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    Figures I should probably make sure I won’t be under utilising the powers I’ve given to my latest character by checking some possibilities!

    1) When teleporting, can a character bring something with them?

    1.1) does the something have to be inorganic, or could it be something organic, such as another character (would be more draining I assume)

    2) does your whole character have to teleport at once or could I theoretically teleport an arm, grab something, and teleport back to the body? Or teleport an arm to avoid a hit in battle while continuing to fight?

    3) possession can be used to access memories of the host; the extent of this can just be agreed on by the RPer I assume?

    4) are powers attached to the body, the spirit/conscious, or is it my choice? For example can my character still use teleportation while possessing someone?

    u heard me

    SO I recently joined with S, a former child soldier who now has massive trust issues, lies out her ass all the time, and Would Kill For Teeth (or secrets).

    She's open to a lot of stuff, but mostly annoys people to test their limits. S is a strange combination of naive and aggressive as she doesn't know a lot about the real world due to the strict upbringing in the child army, and very antagonistic as that was the only real way she found to interact with others.

    She won't get along well with children around the 0-5 month range because she thinks they'll be traded to another group for food.

    She's only really closed to mutual crushes, being captured, being killed, litters - anything very big and negative, so yeah <33

    yoooo Aussie here too!! tfw the country is so big you got different time zones running

    since it’s s hustling them skeletons I can make the thread and tag cherry’s account <3


    slides in here

    cherry and s 100% need some kind of thread together - maybe s is going to check out a skeleton or explore and cherry demands to go with her to stop s from doing anything excessively weird?

    ohmygod plEASE that'd be so funny because Sierra is, in fact, really weird. As long as he calls her S she won't be a complete ass, double points if he brings her a tooth for her collection ;0

    she'd be completely oblivious to the crush which would make things rlly fun and I'd love for them to interact <33

    I would love a discord for them, but would be 100% happy with a regular thread too <33

    And for Sierra and Adara’s dynamic, I’m honestly fine with either. Want me to make a thread where S shows up at the Veil looking for her? Idm if you want it to be open/private because I have stupid levels of muse for this girl

    Sorry for my even later reply!! Time-zones are not in our favour
    If Adara would have antagonized her back that would be epic, but I can also see her having dead-panned at all of Sierra's attempts to annoy her, like
    S: You're such a pain in the ass, Addy.
    Adara: I've been nowhere near your ass, S. Please stop lying or you'll confuse the children.

    Also :000 would Adara adhere to calling her S, or would she insist on calling her Sierra?

    Ahhhh she does need to interact with June esp since one of her daughters has a crush on him ;0 They're met a few times but never one-on-one and my brain is,,,, fried for ideas. Does he have any hobbies they could bond over while he's visiting SR bc Nadine's only hobby is walking which might be uhhhh bad for his leg

    & it could be v interesting for Sleepy to meet Adina, at the very least! Sleepy falls quickly for anyone who is kind to her and makes excuses for everyone, so we could see how they go ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ahhh if you’re good with this character being one of the child soldiers I can get her up and running after work tomorrow!

    I’d love to get more details on their collective history so I can chuck it into her posts and stuff, and I’d love threads with the other child soldiers when I start posting with her <33

    darn it all to heck i'm putting notes here bc why not