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    - we've been lacking active hps for awhile now tbh. it'd be nice to have active hps that not only posted in public threads, but also were active and friendly in chat and in promoting windclan. i think that we get overlooked by a lot of people because we aren't out there.

    - interacting with other groups icly would probably help as well. for as far as i can remember, windclan has been isolated, and this hasn't done us any good. it'd be nice to get out there and perhaps involve ourselves with another clan, a major plot, etc. to have extended allies or enemies, etc.

    - an updated mass adoptions that was kept updated and frequently bumped would also be good.

    for a little bit of information:

    - basically a very happy boy. extremely emotional, will get upset easily, say some stupid things, and then almost immediately crawl back and apologize.

    - surprisingly firm in his beliefs, but not to the point of pushing it onto another.

    - when he gets angry, boy does he snap.

    - does have a soft stutter that gets worse when emotional. will trail off, or skip sentences at times.

    revived, again. the sharp taste of cool air is gasped fitfully, his lungs naturally needing the oxygen to survive. as his heart kickstarts, his mind begins to think. slow, dull thoughts come into his cranium, random things that have no real meaning. the upmost thing he can think to ponder was why- why was he here, once more? did he really need to be here? was it not in his destiny, to simply stay dead? his body twitches on it's own accord, here and there. moving, as if it hadn't in awhile. he isn't sure what happens first- the getting up part, or the falling down part. he can't also say how long he keeps at it, until, shaky legs become stable. or, so he thinks, gravity once more showing him otherwise. the pressure is getting to his head, a dull thudding sound that echoes, making it known, now, about how empty he is. it hasn't been a long time since his death, don't get him wrong, but his reaction is drawing breath once more is a violent one, at best.

    he truly wants to be left in a puddle of his own blood, in some remote place. oculars flicker upwards, and dutifully, he gazes at a sky that is unfamiliar. he doesn't know where he is, or why he's back again. he doesn't have a place to go back to, either, unless he wants to do the walk of shame back to colouredclan. halfheartedly, he wonders how things are going. was gilbert leading now? clover once more? or did someone come back, to takeover?

    liquid rolls down one of his cheeks, and startled, he looks once more at the sky, at the clouds. but it isn't raining, nor are there any signs of a storm ahead. desolation, a numbing despair. he doesn't know how to act, in all honesty. the tear streaks across his white cheek silently, but nothing else comes from his eyes. if one looked at it from the wrong angle, it could simply be assumed as sweat.

    he manages to roll over, at least on his side. it takes a bit of effort, but his cranium finally moves forward, so that he can at least stare ahead. he breathes deeply now, a tiredness settling into his bones. if he had been more alert, he probably would have realized that he was on someone's border. soon enough, now, he'd know, when one of the members came strolling forth. for now, however, he stares solemnly ahead, a certain stillness around the immortal creature, a certain sense of beauty found, therein, with it. his eyes were enough to draw a creature in, a lovely blue-gold bicoloured gaze that spoke nothing but sadness.


    ❝ I wear a mask again and go to see you

    TAGS ☆彡

    TAGS & PLOT ☆彡the decision to join this place wasn't met with any regrets on his part. he held no loyalties to nobody, although, he'd probably have to inform his brother, sometime, that he had moved home once more. he wasn't really the type to stay in one place for long, as it was, but something told him he'd perhaps stay here, if just a little bit. this place was interesting, with spirits and magic he didn't understand. magic, as it was, wasn't considered highly by himself, which in itself was amusing considering what exactly he was, and had been. he was more into believing in the elements, if he had to put any belief into anything. magic, in his eyes, was something that could only be used for harm. his own experiences with it weren't pleasant, but at the end of the day, he hadn't died by that. just the same old lust for power scheme, which in itself was annoying enough. maybe that was why, even after his death, he had attempted to wrong those who had deserved it.

    those days were slightly over, in regards to being a spirit. he had six other siblings to look after now, though the deities know why. responsibility was like the bane of his existence, something he didn't want, but had. he didn't know who decided to give this fate to him, but sometimes, he found it funny. how could he look after others, when he, himself, was spiraling at times? his biggest downfall would be himself. this, he knew too. humming idly, the creature pauses, head tilted partially to the side.

    it does no good to think about things that he cannot change. but it did it's job, in wasting his time away, waiting for someone to stumble by. anyone, really. he would've just waltzed in like before, but he wasn't that arrogant. that, and he didn't want that grandmother to eat him, either. the song that he hums, if only momentarily, is sad. it holds no real tone, or message, and if the melody ever had true lyrics, that memory has long since faded from his mind. but it's familiar to him, in some way, the same sad tune that'll come into his head every once and awhile. hello? a distracted greeting is placed now, oculars flickering to the side. in his idle boredom, he makes one of the pebbles near by start to float, disturbed at himself. how did his mood manage to get this lackluster? tch. can i- stay?

    he has a bad habit of making things float. his mind goes back to the scene in the exiles, when they had thought a spirit was lifting that bottle up. that hadn't been the first time he had played such pranks, either. he was a bit bad like that, especially when he had been growing up. i'm- the pebble crashes abruptly as his head snaps forward, cherry gaze revealing it's gleam. the first time he had come to this place, he had been forced into his birth body. as it was, he was currently in the domestic feline one. aethreia. i shapeshift a lot, so- he gives a little shrug, nonplussed by his own random introduction to this place. he's dying to explore, but he'll be a patient boy.

    firebloom x npc - littermates to patchkit

    slots: 4 (second eldest, third child, fourth kid, youngest)

    relations: firebloom is the sibling to rosedust, pebblepaw and sunsetpaw. he was the half sibling to oleanderkit. his adoptive father (who was actually his uncle) is fallensky. fallensky adopted bluekit, thistlekit, and saroskit (who are biologically sharkpool and macchiato's kittens), and was the biological father to ambrosiapaw, obsidianpaw, lynxpaw, and liquidkit. they're also related to cedarpaw, shadowclan medicine cat apprentice, due to the sharkpool and macchiato litter. they have cousins in windclan from rosedust.

    age: 5 moons, age every last monday of the month

    genetics: located here, done by red! mental disabilities and physical handicaps are encouraged.

    backstory: rough outline of their backstory here. they will have two names, their birth name, and then the clan name that was given to them by their father. you do not have to do a joining thread, as the kid's are already in thunderclan.

    rehomeing firebloom (npc x npc - littermate to rosedust, pebblepaw, sunsetpaw)

    slot: 1

    relations: firebloom is the sibling to rosedust, pebblepaw and sunsetpaw. he was the half sibling to oleanderkit. his adoptive father (who was actually his uncle) is fallensky. fallensky adopted bluekit, thistlekit, and saroskit (who are biologically sharkpool and macchiato's kittens), and was the biological father to ambrosiapaw, obsidianpaw, lynxpaw, and liquidkit. he's also related to cedarpaw, shadowclan medicine cat apprentice, due to the sharkpool and macchiato litter.

    age: 15 moons of age, any aging ratio.

    genetics: red tabby. any kind of eye color.

    backstory: rough outline of his backstory here. was generally seen as an immature character, who was very outgoing and friendly. these personality traits can be changed, however. name cannot be changed. you do not have to do a joining thread, as he's presumed already in thunderclan.

    3 friends and an accidental night that scares all of them to the core. mistakes happen, but this litter, although not expected, was not one of them. the expecting parents were extremely close to one another, and two of them became mates as soon as the news dropped that they were pregnant. it was suppose to be an awkward, but happy ending, except it never got that far. the kittens were born, two little ginger tabby twins, and a black furred little sister. the family was a mismatched one, but a beginning to something beautiful, until it was ripped away by someone close to the family. you see, someone else had been in love with the she-cat that bore the kits, and upon finding out that she was to give birth to his brother's children and to become someone else's mate, simply sent him over the edge. he stole all of the kittens, with some help of course, and decided to raise them as his own, near a loner group.

    several messed up months later, and it's no surprise that the quaint little family that keeps to themselves isn't what they appear to be. the world is cold, and no one, loner, or rogue, bats an eye to the quiet kids that sometimes bare cuts, or broken bones. they get a new addition to their little family, a small female kitten who no one bothers to name except for rosepaw. beat someone down for long enough, however, and they'll rebel. the eldest ginger tabby, a female by the name of rosepaw, finally snaps, and details a plan out to her siblings on how they can escape. she leads the abusive male on a wild goose chase that almost gets her killed, but it buys enough time for her siblings to escape and that's all she needed.

    fast forward by a month, and she's suppose to be dead. well, she's pretty sure that's what her 'father' thought, when he left her there, alone and bleeding out. a kind loner, from before, finds her, and tends to her wounds. it takes awhile for them to heal, and while she's bedridden, she fills her time with gathering helpful knowledge, on medicine in particular. she avoids the painful question of asking if her siblings are still alive, or to where they are now. she hopes they made it to the clans, or if they're still lost, that they're making their way, slowly, towards a new home. the thought of them being dead isn't an option, and once her strength is restored, she goes on her way, in seek of Riverclan, the place that she described to them with little bedtime stories.

    she, of course, knows something they do not. she knows their origin story, and who their abusive 'father' truly was: their uncle. she took the majority of the beatings, of the hatred, just to spare her family, and in doing so, she kept their history from them, not wanting to fill their heads up with fantasies. in time, she'll bring the entire family together, or what's left of it, and explain all. but for now, her main course of action is simply staying alive, and hoping her siblings can trickle in, one by one.

    the siblings get adopted out, and there's two of them- sunsetpaw, and pebblepaw. firepaw never gets officially adopted out, but it's assumed that he went to riverclan with his other siblings, all of whom were girls. the family stays in riverclan for a time, before rosepaw presumably leaves. she gives birth to a litter with a windclan npc tom, as a loner, and mysteriously dies, leaving her children to got to windclan themselves. during her loner days, she gives herself a warrior name, rosedust.

    the other two siblings fall inactive, and can simply be assumed missing. firepaw leaves shortly after rosepaw does, perhaps in seek of her. in his days as a loner, he accidentally knocks a she-cat up, but doesn't entirely remember the incident. fast forward, and they meet again, but apparently he's a father! the loner dumps the kids onto him, who are now close to apprentice age in the forest clan terms. he founds out that they all have really bad names, and were extremely mistreated by the mother. he feels guilty, and will attempt to patch his relationship up with them the best he can, but it may be too late. he renames the litter of 5 with forest clan names, and joins thunderclan, where he is renamed firebloom, in honor of his sister, rosedust, who he heard died, in passing.

    tortie (f) x red tabby (m) x black (m) the parents on the red tabby's side if that helps

    what are the possible mother colors of this kid, if the father was a red tabby? is this genetically possible?

    Pic link + assume the kid's a male too