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    aka help

    so this new character that ima casually toss into rc is gonna be 6 moons old, and be called buttercup (bc he's loner born and whatnot) and he's gonna be male

    but i'm stuck on what his appearance should be (bc he'll either have blue, brown, or hazel eyes i've determined)\

    basically, what comes to your mind when you think buttercup?

    from those children, the ginger tabby with blue eyes had a litter that resulted in a female brown mackerel tabby, a female white cat w blue eyes, a male flame point w blue eyes, and a black female egyptian mau with green eyes (that wouldn't be a pure breed presumably).

    so my question is, that if i were to backtrack genetic wise, what would make the above information possible (like what would the ginger tabby would have had to mate with to get those resulting colors)? or would it genetically not be possible? i don't mind what genetics are tinkered with (like if the red tabby suddenly carried point for some reason, etc) as long as the female stays the same (a ginger mackerel tabby carrying ojos azules) as the father (or fathers) are npcs

    hey guys, here's some updates to the plots/some things to note;

    - the only people that will know about the kids true origins are morningfrost, frogleap, ivynose, cowspots (?), rootlegs (?), and ryecatcher.

    - no one will know that chasingcomets killed bluefrost! (they'll just suspect that someone had it out for bluefrost, which is why the kids identities are lied about)

    - because bluefrost will die after her kitting, two of the kits will be named by frogleap (dawnkit) and morningfrost (polarkit)

    - the kids WILL NOT know about morningfrost or frogleap being their dads if they go to riverclan; they'll just /assume/ that ryecatcher is their biological dad

    - the kids WILL NOT know about bluefrost if they go to windclan, they'll just know their mom died in childbirth and that she was a loner; they'll be raised by morningfrost and ivynose together (and maybe some by cowspots later down the road)

    - the kids WILL NOT know their true heritage or about the other kids in riverclan/windclan unless a) chasingcomets confesses to killing bluefrost or b) someone accidentally uncovers the scheme (which won't happen for awhile if it does)

    - frogleap WILL NOT be present in the windclan's kids life; morningfrost won't /ever/ (probably) tell the kids about frogleap being their potential dad, so they'll assume morningfrost is their father no matter what

    also, congrats to the winners!


    i will also be putting up a thread in wc where morn returns with the kids (as newborns, so ya'll don't have to respond if you don't want to) and vaguely describes their background

    - post with dee

    - dual membership with dee to the highlands

    - respond to birthing thread & make a meet and greet thread

    - get the kid gang plot rolling'

    - open morn's kids spots

    11/02 when profile was changed. next change will be on the 16th


    also, i think we might've roleplayed distantly in the past before? maybe in colouredclan? bc the name quinn seems partially familiar to me. i've had trenchwarfare/trey in cc, as well as lucien/befriendingdemons

    *:・゚✦ RAINGARDEN

    NAME Rainkit - Rainpaw - Raingarden

    ALTERNATIVE NAME Dearlykit - Dearlypaw - Dearlybeloved

    NOTE I'd much prefer the second slot if you guys did open up another one <3 but I'm fine with whatever happens tbh

    NICKNAMES Rai (or Dee)

    NAME ORIGIN Rain: in honor of Amazonrain ; also noting to the previous occupant of Lastbastion's body. Garden: no significant meaning. (Dearly: to love something profoundly; to hold it dear and near to you. Beloved: a term of affection)

    SURNAMES None.

    PHYSICAL AGE & DATE OF BIRTH Tba. Unborn currently; will most likely start off at 3 months of age after birthing.

    SPIRITUAL AGE Extremely old.

    AGEING RATE In real time.

    BIRTHPLACE Shadow Veil.

    CURRENT ALLIANCE + RANK Shadow Veil, unborn. Will hold the rank of normal member/kitten.

    GENDER & SEX Biologically female, but switches between male and female pronouns at random. Holds no knowledge of the difference between being male or female. Predominately seen as female; perhaps considered genderfluid.

    SEXUALITY Demiromantic pansexual.


    PARENTS Biologically the offspring of Lastbastion and Sterlingsilver. Will come to believe that Lastbastion and Noreidimir are her parents, and not question otherwise for a very long time, if at any time.

    SIBLINGS No known siblings, all are presumed dead (unless another slot opens up).

    FRIENDS N/A. Tends to befriend easily, and at random.

    ENEMIES N/A. Holds no knowledge of what an enemy truly is.

    OTHER The reincarnation of Immortalkisses, a former hp to several groups.

    INTRODUCTION Despite being a reincarnation, she holds no immediate memories of Immortalkisses, or of any of her previous names. She won't recognize those from her past lifetime, and generally, she'll grow up normally, like any other feline. There may be, at times, things she does or think differently about in regards to normal society, but that's about it.


    Smothered in unconditional love, that may be given hesitantly or awkwardly at times, she grows up to be a very affectionate individual. She basks in her mother's love, and therein, returns it wholesomely, to anyone around her. Especially as a child, she can be seen as very clingy, and oblivious, the fact that she'll grow up in a bloody anticlan not hindering her ability to be innocent. Being innocent, however, doesn't entirely make her good. Although kind in nature, she tends to be amoral, selfishly waddling the line with grey intentions, acting only within a situation as she sees fit. She has a morbidly twisted sense of self awareness, where she may think something being done is wrong, but not know of why it's wrong. Her sense of justice is twisted in itself, but she's inherently good-leaning, certainly not a cruel bully by any means.

    Although her reasoning to why she does things may appear random, she's actually quite a thoughtful, if simple minded, individual. If someone is hurting, then they obviously just need to be cheered up. If someone needs help, then she should help them. Because her way of thinking is so simple, she tends to assume things wrongly, at times, and misunderstand situations. When she misunderstands, her reactions vary. She can be seen awkwardly backing away, or curiously approaching forward; or, she may get passionately angry, or seemingly vengeful. If there's one thing the little kitten who thinks she's a tiger is good at, it's getting revenge. Whether with word play, or a very timely placed prank, she's quite impish when pressed wrongly. It's like that sweet little girl was actually the literal devil in disguise.

    Being raised by her mother, one would assume they'd be similar, at least personality wise. And although she has a good work ethic like her mother, and she's generally deemed introverted, with a few extroverted traits, she can be seen doing the exact opposite of what a good daughter should do. Don't approach strangers? Says who? With the majority of visitors the Shadow Veil gets, if no one is watching her, she's more then likely to immediately go rushing for them, paws outstretched in a very childish gesture. She wants to give hugs, or be picked up; maybe she's just curious about how the person looks, and simply wants to touch them. No matter the case, she just can't be trusted to be alone. She's adventurous, and absent-minded, and will honestly know no better. Not being able to recognize the Veil's enemies from their allies, will probably hinder her, as well. She's a pure soul, and generally befriends whoever appeals to her, dividing her unwavering loyalty to people rather then the groups they stand behind.

    Her love and loyalty to her mother, however, cannot be messed with. Generally obedient if it's a serious occasion, her earliest memories of childhood can be found with her prancing after the other feline messily. Wherever Lastbastion is, that's where she wants to be. She doesn't like sharing her mother's attention, or love, but she somehow doesn't grow up to be spoiled rotten, either. She wants to be the best she can be, but make the other proud, not disappointed. Sometimes, however, she can't help herself, and she'll go against what's asked of her. Somewhere in her, there's a rebellious little spark, that just screams playfulness.

    NOTE: in the case that another slot opens up, she'll be grossly attached to her sibling and curiously overprotective. It doesn't matter if she's younger then the other, or older, she'll attempt to follow the other closely, and probably beat up anybody that messes with them.

    — positive traits happy, playful, loyal, innocent, honest, helpful, stubborn in her beliefs, passionate.

    — neutral traits affectionate, amoral, sassy, introverted, simple minded, rebellious, curious.

    — negative traits morbid, quick to misunderstand, adventurous, impulsive.

    — likes black, anything quiet and peaceful, being cold compared to being hot, being affectionate, making friends, going on adventures.

    — dislikes anything pink or too colorful, people that are loud or rude, anything that harms her family.

    — phobias anything pink colored tbh (like it's there, but if she can look at smth else, she's fine)

    — morality & beliefs completely amoral; can be both someone's savior or villain. will generally tend to do the right thing.

    — quirks will begin to hold a black rose behind her left ear sometime during her childhood. an old quirk from being immy.

    NATURAL ALIGNMENT Amoral. Does things based on the situation and need.


    — simple description A small brown classic torbie feline with a white chin, and a white front left paw. Her eyes are amber. Reference.

    — detailed description A puny child, she doesn't hold the elegant airs her mother holds with her height. She's small, and at most, can be considered cute with her looks. Splashes of brown coat her pelt, along with the harsh black lines that mark her as a tabby. Sometimes these lines can be seen in wavy caramel, a general warm hint to her overall appearance. The color breaks on her chin/throat area, as well as on her front left paw, as there it's white instead of tabby. Her eyes complete her overall warm appearance, as they're a fiery amber hue.

    — accessories She'll eventually come to wear a black rose behind her left ear.

    — mutations She'll either grow saber tooth fangs, or they'll be a mutation she's born with (due to vampirism). She'll probably grow in white wings at a later date in her life.


    — face claims tba.

    — physical In AUs, she's described as a female with wavy, mocha colored hair. She has a fine set of freckles sprayed across her nose, and her eyes are warmly colored in doe brown.


    — no known powers besides shadow elements.

    — favorite color black.

    — favorite food blood + junk food.

    — favorite weather rainy weather.