal and hates being taken care of when he can perfectly do so himself. It makes it hard for him to make friends. He is rather intelligent and gentlemanly when he can be. He is not easily moved by politics or emotional pleas. Fyodor can tend towards a destructive side and sometimes has a morbid sense of humor. He gives off a mysterious and aloof vibe.

    Future Plots: may get dual-alliance since i have deutschland

    oops my finger slipped ... but i kinda like this kid so..


    NAME: Starlingkit

    future warrior name(s): Starlingfeather, Starlingflight, Starlingnose

    name origin: starlings breed in the springtime

    SEX: Male

    gender: he/him

    sexuality: heterosexual

    ORIGIN: ThunderClan

    parents: Pebblecloud and Flameseeker

    siblings: Hazelpaw, Coldpaw, Stormpaw, Skypaw

    GENETICS: red tabby

    eyes: pale green


    Starlingkit is a slender tom with almost eternal youthful features. His coat is a beautiful shade of ginger, paired with darker tabby stripes stretching across his body. His undersides are noticeably lighter creamy color. His looks are topped off with a wide gentle green gaze.

    CHARACTER: Starlingkit is just like any other kit. He plays around, he learns how to talk, and causes mischief like any other kit. One day, however, not long before his third moon, Starlingkit grows quiet and unresponsive to verbal commands. He only come over when he meets eye contact with someone. Starlingkit is deaf. Depending on how well his parents treat him, he could become a big nuisance and develop a stubborn personality, constantly growing frustrated with his inability to hear. Or he may develop into a sweet angel that bears his curse as a gift from StarClan. Whatever the case, this ginger tabby will definitely be a handful. He will learn to communicate with foot taps and it might take a while for him to talk again. Going deaf made him selectively mute. He will form unlikely friendships with the small creatures he finds in the camp, hoarding them and stirring up trouble when queens settle into their nest only to find that it has been redone as one of Starlingkit's beetle havens. Starlingkit takes a grand interest in his name. Quite sadly, starlings are known for their loudness, but Starlingkit will never be able to hear them. He collects starling feathers and puts them behind his ears.

    I might be up for playing the adoptive sibling if you're still looking

    Her name would be Mistypool or Mistyeye and she'd be a spotted silver tabby

    I know Mango is joining RiverClan, I currently play a kit there but I might be able to handle two in one clan

    hi so for trad I came up with this character concept of an orphaned kitten being adopted by a wolf-dog after her pups died and then the kit leaves his wolf dog “mother” at around 8-9 months (around the age a real wolf pup would leave the den and family) or if she gets killed


    So, remember that Graystripe and Millie manga where Millie was shown to understand and be able to speak “canine”? This would be the same with the kit, which, I hope, would help in making good plots for him as he tries to fit in with a bunch of cats and relearn cat tongue

    The mother wolf would not be role played by anyone and would only be known to the kit as “mother”. No name. No backstory except for the fact that her own pups died. No personality except for a regular “motherly” personality. And this sort of thing does happen in the wild, animals adopting animals of different species.

    I would really like for this to be a concept I can use i trad, as it happens realistically and in the warriors series, at least for the communication aspect. Would it be okay?

    I was a longtime “extended” game player and it was hard for me to give up the creative freedom that the non-traditional section of FF. I started by creating my first trad character based off of one of my very first characters in the main game. The idea was to give myself a second chance to playing an old character that I played rather awfully because I was so young. Wanting to fix all the wrongs I did before, it helped me get an interest in the character and actually care about her development.

    I watched a bunch of warriors maps or amvs on YouTube to get myself more acquainted with warriors again.

    I personally find it’s much easier to join a trad Clan where your character is birthed into it. My current two characters were born into their Clans and it helps a lot in transitioning smoother into the community and rp.

    I would definitely recommend ThunderClan and RiverClan, I know of one ThunderClan litter for sure. I dunno about RiverClan. Trad feels rather slow lately but i think it’s starting to pick up.