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            It was another boring school day. The male hadn't really cared to remember specifics about the weekdays, he was hardly focused on that. He had school, then work, then housework, homework, then bed. That was it, his routine wasn't very glorious but thats how he got things done. He much preferred sleeping over partying or some bullshit. See, the male didn't care for messing around when he wanted something done. He was raised working for himself to get what he needed and that was that. He did have hobbies, he wasn't the most bland human on the planet, but they came after work - unless its homework.
    At school he wasn't much different. He had a small group of friends - rebels - who he loved. He was mainly a loner though, didn't like being in groups due to all of the drama. It didn't matter though, he was fine on his own and didn't start stuff unless someone tried to start stuff with himself. See, though he didn't like drama, he also didn't when people fucked with him. He was tough and could defend himself, and in all honesty when it came to bullies, his fuse was shorter than Danny Devito's forehead. Rules were simple - Don't fuck with him and maybe have pleasant interaction with him. Fuck with him and find your world lit on fire. Choice is yours.
    The male groaned softly as he rubbed his eyes and ran his fingers through his long, soft hair. He hated schooldays honestly, they were useless, he could do this online. The male grabbed an apple and jogged into his bedroom, changing into black slack-jeans, a white tanktop with rips at the bottom, and a baggy black jacket over it all. He normally tried more, but he hadn't had the best sleep the previous night and wasn't really in a particularly good mood. The male then grabbed his bag and walked out front.
    The raven looked down his driveway, seeing a black bike. It was amazing, one of a kind. He had taken an original model and changed out parts and styled it to look fucking awesome. Wasn't his fault he was good with motor-vehicles. He jogged over and put his key in, turning it and pulling his helmet on over his fluffy, curly hair before pulling out and speeding down the street. He lived on a, not good, side of town, so he had to go past a lot of intimidating people. Luckily, he was friends with half of them and had his own cred on this street. He helped a lot of neighbors, not his fault he was a good person sometimes.
    After maybe 10 minutes, he pulled up to a sidewalk and pulled off his helmet, checking his phone calmly before glancing over to see a boy, maybe his age, who looked mesmerized by his motorcycle He usually only got that look from young children in the street. A small smile crept onto his face, "Where you headed? I can take you for a ride." He said calmly, looking the boy up and down. He himself had a bit of a smaller figure but did indeed have muscle, it was visible usually. He got up and took off his jacket, tying it to his waist before sitting back down and opening up a side pouch, pulling out a spare helmet before his gaze landed back on the stranger. The other was quite cute, actually. Eyes that reminded him of his older sister. That was good.


    I like plot 3 personally, I can play Muse B. I have many ideas for the character. Warning, offline from 5am-4pm pacific or California/WA time. I'm a student aa. Also I can't promise being active much but I can say I'll reply at least once a day, my muse comes and goes. Can you make the thread and Dm me it?

    The small male simplyflinched, nobody had actually cared about his well being. . When the waiter came back, he smiled, "May I also have a scone?" "Of course" The mae walked off while Bobbi looked at the assassin. "Happy?" HHe asked as more of a joke.

    Sean bit his lip, marks moan was so hot. The Irishman moaned helplessly as the other trailed down, his hips wiggling slightly as he tried not to grind or buck up, obviously struggling. He was panting, blushing and gazing down at the half Korean helplessly.

    Feel free to timeskip if your uncomfortable or start a dm idc

    Sean bit his lip and when the other continued grinding his head fell back and his back curved a bit, letting out a whine to replace the moans. He didn't want to moan, it was embarrassing to himself. He began grinding back, all the while looking desperate and vulnerable. Like a kitten.

    Damn bou you get up early

    The s,all male flinched before laughing softly, shaking his head softly at the other. "I'm fat" He said with a tiny laugh, nervously braiding his hair . He had a patch bandage on his cheek from the knife wound and kept pressing on it, not speaking about it but it was clearly bugging him. He kinda liked pressing down on injuries though, he didnt know why but it did give him a satisfaction, he didnt feel much.