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    The wailing pups stumbled back, their stomachs churned and their insides felt warmer. Without speaking to each other they walked back to the door. Their minds felt hazy.

    Avestern took several wolves with him out of the factory and went to the forests edge. He kept his eye out for patrolling wolves but when he and the group saw no one he spoke to them in a hushed tone and shortly after they left.

    As time passed and Mirtin watched everything going ‘alright’ and before she’d lay down to rest she passed by the caretakers to see if the pups in the pack were doing well.

    The wolf with the pup was cautiously looking at his fellow caretakers, having the idea that he would tell them about the two pups.

    The two pups who were following him earlier wandered back, whimpering softly.


    The wolf racked his brain on what to do, and then it clicked. He ran off to the other caretakers.

    The two pups behind him tried their best to keep up but they slowed down over time.


    Not too far away from the pups stood a wolf behind a corner with a smile.

    A nursing wolf who was carrying a pup in his mouth, quickly trotted through the halls of the factory. Trailing behind him were two pups, all three yipped softly, all three were hungry. He was skittish because of that and glanced back once every so often to see if they were still following.

    The tense wolf smelled two other scents, he stopped and turned to it and walked quickly to the two scents he didn’t recognize.

    After some rest Mirtin approached the fourth alpha without Avestern nearby. She could gladly speak with him, he told her the state the other wolves were in and he sounded somewhat disappointed when they were finished.

    She wanted to calm the nerves of their pack but for now she decided to overlook how everything was functioning before addressing wolves directly.

    Avestern on the other hand talked among wolves, well he had others who shared his idea talk to other wolves.

    He let out a breath and he looked around him, looking among the other wolves. “I’m not entirely sure, we could ask around,” most wolves were speaking among each other. “just ask around for what they think about the situation, they probably won’t talk with the Alpha’s around but if they’re not they might be more willing.”

    He gave a firm nod but his voice was a bit shakey "Yes, we'll have to figure out where we go from here but we'll make it work 'if' it gets worse."

    Avestern nibbed at the wounds Mirtin gave him, he thought of the two pups and idea of moving the entire pack.

    Though his ideas for the entire pack were way different from Mirtins he wouldn’t tell the other Alphas right away.

    Mirtin grumbled to herself, she was mostly angry at what Avestern blurted out, not letting her have her piece. She couldn’t escape the feeling that he riled the pack up on purpose.

    While the wolves each were healing up the third and fourth alphas decided it’d be a good idea to keep an eye on the both of them. But the third alpha was gone in mere minutes.

    Avestern was still clearly agitated about not having settled it with Mirtin but tried his best to be cordial with the wolves who took care of him.

    Mirtin on the other hand wanted to be left alone and was clearly bitter.

    The fourth alpha gave a nod in return before walking off with a few wolves.

    Alpha sighed as everything died down and began looking around for Nuna.

    Some wolves managed to tell him what was happening throughout the midst of the chaos. They managed to get through that there was a disagreement going on, it was all about what was about moving the wolf wo the village or not. There was one wolf who said, not loudly though, that Avestern was the one who instigated.

    The third Alpha who was with them backed away from the fight, favouring them letting them take out their aggression on each other.

    Howls came from the group hoping that the fourth Alpha could just come in and stop all of this.

    Alpha didn’t see what was going on but he heard it, he stood at the side of the older wolves who were wondering what was going on. Some got up and wanted to ‘push’ past the wall of wolves that surrounded the two fighting Alphas.

    Mirtin could see a mixture of glee and anticipation on Avesterns face.

    She couldn't fathom what he was thinking but she could when his expression shifted quickly, when she shoved him down and was ready to silence him with force.

    Avestern shook his head defiantly "So you want to start running off to some unknown place, where there most likely be no food?" he circled around her butting the other Apha out of the flaring conversation and ignoring what they said.

    "Then what, are you going to take an entire pack that place?"

    "What no-."

    "You say that now but when you do decide to take 'our' pack to some unknown place it'll be the journey that does the most harm, because you don't want to leave anyone behind!"

    Avestern glanced away for a moment trying to gauge the reaction of the other wolves.

    "It's either that or wait until this place r-"

    Avestern was quickly silenced by Mirtins snapping jaw.


    Mirtin held back a snarl "We can't send back them out there-"

    "Enlighten me."

    "What if there is food from where they came from," it wasn't the first thing that came to her mind but now that she said it she tried to quickly remember the unfamiliar word "that v-vill-arge..."

    Avestern licked the side of his maw and it seemed like he rolled his eyes.