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    He hadn't been to this place since he'd come to visit his children. He had been fond of Duchess and Alcibiades, but none of his connections had been strong enough to prompt him to join. The only reason he was doing so now was to sate his pure curiosity. Luca swayed to a stop at the border, vision blurring slightly as his body fought to stay conscious. The hellhound fell to his ass, scratching at his neck with a back paw as he waited for someone to come across him. His claws dug a little too deep into his skin, but he didn't seem to notice as pink blood began to bead on his fur. "Hola," he spoke smoothly into the void once he was done, pink eyes skimming the ground in front of him. "Anyone around to greet a weary traveller?" His lips twisted into a grin that didn't reach his eyes, flashing dangerous teeth in a display of confidence for an empty audience. He knew that someone was probably listening. The area around him felt empty, but sometimes he felt like that even while surrounded. Sometimes he felt like he was the only real thing around. The demon huffed out a cloud of smoke, grin faltering into something a little less sure.

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    Luca turned his poisonous gaze to rest on Elizabeth as she approached. He seemed unimpressed with her judgemental expression, sticking his tongue out childishly before his attention was captured once more by the Riverside Delta. He listened to what the feline had to say, but shook his head once he was done. "I've already made up my mind," he said, a new firmness to his silky voice. "I'll just help you around the clan for a bit, then you can be rid of me," his smile was back now, brightening his face like it had never faded. He was already stepping over the border, speaking as he did so. "Hey, Shine, I don't want your hot bod anymore, so you'll let me live with you, right?" He asked, although he knew that the answer was probably a negative. He was mostly asking to tease his father figure, but it would be nice to have some company. Perhaps he should get a boyfriend or something, he mused quietly as he padded uninvited into the territory. It had been a while since Rinto left, after all.

    Iplier-Warfstache-Mortem. Luca wouldn't have bothered appearing if it weren't for the name, that familiar, horrible combination of last names that brought a pink-eared wolf right to his mind's eye. He approached like the night, soft and calm, and swayed almost drunkenly as he sized the skeleton up. "Lookin' for what?" He asked, sitting down and shaking out his chocolate coloured fur. He reached up to brush paw over a cut on his cheek, face blank as he examined the Duskguard's form. He was hoping that this would have something to do with Willow, but refrained from speaking her name for the moment. She was gone, and he couldn't scare away random people from the border just because their names resembled hers. He sighed, apparently not in the mood for his usual playful banter.

    The coppery tang of blood on the air was always sure to draw out Luca. He had been laying low since he got his memories back, but the possibility of a meal or a fight was too tempting for him to ignore. He wandered up next to Belladonna, muttering a quiet "chill out," at her sharp inquiry. His eyes lay on the bleeding form in front of him, narrowing into a judgemental squint at the sight. He had never been fond of the Cartel; Bill and Twilightzone had been a huge pain in his ass during his time in the Elite, and the faintest traces of a grudge still pulled on his stomach when he caught their scent on the air. Still, his aura was telling him that this was one of his children -- not that Luca could place the litter. He decided to ignore it for now, taking a seat on the ground and covering a yawn with a dainty paw. "Yeah y'all, lets ask him a ton of questions. He looks like he's in a perfect state for answering questions," he muttered sarcastically, rolling his eyes but offering nothing to help the situation.

    That didn't take long at all. The boy laughed as he fell to his ass, curling his smooth tail around his paws. "There's my favourite dad," he said, winking innocently at the physically older male. "I came to thank you for trying to look out for me back then. I mean, it's impossible to protect that kid, but you sure tried." Luca didn't like thinking about Bell -- about himself. It made him sick just thinking about it. That last time around hadn't been so bad though, and Luca believed that he had Shininglight to thank for that. Somehow, somehow the feline had saved him from the worst of what his life usually had to offer. Luca shifted. "I'm sure you figured it out at some point, but you didn't abandon me, so I guess I'm in your debt now," he continued after a short pause. "You don't mind if i stick around until I find some way to repay you, right?" He knew that sex was off the table; Shininglight had spent the past few months as his father, and even if he hadn't, he was never the type to accept such a thing. Besides, Luca was pretty sure that he had something going on with that Lessa girl.