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    oh lord you've convinced me

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    ✦ ✧ ghfdjghk i was in the same boat. i took over running shadowclan in december. i've never run a trad clan before either, so yeah. if you have the password to the trad windclan account, i'd log in and maybe revamp some of the code on the census/update it and everything, just to make it like everything has a new start. i don't really have any advice for you because i know that red left the ooc stuff pretty well organized, but ic related, i'd definitely hold meetings at least once a month, and if you can try to reply to every joining thread (though that might be hard ghjfjkfj.) another thing i did when trying to choose a deputy was to pick likely candidates and have every ooc person in the clan vote ooc on them, just to see everyone's opinions. of course you don't have to end up choosing the person who everyone voted for, but it's nice to see what others think.

    if i'm being honest i'm still trying to figure out some of this stuff. mostly i'd just let things flow, and if you don't know what to do, ask. i'm always open if you need plotting/leading advice, though i'm still learning too lol. this wasn't supposed to be this long (and prob most of this is pretty straight forward) but YEAH! i'm excited to interact more with morn, especially with the newfound alliance between wc and shc.

    ✦ ✧ oh red i've enjoyed every second of rp-ing with you, even if our characters never quite overlapped. your writing and character development is both beautiful and amazing, and i wish i was half as good as you with coming up with plots.

    i'll miss both eagle and aleks dearly but i do understand the restlessness/not being able to do something for very long. i'll miss rp-ing with you but i'm glad to know you'll still be around. dittoing abe- you've made a huge impact on a lot of us, so i do hope you keep in contact. see you around, bb <33

    it says open so i'll put this here! <33

    Username: lavendes

    Character Name: violetpaw

    References?: ref

    Character info: violetpaw is a pretty, small, sleek furred tortoiseshell kitten with deep green eyes. her pelt is a mixture of ginger, grey and black dapples, and a sharp line runs along her muzzle, dividing her face into black and ginger. her ears are black tipped, and a dash of white runs down her nose between the ginger and black. her eyes are emerald green, almond shaped.

    Transparent?: yes please

    Style preference?: whatever you've been doing lately

    Other: hope this is fine and also ily and your art

    ✦ ✧ a sinister chuckle echoed from the shadows as a third padded forth, eyes like burning embers fixing the intruder with a stare. tall and skinny was her body, pitch black fur blending her with the night but for the splash of white over her left eye. dark and cold was her posture, haughty and proud as she strode into the clearing. "looking for your lover, forest kitty?" she'd meow, voice smooth and charismatic as she flicked her ears. stepping closer to the deputy, it was easy to see the scar that had killed her, a deep gash along her throat. circling the silver banded woman, samara would let her tail drag along moonwatcher's side, allowing herself a small smirk. "your little asp?" returning to her 'clanmates' sides, she would sniff, eyebrows raised slightly. "he is here, young one, if that was what you were worrying about. asphodelpaw has settled quite nicely. he belongs more here than he ever did out where the stars roam."