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    these children are formerly ghosts that were cursed to wander the earth for some reason that can be determined by their roleplayer. most, however, were sentenced as such because they had either done something wrong or had something wrong done to them. they probably would have continued to linger on as spirits had they not met their soon-to-be mother, immortalkisses. having been a deity in several lifetimes, and due to her general nature, she was quite prone to attracting the undead. most of the time she tended to ignore them, but something compelled her to have pity on seven different entities. she told them that if they wanted to discontinue their suffering, that they should reincarnate and live again, but this time, live life with kindness.

    as it happened, she gave birth to seven different animals, all the presumed spirits she had met before. as children, she'd joke to them that they had been crafted from her tears, but formed in her heart, which explained why they looked so different from one another, despite all being biological siblings. in reality, it was a shapeshifting accident.

    some of the children remembered their times as a spirit, and their history, while others were left with fragments or nothing at all. as a general rule, the family didn't speak about their times as a spirit, unless a sibling personally knew that the other remembered their own past. ignorance is bless, was their motto.

    as the kids grew, their mother taught them different things. some were taught the ways of an assassin, while others were taught in the ways of medicine. some were taught poisoning methods, and others were taught strategies. some were taught about the arts, and how to read, write, and paint. whatever it was, she aimed to teach them their own specific skill sets, or interests that appealed to them.

    she did all of this in a rather remote meadow, far away from any mortals and immortals alike. she secluded them from society, in an effort to at least make their childhood happy. despite their lack of knowledge on the modern world, and various sets of different skills, they were all taught the same exact thing. 'to protect, rather then to harm'. despite that, she also warned them to be careful of others, as they may easily manipulate them. she told them that in times of need, to rely on one another and to trust their instincts.

    when the world shift happened, the family was scattered. their mother disappeared, and the siblings have been wandering on their own, curious, but wary, of the groups of animals that dominate this realm.


    the siblings, one by one, found each other. some hopped clans together, and whatnot, but as it stands most are in the same place. claes, aether, and zenon are in solaris kingdom; lycus, unknown currently to the family, is in hyperian isles; lethe is inactive/loner, and their mother finally turned up again, very much alive, although she's in the painted brigade. their half sister rollinggirl is also in the solaris kingdom (methinks) there are plans for lycus to eventually join solaris kingdom in the future, but that is up to his roleplayer <3

    as it stands, the siblings still do not know about aether stealing a negative emotion from them, but that will change once lycus discovers his past with aether, and that they were in fact brothers in their previous life. eventually, aether will become too guilt ridden, and too stuck in the past, and end up spilling the secret (probably a few weeks after lycus discovers he's his brother from his past life, which also doesn't have a set date). y/c can be mad at him and claes, can hate them, etc, but eventually, they'll all make up (stubbornly, somehow, some way, even if their mother has to ABSOLUTELY BEAT THEM UP) but tensions will be pretty high + there can still be hard feelings even afterwards. after the reveal, aether will HARDCORE dodge his family (for once); he'll give the bad emotions back if his siblings want him to, and if not, well, they're his ig


    immortalkisses (ex-shadowclan general / ex-compendium assistant deputy / ex-scarclan decurion / ex-countess / ex sunclan deputy, ex graveclan gatekeeper) is a former go deo family head, and has held the above positions. through the g.d family, they're related to everyone here. their brother, aethreia (now aether, but he'll answer to both), is the current go deo family head.


    - the kids all have 1 emotion that was taken away from them by aethreia/aether (which means they can't feel that particular emotion)

    - due to the absence of that emotion, a key personality trait may be the exact opposite of what was taken from them (for example, if anger was taken away, they may be extremely calm/level headed)

    - the only people that know about this are him and claes

    - the kids may suspect something's not right but that's it

    - all of the kids have their own unique angsty background/history due to previously being spirits

    - the spirits could have been previous characters that hadn't reincarnated yet

    - all of these kids have shapeshifting (and preferably the sight, but having the sight is optional)

    - some may be vampires due to the mother's blood. others may simply be shapeshifters, or what have you. all will be immortal

    - the kids can be any age you want due to shapeshifting & being immortal (or have no age)

    - none of them have really been exposed to violence (with intent to actually harm), the general workings of society, or to other creatures (besides their siblings) although that's probably changed since they've been in agrelos for sometime now


    - no outright evil characters, as they were generally loved by their mother. their past life may make them corrupt, however, later on when they remember their history (if they don't already)

    - every kid will biologically be a different animal in their birth body (no hybrids for their birth bodies though)

    - must carry the go deo surname & track the family guide, here

    - not first come first serve but i will be picking rather quickly (so at least state interest if you can't immediately whip out a form)

    - may go to any clan, although, it is preferred they go to solaris kingdom or painted brigade

    - if you are inactive without a notice for two weeks, your character will be blank slotted and readopted

    - mandatory naming theme is anything greek. names can be loner styled or warrior two parters. greek variations included.

    - keep me updated on their life! including promotions, when you move them, etc

    - you cannot immediately kill off these characters or make them have litters, etc.


    as it stands, this is the current line-up of siblings, and what emotion they had taken from them, in order of eldest to youngest:

    aether (fear), claes (anger), NPC (sadness), lethe (hate), lycus (loneliness), NPC (envy), and zenon (greed)

    aka there's two slots to choose from third born sadness, or sixth born envy (which would be the second baby of the group)

    --- they can be any age, gender, species (BIRTH SPECIES cannot be a fox, dog, margay, ocelot, or wolf)

    --- can use their birth form or not


    generally a free for all, but include the following:

    character name:


    what slot:


    birth form:

    commonly seen appearance:



    honestly aether will prolly try to pull some sly shit and try to confess without claes because he knows his brother will try to take the fall for him

    *cue claes walking in and being like ??? no thats not what happened*

    while everyone gets upset at aether he'll internally be like 'so do I give these emotions back to them or nah? I mean that'd be the right thing to do, wouldn't it?'

    i'll make it private then and tag you when its up!

    I mean aether IS KIND OF a good boy

    he means well but he has his ?? moments

    if lethe joins pb it'll be the women of the fam together and ofc immy will try to be on good behavior if her daughter is there (because getting exposed for a wine mom by your kid prolly isn't a good thing)

    I always imagined immy as like very caring/sweet towards her children (esp this litter because she was highly protective over them/might've sheltered them too much oops) when in reality she's apathetic/indifferent to most things and kind of wants to watch the world burn #chaoticproblems

    i'll have Immy visit the isles too then (do you want that public or private tho?)

    Once he realizes who aether is and confronts him on it, aethie is gonna be a mess

    Maybe that's what triggers him into confessing what he did to the rest of the sibs

    the entire fam just moves to sk

    even tho aether still somewhat hates it

    i'll prolly be putting immy in painted brig + having her stop by sk sometime

    (and maybe accidentally to the isles to, if you want her to stumble on lycus? LYCUS G.D. )

    also, Claes G.D. whats happened with claes recently that aether should know about (+ even things he shouldn't know about?)

    ik claes got poisoned by an exiler but then after that i don't know what happened bc i got hella inactive

    also ephemeral. if you do bring back ivynose in wc i'll make an effort to get morn active again (':

    also also, i'm gonna throw up some of the inactive sib slots up sometime methinks

    these are all my own personal opinions c':

    + its a mess and all over the place, im sorry in advanced

    - personally, I don't like the guild system, especially since pb is really small at the moment, so I feel like it doesnt have use or isnt being put up to its full potential

    - there isnt a lot of interaction within the clan or even outside of it. as a small group, remember to truly be united with everyone there and to always be welcoming towards newcomers/focus newcomers to make sure they feel welcome (so they stay).

    - as for outside interactions, pb could seriously use some ally/enemy interactions or just a big plot in general to get things moving

    - plotting between members and creating bonds within the clan (both ic/occly) would help as well. don't let slowness or lack of members prevent creating bonds

    - I think the general theme/concept of the clan is something thats been overdone a lot in extended and its not very unique, nor does it stand out imo (kind of reminds me of a mix of the ruins + the exiles)

    - the name painted brigade is kind of a turn off for me and the rank names don't really make sense or fit with the theme

    - overall, a stronger concept, and traditions could be implemented

    agreeing with whats already been said tbh. i don't really have anything against (or for) neutral groups, however, i feel like most don't know that even though they are neutral, they can totally get onto some conflict themselves. i feel like most don't use the potential that they have when aligned neutral; instead of seeing the neutral label as something that has no opinion/no conflict, it could be morphed into where they befriend whomever they want and stick their nose into whatever they want. neutrals can be as chaotic or as good as they want to be, imo, but most aren't.

    also, i agree that some groups should be merged or even unboarded perhaps. we have 14 groups, and I'd say we need around 8-10. theres not a lot of people in extended, and we're often competing with traditional, activitiy wise, when activity is already spread throughout the site as is. groups with continously low activitiy should be reviewed and taken into consideration of merging.

    although merging is scary and some may view it negatively, it offers a chance to completely rework a group to combine the best of both worlds. also, merging, imo, allows a group to bring in new people, create unique concepts and traditions, etc