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    Xavier hummed, holding onto the other. "Neither of us want to go, love. We have to, though. A sad thing it is." He replied, petting the other's hair as he held him. It was true, Xavier didn't want to leave his spot here with Sterling, but he had to. He hated going back to that castle. He hated what he had to do every day. He wished to just be with Sterling forever, as the past day with him alone has been one of the best in a long time.

    "Oh, I didn't even notice." He joked, planting a soft kiss on the other's forehead."I'll come watch you two fight, hmm? Maybe I'll even duel you too. Think I can beat you?" He asked with a sly smile, challenging the other.

    sorry I didn't stream last night!! I actually stayed for more than hang an hour at work lmao. I'll try again tonight, since I think the manager who hates me is working. If I do work for longer against today, then I'll try again for tomorrow! And yes, we can watch the jungle book!!
    Also thank u for the congrats!! <3 love u guys

    hi everyone! i want to apologizr for my very long abscence, but now i can finally be on feralfront more and not stress! i'm officially graduated from highschool, woo hoo!! so, if everything goes as planned, i'll be hosting a stream tonight! you can give any suggestions as long as you follow the rules!

    [size=8]Xavier relaxed as he leaned against the other. He felt warm and safe, a nice feeling. He really did care for the other, and this time with him made him feel amazing. He gripped the other's hand as he listened to him speak. His life sounded nice, he had friends and was highly respected. And, of course, he asked about his life. Oh boy.

    "Well, as I've said before, there is no Xavier. Xavier is dead, and he has split into multiple people. You may even know some of my characters, actually. Let's see..." He stuck his hand out and began pointing to his fingers as if he was counting as he called off names. [color=#D3D3D3]"Arthur the servant boy, Leslie the acolyte, and so forth. Of course, this isn't the worst part, honestly. It's easy to modify my personality to anything that it is desired. But I don't have many friends, as I can't confide in anyone or get too close to others. I'm not even from here. I don't have a family or anyone I can trust... Well, before you came along, of course."

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    Rosaire hummed as he listened to the other talk. He enjoyed with aura, it was nice and welcoming. Though, when he spoke of work, he felt a sense of fear coming from him. Vampires, like many other creatures, could feel and smell emotions that came from other people. It was something that Rose found useful often.

    Rose felt something come from him as well, something he hadn't felt towards him in a long time. It was something he could describe as a sort of "puppy love", something he found interesting to come from the younger male so soon. He gave a small chuckle, mostly laughing to himself. He wondered more about Dash, like what he liked and such. He hoped to become close to his new partner, he seemed like a good person and would be to start off with.

    "Ah, I see. Trust me, dead people are nothing new to me. I've worked in forensics for 20 or so years now. Well, 20 of your years, only a few years in my own time. I went from medical examiner, to detective, to head of forensics." Rose informed the other with a grin. Speaking about his old job made him miss it, but he knew he had a new duty to take care of. He wasn't going to bail on being a police officer on day one, that wouldn't be smart. He spent months in training, and he wasn't going to throw away his new opportunity because he felt homesick. He was proud of where he was now, and it was gonna stay that way. Though, he did hope the forensic department wouldn't mind him chipping in every so often...

    [color=#A52A2A] "I'll be helpful to have around for finding clues and such, so, hopefully, I can be a great help from the start of my duty!" He added with a small laugh.

    Suddenly, the other's radio went off and spooked them both, causing Rose to jump a bit as the other gripped onto his arm. He held onto Dash's arm with his arm as he caught his hat. As he turned around and stared at him for a moment, Rose gave him a smile.

    [color=#A52A2A]"Oh, no, you're fine! Relax, dear, I won't bite your head off. Plus, a little bit of dirt is nothing. Try getting blood out of your uniform, it's basically impossible."

    [size=8]Xavier gave a small laugh at the other's response, finding it very funny. Of course, he knew he wouldn't actually kill him, Sterling cared for him too much. Though his reply was funny, he didn't expect him to kiss him. He knew his face had flushed, but he didn't care as Sterling's was too. He didn't realize how much he cared for Sterling until this day, where his chest was tight and his heart overwhelmed him like nothing has before.

    Xavier gripped the other man's hands, not minding the roughness of them. They felt nice in his, and that was all he cared about. Xavier slid out of the tree, and then carefully sat next to the other and rested his head on Sterling's shoulder. He gave a small sigh, not wanting to think about the letter anymore. That and the death of the servant was stressful, and he didn't want to be haunted by it in his time alone with Sterling. He silently wished they could run away together, but he didn't know how far they'd have to go to get out of the kingdom.

    "I do wish we could. I hate this life, and it would be much better with you and me alone. Let's not talk about the letter now. I'm sure we'll meet with the king tomorrow about it, now it is our time." He replied as he slid his hand into Sterling's again.