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    i'd be up for it tbh. i'll only have to worry about work during the summer, so other than that i'll mostly be free. school is terrible and i'll enjoy the break lmao. i feel bad tho bc i came back for like a week and actually roleplayed, but then i had a rough time for a bit and kinda abandoned the few threads i was in. oofie.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ — charlie felt his face get a bit warm, his cheeks dusting a light pink. he wasn't used to being teased, but he can't say he didn't like it. no one was ever fun in his family, and he didn't have many friends. he mostly just had to spend his time with business partners, which were a bunch of old guys. he laughed a bit, rubbing his arm where the other had elbowed him.

    "hey, i'm an adult now. i can do things as i please. i'm not as much of a troublemaker as i used to be... i'm grown now, mature... or at least i tell myself i am."

    "i wouldn't really know exactly how those things work... seeing as i'm not a demon or anything." sinclair shrugged, watching his wound heal. "at least i'm not bleeding, but my robes are down for..." sinclair frowned, pulling at the now bloody side of his robe. he sighed, standing up. "now i have to buy supplies and a new robe..."

    sinclair blinked again, still looking a bit spacey. "i thought i did. i agree to your help, uh, mr demon man. is that all you need?" he replied, glancing down at the wound at his side. he noticed it wasn't bleeding as much, which was a good sign. at least he would stop bleeding soon even if this man was trying to trick him. "now, can you help me?"

    the mage bit his bottom lip slightly, taking in what the demon had said. he tilted his head slightly, blinking again. “so, you’re gonna help me if we just... hang out? like... forever? hmm... that doesn’t sound too bad. are you gonna help me out more than once? maybe we could... teach each other magic! i know magic...” sinclair replied, a smile creeping onto his face. he always got excited when he talked about magic. he may be a bit dim, but he wasn’t entirely stupid. after all, magic isn’t something easy to learn for a human like him.

    the small mage looked confused, still looking at the ground. was that a voice he had just heard, or was the loss of blood causing him to hallucinate? he slowly turned towards the demon, blinking a few times. “help me? do you happen to have bandages? my supplies were stolen...” sinclair asked the man with a soft voice, not seemingly thinking about how he could possibly be in danger again.

    he had a bad habit of trusting people or not exactly understanding when he should fear for his life. this was mostly the cause of why he was hurt in the first place. his confusion had often caused others to take advantage of him, but he could still protect himself most of the time. this time he hadn’t been quick enough. “if you don’t have any, that’s okay. i’m sure i will be fine... probably... i think?”


    ✦ ✧ ✦ — charlie continued his walk before something hard ran into him. he gasped a bit, surprised by suddenly running into something. this caused him to lose his balance for a moment, but catching himself before he fell over. a bit upset, he looked up at the person who ran into him. his eyes widened as he saw who it was that bumped into him, not expecting to see that face ever again.

    “l-lucius? is that you?” He said nervously, his heart beginning to race again. he really didn’t expect to actually talk to lucius ever again, but his luck picked up to allow him to just casually bump into him. he grinned, quite excited now. “i never thought i would ever get to speak to you again!”

    blood dripped from between the lone mage's fingers as he pressed against the wound in his side. of course, it would be sinclair's luck to run into a group of jerk bandits as he was trying to make it to the next town to restock on his supplies. he winced as he continue to move, trying to keep himself from bleeding out. he paused for a moment, leaning against a tree and looking down at his side. "that doesn't look too good..." he mumbled to himself. he continued to press his hand against the wound, trying his best to use his clothing and the pressure to stop his bleeding for now.


    ✦ ✧ ✦ — charlie continued to wander slowly through the crowd, his heart racing again. he kept searching for that familiar face he longed to see for years. he sighed slightly, not spotting him. he wasn't surprised, knowing lucius probably got a nasty injury from that fall on the rope. assuming that lucius was probably tending to said wound, he stuck around for a bit longer before starting to lose hope. maybe lucius didn't remember this town, or remember charlie himself at all...

    charlie sighed again, running a hand through his hair as he turned from the group and began to wander away. he quietly cursed at himself for having some kind of stupid dream of a boy he met briefly 10 years ago at a travelling circus. he knew he had a job and responsibilities, what was he even thinking? he didn't even know exactly what he'd do when he saw him. charlie returned the note in his hand to his pocket, making his way further down the dock with his head down. he didn't understand why he felt so sad over someone who was basically nothing more than a childhood memory.

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    sorry or the late reply everyone, between work and not having internet i haven’t had the chance to reply.

    Katey76762 go ahead!

    Sippy i like that idea!

    mikaela . i’ve been thinking about mages or something school related... fantasy too.

    ephemeral. hmm, the first one seems interesting to me. reminds me of “last Christmas” a bit lmao.

    dazai i really like the third one. i have a soft spot for demons ;w;

    i think that was everyone-

    ✦ ✧ ✦ —charlie made his way to a seat towards the front, eagerly looking around for any sign of the boy he met ten year ago. he held the note firmly in his slightly sweaty hands as the heavy ball of anxiety sat on his chest. he swallowed hard as the ringleader appeared and began the show. he watched the different performers move around the ring, the lights and music making him feel slightly more dizzy than he already felt. he continued to watch until he spotted the boy he was looking for. he felt his heart skip a beat when he laid his eyes on lucius.

    he gasped a bit, watching him move so elegantly. he was quite amazed, a large grin plastering onto his face. he felt like a little boy again, remembering the day he saw the circus ten years ago. the memory was on repeat in his mind and his dreams, and he felt like he was dreaming now. "amazing... he's beautiful..." he muttered to himself. he kept watching until he swore his eyes met the others, which caused him to hold his breath.

    he watched the other almost slide down his rope too fast, but catching himself before he hit the ground. charlie panicked slightly as he was the distress on both lucius's and the rest of the circus member's faces. he sighed in a bit of relief as he watched lucius continue his part of the show as if nothing ever happened. knowing rope well from his own work, charlie knew he had to have gotten a terrible rope burn. he nervously continued to watch the show, quietly hoping lucius would be alright.

    as the show came to a close, charlie quickly moved from his seat and through the crowd of exiting people to head outside. he didn't want to just walk up to the ringleader and ask to see lucius, he felt it would be too forward and make him look crazy. he sighed quietly, thinking over things he should do in his mind before settling on just waiting outside. the circus members would probably walk around and greet people, right? kinda of like a play where the actors would give the audience a chance to say hello and compliment them. he wasn't sure, but decided to slowly walk around anyways, staying near the big tent. justt in case.